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OCZ's new DIY Neutrino netbook

Written by IT News on 9:40 PM

Neutrino netbookAfter the presentation at this year's CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, OCZ first Netbook, the do-it-yourself neutrinos, has finally been officially launched by the San Jose, California-based company. Designed to provide users with a do-it-yourself options Netbook on the market, new neutrinos from OCZ is said to meet the needs of different users, ranging from hardware enthusiasts to integrate professional.
Based on the same platform with Intel's Atom family is active in almost every other Netbook on the market, NEUTRINO is to provide end users with a variety of configuration options and customization.

"There are many consumers who want a blend of essential features and ultra compact format, and our new NEUTRINO DIY Netbook Intel Atom-based technology allows users to design and configure your solution to their requirements specifications," says Alex May , CMO of OCZ Technology Group. "The DIY NEUTRINO Netbook puts control back in the hands of consumers so that they can configure a feature-rich Netbook with memory, storage and preferred operating system at a reasonable price goes anywhere computing solution."

According to the specifications available, NEUTRINO is a 10.1-inch form factor and is driven by an Intel Atom processor most successful model 1.6GHz Atom N270. The system is based on an Intel 945GSE chipset and supports up to 2 GB of system memory. It can be equipped with a large capacity 2.5-inch hard drive of 250 GB or even a high-performance Flash-based SSD with a capacity from 30 GB to 250 GB. Other configuration options include the optional 4-in-1 card reader and Kensington lock security.

The NEUTRINO also has a VGA port, RJ-45 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, built-in 1.3MP webcam, wireless 802.11 b / g connection, 2 speakers for high quality, integrated micro-pad, 83 keys with inverted - T arrow keys. According to the available information, neutrinos will be available for about $ 269, which can go higher, depending on the different configuration options.

MSI Wind Top AE1900

Written by IT News on 9:36 PM

MSI Wind Top AE1900After the display at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, the new Wind Up AE1900 just officially introduced by the MSI. According to the Taiwanese company, the new system should provide users with easy to use, low power, all-in-one desktop PC that can be easily used in almost all parts of your home. The system is based on Intel's Atom platform family offers touchscreen technology, which makes it easy for users to interact with the system.

For those who went to CeBIT this year, the specifications of the Wind TOP AE1900 no secrets, but for most computer users will AP1900 as a new product together. The system is powered by the latest Intel processor Atom, Atom 230, which can operate at between 1 and 2.5 watts, increase energy savings, new features for Wind Top all-in-one.

Based on the integrated Intel GMA950 graphics chipset, the wind beginning AE1900 has a 18.5-inch WSXGA LCD 16:9 screen, surrounded by an open framework. One of the main features of this 18.5-inch touchscreen display that boasts technology that allows users to easily interact with the system.

In addition, the AE1900 is characterized with 2GB DDR2 memory, a 160GB hard disk SATA HD Audio two speakers, a 1.3MP webcam, a 4-in-1 card reader and a DVD Super Multi optical drive. The system has four USB 2.0 ports, an RJ45 LAN port Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 b / g / n wireless connection.

What is designed on Intel Atom technology, the new MSI Wind Top AE1900 need only 45 watts of power, while in all its operational potential. This means that a 80% energy savings compared with traditional computers, which makes AP1900 the most suitable for home users.

Acer Aspire One D250 netbook

Written by IT News on 7:54 PM

Acer Aspire One D250After much waiting and a series of leaks to the surface on the Internet, Acer has officially introduced the new d250 Netbook Aspire One. Boasting a new, slimmer design, new Netbook Acer is only 1-inch thin and weighing only 1.11kg, allowing a greater degree of portability, including the Netbook segment. As might be expected, the configurations will include the Atom N270 and N280 processors so that users can choose the configuration that best suits their needs.

According to the company, the new Aspire One d250-model will be available in a variety of colors, including ruby red, sapphire blue, seashell white, or black diamond, providing users with a few customization options. In addition, Acer claims that the new Netbook can deliver up to 7.5 hours of battery life, a property that likely will land Aspire d250 one of the first netbooks on the market.

Specs-wise, the Aspire One d250 can be equipped with 1.6GHz N270 and N280 processor 1.68GHz, allowing users to choose what level of performance they need from their Slimline Netbook. The system can handle up to 2 GB DDR2 memory and is equipped with a 2.5-inch 160GB SATA hard drive. The 10.1-inch WSVGA LED-backlit display can provide a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, and is powered by Intel integrated graphics solution.

In addition, the d250 is characterized by a multi-in-1 Card Reader, built in two stereo speakers, an integrated Acer Crystal Eye 0.3MP webcam, wireless 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, and also some of these growing needs 3G connectivity options including HSDPA for fast internet connection. The doors have three USB 2.0, VGA output, audio in / out and RJ-45 Ethernet.

A second battery that you will choose Aspire One d250 can weigh as 1.27kg, which is still light. Unfortunately, Acer has yet to detail the system for pricing and availability, but we will try to keep the fast as soon as more information becomes available.

Acer Veriton X270 offers affordable computing

Written by IT News on 2:25 AM

Acer Veriton X270Acer has recently launched a new desktop computer that can compete with many of these small, low power and low price nettops, in terms of prices. The Veriton X270 is sufficiently close to a desktop PC in its own right, thanks to the support offered for the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and discrete graphics. This allows system that provides a higher performance, but with a price close to that of a nettop rather than a desktop computer.

The new X270 is launched some of the Acer Veriton business desktop line and is to provide potential customers with a system that emphasizes performance, design and safety. With a price of only € 399, the new enterprise desktop Acer offers support for one of many Intel Core 2 Duo. In addition, the X270 supports up to 4GB of DDR2 memory and is equipped with a 500GB hard drive, providing users only enough space to store their media library.

Acer has managed to create such a system with an NVIDIA-based 630th motherboard that provides support for all components listed above, but even with the integrated graphics solution, GeForce 7100 IGP. This feature allows the X270 to provide users with support for HD audio, thanks to NVIDIA's Pure Video HD technology. In addition, the X270 has been designed in 10-liter cases, reducing the space required space for this system.

On the front of the Veriton X270, users will have access to a number of connectivity options include four USB 2.0 ports, multi-format card reader, eSATA, headphone and microphone and the necessary optical drive. As with most of the computers shipped today, Veriton X270 comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating system.

Samsung N110 netbook, now available for pre-order

Written by IT News on 1:51 AM

Samsung N110Earlier last week, Samsung announced some new netbooks, a part of its growing range of small size, low power consumption for portable lineup. One of the latest models of society, the N110 has been designed to replace NC10 Netbook success, offering a range of specific techniques that are somewhat "similar to the one shown above. In this note, it seems that users try to buy their Netbook can take interest in the new launched the N110, which has just been made available for pre-order.

The new Samsung N110 is supposed to compete in the 10-inch Netbook market, built on the familiar Intel Atom platform. The system is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor that has been combined with 1GB of DDR2 memory and 160GB hard drive. Unlike the first model Netbook is N110 supports memory expansion up to 2GB thus increase the overall system performance.

