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The official website of Euro 2008 got infected

Written by IT News on 10:23 PM

By: Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor

With Euro 2008 Championship fast approaching, people around the world search for web sites that could help them buy a ticket to one of their national team matches. However, such a search on the web page may have a different result than what you expect: a beautiful-looking and apparently clean site that attempts to abandon a kind of malicious software on every vulnerable computer. The Web site was really clean, but because some hackers, he was compromised, and is now attempting to infect visitors systems.

Howard Fraser, SophosLabs Britain, wrote that the file must be installed on people's computers Male / ObfJS-R, a malicious program, which was first detected on the Internet in the past year. "This scenario is for further downloads malicious content from a remote site. However, a preliminary analysis shows a rather bad scenario, though perhaps broken in incomprehensible?" Sophos said in an expert.

What's worse is that the web site has quite a high PageRank search Euro 2008 tickets, of course, get it to the results. In addition, there is a sponsored link bought his administrators, which could attract even more visitors than we expect. According to the Sophos servant, administrators could not communicate with the extra-care is recommended when visiting a Web site.

"This site is likely to attract a large number of visitors as the championships get closer, and I have no luck in trying to solve this problem (contact by e-mail and telephone so far been unsuccessful)," Fraser said Howard.

Similarly, as usual, be sure to save your security or anti-virus software up to date with the latest virus definitions and avoid visiting sites that might look suspicious. I remember, Euro 2008 is only about football, not your computer infected.

Boat Donation Charity

Written by IT News on 5:30 PM

Do you have boats? Are these boats still working properly? If you are not using this boats anymore you can help other and send your boat to Boat Angle for charity. Yes, maybe this is first time you hear about Boat donation, Boat angle is to the nicest national boat donation center in the world. They accept boat and yacht donations for their partner charities from across America. They are very selective about the charities that they serve.

If your boat is not in running condition, don’t worry they can arrange to pickup the boat at your location, so you can donate your boat even if it is not in running condition. By donating your boats or yachts, you help other and beside that you can receive a tax deduction, Get tax savings while helping others!

And other benefits from Boat Donation Charity is if your boats is not functioning anymore, Avoid all the headaches of selling a used boat, better send it donation and get tax compensation. Make a call to free-of-charge on 1.800.227.2643if you ready to donate your boats.

VIA announce the new Thin Server NAS Motherboard

Written by IT News on 9:00 AM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Chip manufacturer VIA recently introduced a new thin motherboard dedicated to the small business server applications, such as network-attached storage devices. Thin-server systems are becoming more and more popular thanks to their low energy consumption and high reliability.

In 7800, NAS VIA motherboard sports to eight S-ATA II ports and two Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports. As expected, the council supported the company's low-voltage 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor, but it can at will hold a fanless VIA Eden stock line unit.

In addition, the board integrates proprietary MFX module, which allows devices to support the following activities schedule. This feature is essential for the maintenance of the energy bill, as a minimum, and allows IT managers to power down servers during the operation, non-working hours. When the computers once again go on the Internet MFX integrated module automatically wakes NAS activities.

"The VIA NAS 7800 is designed to meet the needs of today's digital work, which makes it ideal for the new generation of thin server products for small and medium-sized enterprises," said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc " VIA "segment specific products Leader target platforms with industry-leading power efficiency, security and reliability."

Another interesting addition to the motherboard is built into the module for TPM key generation and storage, which combines with the VIA PadLock Security Engine integrated directly into the CPU die. The combination offers ultra-fast, military-grade hardware encryption and decryption functions, which will keep data safe.

New VIA motherboard from comes in the unique 14.3 cm x 19 centimeter form factor, which is the same size as a standard optical drive. In the I/O ports agreed to facilitate the process of integration into the conventional construction with the chassis sizes, as well as 1U server.

Identity Theft Comparison

Written by IT News on 10:27 PM

Have not decide yet which Identity Theft Protection should you choose? I have made post several times concerning Identity Theft Protection that because is so important. I do a researched and tested many identity protection services and have included only the best plans for your perusal.

Probably my recent post just made you confuse, I mentioned that LifeLock is good in other hand I said the best identity protection is LoudSiren. Basically both has special features that the other don’t have. Ok then let we do Compare LifeLock and LoudSiren.

Please go to Compare LoudSiren and LifeLock or Compare LifeLock and Debix and you will got the best answer that explained all about features and the benefit of these products. If you enroll now, both of them are offering special prices.

Nokia won Frost & Sullivan Award for Mobile Advertising

Written by IT News on 8:13 PM

By: Cosmin Vasile, Communications News Editor

Nokia has been awarded the 2008 North American Mobility Award for On-deck Mobile Advertising at Frost and Sullivan, strengthening of the position of the company as one of the pioneers and leaders of permanent mobile advertising industry.

