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Men like Johnny Depp show that women place more emphasis on personality than good looks

Written by IT News on 12:19 AM

A trace of musk is often more than enough to give women their heads after passing a man on the street, even if the man in question is not necessarily a good idea to look for their standards. Perfume, a man is never missing piece in his "clothes", but only use them in accordance with his personality and not pure vanity, Moon Blood Good advocates Men's Health.

As for women, there are men who think that just because they dab in Cologne they purchased a new (and especially on how long enough to cause any UHS AHS and their buddies), but they are as irresistible as it is, Blood God says. Most women will probably remain impervious to its charm, because what they are looking for in a man is not vanity, but a strong personality - and nothing can do better than a well-chosen perfume, with much common sense.

"I love how no one can smell the same way as another, everyone is an original combination of a natural body odor, Cologne, deodorant, with pheromones sprinkled on top. This is a shortcut to the heart. When I smell certain Cologne too, it brings me back to a man or a date or love. It helps if he is not obsessed with beauty salons. Johnny Depp embodies the golden mean to see the fantastic and looks like he does not [care] if it looks good or not. There is no greater off than vanity. Most women do not want to hang with a man who talks for hours on his own clock”. Explain the publisher.

Finding the balance to be provided, even if they do not look squeaky clean is a good Blood note back is to do things naturally. In this sense, many a man fell into serious style icon cages, where they have tried to mimic the appearance of bad boys like Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell, but looking over done and exaggerate. The same is true of perfume and the scent is one that suits each boy's personality, not something he chooses, because he wants to ladies swoon or jealous friends can afford to, the editor adds.

In the end Blood God argue, to choose a perfume as a personal thing as to find a girlfriend, because the smell is 100 percent agree with the boy. "The Allure regions of origin in him," says the publisher - but a way, all men have to wear perfume without a trace of doubt.

Accidently limited USB access on Vista SP2

Written by IT News on 10:47 PM

Microsoft has confirmed a problem with the USB 2.0 devices to stop working intermittently when connected to computers with Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Although it is possible to confirm that some users really have a problem with the latest service pack for Vista, the Redmond Company has so far failed to find the cause of the problems. In this respect, the software giant stated that only scenarios with USB 2.0 Bluetooth devices no longer work intermittently on Vista SP2 machines studied and that information would be disclosed when it becomes available.

"This problem may occur when a Bluetooth dongle is connected to a USB 2.0 hub. There are limited USB ports found on some chipsets. Therefore, the manufacturers sometimes build internal USB 2.0 hub on their computer. If a Bluetooth - dongle is connected to a USB 2.0 hub, Bluetooth device may stop working temporarily, "Microsoft explained.

Since the problem in research, Redmond Company does not have an update to resolve or even a hotfix for this problem. All software giant is two temporary solutions are designed to restore functionality. "Portable computer users - if your laptop has a Bluetooth switch, use Bluetooth, turn on and turn off the Bluetooth radio. Desktop users - disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth dongle," Microsoft stated.

If you want to change and then the Bluetooth radio in Windows Vista SP2 users should get to Device Manager. To do this, they have in the Device Manager in the search box in the Start menu. After the Device Manager is launched users must right-click the Bluetooth radio, and select Disable. Following this is disabled, right-click the user to reactivate the Bluetooth radio.

Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 to manufacturing by the end of April 2009. But the actual bits are not available for general download. The Redmond company point to the deadline was scheduled for the next few weeks.

Google reveals new logos

Written by IT News on 10:35 PM

Google has unveiled its new corporate identity for most of their products. The emphasis is on consistency and all the new logos are very similar, with the Google logo, followed by the product's name in blue letters. The Mountain View-based company hopes that this will be simpler and clearer for the user to identify their products. "We hope that this design and fresh appearance and improve usability on our sites."

The logos are accompanied by a change in the design, so now they all look the same and have the same size where they can be placed on the site. "As logos shown in many different locations and sizes of our websites, our designs are standardized to be the same size and color where they appear. It should be easier for you to find out which side you're on and navigate to the location where you want to go. They are also all of our international domains, which is especially useful for people moving from right to left languages as Arabic and Hebrew. “

The new style comes after Google said it would remove the beta tag on some of their services, and logos, particularly those aimed at business customers. The company takes the beta tag and more than half of its products are still in beta phase. Whereas Gmail, for example, 5 years ago and now has almost 150 million users worldwide, it seems that the beta tag is maybe a bit of a stretch.

With all the Google Chrome web browser beta is removed from only a few months after it was released, with some users believe that in view of the product in the overall quality, this step was a bit premature. The new logo is just in time for some of the products to the loss of beta status and should meet most of them in the coming weeks.

Kingston offers SSDNow as part of a new bundle kit

Written by IT News on 8:58 PM

While Solid State Drives recently launched a significantly higher performance compared to traditional hard drives, the degree of market adoption is still very low. This is due to any reason that SSDs are still relatively invaluable in contrast to traditional hard drives. But Kingston Technology, which has its premiere on the market for SSDs, a plan for Solid State Drives attractive to users worldwide. The company intends to sell its line of SSDNow M-series run as part of a specially built beam.

As you may already know, Kingston decided to SSD on the bandwagon with the launch of its SSDNow series of Flash-based devices, which basically rebranded versions of Intel's high-performance x18-M and X25-M series SSDs to offer one of the highest performances for the traditional market. Unfortunately, even Intel's disks are not all that affordable for PC users worldwide, making Kingston SSDs are even less affordable.

The company has a plan to the effects of higher prices for customers with a package combining SSDs with a software clone data on a hard drive to speed SSD. The beam is designed to draw attention to the end user, which adds value to high-performance storage products.

"This all-in-one package is the perfect solution for enterprise companies, corporate end-users and consumers to make SSD technology in existing systems," said Ariel Perez, SSD manager, Kingston. "The Kingston SSDNow M Series Bundle allows to move the operating system, applications and all other data from a hard disk with a solid-state drive quickly and easily or a notebook, desktop or workstation.”

According to Kingston, the package includes the following:

SSDNow M Series 80-GB or 160 GB (Intel X-25M SATA SSDs)

Acronis True Image hard drive cloning software CD and installation guide

USB 2.5-inch box with USB cable (for laptops)

2.5-inch to 3.5-inch drive bay mounting brackets and screws (for desktops)

SATA data and power diluents (for desktops)

Troj/JSRedir-R is the most widespread infection on the Web

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

Malware analysts security vendor Sophos warns that the number of pages that are infected with the script Gumblar malcious recently sky-rocketed, making the operation at the top of the list of online threats. The effects of the previous record year SETTER Mal / iframe F now dwarfs in comparison.

According to Sophos, Troj / JSRedir-R, also known as Gumblar act mala fide domain since it points to an aggregate amount of not less than 42% of all infections on the web today. Mal / iframe F occupied second place, the number of infections is six times lower, accounting for only 7%.

"Usually JSRedir-R found on legitimate websites, hidden behind the distorted JavaScript, loading malicious content of third party sites without the user knowing. In accordance with garbled script attempts to download dangerous code from a place called" Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant explains.

The confusion that Gumblar method is relatively simple and involves replacing the characters with their hexadecimal value, eg "20%" instead of "empty space", and then change the% with a random character. JavaScript code contains a function to replace the purposes restores% random character.

There are many variations of this script in the game and they are usually just before the "body" tag in HTML documents compromised. They are all the query words who blacklisted from Google for further malicious scripts. "In contrast to the last iframe exploit, where malicious code was injected only files with the common filename (eg index.html, index.php, etc.) this gumblar script injected into each web page," the unmasking of parasites blog warns.