Inside the N110 is characterized by the same Intel GMA945 integrated graphics solution, which allows a resolution up to 1024 x 600, for 10.1-inch display. Other features include a wireless 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth and the usual assortment of ports, which are three port of USB version 2.0, VGA connector, LAN RJ45 Ethernet, jack for headphones and microphone, and there is also available a 3-in-1 Card Reader.

He said he can supply the user with approximately 7 hours of battery life; the N110 seems to be becoming one of the most successful netbooks on the market. If this is not enough to get your attention, you should know that the system is already available for pre-order on for $ 441.99, which includes a price cut of 5 percent. This is not the N110 place among the most attractive netbooks on the market, but thanks to the design of the N110 can still have a chance.

AMD FirePro V7750 is designed for mainstream performance

Written by IT News on 1:41 AM

AMDSunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices has recently announced a new graphics card, part of the company's range of professional Graphics, ATI FirePro. Designed for high-end market, the new ATI FirePro V7750 is now available for professionals in fields such as engineering, digital content and other scientific areas. According to the company, its latest bid FirePro has been designed to meet the requirements of these users, all for an MSRP of $899.

"With the introduction of the ATI FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator, AMD's ATI Professional Graphics Group is well positioned to increase its presence in high-end market, as a complement to our strong showing in the post-and mid-range," says Janet Matsuda, Senior Director, Professional Graphics of AMD. "Professional creators appreciate the ATI FirePro V7750 outstanding performance, 1 GB frame buffer memory and 30-bit display pipeline - under all the options available to a thousand dollars."

The new FirePro V7750 was characterized by a total of 320 unified Shader units and is equipped with 1 GB of memory, ready to give the user a memory bandwidth 28.8GB / s. Other features include support for Microsoft DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.0 and Shader Model 4.1 Full. The paper has a single slot cooling solution and offers a dual-DVI and two Display ports. With the support of a maximum resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, the card is rated as an ideal choice for large professional looking for a good price / performance.

"Create stunning graphics for the film is a big challenge - to see perfectly, but time is always the most important," says Jabbar Raisani, visual effects experts, damper Studios. "The ATI FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator helps me to achieve effects impeccable quickly, hurry in doing so I can concentrate on creating content rather than to wait for it. I need stable and robust performance graphics hardware to work in fast and ATI FirePro V7750 is the perfect solution. “

The graphics chip maker has announced that the new FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator is available with an MSRP of $899. The document will be available from OEMs, system integrators and channel partners worldwide.

NEC plans to pull away from the worlwide PC market

Written by IT News on 1:33 AM

NECNEC, one of Japan's leading makers, recently announced that it intends to reorganize its business and that the computer is about to disappear from the market outside the Asia-Pacific region. According to the company is the main reason for the recent decision is a slum ping demand and strong competition. As a result, NEC will focus on its PC sales in Asia Pacific and the market will also be forced to cut part of its workforce worldwide.

According to preliminary data, NEC expects a net loss of approximately 290 billion yen ($ 2.96 billion) for the year ending March 31, 2009. In addition, the company plans to accelerate its restructuring plans, which include a withdrawal of the weaker, and to reduce its workforce by approximately 20,000 employees worldwide. According to NEC, the latest restructuring plan is the result of strong competition that has had to manage from larger competitors such as HP and Dell.

NEC will withdraw from the PC in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, because of slum ping demand and fierce competition. The decision seems justified, given that the global PC business, with 3 million personal computers, only one sixth of the NEC is that sales outside of Japan.

The news should ultimately benefit all the main suppliers of computers, such as HP and Dell, which now has a smaller competitor to worry about. On the other side of things, a market with more competitors can benefit the end user, has a wider range of options and can ultimately get the best offer.

NEC has made an effort and has also entered the emerging market for small size, low power portable computer systems, also known as netbooks. The company's products, dubbed Netbook Lavia, designed around the same Intel Atom platform, as most of its competitors in the market, making it difficult for the NEC to establish itself as a leading supplier of Netbook.

NVIDIA adds new APEX technology to PhysX

Written by IT News on 10:53 PM

NVIDIAFor the last month, Santa Clara, California, based on NVIDIA has actively promoted its PhysX technology as a necessary tool to improve the visual quality and overall performance of your PC gaming applications. In this note, the graphics chip maker announced today that there is a new product, called NVIDIA APEX, as a new feature included in the company's technology PhysX SDK. According to NVIDIA, new opportunities to offer artists, level designers and game developers access to a set of tools to streamline the process of implementing scalable across multiple physical platforms.

"Physics has become an important part of the game experience and NVIDIA is committed to enabling as many developers as possible to provide the most realistic game experience," said Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of content and technology NVIDIA. "With the growing importance of physics, we believe that all games and all developers should have the best tools to be creative in this realm. With NVIDIA PhysX technology and APEX, physics-based game design just moved from programmer to the artist that we believe will lead to a new level of real interest and realistic game in the future. "

As some of you may recall, NVIDIA has recently worked with a number of major companies such as Sony and Nintendo, for the licensing NVIDIA PhysX for their game consoles, namely the Wii and PlayStation 3. With the recent announcement from the chip maker to take its PhysX technology to the next level by introducing a new module that allows game developers to easily enhance the visual quality of their gaming applications with the addition of physics.

Physics and the importance of physics has developed rapidly in recent months, as more and more developers are implementing this strategy in their latest versions. Physics is to bring the game within a narrower application to real life.

According to NVIDIA, the participants in the GDC will be invited to view a demo of the new capabilities that NVIDIA PhysX booth, where you have to participate in the APEX: the fastest way to High Definition Content Dynamics presentation.

Lenovo ThinkStation S20 and D20 offer green computing

Written by IT News on 10:28 PM

LenovoLenovo has announced two new workstations, the Think Station S20 and D20, designed to meet the specific needs of staff. Besides the new ThinkCentre Station models, the company has also announced that it intends to present its new electronic trading platform, Lenovo eLounge designed to provide its customers a new interactive experience for Lenovo computers solutions online, by any party worldwide.

"The designers, engineers, researchers and developers require the highest level in the calculation of benefits to help them produce new step," said Tom Tobul, Executive Director, Enterprise, software and peripherals, Lenovo. "The new ThinkCentre workstations Station is expressed not only the ultimate in performance, but also a user-Centric design with an emphasis on quiet operation, even during heavy processing.

According to the vendor of computers, new ThinkCentre Station system has been "turbo-charged for services which give users a choice for the upcoming Intel Xeon processors with Intel Turbo Boost for high-performance processing. In addition, the new ThinkCentre Stations offers a choice for the last line of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards, or one of ATI FirePro solutions. There is also an opportunity for another GPU to the NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Think Station platform.

In addition to providing our customers with two workstations for high performance, Lenovo is also offering a green computing solution, using recycled materials, with both models. According to the company, these workstations use recycled materials in 50 percent, while in model D20 about 30 percent post-consumer recycled material comes from recycled materials. In addition, the new ThinkCentre Station workstations have been certified for GREEN GUARD specifications.

Regarding pricing and availability is the Think Station D20 and S20 will be available from next month via the website of the supplier of the computer and select business partners, with prices starting at around £ 980 and £ 780 respectively, excluding VAT.