Nokia acquired mobile advertising leader, Enpocket, in October 2007 and continues to attract Enpocket violation of the fundamental analysts technologies to optimize campaigns, improve conversions, and measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns, which will allow the company to provide mobile advertising solutions to some of the major brand advertisers in the whole world.

Nokia allows advertisers to place ads on publisher and mobile web pages, as well as Nokia properties, which is a global consumer reaches more than 100 million mobile consumers. Under the turnkey services for advertisers, the award-winning mobile marketing of Nokia mobile creates campaigns for hundreds of top brands.

Frost and Sullivan Mobility Awards recognize outstanding achievements of the industry, presenting awards leading companies in various mobile and wireless markets. In Mobility Awards recognize the hard work, perseverance and dedication required to develop successful products, services, technologies and solutions, which demonstrated an unprecedented experience in the increasingly competitive on the world market.

"We are pleased to accept this award from Frost and Sullivan," said Mike Baker, vice president and head of Nokia Interactive. "We are committed to the creation of mobile advertising ecosystem that provides advertisers with high performance, and measurable medium to reach their target audience with appropriate respect and advertising to consumers."

These awards recognize chief of the planning and implementation of product launches, technological innovations, the proliferation strategy, mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances. A host of other crucial marketing factors such as leadership, strategy, service, innovation, integration and development are also recognized. Frost and Sullivan represents Mobility Awards in recognition of companies that have tried to make a positive contribution to the mobile and wireless market.

Free blogging services

Written by IT News on 7:35 PM

Free blogging services generate higher traffic to the sites, and, consequently, an increase in popularity. If you want to have your own blogs (such as,
LifeType application allows you to manage multiple blogs and users through a single control panel, appropriate unique database MySQL. On the control panel allows you to control all aspects of blogs functionality and appearance.

If you have enough human administrator to MySQL server, the web-based automatic installation will create a MySQL database for you and guide you through the setup process with a simple wizard. After entering the administrator user name and password and blog information, you can begin writing the first article in WYSIWYG editor, with a similar interface for Microsoft Word text processor.

When you create a new position, you have an opportunity to define a new category form the same window, manage existing or new comments, view and manage your previous posts, add video or audio files directly in the office, and more. With regard to the application LifeType security, built-in bayesian spam filter allows better cleaning comments and trackbacks. Application security can be enhanced by plug-ins that is available for free download. The application also on the automatic detection trackback URL for the blog you connect with.

Blog appearance can be customized by changing the default template. As they created on the basis of Smarty PHP framework LifeType application is for the expansion of activities and easily customizable. If you wish to submit a blogging service to the user community with LifeType, you can offer each user to the appropriate blog subdomain or domain name from one LifeType installation. To install this application on its own web server, you can download it from here.

Guide to control formosan termite

Written by IT News on 5:54 PM

Developing a classic home which use wood in any part of it will look beautiful, but do you know that woods always invite Formosan termite? Don’t underestimate this small bug; they can just nest under home extremely. Formosan termites eat mainly the springwood of susceptible timbers, most often leaving the summer wood sections.

Off course there always a solution to avoid or prevent this bugs, grab the knowledge on about how to kill this bugs at, if you visit the site you will found a lot information regarding formosan termite control, know how they grow and how the colony nests. The information is accessible and free.

Remember; don’t just check your house! The termites will spread it throughout their colony, you can kill this bugs and find out how at

Smallest Intel’s Atom processor

Written by IT News on 5:33 PM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Chip manufacturer Intel will soon introduce one of its most important products on the market processors since the first publication of its Pentium series. His super-efficient nuclear power chip will be a new and increasingly growing segment of the IT industry, targeted at emerging markets. According to Market
Analysts, a manufacturer of chips could easily ship hundreds of millions of units within two years time frame.

The new processor can shovels fate in the company accounts, and, reportedly, Intel is preparing to reduce production costs as much as possible. Ex-Silverthorne chip has cost advantage over all its existing and future competitors. According to the company's employees, the cost of producing a chip can be compared with those of 286 processors.

The low cost of production will allow producers to sell Atom cheaper processors, and to create a south-$ 200 market for the coming Mobile Internet devices (MIDs), and Internet-based NetTop computers.

Currently, there is no estimated price for Intel's Atom CPU and chip manufacturer will not disclose any information concerning this aspect until the chip is officially introduced. Nevertheless, the latest estimates claim that it will hit the market at prices ranging from $ 29 and $ 49, depending on the chip in the SKU.

Sources quoted by tech site TGDaily argue that Intel will spend from $ 2 and $ 6 for the production of single chip Atom. According to the same sources, the total production cost for the processor and chipset Poulsbo will be within the $ 6 to $ 8, packaging and shipping included. If these allegations are true, Intel will receive about $ 40 in revenue chip sold. Multiply the number in the "hundreds of millions" of units shipped, and you get the picture.