Since the script is available on the websites operated by a diversity of PHP applications cannot be bound to a particular vulnerability. Instead compromised FTP evidence on the point of entry. Paul BACC, virus researcher at Sophos, attributes of infections to PHPMod-A Trojan. The load is also said to change the permissions on different directories on the Web and drop an image.php file in the "images" folder.

What is also interesting is that the operation of infecting the different file types to another code. This means that the code is inserted in. Js files differ from one inserted. Php. This is of course necessary for the malicious code to be performed, but the fact that it has more than goals. HTML files make the threat much more dangerous and more difficult to clean.

If you have reason to believe that your site is affected by this threat, ensure that your computer is clean of malware, change the password for your FTP and upload it again to the site for a clean backup.

Half a glass of wine per day may prolong your life by about five years

Written by IT News on 3:58 AM

It is well known that drinking wine can benefit your health, but his long-term effects on the human body have never been analyzed in such a large scale. In a study of 40 years, between 1960 and 2000, Dutch researchers monitored the life and drinking habits of more than 1373 randomly selected men, with regular check-ups once or more per year. The long-term study was to determine the exact relationship between cardiovascular health and people in the overall risk of dying of conditions.

In a scientific study published ahead of print in the latest issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the authors say that the analysis of results showed that drinking just half a glass of wine per day can be very beneficial for women as they could live on average five years longer than those who do not drink wine per day. But they warn, the effect does not stack up, which means that if you drink one or two glasses a day, they will not live ten to 20 years. In fact, it is very likely that they will die sooner, because of alcohol-related conditions.

During 40 years of monitoring, researchers looked at how much alcohol the men drank, the type of beverage, but also how often they did. Their main aim was to determine the drinking habit was worse, and it left the smallest "footprint" on the body. The study also aims to determine which type of alcohol led to the development of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease, and if this can be prevented, PhysOrg reports.

More than 600 deceased men to cardiovascular disease in 40 years, about half of the total number of 1130 deaths. From 1960 to 2000, the proportion of men who drank alcohol almost doubled, from 45 to 86, a phenomenon that is immediately associated with an increase in the number of deaths in drink-related diseases. Although only two percent of participants drank wine at the beginning of the study, more than 44 percent did so in 2000. The conclusion of the study was that moderate alcohol consumption of up to 20 grams per day can increase life expectancy by at least two years.

Those who do not drink at all had a lower life expectancy than moderate drinkers, or on leave, while those who consumed more than 20 grams of alcohol per day had a life, it was a little lower than in moderate drinkers. In addition, they are only in small quantities of wine, not beer or spirits, lived on average five years longer than those who drank nothing. They lived 2.5 years longer than those who consumed beer and spirits.

Older promotional poster, urging moms to start their children on soda diets, before their adverse effects had been researched

Written by IT News on 3:50 AM

Potassium, calcium and minerals in people who consume large quantities of colas are falling over the years, with devastating consequences, new evidence. In a study published in the June issue of International Journal of Clinical Practice, experts from the University of Ioannina, Greece, warns that such large amounts of cola into the human body causing rapid of demineralized bone and teeth, but also as a sharp drop in potassium levels. When the last event, starting to lose muscle mass and may weaken to complete paralysis. The good news is that the effects can be reversed by stopping the cola and the administration of potassium.

"We use more soft drinks than ever, the location and number of health problems has been identified, including dental problems, demineralized bone and development of the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Evidence suggests that excessive consumption of cola may also cause hypokalaemia, which reduces blood potassium as a negative effect on muscles vital functions "UI Department of Internal Medicine expert, Dr. Moses Elisaf declared.

For their research, researhers analyzed a number of case studies where people drank two to nine liters of cola drinks each day. Two pregnant women in the hospital with a low potassium levels were also examined in their research.

"The individual role of each of these components [glucose, fructose and caffeine] in the pathophysiology of coke-induced hypokalaemia is not fixed and may vary between patients. But in most cases we have for our review, caffeine poisoning was supposed to play the principal role. This was confirmed by case studies focusing on other products with high levels of caffeine but not glucose or fructose. Despite this, caffeine-free cola products may also cause hypokalaemia because fructose content they contain can cause diarrhea, "Dr. Elisaf added.

"Although most patients recover when they stop drinking cola and potassium supplements, cola-induced chronic hypokalaemia may be more susceptible to potentially fatal complications, such as an irregular heartbeat. In addition, excessive use of some form of cola can lead to a series of health problems such as fatigue, reduced productivity and muscular symptoms vary from mild weakness to profound paralysis. We believe that further research is needed to determine how much is too much in terms of the daily consumption of cola, UI expert shared.

"Cola-drinks should be added to the physician of a checklist of drugs and substances which may cause hypokalaemia. And soft drinks industry needs to promote a safe and moderate use of its products for all age groups reduce portion sizes and listen to the growing demand for healthier drinks Ohio-based Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center expert Dr. Clifford Packer, who responded to the new study, localized.

Napster announces new MP3 offering: unrestricted access and 5 downloads for only $5 per month

Written by IT News on 3:44 AM

The known digital music provider Napster has recently presented its latest offer, which both the freedom to download the MP3 and take advantage of high quality music streaming features. The new package is only $ 5 per month and offers full-time to existing on-demand streaming music service that allows users to take five MP3 songs can be played on an MP3 player, including iPhone, iPod or music-enabled mobile phones.

This new business, Napster wants its customers to benefit from holding MP3 songs later, they could burn or transfer to their liking, but also for them to enjoy their extensive range consists of more than seven million tracks. "There is no reason for the 30-second clip to decide whether you want to buy a song," says Chris görög, CEO of Napster. "For five U.S. dollars, you can now get access to our entire catalog of music and get five MP3's to your permanent collection.”

The new provision actually allows users to download unlimited MP3 five per month, with the freedom to choose between a wide range of music genres or labels, not to mention the large collection of independent artists that everyone will be able to open. If five numbers inadequate, customers can easily purchase additional reasons for prices between 69 cents to $ 1.29. Furthermore, Napster is also the often stabbing on a track for hours on end, as they will be able to listen to a song as often as they want, without having to pay for a low or mediocre quality since Napster offers CD-quality for all items.

Moreover music supplier, more than 60 radio stations (where the music is not interrupted by advertising, so that it can be estimated at its full value), and playlists created in 1400 by experts only. The current music is not a call to your heart more, you can always use Napster to rediscover the tracks you want in high school or college.

"A decade ago, Napster a revolution in the way to discover and enjoy music," says Senior Vice President Form of entertainment for Best Buy, Julie Owen. "Mark that it started to shake up things with this new service offers music fans access to the entertainment experience they expect from Napster and Best Buy.”

At present, the recent Napster offers may be made by the American users go here.

Dell's new XS11-VX8 server is powerd by VIA technology

Written by IT News on 3:28 AM

Following reports earlier this week, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell has officially announced today the launch of its new "ultra light" server, the XS11-VX8 specifically designed to meet the requirements of hyper-scale data center environments and I / O applications, including Web hosting. One of the key elements of Dell's new server is that it integrates VIA's Nano processor, as previous customers packing plant 12 servers in a 2U chassis, which in turn increases the computing power while using less data space.

"One size fits all" simply does not work on Hyper-scale computing customers. Unique architectural environments such as web hosting, making unnecessary many of the features in the system as required in mainstream IT. By working with VIA to a high density low power system, Dell is the design for this specific customer needs, costs and improve efficiency, said Forrest Norrod, Vice President and General Manager of Dell's Data Center Solutions Division.