AMD's RV740 and RV790 have been confirmed by the latest GPU-Z release

Written by IT News on 9:26 PM

RV740 and RV790
In recent weeks there has been a series of leaked information about the next video card from the two main leaders of the GPU, NVIDIA and AMD. But so far has been no official confirmation of any of these cards, but that is not the case anymore. The latest version of GPU-Z utility developed by TecPowerUp Both the Radeon HD 4890 and GeForce GTX 275 will be released shortly, probably in early April. In addition, the new version also offers support for two additional Radeon graphics
card, the RV740-based Radeon HD 4750 and HD 4770.

Both the Radeon HD 4890 and GeForce GTX 275 are designed in a 55nm graphics processing units. These cards are designed to compete against each other in the U.S. $ 230 U.S. $ 260 price segment. AMD cards are expected to have 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, a clock at 3800MHz, a GPU core speed of 850MHz and 965 one million transistors. On the other hand, should have the following NVIDIA GPU, Shader and memory frequencies of 648MHz, 1476MHz and 1107MHz, and will be marked with 896MB memory, and GTX 260 card.

What is perhaps even more interesting about the latest GPU-Z 0.3.3 release is that it provides support for the relatively uncertain RV740-based Radeon HD 4750 and HD 4770 graphics card. According to early rumors, these products must be certified by a 40nm GPU, the first to boast the next generation of manufacturing technology. Both of these cards would make its debut in late April or early May, which gives users a solution to integrate the functions of a real GPU power.

Both Santa Clara, California and Sunnyvale, California, graphics chip makers are required to update its family of GPUs in early April. AMD is said to be planning for the official launch of its Radeon HD 4890, April 2, but there is no word on the arrival of the two other cards based on RV740.
RV740 and RV790

Radeon HD 4890 makes another appearance

Written by IT News on 1:54 AM

Radeon HD 4890AMD RV790-based upcoming Radeon HD 4890 graphics cards continues to make its appearance on the Internet and displays in one form or another before the Sunnyvale, California-based graphics maker had the option not officially disclosed. According to the latest information, the company's upcoming 55nm-based GPU single graphics card can provide their users with an impressive level of performance, which is likely to rise as a direct competitor to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 graphics card today.

The guys over at ocheaven managed to score some screenshots of 3DMark 06 and 3DMark Vantage results of the new Radeon card. As you can see on the pictures below, RV790 GPU is good for an impressive sum of 16,096 and P10996 in 3DMark 06 and 3DMark Vantage, respectively. Unfortunately, we do not know what drivers are used for the new card, but they could get high scores with better drivers.

Apart from the first revealed 3DMark score, the new card with a core temperature speed of 850MHz and a memory clock of 3800MHz. The card should come with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and should be equipped with a 55nm GPU and 965 one million transistors. It is designed to give AMD a better market share of enthusiasts and high performance segment where the company has no competitor to the new released GeForce GTX 285 and GTX 295 cards from NVIDIA.

Unfortunately we have no information yet on a release date, but according to previous reports, AMD new single-GPU model should make its debut at times in early April. With the new paper, there were voices on the Advanced Micro Devices plans of a new dual-GPU model based on the new RV790 GPU. This can be called Radeon HD 4890 X2 and NVIDIA to compete with GTX 295.

ASUS GeForce GTX 260 Matrix series card

Written by IT News on 1:47 AM

Almost all graphics cards on the market maker has a clear line of mainstream graphics cards and other advanced of these products, intended for enthusiasts. Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS is no stranger to the concept and gives its users a wide range of graphics cards based on one or a NVIDIA or ATI graphics processing units. One of the latest products in the company comes in the form of a new GeForce GTX 260, the Matrix series.

As a supporter of ASUS already know, the Matrix line of graphics cards deals niche market for enthusiasts by providing advanced users, with models that are represented with their own cooling solutions meant to increase performance and better overclocking. The new GeForce GTX 260 is no exception to the rule, and comes with the clock speed of a reference GeForce GTX 260, but with a dual-slot, dual fan Cooler Hybrid +. According to ASUS have two fans in the working solution at different speeds, with the degree of the temperature of the GPU.

The paper used when the levels of 576MHz, 1242MHz and 1998MHz for the GPU, Shader and memory, but thanks to the integration of the cooling fan dual solution, the fans can easily take these speeds much higher, and thus increase performance. The card can be a clock speed of 700MHz, 1500MHz and 2300MHz for the GPU, the 216 and Shader 896MB of GDDR3 memory. This would significantly increase the performance level of the paper.

ASUS has not provided information on the price of paper, but the new GeForce GTX 260 Matrix series should be available in stores in the near future. Currently the GeForce GTX 260 cards from other suppliers to sell between $200 and $260, depending on configuration and cooling solution. A water-cooled GTX 260 yesterday for about $430.

Acer Predator gaming rigs pose fire hazard

Written by IT News on 1:41 AM

AcerIt seems that there is a time when you must stay away from high-end gaming platform, especially if such systems can be life threatening. As shown, media Acer Aspire Predator in search of game-focused desktop PC offers more than a combination of blazing speed and attractive exterior. These plants are also a risk of fire, According to a recent U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the report, approximately 215 units of the configuration of two models of Acer's high-end Predator line of desktop computers have been recalled due to overheating, fire danger. The units sold from May 2008 to December 2008 with a price between $ 2000 and $ 6000 and the following model numbers: ASG7200 and ASG7700.

These systems are suspected to be a problem with the insulation of internal wiring of the computer, which is subject to bending or to remove, leading to overheating wires, while the system is in operation. This issue presents a potential fire risk, why some of Acer's intent has in mind.

At least two of these systems have been reported with short-circuited, consequently resulting in the melting internal and external frame. According to the report, none of the reported cases have occurred in the U.S. and has no damage.

Consumers should check the model number of your product, which is printed on the bottom right panel on the right side of the system. If the model is among those who gave two are strongly suggested to use the computer and contact your local Acer representative for a free diagnosis and repair.

The report on the potential fire hazard on Acer's Predator gaming platform gives a new meaning to the word "threat to manipulate the game."

Download Firefox 3.1 with new tab features

Written by IT News on 12:48 AM

Already in 2008, after competitors Microsoft and Google, Mozilla will adjust the space surrounding a new tab in Firefox open, to place the assets of the screen blank for use for the benefit of the customer. IE8 and Chrome are long are several new options through open tabs. While the cognitive thyroid is a possible solution proposed by the Mozilla open source browser in the design of the new tab for Firefox.

Asa RASKIN of Mozilla Labs has stated that the new tab in Firefox has to offer end users precise content / sites that wanted to sail, but less distraction as possible. It is not really a question of striking a balance, because there is a clear demarcation of white and black.

"We believe that the new tab screen will have two main tasks: (A) to see the places that are most likely to be interested in going to, and (b) not to distract you. This is a paradox: when it happened design of the pages that are most interesting show / distraction, but an explicit goal is not to interrupt your flow, "says RASKIN.

Enter Cognitive Shield. Basically, Mozilla is struggling to get the contents of the new tab page in Firefox does not disrupt the flow of knowledge the end user. In this way it has produced 8 circles cognitive shield ring design. Each circle has a favicon and will give end users access to their efforts bookmark. Cognitive Shield is now available for download and integration with Firefox 3.1, which has reached the Beta 3.