Moreover, if Atom processor becomes the next industry standard for the upcoming mobile Internet devices and NetTops, chip can bring more money than even the best-seller core Core 2 Duo processors.

Geforce 8300-Based Motherboard With HDMI Ports

Written by IT News on 5:38 AM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Taiwan motherboard manufacturer Asustek recently unveiled its new model M3N-H/HDMI with Nvidia Geforce 8300 in the integrated graphics. This is the first council in the market come with the new GeForce 8300 graphics kernel, which ensures Chief 3D performance compared with older Geforce 8200 graphics kernel.

According to the first assessment, the additional rates comes at a price: graphics core is reportedly working a little more than the average temperature specifications. Asus decided to go with a large, passive cooling without any visible heatpipes for cooling solution.

On the rear panel provides multiple connectors, including PS / 2 port for the keyboard, six USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI connector, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a FireWire port, 7.1-channel analog audio connectors with a new coaxial S / PDIF in .

In the expansion slot, not as diverse as we might expect: an x16 PCI-Express slot, two x1 PCI-Express slots and three PCI slots. In addition, the motherboard provides users with access to some additional six USB ports, which can be mounted on the case of the front panel or on a full card reader. An additional FireWire port is also available.

In addition, there are some other six SATA connectors. However, the most bizarre addition to the charge is centrally in the connector which is used as a bypass for the rear bracket with a nested-D interface to the south.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer bundle a HDMI to DVI adapter with the motherboard in order to take full advantage of the built-in hybrid technology SLI, you need HDMI to DVI cable or a monitor that supports native HDMI standard.

In motherboard built with the use of extremely high quality components, such as multiple layer PCB and solid, aluminum capacitors are produced in Japan. The solid capacitors not leak their dielectric, or when the content of overheating when exposed to high drops / increase energy supplied.

Guidance to find a quality credit card

Written by IT News on 10:08 AM

Most of generated transaction in any store in the world already accept credit card. And internet online payment (e-commerce) growing increasingly, credit card is dominated an online payment compare to other online payments or e-currency.

People are now already familiar with credit card and in fact most of people own more than one credit card account. If you have a credit card or plan to use a credit card the best guidance is to fully understand the credit card comparison table. One of the best credit card issuer is MBNA. Founded in the U.S. in 1982, MBNA Corporation was bringing innovation and change to the credit card industry

MBNA Europe Ireland offers the lowest credit card interest rate of all the standard 10.9% APR (variable), as well as a range of fantastic benefits. This company opens business in Ireland since Marc 1997. They committed to deliver higher standards and the desire to exceed your expectations.

The most advantages owning MBNA card is allowed balance transfer rate of just 1.9% APR – available for six months from the date your account is opened.

Own the MBNA card now! Applying credit card is easy and can be done online.

LifeType - Free Multi-Blog Application

Written by IT News on 7:31 AM

Free blogging services generate higher traffic to the sites, and, consequently, an increase in popularity. If you want to have your own blogs (such as,
LifeType application allows you to manage multiple blogs and users through a single control panel, appropriate unique database MySQL. On the control panel allows you to control all aspects of blogs functionality and appearance.

If you have enough human administrator to MySQL server, the web-based automatic installation will create a MySQL database for you and guide you through the setup process with a simple wizard. After entering the administrator user name and password and blog information, you can begin writing the first article in WYSIWYG editor, with a similar interface for Microsoft Word text processor.

When you create a new position, you have an opportunity to define a new category form the same window, manage existing or new comments, view and manage your previous posts, add video or audio files directly in the office, and more. With regard to the application LifeType security, built-in bayesian spam filter allows better cleaning comments and trackbacks. Application security can be enhanced by plug-ins that is available for free download. The application also on the automatic detection trackback URL for the blog you connect with.

Blog appearance can be customized by changing the default template. As they created on the basis of Smarty PHP framework LifeType application is for the expansion of activities and easily customizable. If you wish to submit a blogging service to the user community with LifeType, you can offer each user to the appropriate blog subdomain or domain name from one LifeType installation. To install this application on its own web server, you can download it from here.

Download Torrent Finder Toolbar

Written by IT News on 6:46 AM

Torrent selection tool is the torrent search toolbar for Firefox, which allows users to search more than 180 top sites, and the torrent trackers from the Firefox browser, as they are used to search through form.

Torrent Selection tool allows users to search a single site, to find all sites on the same page, or open sites in the Firefox tabs .. Many available tools have been added to the toolbar to make it easy to find the desired torrent, as a "keyword highlighter", "select switch" to switch between the search engines by category, and "move to the first letter" to easily find search engine you need.