According to the company, XS11-VX8 server, code-named Fortuna, is up to 34 percent lower TCO (total cost of Ownership) compared with white box client systems. The adoption of VIA's low-power processor, the system would consume less than 15 watts while idle and 20-29 watts at full capacity and workload, which in essence is the lowest power output in the industry. Additional features include a special plinth Management Controller (BMC), support for 64-bit operating systems and virtualization.

The launch of Dell's new XS11-VX8 is also an important step for chip maker VIA, which specializes in the development of low power, x86 processors. Dell's server VIA to add a market which is usually monopolized by Intel and AMD.

"VIA is proud to cooperate with Dell to the VIA Nano processor markets that can take full advantage of our advanced 64-bit architecture, virtualization capabilities and industry leading power efficiency," said Wenchi Chen, President and CEO, VIA Technologies, Inc. ". Via Nano-based Dell XS11-VX8 ultralight server, a new benchmark for density, strength sinks and TCO for large datacenters.

NEC world's first USB 3.0 host controller

Written by IT News on 3:18 AM

In support of the industry's rapid introduction of new technologies, NEC Electronics has recently announced the introduction of the world's first Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller to support the new Super-Speed USB 3.0 standard. According to the company, the new controller is designed for future computers, external hard drives, portable electronic devices and thumb drives with support for a higher performance transfer solution. The technical specifications for the new Super Speed USB 3.0 standard, the new NEC μPD720200 chip is fully compatible with USB versions 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 of the USB standard.

The industry's next-generation USB standard, also known as USB 3.0, is designed to complement the performance of USB 2.0 on the market, while maintaining backward compatibility with current standards. According to available data, the new standard is capable of supporting transmission speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second (Gbps), which is essentially a 10-time increase in speed over the last USB 2.0 solutions. The technology can provide 25 GB of video content to be transferred to a Blu-ray Disc, which normally leads to a remarkable performance increase compared with current USB 2.0 standard, with a speed of 480 Mbps.

NEC's commitment to the development of the world's fastest USB standard dates back to 1996 when the company is one of the USB Implementers Forum. Since then, NEC Electronics also deserves praise for is the first company to a USB 2.0-compatible host controller chip, with the introduction of μPD720100 device back in 2000.

With the launch of the new μPD720200, NEC also offers its support to the new standard and PC suppliers and products to take advantage of new and improved USB 3.0 technology. This solution should further improve the results of a number of computers and other USB devices.

The new Zen X-Fi PMP from Creative is finally getting official

Written by IT News on 12:01 AM

The already announced the introduction of new Zen X-Fi PMP from Creative is finally official. The new PMP will be two versions, a WiFi and other non-WiFi, with
16 and 32GB for the former, while only 8 GB of the latter. Yet it seems that the Zen X-Fi is only available for APAC region at the moment.

The screen on the new Creative is only 2.5 inches, mainly because of the WiFi model has a number of extended features to enable users to connect to MSN or Yahoo Messenger using the mobile phone-like buttons on the side of the screen. But the screen can affect the potential Zen X-Fi customers wanting to use their instant messaging features on a regular basis.

But the screen has a resolution of 320x240 pixels and can display 16.7 million colors. We can still hope that the future will give us a high quality PMP offers a wide screen.

The key features of the Zen X-Fi packages up Creative X-Fi Crystalizer technology, which is used for quality accessories for the compressed audio files and Creative X-Fi Expand option, called a "natural feeling" to the sound. Other X-Fi features like EAX and CMSS-3D does not seem to be taken into account.

The unit comes with a built-in speaker; an SD memory card slot (which is expected to be better than the SD version of the original Zen), a built-in FM radio with 32 presets, a built-in equalizer, alarm functions, USB 2.0 interface and the new central ripping sound and sync settings are applied. The battery can last 36h music and video playback 5h. The Creative Zen X-Fi weighs only 69 G and action 83x55x12.8mm (DxWxH).

Included in the shipping package, a combination of sound-insulation EP-830 premium in-ear headphones. Creative also a wide range of accessories for the product and a speaker dock and various protective cases.

32GB Zen X-Fi is already available, while the other two models are expected later this Monday; the price tag for the 32GB version with WiFi is set at about $293.

Alhambra, by Carlos Torres: a Satellite radio in a retro shape

Written by IT News on 11:16 PM

The latest creation with the signing of Carlos Torres is the Alhambra, a magnificent part of the radio technology with a striking retro design and packaging of a mountain current technology maniac inside you. If you already are a fan of satellite radio, but longing for the unique look and great sense of retro-shaped radio, can prove that this is one of the best choices you can make it this far. The fact is that this beautiful radio is easy to match almost any home decor, if we consider a very modern or a more conservative one. The fluid and stylish design adds instant style to any setting.

Moderate - not even small - footprint ensures that you can find a place for the Alhambra in no time: this handy gadget sounds can rest on Body or a shelf, but it will also elegant at the office or as part of your multimedia rack at home.

Despite the rather minimalist approach to the management and control buttons, the Alhambra looks really easy to use, especially with the channel buttons on the bottom of the front. This means that you can access your favorite channels, shows, music, sports or news with a simple press of a button, and, of course, easily switch between your favorite online content.

Alhambra also comes with a very cool and generous display: the black background creates a rich contrast to the blue-green letters and numbers, while doing everything easy to read in total darkness and bright light also. It is a big knob on the front makes the creation and navigation easy and fun.

This satellite radio comes with two retro style speakers, the form looks like a power tower, emphasizes more the "Blast from the past" notes from around the gadget. What is even more impressive than what has so far is the built-in WiFi capabilities in Alhambra, giving you more freedom to enjoy music and satellite broadcasting in your home or office, while the greater freedom as regards the setting of the room.

No news on availability yet, but we love to see Carlos Torres' Alhambra Satellite Radio WiFi around the stores.

Security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat have been released

Written by IT News on 4:02 AM

Adobe has released security updates for all versions of its Reader and Acrobat products, running on all supported operating systems, an exception is version 7.1.1 for Mac OS X, which is still fragile. Patches address two serious remote code execution bugs, which have been known since the end of April.

On April 29 we reported that a hacker will be reviewed by the online handle of Arr1val had published proof-of-concept exploit for two remote code execution vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The investigation of incidents, the Adobe security team concluded that a defect that all versions of the products for all operating systems, while restricted to Linux versions.

"A critical vulnerability has been identified in Adobe Reader 9.1 and Acrobat 9.1 and earlier versions. The vulnerability (CVE-2009-1492) would lead to a crash and can give an attacker control over the system. A second vulnerability also, which seem to affect Adobe Reader for UNIX only (CVE-2009-1493). These themes are remote exploit ability "Adobe advisory says.

Both vulnerabilities can be exploited by creating malformed PDF files, a malicious JavaScript based load. To completely disable Java Script in the products was approved as a temporary solution, although it was not applicable in certain environments where the functions required.

At a time when malicious PDF files are widely used, security professionals question the Adobe patch deployment schedule. These vulnerabilities have been patched in two weeks time after discovery, but even if they are not actively used in the game, there is a long time by some standards.

And this was a nice thing, like a similar critical vulnerability that was announced in February as a 0-day, and then employed by computer-related villains in their attacks were not involved in more than three weeks. Moreover, the vulnerability was exploit ability even with JavaScript disabled, so caution and a good antivirus as the only option for protection.

The latest updates to Adobe Reader and Acrobat are 9.1.1, 8.1.5 and 7.1.2, respectively. Users are encouraged to upgrade to these versions immediately download links for their own operating systems which are in the Adobe Security Advisory APSA09-02.