"If you type a destination in the navigation bar, then your place of care is the place you want to pass - so we need to politely stay out of the way cognitive. On the other hand, if you use the mouse, you will probably take advantage of the mouse navigation support, to show the "RASKIN added.”If you use the mouse is a good indicator that you are in a cognitive flow or not. This result resolves the paradox: the links are there when you need it, not when you do not."

Download link for mozilla firefox:

  • Firefox 3.1 Cognitive Shield is available for download here.
  • Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 for Windows is available here.
  • Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 for Linux is available here.
  • Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 for Mac OS X is available here.

FBI concludes DarkMarket sting operation

Written by IT News on 10:48 PM

Earlier this week a German radio unmasked an FBI operation in a popular underground forum used by cybercriminals to sell stolen banking information and equipment used in the fraud by credit card. The FBI confirmed the operation in a press release describing the results achieved so far and their future plans.

As we previously reported radio Südwestrundfunk German hand in some documents leaked from the German national police, which the FBI had penetrated and managed by the Dark Market underground carding forum since 2006. Poined same document to board members in a forum, which has been nicknamed Master Splinter as FBI Senior Agent J. Keith Mularski for the IT Initiative and Resources Unit fusion at the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA) in Pittsburgh.

The site that FBI claims have 2500 subscribers from around the world was closed earlier this month. There is no clear information on why the FBI decided to close it, but Master Splinter posted on the table before it happened "It is obvious that this forum ... attract too much attention from many of the world services (agents of FBI, SS, and Interpol). I think it was only time before this would happen. It is very unfortunate that we have come to this situation, because ... we have established DM as the first English language forum to operate. This is life. When you're on top, people try to get down."

FBI does not provide specific information on the identities of its agents infiltrated or how it all plays, but not prove the existence of the operation. "A primary goal of this operation was to infiltrate the forum, develop intelligence on its leading members, and in coordination with our U.S. and international law enforcement partners systematically identify, locate and arrest in a long time", according to the FBI's press release.

As a result of Intel gathered by the forum, a total of 56 arrests were made in the world in the last two years. The FBI estimates that, because of management, for a total of $ 70 one million saved by the theft, immediately close the compromised bank accounts have been disclosed or sold in the Forum.

The Register reports that five people were arrested this week in Britain in connection with Dark Market operation. This is confirmed by the FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Shawn Henry. "The arrests this week in the UK is a good demonstration of the coordination taking place today between the FBI, the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA), and other law enforcement agencies throughout the world," says Mr. Henry.

In addition, information collected in this operation may take other arrests worldwide. "Separate from these successes, this operation created new leads and more investigative information to pursue. This work is ongoing monitoring of the FBI and international law enforcement partners," informs the press release.

It should be noted that the items the FBI on the implementation of the Dark Market forum existed almost since the operation began. In 2006, shortly after he joined the administration Dark Master Splinter Board, a hacker named Max Ray Butler got unauthorized access to the database server and discloses IP the new admin used to log the IP address is registered to NCFTA in Pittsburgh, but hackers were rejected by the very members of the Forum at that time. The FBI eventually arrested Butler in 2007 on credit card fraud charges.

First ATM trojan discovered

Written by IT News on 10:27 PM

Researcher’s security antivirus Sophos has detected a Trojan that can infect the operating system of ATMs and the hook at the software developed by one of the leading global suppliers of those products, Diebold. The malware can track transactions and enter the PIN is entered credit card number.

The malware, detected by Sophos as Troj / Skim-A, were analyzed by Vanja Svájc, principal virus researcher at SophosLabs, UK. Mr. Svajcer notes that he had the idea to try such malware after a friend working at a bank, said the items that Diebold machines were infected in Russia.

Researchers have found three Diebold-related files that have been submitted by anonymous user via Virus Total service. It does a more thorough analysis of the samples, concluded that one of them is a trojan dropper, which disables the storage and installs a file called Lsass.exe (not legitimate one in Windows).

Further analysis showed that the trojan is able to record keyboard and store data in encrypted form. It is also able to print, suggesting that participants in this system were probably planning to send money mules "to recover the data." If you look at the code that makes us think that it may be possible that a criminal can obtain a paper in a special infected ATM, which then provide the ATM to print encrypted information on the stolen credit cards and PIN on what is normally host slipping "Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant Sophos says.

The file that uses features of ATM Diebold 91x agilis software to manipulate the magnetic strip. Since these functions are not documented and not available to the public, Svájc concludes that "malware seems to be the work of a programmer with good knowledge of the internal parts of the Diebold machines." In addition, physical access is most likely necessary for the installation of malware in the first instance to point to job insiders.

The Register reports that Diebold has been aware of the harmful program since January, when it was used in Russia in an attempt to intercept the transaction. The company has issued an advisory to its customers with a software update. It should also be noted that several suspects arrested by local authorities, who are still investigating the crime. The fact that the trojan monitors the transactions in U.S. dollars, plus Russian and Ukrainian currencies, shows that it originated in Eastern Europe.

This could be the first episode of fraudsters using malware to infect the ATMs, but this is not the first time, an insider involved in the manipulation of the results of payment instruments. Already in October 2008, we reported that hundreds of amendments "chip and pin" devices discovered in stores across Europe. They shared the defeat was so complex and seamlessly that the products can be edited directly from the factory in China, before being transported from accomplices in Europe.

New GeForce, Radeon graphics cards due for release on April 9th

Written by IT News on 12:36 AM

Radeon HD 4890Both NVIDIA and AMD are expected to update their knowledge graphics cards with the introduction of new products, like the RV790-based Radeon HD 4890 and GT200b GTX295, respectively. According to the recent news, the cards could make a debut on the same day, let say April 9th.

Moreover, both cards appear to be targeting the same segment of the price, which should make for a tough fight for the spring of interest for two graphics card makers.

According to available data, the next graphics card Radeon HD 4890, will be based on 55nm RV790 graphics processing units, which for a long time, was said to be a factory set overclocked version of AMD RV770 graphics now available units, which has a factory-set the clock speed of 850Mhz and 800 stream processors. When issued the card comes with 1 GB of memory GDDR5 256-bit memory interface and a memory frequency of 975Mhz, which makes it possible to give a yield increase of 6% during the high-end RV770 cards.

The GeForce GTX 275, based on the 55nm GPU GT200b, boasts 240 Shader processors, 898MB of GDDR3 memory with 448-bit memory interface. When issued, the card will have a core speed of 633MHz, the Shaders 1404Mhz and 1161MHz on the memory. But the speed of the memory may be different when the card will be issued. Performance wise the card is said to be a little "better than current NVIDIA GTX 260 graphics solutions, which is placed between the GTX 280 and the tab above.

Price wise the new Radeon HD 4890 will be available at an estimated price of U.S. $ 249, while NVIDIA will be between the prices of U.S. $ 229 and U.S. $ 279. It should put the cards and as competitors in the same price.

ASUS' CEO, Jerry Shen, holding a shell of the upcoming AIRO laptop

Written by IT News on 12:13 AM

ASUS AIRO ConceptEarlier this year the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, ASUS shows in a series of new products and interesting long-term concept. One of these concepts was AIRO laptop, which was designed from a new perspective, which gives users an elegant sliding keyboard.
As shown, the AIRO will take another step forward from just a concept design for a real, working laptop, how the company plans to introduce a system based on AIRO times this year.