Here is several function:
• Open sites in Firefox with tabs (Previous Next) navigation buttons for convenience, and not necessarily limited number of tabs at the time.
• Flexible pop-up menus, taking into account the width of the screen width and give more space to select one of the sites.
• Search all Torrent search sites, or collected the same site with a simple list of sites automatic updates.
• Switch between running and hiding objects logos.
• The transition between sites using the site in the first letter.
• Select / checkbox function selects among all private, anime or not English websites.
• Sort the list of sites easily drag form.
• Easily show / hide from the context menu option on the toolbar.
• Size search area to save more space.
• Holding CRTL looking for the key to looking for one last memorial site.
• More options, including seeking to bookmarks or frame, the load all or one after the other, and the number of pages to display all searches.
history search for all keywords, search, with the possibility of automatic filling.
• Highlight search terms on a page button.
• Search words button to find one word on the results page.
Context menu to find the selected text on the page.
• Languages: Arabic, English, German, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Chinese.

• Firefox 1.0 or later

Downloads: 8 Developer:

License: Freeware
Price: FREE
OS: Mac OS X
Binary format: Universal Binary
Size: 92 KB
Download time: 56K: 13s 64K: 11s 128K: 5s 768K: <1>

YM support file transfer upto 2GB

Written by IT News on 10:13 AM

Following the recent upgrade Yahoo Messenger users across the Internet discussing the issue of new opportunities, most of them are quite satisfied to be improved.
Nevertheless, one of the articles that really caught my attention placed on the Mashable and delays that the new Yahoo Messenger for Mac supports the transfer of files up to 2 GB. At the moment, there is no official statement regarding this potential function, so we still expect to see if this is real or not.

However, the Sunnyvale company seems to be more and more focused on their instant messaging programs, as recently debuted several ways in which people communicate with their Yahoo contacts.

For example, a new flavor of Yahoo Mail allows users to connect and chat on Yahoo Messenger directly from the interface without the need for other software. In addition, Yahoo also rolled from the Web Messenger, the Internet version of the application, which allows talk to friends directly from the browser window.

In addition to all of these functions in Sunnyvale giant has developed two new versions of the downloadable software compatible with other operating systems other than Windows XP. That is why users of the latest flavor of Windows, Vista, and Apple users who are currently using Mac OS X it is possible to establish a special version of Yahoo Messenger compatible with their systems.

And besides all these features competition in the market of instant messaging can bring some new and revolutionary features. For example, in Mountain View rival Google may result in the coming months special function must assure the transfer of conversation between the two Google Talk contacts, which would mean that two users in different countries could easily communicate using their native languages.

Get Discount Coupons before you shop!

Written by IT News on 10:10 AM

Shopping is the most people do almost everyday, every time and in every place. Since the internet technology reach the world, there is seem that people have change the way they shop. Online shopping is now become their favorite when they need thing to buy. Due to high demand on the markets, now online store are growing faster and easier to reach. There thousand or more online store on the internet, but only a few of them offering best price or discount coupon.

Have you ever hear about #1 Coupon? #1 Coupons is a popular online coupons web site that you can check on the Internet at The have a completed online coupons list such as clothing, computers, books, jewelry, gifts, flowers, sporting goods, travel, furniture and also internet services. Basically the discounts is comes directly from the stores, #1 Coupons only collect and listed into their site for you, to help you save on virtually everything.

If you want to get free coupons now, for example go to Fender electroacoustic guitars sections, there are a lot of discount coupons in this Musicians Friend Coupons category.

And #1 Coupons is free! You don’t need to pay anything while you online on this website, furthermore you can learn about shopping tips suggestions on keeping your online and offline shopping easy, secure, stress-free and full of massive discounts.

Running Python Script on Windows

Written by IT News on 9:57 AM


Python is a free and interpreted object-oriented programming allows you to create any type of application compatible with all operating systems.
You can deploy a stand-alone application or CGI scripts. There are many web servers, which provide support for the deployment of Python scripts.

If you use the Apache web server on Windows platform, you have a lot of options for creating a certain configuration, which enables you to run Python scripts via CGI. Configuring Apache web server can be done by editing the httpd.conf file.

First, you need to download and install the latest Python for Windows distribution. It was recommended to install it directly to the root of the c: drive to the executable file (python.exe) located at: \ Python directory. This file can be found in httpd.conf apache installed in a folder named conf.

This file contains the usual Apache configuration directives that can be included in removing a line. In the case of Python CGI script, in accordance with the directive of the AddHandler http.conf file shall have the following structure:

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .py .pl

In this way, Apache web server will treat Python and Perl files as CGI scripts. The second modification that must be made to Apache configuration file is the specification of the location of your cgi-bin directory by adding the full path to it in the next line (you must replace C:/apache/cgi-bin with the path of your cgi-bin directory):

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "c:/apache/cgi-bin/"
#!c:/Python/python.exe -u

print "Content-type: text/html"

print "

The First Python Script On Server Side

print "

The sum of two numbers evaluation

print "3+5 = ",3+5

You notice that the script will output HTML code from the 4 and 5 lines, and to assess the sum of two numbers in a row 6 and display it. The first line (#! C: / Python24/python.exe- a) shows the path to the script interpreter, and the near-parameter specifies interpreter unbuffered run, in order to avoid errors. In the second line scenario points to a web browser type of data that must be provided.