YouTube video helps man safely deliver his son into this world

Written by IT News on 3:57 AM

They wonder if social media never understand surprise even the most skeptical of us. In a recent example, a man has helped to deliver a baby in the world with an instructional video online, on the famous video-sharing website YouTube. A British engineer from Redruth, Cornwall, and son spent his childhood in the world on his own after learning how to do it from a simple video uploaded on YouTube. While his wife spent much time at work, an ambulance could not reach its place in time, so people had to improvise and solve the situation as best they could.

Marc Stephens, the man in question, felt the need to see some instructional videos on to his wife, Jo, began to feel that it was time for the birth. The contractions increased in number with every minute, and the engineer just sit and started to look at some videos on how to deal with such situations.

"I googled how a baby, saw a couple of videos and seen swotted up. The footage gave me peace of mind. I think I would have put up, but look at the videos made it much easier," the man told the BBC.

"I woke up and realized that I had contractions every five minutes. Marc, I wake up and we called the midwife, but they were all so busy that they could not get around our house and told us to call an ambulance. But before they got it all started, "Mrs. Stephens, who had planned a home birth all the time, although not as suddenly and abruptly broken.”

"This is our fourth child today and our first, I have most of the time my wife's head, now I am not afraid to go to the business end. I was still on the phone to the midwife and told her that" this is the says the man that he felt little emotion - other than the good kind, of course - and said that his training as a member of the Royal Navy helped him much in this respect.

According to British media, after the birth was successful and safe 5lbs 5oz Gabriel was born, a few chickens to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske only to have the doctor give both mother and son managed health.

College students who use Facebook tend to have lower grades and spend less time studying than non-users

Written by IT News on 3:52 AM

Although the link between the use of social media and low grades in school or college has not been done, researchers conducting a new study on social media cannot fail to notice that students who are most free time on Facebook tends to have the lowest rating of all persons were examined. The researchers is responsible for the research stresses that an active role in social media traffic does not mean that these students studied less, or had a lower than average intellect. It simply means that these correlations should be examined more thoroughly.

Ohio State University education researcher Aryn Karpinski told Live Science that students in the survey, which was highly active on Facebook farm a GPA of about 3.0 to 3.5, unlike young people who reported little or no social media activities. Their GPA levels in the category 3.5 to 4.0. Karpinski revealed that these links do not imply causality in the sense that there may be other factors at stake, what drove these students have lower grades.

The expert also noted that Facebook users spent between 1 and 5 hours per week studying or otherwise get ready for school, while non-users have a much greater interest in their training, studies between 11 and 15 hours per week , and sometimes even more. Karpinski also said that these results do not necessarily mean that social media users were less interested in school. These children have more time to non-learning, extra-activities such as music, or work, and not necessarily on Facebook.

Moreover, how much time devoted to learning and reading also depends on the student's personality. There are those young people who study all day just because of that, or who are really interested in the subject they taught in schools and colleges. On the other hand, others simply meet the minimum requirements to remain in school, while devoting their time to their hobbies, or just do things that are not related to their education.

Karpinski research will be presented April 16, at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association, and contains information about how students react when you see the questions on the social media behavior. "They are very territorial about Facebook," the researcher shared, underlines the fact that they tried to introduce a bias, either positive or negative, in the questionnaires.

Internet traffic in Sweden has dropped by more than 33 yesterday, as new laws give copyright holders the right to force ISPs to supply them with their

Written by IT News on 3:48 AM

The European Union Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED) is the main basis for Sweden new IPRED Local Law, which says that ISPs can be forced to the copyright holders of personal data about their customers. On April 2, when the measure is officially in force, monitoring stations said that traffic in and out of the country declined from 120 Gbps to less than 80 Gbps. Statistically, this is a reduction of 33 percent, a drastic one for a country of over 9 million inhabitants.

It is estimated that about 8 percent of the population uses peer-to-peer (P2P) sites in the country, so it would stand to reason that the drastic reduction of traffic yesterday was caused by people who fear for their personal information reaches the hands of copyright holders, as could then prosecute them in court.

"Today is a very drastic reduction of traffic. But the experience of other countries shows that file sharing drops a day for a team is on, it begins to climb again. One of the reasons is that a few people weeks to find out how their security so that they can share files anonymously, "Vice-President of the Swedish Pirate Party, Christian Engström, told the BBC.

"We estimate that there are two million file sharing [computers] in Sweden, so even if they are prosecuted 1000 people for an example of them, a single user is still a very small risk," he said, despite the risk that caught the increased, there was not much to worry about them as P2P sharing.

"Before April 1, the only thing we can do about illegal file sharing has to refer to the police, who are reluctant to take. Now we're ready to go to court to force ISPs to information for users of an IP address. In two weeks, we know exactly who owns the IP. Since we cannot do something, ask him to stop, or sue him for damages. We will not do this for small offenders, it is only for the big fish, "President of the Swedish Publishers 'Association, Kjell Bohlund added the BBC.

There are other aspects of the legislation to consider, including the fact that privacy is not violated only by the police, but also by private companies. There is no telling what they would do with the data collected with the warrants that they are judges.

"The handling of the illegal file sharing is a task for the police. It is their job to enforce the law. Now we have private companies the right to go after our people. It is not how western democracies work. In one study, it’s about 80% of those who believed that we should not go for file-sharers. But ask them how they feel about taking money from the pockets of musicians, writers and artists and that number drops by a large amount. Ultimately, we the people the idea of sharing files," Engström closed.

Stars are also swapped on P2P sites more than obscure bands

Written by IT News on 3:42 AM

According to a new series of studies, it seems that artists, musicians and movie stars, currently working with the impressive legal battles with peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing websites, in fact, most required their popularity on these sites. Teenagers who share music and movies with each other, even if they are infringing the copyright of the large companies, in fact, make the most of the audience to participate in concerts and other shows in their town.

A study of the PRS for Music research group has found the most downloaded songs on P2P sites are the same as those given in the upper corner of the international charts. Conversely, as far as new bands go, this type of site is not directly related to success or failure of these groups, and has not been able to help them find or develop a larger audience. The P2P community has launched one of the most reliable sources to find and share music, and the new study compared to the radio in that respect.

In recent years, newspapers and radio has been a sharp drop in popularity due to the fact that most of its users have moved to the network. As a result, they go through a decline in sales, which also accelerated by the fact that the Internet creates new ways in which music is marketed and sold. An important role in this play is a very wide range of music that can be streamed live or downloaded from the network, not necessarily from P2P sites.

"A large proportion of turnover (sales or swaps) are concentrated in a small proportion of the available tracks. With regard to a number of geographical differences, in many music charts from licensed and unlicensed places are very similar," the authors of the new study said. "If a seller to sell, it can never be bought, but if the press swaps offer at least one person will take," she added, explaining that the music could turn its attention to smaller bands, with a post, rather than a few well-known acts, BBC News reports.

Next Giant Leap is the mysterious team in Google's Lunar X Prize competition

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Google Lunar X Prize competition, which was founded last year, seems to be a great attraction for those groups who are interested in winning $20 million first prize, or at least in second place, which would give them $ 5 million in cash. There are also additional prizes available, with a value of $ 5 million. Following the recent application of the two teams on Tuesday, Europeans from Euro Luna with his mobile phone on wheels "and China-based Selene with a four-LuRoCa 1 rocket car, a mystery now revealed his identity today.