According to ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, in a recent interview with Tech Radar, AIRO concept is market potential for some of the companies in other projects. Fold / unfold AIRO laptop they will compete in new market segments, as it did with the Apple MacBook Air, was released again in early 2008. The design of the laptop should be the basis for at least one of the new portable computer systems from ASUS.

The phone is scheduled for availability in the market at the end of this year, around September or October with a price between $ 1000 and $ 1500. The market impact of the laptop will be somewhere in the lines of the series as the ASUS Eee PC launched in 2007.

Unfortunately, there was no information on specific systems or performance, but because the laptop design, users could grow to enjoy the product, which allows ASUS to use a new market segment.

In the case of the dual-screen portable ASUS displayed at the exhibition CeBIT 2009 in Hannover, Germany, president of the company said that this was a concept that is still in its developmental stages. Despite its attractive appearance and overall design, there are several issues related to a portable computer that is made of two different displays.

New Samsung N110 netbook boasts over 7 hours of battery life

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Samsung N110Samsung N110 is equipped with Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 processor and has been characterized with 1GB RAM DDR2, which is expandable up to 2GB. The system is characterized with a 160GB 5400RPM hard drive and a 10.2-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, operated by the integrated GMA 945 graphics solution. In addition, the Netbook offers wireless 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth connectivity, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 3-in-1 card reader, Ethernet, microphone and headphone ports and a VGA connector to support an external display.

Although they have been released today, researchers, and Laptop Magazine has been fortunate to win one of these new netbooks, and place it by their actions. According to their review, Samsung has managed to create a Netbook which is very close to perfection. Some of its main strengths are the best ergonomics of the touchpad and 7 + hours of battery life.

This and more make the last Samsung Netbook a strong competitor for the title best Netbook on the market. In addition, any new features that differentiate the N110 from his old "brother", the NC10, the price of U.S. $ 469 defensible, according to reviewers over at Laptop Magazine.

Acer to launch Aspire One Pro series of netbooks

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Acer Aspire One 731Acer said that it is reported to plan a major expansion of its Netbook line with the addition of a couple of new models, in addition to the 11.6-inch model which has recently arisen on the Internet. PC vendor has plans to add at least two other models Netbook which will form part of the company, the new Aspire One Netbook Pro systems.

Unlike the leaked 11.6-inch model, these two new, dubbed Aspire One Pro Aspire One 731 and Pro 531, boasts a 10-inch display and will be available along with the latest addition to the different netbooks, the Acer Aspire One D150.

According to available data, the new Aspire One Pro 731 boasts an Atom Z530 processor, running at 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM and 160GB hard drive. The system is said to measure 284 x 198 x 26 mm and weighs 1.25kg, packaged with a standard battery, allowing approximately 4 hours of battery life, although they can be upgraded to 8 hours with an extended battery. Overall, the specifications on the Aspire One Pro 731 are the same as most 10-inch netbooks on the market.

In addition to the new Aspire One Pro 11.6 inch model and a Pro 731, Acer is also planning to present Netbook Aspire One 531, which will sport a 10.2-inch slim design and HSPA 3G connection. There is little information on this point, including pricing and availability, but these new netbooks are expected to be available in the near future.

Acer led Netbook market with the launch of the Netbook, first Aspire One. But according to the information available, the PC vendors are seeking a different strategy with the launch of several new models, based on the same or similar technical configuration.

New Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4850 card

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Sapphire Technology, a leading graphics card manufacturer has recently announced the introduction of the new Vapor-X series of graphics cards, new versions of the Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850th The new cards are on the same PCB as the company's current models, but the new sport-Vapor-X cooling solution, "said a quieter, more efficient cooling than AMD's mainstream-performance Graphics Processing Units. The new Vapor-X series comes with a new, independent design, the two great appearance and performance.

According to the company, the new SAPPHIRE HD 4870 Vapor-X Edition offers a choice of either a full 2 GB or 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, with the clock frequencies to operate at 750MHz and 900MHz for the GPU and memory. Mainstream Performance Sapphire HD 4850 Vapor-X Edition comes with a total of 512 MB GDDR3 memory clock of 993MHz while the GPU core speed was a cool 625MHz.

Both cards are equipped with solid capacitors and Sapphire "Black Diamond" Heat sinks that increase efficiency and reliable operation. According to Sapphire, Black Diamond valve with integrated heat sink is 10 percent cooler and 25 percent more power efficient than conventional reactors.

The Vapor-X cooling solution based on a Vapor Chamber Technology, the same principles as heat pipe technology. The solution works with a liquid refrigerant evaporates is that on a hot surface, resulting steam then condenses on a cold surface, and the liquid is then put back on the hot surface. This process takes place in a vacuum chamber with a wick system.

Price as new Vapor-X Radeon HD 4850 can be found for around 150 Euros, while the 1 GB and 2 GB versions of the Radeon HD 4870 cards go for around 220 Euros and 250 Euros, respectively.

Radeon HD 4890 stripped down of its cooling solution

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Sunnyvale, California-based AMD is expected to be new high-end graphics cards, Radeon HD 4890 to be synchronized with the new RV790 Graphics Processing Unit. The card has recently published on the Internet through a number of occasions and will give us some details about its technical specifications, performance and even a brief glance at its exterior. In one of the most recent leaks, the card will reduce its cooling solution, and viewed in its simplest form.

Scholars of the Daily Tech earnings to a Radeon HD 4890 graphics card from a source in Taiwan, whose name was for obvious reasons not disclosed. The technical specifications of the model are in line with what you've read before. On the basis of the new Radeon graphics card, AMD has the new RV790 Graphics Processing Unit, which is the clock of 850MHz. In addition, 1GB of Qimonda GDDR5 memory chips for higher performance. Memory clock at 3900MHz and a bandwidth of 124.8 GB / s.

There is some speculation about a possible release date for the new card, but it is a good chance that AMD will unveil its new high-performance single-GPU card sometime in early April. According to Daily Tech, there is still some debate about the price of the product, not significantly higher than the current RV770-based Radeon HD 4870th

In addition to the new card, AMD is also expected to present a new set of Catalyst drivers, the effect of increasing performance and to validate some of these early benchmarks of the new model. Currently, Radeon HD 4890 is rumored that a production similar to the GTX 280 and close to GTX 285, but it is not yet confirmed if new drivers are available. More information on the card will be launched next week, probably at GDC 2009 in San Francisco, California, USA.

New Intel Atom processors to be launched next month

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Santa Clara, California-based Intel task planning to expand its range of Netbook atom is Z5xx series processors, with the introduction of two new models, Z515 and Z550. Of the two, then a speed of 2.0 GHz Core, making the upcoming Atom processor is the fastest processor in her family. The new processor should further improve the performance of some of the upcoming low-power portable computers based on Intel Atom platform.

Reports on these new processors have been after since the end of last year, but it seems that now HKEPC confirmation from sources within the industry. According to the information contained in a recent news article, the upcoming Atom Z550 processor, a core temperature of 2 GHz. Other specifications of the processor is an L2 cache of 512 KB and a FSB of 533 MHz, while the TDP level will remain at 2.4W as well as the current model Z540, the clock frequency of 1.86Ghz.