This is only one simple scenario, but its purpose is to allow you to check your own Apache server. If you want to change a Python script Apache web server on Windows to check the influence of different variables, this method Apache server configuration, support for Python CGI scripts can save a lot of time.

Disable autocomplete in firefox

Written by IT News on 4:28 AM

Autocomplete is usually design to help user faster in typing, but sometime it also bugging you if the word you typed is not what you want. If so, you will be able to disable these from the tools menu.

Mozilla Firefox saves information entered in web page forms and the Search Bar to make filling out forms and surfing faster.
follow these step to erase AutoComplete history in Firefox:

  • Select "Tools"
  • Select "Options".
  • Open the "Privacy" tab.
  • Click the "Clear" button in the "Saved Form Information" area.
To turn off Autocomplete in Firefox, remove the check mark from the "Save information I enter in web page forms and the Search Bar". Also see How disable AutoComplete forms in Firefox

You can also erase Firefox AutoComplete history using Clear All History "Clear browser history" feature for Mozilla.

Buy weight loss product at Orovo Store!

Written by IT News on 5:56 PM

The first think people consider to do shop online is the easy and fast way to get the product. Don’t need to around the store, don’t need to leave office or home, do online shop is also secure. And if you plan to shop online or just looking a weight loss or diet product, there is a store called Orovo Store that you can trust to go.

The Orovo Store is the best store specially to purchase Orovo Products online. They guarantee that have enough stock and promised fastest in delivery. And don’t worry for you that reside out of US or Canada, Orovo Store able to deliver their product around the world. In order to serve better the customer they has an online customer support for 24 hours a day.

If you want to loose weight, get rid of acne, or build overall health and wellness, there is no better place than Orovo Store! Why not check it and get your weight loss product now.

Try A New Free Photoshop Version From Adobe

Written by IT News on 11:37 AM

By: Catalin Bocanu, Web News Editor

Digital images are very generic term for the majority of Internet users. There are many free online services, the provision of funds for the image storage, presentation and editing (processing). Adobe Systems Incorporated has released Adobe Photoshop Express, a Rich Internet applications that can edit, publish and distribute the photos in the gallery of images for free. Adobe Photoshop Express made with the help of Adobe bend basis for the creation of Rich Internet Applications.

After a quick registration process, you will be able to download photos, and organize them into albums (you will receive 2 GB of space to store photos for free). Pictures can be sent by e-mail and edited online. You should not think that the online photo editor of the web version of Adobe Photoshop desktop applications.

Compared with the desktop version, Adobe Photoshop image editor Express has only a few functions, but they are enough to build up their photos on the Internet. The tools provided more photos removes red-eye, auto correct images, perform various settings actions (stress, focus, white balance, focus), and apply effects (filters). You can also go back to the original image at any time by returning all image processing steps.

Images can be shared in different ways. Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to upload or download pictures from other social networking sites like Facebook. Photos are displayed by default graphic albums, which can be linked to other social networking Web sites or blogs.

To be able to use Adobe Photoshop Express, you will need flash player version 9. You can test the free Adobe Photoshop Express Rich Internet applications performance by changing Adobe website.

Lower your traveling budget

Written by IT News on 11:34 AM

How often do you made traveling? You can save more money by lowering your traveling budget. Start now by finding cheap flights, cheap hotels, car rentals and vacation packages simple online. There is actually hundred or more travel agent that can be found online on the internet. But you need find it yourself using any search engine like If you want to accept my advice you can get all information I have mentioned above at

The main vision of is help customer like you with the easiest way to find cheap flights, cheap hotels, car rentals and vacation packages simply by visiting website. has partnering with many best travel agents in order to able to serve you with the best service.

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Download Download Subtitle Workshop 4.0 Beta

Written by IT News on 11:29 AM

The ultimate subtitle editing tool, which includes a spell-check function and advanced feature preview subtitle Seminar, supports all the formats you need subtitles, and has all the features you would want from a subtitle editor. Some of these characteristics are: a convenient interface that can handle both time frames and through subtitles, subtitles mass conversions, you can check and correct errors in the subtitles can get frames of the movie, joins the extensions you want subtitles, adjust subtitle, the latest list files, etc.

Subtitle workplace makes subtitle creation / editing / conversion tasks almost pleasant, friendly and intuitive interface blends easily access the menu, and should have the characteristics of the advanced features and remarkable speed and stability, drastically reducing time editing subtitles.

Subtitle Seminar includes spell checking functions, and advanced video preview feature that can facilitate the task even more. This is the best choice for novices, experts or fansubber. There is a taste, and you forget everything else!