The number of teams in the league now has 16, with a mystery team to the fifth race at the moment. Now, a public statement at a press conference held at NASA's Ames Research Center lift the veil of its name and structure, and we discovered that the group's name reflects its goal. It is called the Next Giant Leap, and is composed of and supported by name shake morale of its competitors.

"Our first year was a good way to recruit the best possible team members and build strong work necessary to achieve our objectives," the entrepreneur Michael Joyce, who founded the group in November 2007, shared in a statement. "With world class team we have assembled, we are ready to take the next big leap forward to win the Google X Prize and established NGL Monday mobile services as a commercial enterprise."

One of the team members, consultants and partners are big names, such as persons from the Department of Aeronautics and ASTRONAUTICS at MIT, NGL main academic partners, including Jeff Hoffman, a shuttle astronaut five times and Professor David Miller, head of the Space Systems Laboratory.

Microsat Systems, Inc. is known for small spacecraft, innovation as the leading systems integrator. Draper Laboratory, the space navigation and control systems for the space program to support the Apollo, space shuttle and ISS will ensure a safe landing in the team unit. Aurora Flight Sciences, specializes in unmanned aircraft and manned space station hardware will also offer its expertise, while the Busek Co. Inc. will demonstrate their skills in advanced space propulsion, and mainly in the electrical system.

"We are happy to go public as we believe they will be a strong competitor with experienced players, a strong academic partners and a host of innovative, small space," says Peter H. Diamandis, X PRIZE Foundation chairman and CEO.

Increased solar activity is not responsible for global warming, new study proves

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Critics who say that global warming is not man has just lost one of its "strong" arguments recently in a new study has finally settled once and for all that Sunday does not matter to the climate change we are now beginning to experience. The star has any influence on the ice sheets, and does not lead to glaciers around the world to melt, "says the report. Human activity is the main factor leading to global warming, especially billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere per year. Those who say otherwise have no scientific support for their claims.

Some scientists have argued that changes in the sun go through at this point, one of the factors that cause global warming. But a group of experts from Carnegie Mellon University and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, has recently developed a new model, where the controversial theory to the test. The hypothesis is widely used by oil company lobbyists and other individuals, maintaining the scientific fact that global warming caused by greenhouse gases.

They say that more solar activity produces more solar radiation, which in turn eliminate more clouds in the atmosphere. As a direct result, more sunlight falls on the surface of the earth and the heat of the planet. Strangely enough, their explanation of global warming as greenhouse gases, droughts, floods and so on. Details of the latest model are published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, and as specified in the May 1 issue of the journal Science.

"So far, proponents of this hypothesis could be argued that the sun can cause global warming, because nobody had a computer to really test the claims. The basic problem with the hypothesis that solar variations probably change the new particle accelerator formation rates by less than 30 percent of the atmosphere. These particles are very small and need to grow before they can affect the clouds. Most do not survive, said Peter Adams. He is a Carnegie Mellon Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and also one of the leading developers of the new model, Science Daily reports.

"No simulation of something as complex as the atmosphere will be perfect. Supporters of the cosmic ray hypothesis are likely to try to challenge these results, but the effect is so weak in our model, it is difficult for us to change this basic result" Adams added. Some people try every detail of a sound scientific research, only to say that something else is causing global warming. The interests behind them are not difficult to discern.

Free Download SUMo

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Free Download SUMo

Sumo is a small software tool designed to help you find your software updated.
Drag and drop the exe file that you want to search for updates. Sumo stands for Software Updates Monitor

What's new in this edition:

[Refactoring] Shortcut added more menu items (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Refactoring] Auto select "fast" mode as a server is placed over 50% (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[New Feature] Server load indication (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[New Feature] has index including all formats supported in the file selection dialog (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] Crash when updating Sumo notified while the control (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[New Feature] Warning if the database is offline (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.

Dowmload link: Free Download SUMo

ASUS set to unveil new AMD-ready Crosshair III Formula board

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Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer ASUS is expected to continue its line of high-end motherboards with the forthcoming introduction of the new crosshair Formula III, an AMD-based motherboard is designed to provide users with support for the latest AMD processors and graphics cards. The next board will be a part of the business the winning line ROG (Republic of Gamers) motherboard and also the usual bundle because ROG SupremeFX audio card, an external LCD Poster and on-board power / reset / clear CMOS buttons.

According to a recent article in the first look at the crosshair III Formula, ASUS will reveal the new Council in the near future, the provision of computer and gaming enthusiasts a new platform to build a high - end desktop rig. The Council will build on the same layout as its predecessor with a 8 +2 phase power design, but offers a number of differences.

You will notice these differences when you search for old floppy connector, which seems to be omitted. In addition, ASUS seems to have chosen to integrate only a few of the PCI-E x16 slots with a PCI-E x1 slot, just as the company's latest ROG Rampage II Extreme board.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Board will also be shown a number of other ROG goodies, including a SupremeFX sound card, external LCD Poster, onboard power / reset / clear CMOS buttons and support for AMD's Crossfire X multi-GPU technology. Built on the AMD 790FX chipset, the crosshair Formula III allows users with the support of the latest phenomena II processors, combined with fast DDR3 memory for the ultimate in-game performance.

Unfortunately, as with most unofficial products, there are no data on prices and availability of the depicted board, but ASUS probably show Computex 2009 show in June.

Free Download EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition

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First things first software to be characterized by a large user-friendliness. In addition, you have questions about it; you can find the answers in the documentation.

The application makes it possible to perform several tasks, and no restart is required for less complex. Users can make entire partitions with data on them invisible in the Windows environment, so that they protect the information.

If the area of non-space partitions can be moved on the disk, and offers users the ability to reallocate unused space on the disk.

The interface is in desperate need of a meeting of beauty as it is not XP or Vista's appearance and aesthetics.

You can only undo the last change any or all of them that are not available for something in the middle.
There is no backup option will also be on the safe side, it is best to protect the files on the disk are treated one way or another.

The Truth
The application is packaged in a not so great search interface, but compensates for this by using the functionality, usability and a job well done. Moreover, on top of its free, it does a good job and put no pressure on the user.

Download link: Free Download EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition

Samsung announces first 32GB moviNAND Flash, developed using 30nm technology

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Samsung announced today the shipment of its first 32GB moviNAND, the highest density embedded memory card is designed with Samsung's next generation 30nm technology. The new product will allow mobile phones and consumer electronics vendors to improve performance and capacity for its future products, which allows users to store large amounts of multimedia, including video, games and other files. After the announcement of Samsung, mobile phone manufacturers are expected to announce their updated products using the new 30nm 32GB moviNAND Samsung.

"The consumer unquenchable thirst for possession of large amounts of data now include video in a big way, which means rapidly increasing demand for higher density storage," said Jim Elliott, Vice President, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. " Samsung has taken the initiative to provide OEMs with the highest density flash storage produced with the most cost-effective technology around - 30 nanometers. "

According to Samsung, the new 32GB moviNAND succeed doubled the capacity of the previous generation of moviNAND embedded memory, taking advantage of the new 30nm production technology. Samsung earlier moviNAND embedded memory card is currently produced using 40nm technology and provides a maximum of 16 GB storage capacity.

Available in capacities of 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB, Samsung's new 30nm-based moviNAND is designed for eight-class 32GB Samsung 30nm NAND chip, a MultiMedia Card (MMC) controller and firmware. According to Samsung, the new moviNAND is using a high-speed interface which is jointly developed by JEDEC and MMCA (MultiMediaCard Association).

Demand for NAND flash used in the 32GB and 32GB more memory cards are expected to grow sharply in 2013, according to research firm iSuppli. As the figures show that around 72 percent of the total cards sent will be used in 32 GB or more memory.

