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The USB Battery Charger is a truly handy gadget

Written by IT News on 2:40 AM

It looks more and more as we are on the way to the situation where rechargeable something can be energized by virtually everything else, and USB Battery is a perfect example to support such a claim. There is no reason to once again say how useful the AA cells and how many gadgets and devices we use them for. But all batteries are plagued by the same question, namely the fact that they run out of power sooner or later, and either prosecute or replacing them, there are only two solutions that use.

Naturally, the easiest way to solve your problems by buying some new, but that will not help our environment. So, rechargeable batteries are a greener way to get the job done.

Despite this, carrying a bulky charger during a business trip may not be an idea that everyone is comfortable with. You may still need a bit of AA cells in the state, so what is the best option to consider? USB Battery is a small and very handy device, which can connect to absolutely all live USB port, whether you are considering a laptop or a desktop system. It will accommodate 2 AA batteries, and will get them out as you tend to your joint ventures

USB Battery comes with two rechargeable Ni-MH AA cells, and ready to use right out of the box. Of course, you can still have an extra pair with you, if you are part gadget-a-natural, cannot or will not accept to be separated from their gadgets. The overall cool and functional idea, small errors, which you can see, namely the two AA cells is quite heavy for the small dimensions of the USB port.

Now, if you have a USB hub, it is just OK, because the charger will lie flat on something, but it is uncertain how much time USB Battery will run simultaneously set in mid-air on the back of the computer. But for the price of $ 22, one cannot have but good words for USB Battery

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