Developer: URUSoft
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 1.03 MB, Windows All
Last Updated: January 25th, 2008, 19:37 GMT
Download Subtitle Workshop 4.0 Beta 2 / 2.51

Download Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5

Written by IT News on 11:06 AM

And that the patch will change uxtheme.dll for Windows XP
Uxtheme Multi-patcher will allow you to use any 3rd party msstyle theme XP/SP1/SP2 Windows or Windows Server 2003 (with Topics included), simply corrects for uxtheme.dll (dynamic library connection).

It is disappointing that the 4.0, which argued it should work on x64 OS, but it did not work. This time, he did not disappoint you, because I tested method, and he will be able, finally, the pass 32 - bit system diversion. Grab world first 32 - bit patcher that runs on x64 OS today!

Note: If you already have patched uxtheme.dll (how to use 3rd party visual styles), then you do not need to update it with them.

Developer: WindowsX
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 1.03 MB, Windows XP/2003
Last Updated: March 25th, 2007, 21:15 GMT
Download Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5

Free Download Torrent Swapper 1.0.0

Written by IT News on 2:38 AM

If you want to download or grab content in a large size, basically you need a torent.

Torrent Swapper is a sociable open source peer to peer file-sharing clients on the basis of a protocol Bittorrent, which is ideal for high-speed dissemination of large files.

Torrent Swapper supports simultaneous downloads, port maps, quickly resume selected downloads in torrent package, disk cache, download queue, speed limits, proxy, ip-filter.

Developer: Torrent Swapper
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 4.8 MB, Windows All
Last Updated: March 14th, 2007, 08:07 GMT
Download Torrent Swapper 1.0.0

Leading cellphone retail in Jakarta

Written by IT News on 5:52 PM

These days, most people need a fast access to information. Those the demand on mobile communication are so high, now every people need a mobile devices such phone cell, PDA in order to be able to do mobile. Recently Apple iPhone is the smarter mobile device that combines PDA, Phone and act as a tablet PC. iPhone is now very popular, and also in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If you plan to shop online or just comparing prices before decide to buy any mobile devices such as Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia E90 Communicator, Dopod U1000 and other brand, iMobilePlaza would be the best site to go. The site offering high technology mobile device and always update the price and product most everyday.

iMobilePlaza or the official website, Established since 2005 based in Jakarta, the company is registered in DISPERINDAG. DISPERINDAG is a trade rules that manage by the Indonesian government. So if you do business with iMobilePlaza it won’t let you down.

Best Weight Loss Pills Product

Written by IT News on 5:40 PM

Feel struggling just to do dieting? Most people I have met do anything in order to loss their weight. They even never think twice whether its danger or not as long as their diet is successful. Sometime what they have done didn’t get any result. My friend spends almost an hour per day running along the apartment corner, but result is nothing.

Those, if you looking to lose weight Safely, quickly, and Affordable the answer is Orovo Detox, Orovo Detox is best Weight Loss Pills product. This product is listed at the most trusted resource for weight loss.

The main vision of is to help consumers choose between diet plans, diet pills, weight loss pills and fat burners. The product listed at the website is based on the staff review and take into account feedback from consumers.

So if your problem is just how to loss your weight? The answer that is actually no big deal, often visit as they always update the website and you can trust the product.

IBM as giant Investors in EnterpriseDB

Written by IT News on 5:19 PM

By: Ionut Arghire, Windows Editor

IBM decided to invest in the launch that commercializes database PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB. This is approximately four weeks after the lock-up of the open source MySQL database system, Sun Microsystems. Thus, IBM joins Charles River Ventures, Fidelity Ventures, and Valhalla Partners in investing in EnterpriseDB. The move comes as a surprise to some, like IBM, as a rule, do not invest in startups.
While it is a venture group, his goal only to follow the promising startups, and to recommend which companies are the best acquisition targets.

In addition, EnterpriseDB announced 10 million U.S. United States is more venture capital in the financing, although no details of IBM share in the financing of the launch were given. The only comment that Andy Astor, CEO of EnterpriseDB, gave was that IBM holds a minority role in a series of X ". According to Astor, IMB believes that the company is willing to businesses. This is the first time that IBM invests in commercial companies, but there are some other forms of open-source support in the past. One of them, valued at $ 40 million IBM has been on the development of Eclipse programmer in the workplace, which culminated in the gift of open-source code.

IBM has a long history of supporting initiatives to open source, including Linux, Apache, and Eclipse, as Inna Kuznetsova, director of Linux strategy at IBM, said in a statement. On the other hand, applications written for Oracle, IBM chief competitor in terms of market data, it is necessary to change a little to run on EnterpriseDB. As soon launch an "Oracle-compatible" database on the market, according to Astor, IBM has been interested in this issue is very easy to see. FTD Florists exemplifies firms that use EnterpriseDB to substitute its Oracle database reporting system.