Corsair officially launches P256 High-performance SSD

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Corsair announced today to extend its range of flash memory products with the launch of the new P256 high performance solid state drive, with a total storage capacity of 256GB. Designed by Samsung MLC flash memory and controller IC, the new P256 from Corsair says it can deliver read speeds at 220MB / s and write speed all the way to 200MB / s. With these figures, the new Flash-based storage solution from Corsair is focused on providing computer enthusiasts with the latest hardware performance, speed up and increase the overall capacity of the computer system.

"The Corsair Storage Solutions P256 provides the best computing experience of every individual storage device available today," said John Beekley, VP Applications Engineering at Corsair. Using the P256 to the immediate improvement of the starting and closing game loading and starting treatment, and many other daily tasks. In addition, the P256 is more durable and more reliable than hard disks, and viewed in Corsair Labs to 25% longer battery life in laptops. "

With the rapid development in the area of Flash memory, today solid-state drives can provide a significant performance increase, while reducing energy demand. In comparison with the more traditional and conventional hard drives, SSDs provide a range of benefits, especially for users seeking the latest in computer performance. It is also the case with the new P256 from Corsair, shown with Samsung MLC flash memory, combined with a Samsung Controller IC. In addition, the P256 uses 128 MB of ultra-fast cache and adds support for Native Command Queuing (NCQ).

Corsair has not yet announced any details about the P256 price tag, but says that it will be available with a 2-year guarantee on the company's authorized distributors and resellers worldwide.

Overclocked Radeon HD 4890 on their way to the market

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Even before the official release of AMD's latest graphics processor, the RV790-based Radeon HD 4890 is expected to be an important sexton of the computer and gaming enthusiasts with the means to their computer visual performance by tweaking the GPU. When released AMD also forged the overclocking ability of the Radeon card, which said that it can deliver clock speeds of 1 GHz, a figure that is somewhat unique in the world of desktop video cards.

Following the introduction of the 55nm RV790, there were reports that AMD felt there was no need for a partner for the factory overclocked versions of Radeon cards, especially since the dual GPU Radeon HD 4870 X2 is a choice for overclocking of enthusiasts and high-end players. However, it appears that some AMD has already introduced HD 4890 card is equipped with a factory overclocked GPU.

Graphics card Power Color, MSI, Sapphire Technology and others have been released or are planning to submit custom design of this map, which speeds close 1000MHz mark. This is a significant increase in performance, given that the standard is RV790 GPU clock of 850MHz. But increasing the clock speeds will be the price of the card, which is currently estimated at about U.S. $ 249 for the basic model.

AMD's Radeon RV790 GPU is designed with 800 stream processors, 40 texture units 16 to make back-goal and a 256-bit memory bus. The map of the 55nm GPU with GDDR5 memory is linked to an optimal level of performance with support for increased clock speeds, when the card is presented with its own cooling solution.

Power Color has its latest Radeon HD 4890, which is equipped with a PCS + cooling and a GPU clock of 950MHz. But the next card from Sapphire provides users with the January 1 GHz GPU, directly from the box, with the launch of the company's next-generation Atom-card.

Intel and Novell collaborate on the Moblin adoption

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Setting the stage for the upcoming Moorestown platform and a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices (mids), Santa Clara, California-based Intel has recently announced a partnership with Novell. The chips fresh partnership aims to approval of Moblin, a Linux-based software platform that is specifically designed for the mids. The combination of hardware and software platform is focused on providing a rich Internet experience, powered by Intel's upcoming line of power management features Atom processors.

"Novell has an important leadership role in the Moblin community since joining the effort late last year, and today's announcement will Novell level of involvement," says Doug Fisher, Vice President of Intel's Software and Services Group and Head of System Software Division. "The combination of Intel's Atom-processor-based platform and Moblin-based Novell software provides even more opportunities for OEMs and ODMs society at large to deliver excellent Moblin mobile Internet solutions.”

The partnership between the two companies is intended to promote Moblin for adoption by OEMs and ODMs that will be used in their upcoming Intel mids. As part of the agreement between the two, Novell, Novell Open Labs in Taiwan and is working with Taiwan Moblin Enabling Regulation Center (MEC), and provides support and validation for manufacturers who design the next mids.

The Moblin platform is launched by the world's largest chip manufacturer in 2007, as in-house to develop the next generation of Internet computing device. But at the end of last year, the project has been welcomed into the arms of the Linux Foundation with Intel still an important contribution. Novell joined the project in October 2008 and is responsible for key operating system features such as windows, e-mail, and media management. The signing of the partnership with Intel, Novell reaffirms its commitment to the continued development of the Moblin platform.

MSI SyrenSound X-Fi audio card

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Taiwanese motherboard and graphics card maker MSI today the introduction of a new range of computer audio products, dubbed Siren series. As part of the announcement, the company has three new products on the new line, including a high-quality sound card, a pair of digital gaming headsets and a few USB portable stereo speakers, which aims to enrich the audio experience of computer users. With the release, MSI tout a range of high quality products to enhance performance and sound quality.

The company's new Oxygen Sound X-Fi sound card is designed to be compatible with PCI-Express x1 slots and a signal-to-noise (SNR) of 104dB. Card games and multimedia enthusiasts to support 5.1 and 7.1 surround system, thanks to the integration of X-Fi technology. It is the same technology that allows your computer to work better, thanks to a less stress on your computer's CPU.

MSI's new digital headsets, dubbed Oxygen Phone Gaming is part of the company's growing portfolio of gaming products are designed for lovers of the necessary hardware for their gaming skills. Oxygen Phone Gaming headphones have a 2.5mm cable and a gold-plated USB connector, accessible controls and a comfortable overall design, according to MSI.

For the laptop users who want to improve the performance of their computers, MSI has released two portable 2.0-channel speaker systems, with a power of 2 watts RMS and an available USB interface. The Oxygen Speaker my package includes a travel bag that allows users to better implementation of the two speakers apart from their laptop.

MSI has no information on prices and availability of the latest series of audio products, but we will try to give you updated when data are available.

NVIDIA reports first quarter loss of approximately US$200 million

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NVIDIA has recently reported its financial results for first quarter ended April 26, 2009. The results were published by the graphics chip, which the company's revenue fell to $664.2 million, compared with $1.2 billion in the first fiscal quarter last year. At 37 cents per share, the Green Goblin reported a net loss of $201.3 million, a decrease of 42 percent over the same period last year. But despite the low earnings, the company's CEO, Mr Jen-Hsun Huang wanted to point out that his company was faced with the possibility that the Tegra chip.

"We have made good progress expenditure management and a significant reduction in the stock and continue to invest in our growth strategies," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. "The GPU has become more central to our computing experience. It is a rapidly growing number of applications that depend on the GPU, and the industry is gearing up for the next generation of operating systems that adopt GPU computing. “

NVIDIA CEO wanted to emphasize the fact that despite the lower financial results, the company has maintained a revenue growth of 38 percent and a reduction in stock from 144 days to 64 compared to last quarter of 2008. In addition, the chip maker emphasizes the fact that its Tegra system-on-chip (SOC) product had the opportunity to open the doors to a whole new market, NVIDIA to reach new heights.

A leader in the graphics, NVIDIA has been a busy first quarter of this year as a number of new products, including some of its GeForce lineup. But among the highlights were the introduction of its 3D Vision product, and the launch of the first desktop computer to show off the company ION platform. These new products are expected in 2009, with more to come at the end of the year.