In terms of performance and features of the Z515 will be something between the Z500 and Z520. According to the above website, the chip will be a default speed of 800MHz core with a TDP of 0.65W. But thanks to the implementation of Intel's new Bust Performance Technology, the chip will be able to accelerate its core 1.2GHz, thus making TDP of 1.4W.

Apparently, these two processors will be available sometime next month, that is, when chipzilla is also said that plans to release new Core 2 models. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing, a detail which is available at the launch of the CPU. But 2.0 GHz Z550 prices are likely to be close to the Z540, as Netbook maker with a higher performance alternative to the current nuclear power flagship.

A much feared sight for a lot of Xbox 360 owners

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Xbox 360 is now one of the most popular console, largely because it has a low price, a large library of titles and was the first next-generation platform to appear on the market. But his life was not the best, as a result of a very hard problem with a large number of users to see the three red lights appear on the button to open the console, a symbol of a general system failure.

"Affectionally" called the Red Ring of Death, after the blue screen of death errors that plague the Microsoft Windows operating system for this problem is much more common and aggravating for people, which meant that they must take their produce Authorized Service Provider for them to be repaired. But now it seems that things start looking for, at least according to the group product manager for Xbox 360 Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.

He recently spoke with Edge and found that the worst problems hardware for the Xbox 360 is gone, and now, thanks to new versions of the console, such as the latest model of Jasper, with better cooling and lighter parts of the hardware, it will be much easier for players.

"We've improved that [repair] process," says Kant. "It is very fast, and they can update your system with the latest technology. So, that works really well. What is it to isolate and understand the problem, fixing the issue, and more that we can solve this problem, and the is fixed, then we are well. We have put the worst behind us in this, but we know that there are systems of delay, so we take them and make it right."

So there you have it, users of the Xbox 360 it seems that things are not so bad in the future and hopefully the console Red Ring be free until the next version of Microsoft's consoles will arrive, which was not in a while 'time.

White Nokia E71 offered by Ohio carrier for free

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We reported yesterday that Rogers Wireless has plans to add the white Nokia E71 for its offer in the near future, and the carrier was considered to be the first in the North American continent to offer the white variant of the laptop. Yet it seems that we were all wrong, because the device is already the continent, but only on the surface of a relatively small Ohio.

The first white Nokia E71 in the North American continent can now be purchased by the carrier Ohio Cincinnati Bell, and that's not all. The operator of a mobile phone is free to sign a contract for two years, a contract for their services.

What really comes as a surprise to many people, but can only make the Nokia fans happy, especially when Cincinnati Bell offers coverage. And we must accept that things could not be better, especially when the price of the product.

On the other hand, those who seek to have its own Nokia E71 white, but who do not want to be tied to a particular carrier may also find the phone unlocked at The price of the device is unlocked $ 369.99 plus postage, so you ultimately have to pay € 377.42 for the laptop when it comes to you.

The Nokia E71 in white dress has to offer in terms of capacity and features a full QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2-megapixel snapper photos with LED flash, a QVGA screen, GPS navigation capabilities, Wi-Fi and 3G data connection to Bluetooth. The specification list does not end here, and all the nice features are packaged in a slim, elegant design, in order to attract attention even more.

Shuttle X50 all-in-one touchscreen nettop

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Shuttle Inc., leading designer and manufacturer of small systems, has just announced the introduction of the new Shuttle Vision X products. With the launch, the company has also introduced a new all-in-one system, called X50, which includes the Intel Atom processor in a 15.6-inch form factor PC.

According to the manufacturer, the new Vision X product line has been designed as a representation of a new value for the company, insisting on quality and innovation.

"PC is to announce a new era of simple and intuitive with the launch of the all-in-one PC. Shuttle has taken a major step forward in terms of beauty and functionality with our new X50. Equilibrium perfect combination of quality craftsmanship, performance and price," said David Yu, Chairman of Shuttle Inc.

The new X50 all-in-one PC from Shuttle is just 1.4 inches thin, which gives users the benefits of a dual-core Atom 330 processor in a stylish form factor PC. The 15.6-inch display, which is allowed to touch, has a built-in 1.3MP webcam, allowing users to take pictures or video to make calls via the Internet. Moreover, the X50 is also equipped with a joint stand, which can be completely removed, which means that the user can take advantage of the features VESA mount.

Inside the X50 all-in-one is mainly an Atom-based nettop, which combines a total of 1 GB of system memory with a 160GB hard drive and GMA959 graphics familiar solution. This solution allows the system to form the basis for the calculation of the computers that require performance, while only 30 watts of power.

According to previous information, Shuttle X50 all-in-one PC will be available for about $499, but the company is yet to confirm this.

The preview of Microsoft Expression Blend 3 for XP and Vista

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Microsoft Expression
Microsoft Expression The opening day of the MIX09 Microsoft has not only released the first beta of Silverlight 3, but also a preview version of Expression Blend 3rd with support for Vista RTM and SP1 and Windows XP SP2 and later, Expression Blend Preview 3 is available for download. The fact that the resolution was submitted in line with developments in technology Silverlight is no coincidence that as thumbnail Expression Blend 3 is adapted to Silverlight Beta 3.

"Guthrie [Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President. NET Developer Platform Microsoft] announced the preview of Expression Blend 3rd Visual Studio toolkit and Silverlight to combine the most complete end-to-end experience of development tools available. You can take projects from conceptual ideas for interactive prototypes by delivery to the customer for the project is completed," said Bruce Kyle, an architect Evangelist in Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism team.

Expression Blend 3 Preview enables developers to create applications for Windows Presentation Foundation (wpf) and Silverlight 3rd informed that Microsoft Silverlight 2 projects will open in Preview gives developers the opportunity to update to Silverlight Beta 3. It is important to note that one of the features of Expression Blend at MIX09 shown is not included in this preview, the Sketch Flow. Microsoft has announced that it was hard at work to ensure that Sketch Flow would do in the next phase of development of the Expression Blend 3rd

"Expression Blend 3 innovations include: Sketch Flow, a rapid prototyping capability that makes it easy to communicate the intention to plan parties, design time for the selection of data that enables design and testing of applications without access to live data. Direct import of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files. Behaviors, extended and reusable components to add interactivity to the program without writing code. A code editor supporting C #, XAML and VB. and many other features that support a better experience of planning and development," Kyle added.

Here is the link to download both of Expression Blend 3 and Silverlight 3 Beta 3:

Nokia N79 in black

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Nokia N79 has recently been found on the web in a black color. All versions of this phone black media were seen over the Internet before, but this is the first time you can admire in all its glory.

How many of you may already know the original model is available in white and battery contains three functions which are designed to change the theme for the phone in the attack. The new dark variant comes with the same skills and, except for the fact that it covers that users will now be able to choose between are decorated in silver, black patterned, clean and white.

The new Nokia N79 black can be directed only to the Taiwanese market, as suggested by his keyboard, but the phone is expected to come with his new jacket on the European and U.S. markets, and although it is uncertain if and when that happens.

The device should sport 5-megapixel photo snapper with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and LED flash, a 3.5 mm jack, stereo speakers and stereo Bluetooth and FM transmitter and radio. Symbian S60 smartphone equipped with a 2.4-inch display that can give a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and support for up to 16 million colors. Moreover, the function of the N-Gage mobile gaming platform.