Venture capital funding EnterpriseDB has garnered a total of 37.5 million U.S. USA. In the work of architect databases Bruce Momjian is a leading integrator of the PostgreSQL open source project. The group has other notable participants, and. Some of them were on the PostgreSQL project, too. Heikki Linnakangas and Pavan Deolasee were in the company last year, while four other database programmers worked in the past.

In recent releases of PostgreSQL community to ensure compliance with the ANSI SQL standard, as well as increased throughput performance of the transaction. A number of other databases, open-source omitted these, so they are considered enterprise performance.

VIA finally announce C7 chip

Written by IT News on 9:52 AM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Chip manufacturer VIA finally begun to sample marine units, its x86 processors Isaiah announced at the beginning of this year. In Isaiah architecture C7 chip will replace the company that acquired
on the huge popularity of low-cost Linux-based ultra-mobile PC market.

According to Glenn Henry, CEO "Centaur Technology (VIA processor branch), the company's" aggressive "offshore units sampling its newest processors offer.

While the increase in productivity for the C7 series, the first generation Isaiah processors will support their pin-to-pin compatibility with the latter. This means that any user can replace C7 chips with Isaiah unit without replacing the motherboard or the performance of additional hardware tweaks.

Henry also alleges that Isaiah offering particularly in the light of relevance to the needs of low-cost "thin and light notebook market. Nevertheless, competition is expected to be severe, as Intel's upcoming processor Atom will also pitch in the NetBooks market, as Intel likes to call it.

Chip manufacturer showed that Isaiah chip takes 3.5 W when working at full load. By contrast, Intel's upcoming Atom "Silverthorne" would require 0.6 W at 2.5 W downtime and operating at full capacity. However, Intel was able to reduce the demand for energy by adopting "in order" performance technologies that have a negative impact on chip operations. Instead of VIA decided to take superscalar, out-of-order design, which can handle three instructions per clock cycle.

Despite the fact that VIA processor can deliver better performance Intel's colleague, its success in the market are still questionable. While VIA has limited resources and reduce the impact of the media, Intel can actively promote Atom chip. However, Henry relies on the VIA long tradition of low-cost, low-performance computer market, where Intel is just starting to emerge.

Adobe Overstates Its Intentions with the iPhone

Written by IT News on 10:54 AM

By: Filip Truta, Apple News Editor

Tuesday saw Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen saying that Apple iPhone is to obtain flash from San Jose-based Software Company. This, of course, is an exaggeration, as Adobe also needs approval from Apple and recommendations on how to do so.

This Adobe position on Tuesday: "We are also committed to experience flash iPhone, and we will work with Apple. We appreciated SDK, we can now begin to develop flash player himself, and we think that benefits our joint customers' Shantanu Narayen said during a conference call to announce quarterly earnings on Adobe.

Meanwhile, Adobe realized that Apple's support is crucial to obtaining the outbreak at the iPhone. There's just one little problem: Apple is not interested in obtaining the outbreak that child: Job once said, the iPhone "needs something much better than the current flash player that Adobe does for cellular phones. The Flash Player option that fits the bill are for devices, such as portable computers, which more than iPhone, as a consequence, he performs too slowly on the iPhone."

If Adobe can not do it himself, Apple sure is not going to reduce its schedule to study the issue. Adobe clarification on (Wednesday) at Narayen… comments:

"Adobe is an assessment iPhone SDK, and is now beginning to develop in such a way to bring the Flash Player for the iPhone. However, to bring the full capabilities of flash iPhone Web browser experience, we need to work with Apple for the fact that the above is available through the SDK and the current license around. "

Protect your Identity

Written by IT News on 10:43 AM

I still concerning in personal data security. Actually I’ve been mention this in my previous post. The only way to keep secure while you made transaction online is by protecting your personal ID with legal company in this industry.

Things that you should know, there is actually very danger to use your credit card or any Information that is crucial and related to your financial data. For example, you don’t know if someone attempts to use your personal information to apply for credit or other personal loans.

One of the Identities Protector Company I’ve recommend is LoudSiren, When you become a LoudSiren client you will be able to prevent thieves from opening up bank accounts and credit cards by using your personal information

The rule are very simple, once transaction made and request any of your identity, somehow Loud Siren will call you through their automated authentification system to conform that the specific transaction is made by you.

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Nvidia delay to announce Hybrid SLI technology

Written by IT News on 8:23 AM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

NvidiaNvidiaNvidia has reportedly delayed the introduction of hybrid SLI technology, as drives to support it, has not finished yet. If you can hardly expect your pair of GeForce 8200 GPU on the other hand, need to better shift your attention to something else until the drivers are officially released.