Download driver for 3Dfx GlideXP Final build 1016

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Download driver for 3Dfx GlideXP Final build 1016

Developer: 3DFX
Size / OS: 675 KB / Windows XP
Last Updated: March 23rd, 2003

Download link: Free Download driver for 3Dfx GlideXP Final build 1016

Download Voodoo4/5 Amigamerlin 3.0 XP Drivers for Win2k/XP

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Download Voodoo4/5 Amigamerlin 3.0 XP Drivers for Win2k/XP

Developer: 3DFX
Size / OS: 5.9 MB / Windows 2K / Windows XP
Last Updated: September 7th, 2003

Download link : Free download Voodoo4/5 Amigamerlin 3.0 XP Drivers for Win2k/XP

Tesla GPUs boost performance for Dell workstations

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NVIDIA announced today that its Tesla C1060 GPU computing processor is integrated into various Dell Precision workstations, including R5400, T5500 and T7500 models. This solution will enable companies to benefit from the services provided by CuDa-enabled NVIDIA's Tesla GPU architecture is specifically designed to perform the current super computers and professional workstations.

"Dell Precision R5400, T7500 and T5500, along with the Tesla GPU computing processing power of supercomputers to the desktop," said Greg Weir, Senior Manager, Dell Product Group. "We have seen the beginning of the praise for the efforts of both Dell and NVIDIA for a effective high-performance computing solution for the most demanding customers. "

NVIDIA's announcement is part of a campaign to promote the performance held by the company's line of Tesla GPUs, based on parallel architecture CuDa. The integration of NVDIA's Tesla GPUs in some of the latest workstations from Dell is accompanied by the latest edition of a number CuDa-based applications that take full advantage of the latest NVIDIA GPUs. With the help of CuDa and Tesla GPUs, these applications deliver faster to researchers and professionals to complete their tasks on time.

"National Instruments is developing systems for the European Extremely Large Telescope project, which on completion will be the world's largest. To address this computational challenge we developed a CuDa interface with LabVIEW to simulate and control the M1 mirror is from 984 individual segments," says Jeff Miesel, product manager for LabVIEW from National Instruments. "A Dell workstation equipped with a Tesla C1060 can achieve near real-time control of the mirror, simulation and controller, something that would not be possible without the computational density of GPUs."

The Tesla C1060 GPU is now available in Dell's R5400 rack workstation, and two tower workstation class T5500 and T7500 models.

Microsoft's Windows 7 XP Mode requires Intel VT processors

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One of the most talked about features that will be activated in the next iteration of Windows is Windows XP-7-mode, which essentially allows PC users to run Windows XP programs in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. But according to the latest reports on the Internet, this feature is not available in all computer systems, especially on Intel-based computers that run on Intel processors. Apparently, the business function requires that the processor supports virtualization, as Intel's case, called Intel VT.

According to a recent article on ZDNet, users who want to take advantage of Windows XP in Windows 7 will be required to upgrade to an Intel processor features Intel VT technology. This feature is activated on a number of Intel chips, but a large part of the computers on the market today will not be able to use the infamous Windows XP in Windows, "said Ed Bott in a recent article on Microsoft's Report section.

There is a whole list of processors that will be the next Windows XP mode for Windows 7, a list that is supplemented with Intel processors that do not have Intel VT technology is enabled. Fortunately, most of AMD phenomena, phenomena II, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 chips in the F and G families with AMD-V technology, which essentially represents AMD support for virtualization.

According to its Intel Virtualization Technology was introduced in 2005 and can be in more than 100 million chips. "Windows XP-mode is designed for business customers. It is available in medium to larger versions of Windows 7 and the hardware is supported by many Intel processors." The chip maker said in a statement. The company continues by explaining the obvious, "VPRO technology Intel computers must have an Intel VT can be CPU and Intel VT is the BIOS. They are the best platforms for testing and deploying Microsoft Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP-state."

Besides Intel VT technology, users will also have a BIOS that can be Intel's virtualization technology, which the processor can provide them with this feature.

AVG Free Edition 8.5.325.1500 - Free Download

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AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus tools. AVG Free is free of charge to home users for the life of the product!

Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of AVG Free Edition, a high level of detection capability that millions of users all over the world trust to protect their computers. AVG Free is easy to use and does not affect your system (low system resource requirements).
Here are some important features of "AVG Free Edition:
• Automatic update functionality
• The AVG Resident Shield, which in real-time protection as files are opened and programs are implemented
• The AVG E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail
• The AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to perform scheduled and manual tests
• Free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product
• AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files
• Great customer satisfaction!
• Remember that a previous version of AVG Free will be UN-installed automatically during the installation of the new AVG Free.
Latest Improvements:
• Small improvements in installation.
• Improvements in Resident Shield scanning.
Fixed Bugs:
• Fixed problem with missing help in Rescue Disk Wizard (Windows 98 and ME only).
• Fixed problem with displaying Resident Shield notification windows in some cases.
• Fixed incorrect saving of proxy_host value in advanced Antispam settings.
• Fixed problem with default Resident Shield extension list settings after installation.
• Fixed problem with cleaning files with read-only attribute.

Download Link: Free Download AVG Free Edition 8.5.325.1500

Developer: AVG Technologies
License / Price: Adware / FREE
Size / OS: 61.4 MB / Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista
Last Updated: May 4th, 2009

HP rolls out new MediaSmart home server equipped with Atom processor and Windows Home Server

Written by IT News on 12:08 AM

Hewlett-Packard, one of the world's leading suppliers of computer systems, has recently announced the introduction of the new Windows Media Smart Home Server, dubbed LX195. The new model comes as an addition to the firm Media Smart Server EX487 and EX485 home servers and is designed to take advantage of the highly successful Intel Atom processor, so the first Atom-based home server
to be featured in the Windows Home Server.

The new model will be potential customers with support for up to 640GB of storage space, with a single disc. In addition to the netbook-focused Atom Intel processor, running at 1.6GHz, the server is also equipped with 1GB of RAM, and provides an optimal balance between performance home server and a device that has low energy consumption. Additional features include four USB ports and an Ethernet port, allowing the device users to connect their networks to increase storage capacity with four USB ports.

The LX195 is 4 cm wide and 8 inches long and is expected to be available for the manufacturer suggested retail price of $ 400, or about $ 200 less than you would need to add the Media Smart Server EX485, which is equipped with 2-GHz Intel Core 2 Solo processors and offers a 750 GB hard drive and 2GB memory. The upgrade options on the Media Smart LX195 include system disk and RAM. Thanks to user-centered design, LX195-Storage offers convenient storage upgrade.

Using the Media Smart LX195, users will have the opportunity to publish photos directly to various websites, using the HP Photo Editor software. The site includes support Facebook, Flickr, Picassa and Snapfish. Unfortunately the system does not detail the access to the new Atom-powered home server.

Fujitsu M2010 netbook packs Atom N280

Written by IT News on 11:48 PM

Like most of its competitors, Fujitsu has recently updated its netbook offering with the introduction of the new Fujitsu M2010, a 10-inch netbook is combining luxurious design with the results for the latest Intel Atom platform. Like most systems in its category, the new netbook from Fujitsu comes loaded with almost a standard package, but add some extra, such as preloaded ArcSoft software. The new model follows the company M1010 netbook announced in October last year.

