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The Xbox 360 will be host to a lot of things in the future

Written by IT News on 12:01 AM

Xbox 360 is a very good place right now, both in terms of sales and popularity. It has outsold its arch rival, PlayStation 3, in many areas and countries, which were previously loyal to Sony's console. Now with a big price cut and a lot of packages available, the Xbox 360 out to be one of the best selling products in this season.

But even if a lot of changes have been made in the North American console, the development team "only just begun to scratch the surface" in terms of the experience it can provide to the user according to Shane Kim, the man responsible for strategy and business development for Xbox 360. Kim went on to say that even if the new interface dubbed New Xbox Experience was a major step forward, Microsoft would not stay there and continue to bring new things to their console.

Kim said that his role was to monitor and determine how the Xbox 360 went largely determine what the console "want to be when they grow up." Executive agencies went on to say that the partnership made with Netflix would not be the last, and that more is between Microsoft and other providers, such as YouTube or Hulu, can be done in order to deliver a higher quality entertainment experience.

"The work we are doing now is to try to understand what is of interest to a broader set of customers beyond the traditional game audience that would benefit from an interactive platform we have," Kim stated. He said that any browser for the Xbox 360 was ruled out because "we are on track to deliver higher-quality experience, not having the most varied experiences."

So it definitely looks like the Xbox 360 will have a lot of aces up its sleeve in the coming year. Kim is very confident about the future of the console and, together with the statement made by Chris Lewis, VP of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, who said that this generation would be the longest, can we expect Xbox 360 to be in the spotlight for quite a long time.

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