Nokia N79 also offers GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) and HSDPA (900 / 2100) connectivity, 85MB internal memory, combined with a microSD (Trans Flash) card slot that supports memory up to 8GB of storage space, GPRS Class 11 , EDGE klass 32, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth 2.0 med A2DP, sekundär kamera för videosamtal, WAP 2.0 webbläsare, som HTML och RSS-flöden, TV-ut, Push-to -Talk dokument visningsprogram, GPS / A- GPS and support for Nokia Maps.

Windows best video graphic is NVIDIA GeForce 181.71

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NVIDIA has made available for download a new series of graphics cards to make the GeForce good game with the latest milestone in official development of the next iteration of Windows clients. The new GeForce graphics cards adjusted to Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 went live March 2, 2009, and now hanging in the air. NVIDIA has stated that it is necessary to provide graphics for Windows 7 at this early stage because of the large number of customers who have installed GeForce Beta Build 7000 release of the operating system.

"Since its launch last month, the beta version of Windows 7 has been tested with the enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of NVIDIA GeForce owners who are excited about many improvements in graphics, Microsoft has added the next operating system," said Ujesh Desai, Vice President of Business Desktop GeForce NVIDIA.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta made available as public download January 10, 2009. The bit until February 12, the Redmond company applauded for over a couple of million downloads. NVIDIA has stated that even if Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 was suspended last month, the 181.71 version of its drivers was only the first step in its commitment to support Windows 7. GeForce owners can expect regular updates NVIDIA drivers to the successor to Windows Vista are on the way forward.

"We expect that all our hard work in collaboration with Microsoft over the past two years will pay for GeForce owners when Windows 7 is launched officially," said Dwight Diercks, Vice President of Software Engineering at NVIDIA. "Our customers require an experience which is faster and more visually, and with the addition of several new GPU accelerated, including DirectX calculation; we think Windows 7 will be well positioned to meet those needs.”

Graphic version GeForce 181.71 drivers come to the table with support for the new Windows 7 Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.1. Graphics card manufacturer promises at least improved performance and reliability of 2D, 3D and Windows Aero through GeForce graphics version 181.71 in combination with WDDM driver v1.1.

DirectX 10 for mac and Linux

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DirectX 10 will continue to bypass Windows XP, which has been stuck at the level of DirectX 9, but more than two years after its introduction with the advent of Windows Vista, the technology is beginning to make the Linux and Mac OS X. But that is not enough. Instead, Jeremy White, founder and CEO of Code Weavers has been shown to support DirectX 10 would come to society Crossover moved forward in 2009. Code Weavers needs and develops solutions designed to make Linux and Mac OS X users to run games for Windows and Office system.

"We have just sent a bunch of these" under the hood "improvements for the game in Crossover Games 7.2. We are really pressing Direct X 9 support fairly broad, and always ready to move on Direct X 10," said White. "In the coming months we will be shipping 8.0 Crossover Linux and Crossover Mac 8.0. This review of our product can provide support for IE7 and modern versions of QuickBooks, Quicken 2009 (in a good speed), Photoshop CS3, and many others improvements, particularly around Microsoft Office and Outlook in particular."

Microsoft DirectX 10 is supplied as part of Windows Vista. Until that time, DirectX 10 is Vista-exclusive, with the software giant refused to back port it to Windows XP. In the next release of Windows, Windows 7, leading to table the development of DirectX, which is the 11th commitment of the company in Redmond, is that DirectX 11 will be offered not only for Windows 7, but also for Windows Vista. But Windows XP continues to be outside the DirectX development equation.

"After the ship version 8, and continue to make games and cool, we should turn our attention to our next major revision. In addition to our normal work to broaden and deepen our request for support for the wine, we are going to try to improve GUI Crossover itself. First Linux version to get a new look. But both versions are included to get an interface that we hope will provide power compatibility middle right of the installation. The basic idea is to facilitate the collection of distilled wisdom on the unsupported and make it much easier to use. I hope we will have access to before the end of the year," White added.

Motorola KRE8 for music mania

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One of the most interesting mobile concepts we have recently encountered is the new Motorola KRE8, a product developed specifically for music lovers. According to its creator, Jose Tomas DeLuna new KRE8 will be able to do what its name implies: allows users to create their own music.

The most interesting feature of the Motorola KRE8 concept is that it can be divided into two parts, each of them to come with a built-in accelerometer that can detect the gestures you make, so that users can create their music. In addition, the device also has three pre-installed modes: Mode Instrument Recording mode and mixing mode.

Motorola KRE8 also has a touch screen display, and with 3G, GPS and a wide range of musical elements. Users can activate the feature by including a touch-screen laptop, which also provides control over it. The accelerometers allow for each piece of equipment that is used to simulate the different instruments.

In addition to enabling users to create their own music, Motorola KRE8 also feature wireless so that the contents could be shared with others on a wireless network. Users can send files to other MIDI devices or broadcast so others can enjoy them. In addition, the phone also offers the opportunity to GPS tagging file.

It is unclear whether the proposal will actually become a reality in the near future, but we do not agree that it sounds like a bad idea, even if there is anything "strange. But we have seen other strange concept as before, so this is not a single event. In addition, the device does not seem too bad, so it can attract a broad spectrum of users, after all.

HTC Magic has been spotted at FCC

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According to the latest news on the Web, the HTC Magic (G2) android phone, recently presented at the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona last week was seen at the FCC, where it should be tested to see whether to go on sale in the U.S. market.

A few words on the web suggest that the laptop has already received FCC approval, which means that we must be able to see which hit U.S. store shelves in the near future. Interestingly, however, the fact that the device is not related to the functioning of AWS 1700MHz frequency used by T-Mobile with its 3G network.

Lack of this feature may suggest that the Magic are not HTC T-Mobile, like its predecessor, but this can only be one vote, after all. The portable anticipated first head of mobile operator in the U.S., but it has no official word on the matter.

For now, the only thing that is certain is that the other device powered by Google android operating system, HTC Magic, going on sale in Europe with Vodafone, and that it should reach the market in the spring of ongoing. At the same time, the device is also to go to Australia with Telstra Mobile.

As previously mentioned, the device came to the FCC without AWS 1700MHz does not necessarily mean that it is not added to T-Mobile offers. We may soon learn that the FCC has had to test a new version of the product, which should include the frequency.

For what it's worth, regardless of carrier, the big news is that the product is intended for users in the U.S. and, more importantly, that in the not so distant future.


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ASUS, a leading designer and manufacturer notebook, unveiled at CeBIT 2009 an annual range of solutions for mobile computers. The new machine for the company to deliver top-of-the-line research and development, but also come with an industrial design that provides users with a notebook and functional can be calculated in style, while on the go.

During CeBIT 2009, the company emphasizes its partnership with the Automobili Lamborghini in ASUS-Lamborghini VX5, a car that sports a frame inspired by the limited edition Lamborghini Reventón. ASUS notebook M90Gf will also participate in the exhibition, providing innovative multimedia-oriented features and specifications, which offers a way to enable users to enjoy high-definition audio and visual excitement. In addition, the company will also introduce the new K-series ASUS deliver high-performance daily computing and unshakeable reliability.