Mr. Lim Teck Sin, Director of Product Marketing, Events, "The immense popularity Fujitsu M1010 has encouraged a more healthy experience in our netbook category. The new Fujitsu M2010 is designed to provide users with increased productivity and efficiency in more visual improvement and connections experience to play. Altogether Fujitsu M2010 represents true mobility to ensure that Fujitsu is committed to delivering and users want. “

The 10-inch netbook will be available in a range of four colors, including Black Diamond, Fiery Red, white and ivory Salsa Purple. Measuring 25.8 by 18.9 cm, the system weighs just over 1 kg, as most netbooks, which is currently on the market. Unlike the first model, M1010, the new Fujitsu netbook supports Intel N280 processor, running at 1.66GHz.

The core of the new netbook is an Intel 945GSE chipset that supports Intel's successful Atom N270, a 160GB hard drive and 1 GB DDR2 memory. Designed for the basics of the computer world results, M2010 is equipped with integrated Bluetooth V2.1, a 1.3MP webcam and a 10.1-inch WSVGA display with back-light LED glare technology.

Announced in the whole world, like the LOOX M-series netbook the M2010 will be available in Asia and the Pacific later this year. The option of N280 processor will be available later in June.

Radeon HD 4890 Atomic edition packs 1GHz GPU

Written by IT News on 11:26 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has recently announced several new additions to its computer equipment layout, including the highly anticipated RV790-based Radeon HD4890 graphics card.

One of the main features of the latest high-performance, single-GPU video card is that it will provide PC enthusiasts with a GPU that can go as high as 1 GHz per core, even though the reference board comes with a GPU speed of 850MHz.

Fortunately, they are always looking for the ultimate in performance GPU, Sapphire, one of AMD's main partner, is expected to launch of the Radeon HD4890 Atomic Edition.

The card comes with a GPU pumped out working at an impressive 1000MHz per core, while the memory is set to 4200MHz.

The huge boost in clock rates of this card will certainly enthusiasts with the performance required to run all the latest gaming applications at high resolutions, especially since this card is over kill for ordinary end users.

The card has a massive dual-core cooling solution and six pin and eight pin power connectors. Compared with the reference card, the Radeon HD 4890 Atomic edition has the further eight pins, replacing the six-pin connector on the standard model. Using Sapphire's Vapor-X cooling technology, the Atomic card promises to deliver the performance you expect from AMD's fastest single-GPU card on the market.

Unfortunately the map is not official and Sapphire continues to communicate it to the market. But if you think a reference Radeon HD4890 has a starting price point of U.S. $ 235, you can expect something like U.S. $270 - U.S. $300.
Source: based

A grid computer looks something like this, except the computers are spread in rooms around the world

Written by IT News on 12:16 AM

There are a number of areas of investigation in which amounts of data to be analyzed is so extensive that it would be a decades shuffle through or combine them with conventional computers and scientific methods. A possible solution to this problem would be for the use of very expensive super-computer networks, which can rent out their work for different teams. But the best way, some scientists say, is that the average computer user in the lease at least part of their computers' processing power on a computer network, which consists of millions of ordinary machines, which at the same time.

The network can be used for a wide range of possible applications, ranging from modeling of the formation of the universe and galactic collisions to find a cure for dengue fever and the discovery of extraterrestrial life. By itself, each of these studies would absorb enormous amounts of work and the ridiculously high amount of computer resources. But by splitting the work between the many small users, this problem can be solved. In principle, experts say, more computers, the better. More processors can be used to either find work as quickly as possible, or analyze large amounts of information than first planned.

"The results will be shared by researchers who are interested in the development of drugs against the disease [such as dengue fever]. Actually, if you download the program from real volunteer company, then it is very safe. On the other hand, if the user has a hacker, they can to ensure that data which they work. But the chances are remote, for most often are shared, so that even a real hacker could obtain only a small amount of data. He could not cope with big picture, "Taipei-based Research Academia sinica expert Simon Lin told BBC World Service's Digital Planet.

He added that "costs [in relation to this type of research] are much lower. And secondly, we see the strategic importance of the Asian population in scientific cooperation. This is something they are less known. I think this is part of a very long-term displacement or transformation. Ultimately, science in the 21st century will be performed in a different way. This major change in the Internet and digital technology for us, but the scientific process has not really changed much and volunteer computing is one of the possible directions that can change the way we conduct scientific research. “

"Well, there is an altruistic imperative, you can actually feel good. You will contribute to scientific research and the search for UFOs or perhaps even something to cure cancer. Many of these systems now offer a points system where you may be able to submit experiments or things you want to research the system and then you built up enough points in the system, you just made yourself. This is an appeal to a large part of the time for academic researchers, but you can see in the future that there is a time when people have access to grid computing for personal projects, technology blog Tech Crunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher concluded.

Radeon HD 4770 gets benchmarked and highly appreciated

Written by IT News on 4:26 AM

Earlier today, AMD officially announced its newest addition to the Radeon HD 4000-series arrangement, therefore, the introduction of the world's first 40nm desktop graphics card. Copying, Radeon HD 4770, the new solution is designed for computer users with a choice for an affordable graphics accelerator that can deliver results of the latest applications to run smoothly. After much anticipation, primarily because of the leaked information on the Internet before release, the Radeon HD 4770 seems to have potential for a successful Radeon card, at least according to the existing benchmarks and reviews.

Like most releases in the IT industry, the official launch of the new AMD Radeon card reviews all over the world to publish the results on benchmarks for the new product. This is the new Radeon, which seems to have managed to impress all, thanks to the level of performance and its market position. There is a general belief, according to most reviews that have just been published; the Radeon HD 4770 is a good performance / price ratio, with the chance to one of the most popular cards in its market segment.

Boys Top Hot Hardware decided that the map was nice in view of the low power consumption, support for DirectX 10.1, smaller PCBs, quiet cooler and competitive pricing. Toms Hardware AMD welcomes the release, and said, "at $ 99 is Radeon HD 4770 is a winner." Legion Hardware is also impressed with the new card, which apparently exceeded their expectations. PC Perspective also recommends it for its performance for the price package. Scholars of the Guru 3D applaud card overclocking potential, the Radeon HD4770 a possible solution for a high-performance tool, when used in a CrossFireX system.

There is a downside to the introduction of AMD's first 40nm desktop GPU which, paradoxically, in pricing. Although AMD has announced the card for U.S. $ 99, current street prices of U.S. $ 109, depending on the listing on Newegg. But after a mail in rebate, the price drops to the specified value, but it is quite uncomfortable for some users. But the general feeling of the map is that AMD has been the introduction of a successful product for its price.

Dell Studio One 19 is now available in Europe and the US

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

Back in mid-March this year, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell launched a new all-in-one computer system, a part of Studio professional computers. Just copied Studio a 19 fresh system designed for computer users with an affordable all-in-one PC combines the performance of your computer with a stylish design.

It was originally released in Japan, where he immediately made available for purchase in different colors, but now it seems that customers in the U.S. and Europe will be their ability to keep one of these platforms.

The market for all-in-one computer system has increased significantly in recent months, with an increasing number of system suppliers is at stake. Dell's experience in the all-in-one machines are largely based on its high-end XPS One, a system that packs the performance reserve potential to run some of the most demanding applications. The latest to join the company's portfolio, Studio A largely addressed to the ordinary users who need a system to produce results without hassle of installation.

Studio one comes with an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 processor, which is combined with the GeForce 9200 integrated graphics processor, ready for optimal performance. In addition, users can take advantage of 2GB of RAM, a large capacity 320 GB hard drive and a slot-loading DVD burner. Other aspects are "built-in webcam and multi-touch features that Studio One to a computer experience that is easily accessible.

Users in the U.S. and Europe will be able to buy Dell's new all-in-one device for a price starting at only $699, which can easily go higher if you have other components such as an optional GeForce 9400 graphics cards.

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