The new ASUS notebook K-series is designed with comfort in mind. They have a ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) and can provide up to 5 hours to compute on a 6-cell battery, together with the choice between performance and power saving mode and reliability, and multimedia entertainment. The packaging Altec Lansing speakers, SRS true surround sound and a 16:9 LCD screen golden. ASUS Series K includes strategically placed heat vents are designed to maintain a low temperature, even after the product has been used for a long time.

ASUS M90Gf is a good solution for fans of high definition, but always in motion. The portable computer includes an advanced MCP79MH NVIDIA chipset can handle up to 4 SODIMM, which makes it possible to boast up to 16GB of memory, offering extensive multitasking and multimedia capabilities, while on the road.

ASUS-Lamborghini VX5 not only with a futuristic chassis, but also the world's largest density Solid State Drive 1TB walk. The machine can provide impressive performance, because it contains an Intel Core2 Quad processor and 4 GB of memory, and the Twin Turbo mode, which allows users to exploit the performance of CPU and GPU with a speed key.

The portable computer comes with a 16-inch high resolution screen and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 130m graphics card with 1GB VRAM GDDR3. It is also a sport recently adopted enlightened "chiclete" which illuminates the keyboard in low light, and a Blu-ray combo optical drive in addition to other functions in the unit.

The all new Mac Pro Concept

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TIPSTER, a technology oriented site Engaged that in addition to update the iMac and Mac mini, Apple is also set to release four improved models of its high-end computer, the Mac Pro

As you have heard, last-minute losses allegedly confirmed six new models of the Mac - four iMac and two ministers - all of which pack more RAM and storage, in addition to NVIDIA chipsets. Flying is in line with previous data on an updated Mac mini (5 USB ports, Mini Display Port, mini-DVI, as the chipset NVIDIA MacBook and iMac, 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo). Like the iMac, Apple's all-in-one computer is set to receive mini Display Port and features Core 2 Duo up to 3.06GHz.

Sure, the Mac Pro is "something else", literally. "Mac Pro configurations are in eight-core 3.0GHz to 3.6GHz and 16-core configurations in the 3.6GHz and 4.0GHz flavors, and sounds like it will be even funkier tips on video, says the flight. Engadget's TIPSTER says that" regular two DVI ports and a mini Display Port ... E "is a little lighter than the current model, with 35 pounds instead of 42." The TIPSTER simply known as Tom, says that "Airport Extreme and Time Capsule FCC filings also contain direct references to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz operating simultaneously.

Almost everything seems to be in place and in accordance with the expectations of all, as hardware upgrades are involved. But the same question even the loss of Apple, the introduction of new systems - or at least the iMac and the ministry - not just today. It is less likely, as Apple is known to introduce significant hardware updates to these on their own grounds. March 24 event, which Apple says it sounds like a good bet for those ads.

Claimed Mac mini box shot

Written by IT News on 2:59 AM

Losses in the new Mac model numbers seem to confirm an old discovery of six new Apple products in the retailers' pipelines Apple Insider reports. OneMoreThing Dutch site has given it looks like a Mac mini Box Shot (image left), while the French site MacBidouille loans through the issuance of new Apple iMac and Mac mini as soon as today. Both desktop computers are to feature a model based on the NVIDIA design.

Model leaked in six numbers, from four SKU MB417 to MB420 is probably new iMac. Only one model would be a 20-inch screen, while the rest of the all-in-one system is 24-inch screen. The other two are Mac, of course, the mini. Model number MB463 and MB464 representing low-and high-end, as updated versions of the computer. The source of losses, the release pin Tuesday March 3 (today). They are said the ship almost immediately.

The Dutch site claims that it has some rough overview of the systems specifications, Apple Insider reports. In particular, the iMac would come with 2.66, 2.93GHz and 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of DDR3 memory for basic model and 4 GB for the rest. The new iMac also supports up to 8GB RAM, with a Mini Display Port connector located on the front of the port.

On the mini, compact desktop systems, Apple has already said that five USB ports, FireWire 800 and Mini Display Port, and begins with a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo with 1GB and 2GB memory, and a minimum storage of 120GB (320GB for the more expensive model).

Based model number listed as follows:

MB417: "Entry-Level 20-inch 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM
MB418: "Mid-range 24-inch 2.66GHz or 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
MB419: "High-end 24-inch 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM
MB420: "Very high-end 24-inch 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM.

Mac mini
MB463: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive
MB464: Unknown Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM.
Finally, Apple Insider points out that although we are still faced with a page, the data are compatible with Apple involuntary loss of their own.

Nokia N97: Not all supported Skype

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Nokia N97Earlier this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Skype and Nokia announced that the popular software would be embedded in mobile phone maker's products, starting with the N97 phone, which is expected to reach the market sometime in June.

Unfortunately it seems that the store has seen some resistance from wireless operators and the planned integration cannot go as smoothly as expected. O2 and Orange have been reported this week to be quite "furious" about Nokia's decision to integrate the software into its new high-end N97 smartphone.

According to the news, operators may refuse to put the company's products incorporate software that enables users to make free calls over the Internet while using a data connection. At the same time, they can only agree with the give-phones that do not include Skype, the Mobile Today website says. On the other hand, some of the carriers seem to agree with that. T-Mobile is one of those players, and 3, a British one, which already has been added to its layout, which includes Skype phones.

The deal between Nokia and Skype are offering software built into the N97 address book, which would make it possible for users to see when Skype contacts are online. At the same time, they will be able to employ the popular IM client. The software is also required to offer them the opportunity to make free and cheap phone calls over the Internet, regardless of whether they use a 3G mobile network or a Wi-Fi one.

Some of the mobile operators such as O2 and Orange, seem to think that Skype would actually reduce voice traffic and weaken their relations with customers. Nokia has not commented on news that the carriers have complained about software, but a spokesman for the company has explained that the Skype feature is not able to present some of the N97 mobile phones.

"At Mobile World Congress, we announced that Skype would be available on a limited number of N-series devices, starting with the N97, spokesman has shared." But it's possible it will not be on each N97."

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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It seems that speaker is not the problem is not just a question of is the Nokia 5800 mobile phones. According to the latest news on the Web, the North American version of the device also has a few bugs related to its 3G capability.

How many of you may already know, the device has been marketed for a few days ago, but reports that sales of Nokia 5800 NAM has been interrupted due to problems with the 3G signal reception.

There have been several complaints about the problem of the device and the phone maker withdrawn from the shelves. The portable computer is no longer available at Nokia flagship stores projects in the U.S., while the parties may have stopped selling as well. For now, it seems that the company did not understand where the problem lies, and that still work, fixing it.

There were too many NAM Nokia 5800 sold to customers, given the fact that the phone was only 7 hours after it was up for sale. Currently no official word on the problem came from the Finnish mobile phone maker, but is expected to make a statement in the near future. Those who pre-ordered the device will have to wait a while "before you get if you have not sent them already.

This is the second problem with the Nokia 5800 as the basis for the Web in less than a week. Just a couple of days ago, we learned that you also have problems with their speakers, which are more prone to break after a few months of use, and that all products manufactured before the month of February has come to market with this problem. The company has already announced that the faulty speaker was replaced with a good compromise.

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