According to reports, Nvidia officials sent a note of manufacture
partners earlier this week that the company announced the delay of hybrid technology SLI. According to the notification, the company is the transfer of technology mainly because it is the driver, the unit has not finished its implementation software.

"We are still experiencing delays in receiving kits sent as a product encountered delays, drivers are now finalized and sales tools are being finalized", said the notice.

In hybrid technology SLI provides users with low-end and mid-range graphics cards to a new method for improving graphics performance by pairing the work of discrete and integrated GPU work as a whole. Hybrid SLI is based on Nvidia two of the next generation of technology, called the GeForce boost and HybridPower. In GeForce increases single discrete Nvidia graphics card to the "working" with the integrated graphics core located on the Nvidia-food motherboard.

The second piece of the puzzle is HybridPower technology, which adjusts the graphics speed, power consumption and fan noise in a manner in accordance with the system of work.

When you run graphics-intensive applications, the technology will provide HybridPower high volumes of graphics computing power, and thus increase the consumption of electricity. When you run the software for word processing or multimedia players, the technology will switch to reduce power mode.

The report also claimed that hybrid technology SLI will begin shipping in sample units in the second half of April, the retail availability planned for May and June. Nvidia representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Best Web Hosting

Written by IT News on 9:29 AM

I got bad experience in web hosting, probably this is my fault, I always find and accept cheap hosting only, without consider any aspect of it. And a month ago my hosting has crash down, unfortunately I forgot to backup all of my blog contents, and I believe that one of you did the same thing just like me, now I realized that backup is very important. Up to now I lost my blog on that hosting due to my hosting admin didn’t manage it well. They cannot restore my blog contents, just lost no insurance.

That accident made me learn much, now when I look for hosting I always consider best web hosting first beside the costs. If we talk about best web hosting it may consist of security, maintenance, their capability to host any application and many more.

Those, if you are planning to host any website you should think it twice, the guidance is do not only look at the cheap price, but the important is to know more about the candidate hosting capabilities. Just take a look at if you serious in looking for best web hosting.

Ultra-Fast memory with Quantum Dots

Written by IT News on 5:37 AM

By: Gabriel Gache, Science News Editor

There are two main types of random access memory currently on the market worldwide. The Flash memory, the most widely known as a portable memory and dynamic random access memory used in personal computers. Both have drawbacks, but they complement each other. For example, the Flash memory is fragile, but they are very slow in writing data. On the other hand, DRAM memory are volatile and have high speed recording.

The problem is that there is no quick solution to create flash memory technology in the semiconductor industry. In addition, cooperation between the Technical University of Berlin and Istanbul University argues that the ultimate Flash memory, information can write only a few nanoseconds. Martin Geller, from the Technical University of Berlin, said that: "Flash memory, which is now on the market-driver in the semiconductor industry, and everyone knows that from memory, digital cameras and mp3 players, has been slow write time. Our quantum-dot based on memory can provide long-term storage without the energy consumption of Flash memory, as well as fast write time and better scalability for real devices. "

Andreas Marent, Geller colleague related that they have developed the first prototype was almost as fast as DRAM devices, but to improve it, quantum dot memory can be written in only one picosecond that 100 times faster than the fastest DRAM device .

The prototype design

The device was constructed from indium arsenide semiconductor gallium arsenide substrate on. Despite the fact that the substrate is a "p-doped ', the second layer of gallium arsenide, indium arsenide covering quantum dots is the" n-doped', thus restoring the basic structure of compounds within pn diodes, while the flow of electrical permit a current only in one direction. Further more, the property of the diodes allows them to act as capacitors and, in certain circumstances.

For example, if the electric current applied across the quantum dot-capacitor diode, it will become electrically charged. Level storage charge indicates that bit of information, quantum dot Holding libo'1 'ili'0'. Small electric charge predstavlyaet'1 'bit , while kak'0 'presented through high charge capacity.

Although the speed of the device almost 100 times more than the typical PC RAM, its speed actually slower than that, in connection with the experimental setup. Geller speculates that the near future could bring it to a speed of one nanosecond - 20 times faster than memory, and even a few times picoseconds physical characteristics of all settled.

New Intel CPU with 2 Billion Transistors

Written by IT News on 5:18 AM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Intel's Itanium 2 billion transistors processor, also known as Tukwila, managed to stir up some attention recently as it is not every day you see a chip packaging so many transistors. Tukwila is a quad-the bulk of construction
at 65 - nanometer node, that the process is moving with large amounts of cache memory.

Earlier this week, during the preliminary IDF briefing, Pat Gelsinger, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Digital Enterprise Group, went some details about the upcoming chip, which is expected to deliver twice the performance in dual-core Montvale (in the 9100 series Itanium).

In Tukwila hippopotamuses 21.5x32.5 built on the square-millimeter die, and will be shown in the default clock speed of only 2 GHz. However, the true power lies not in the processor clock speed, but rather in a huge cache of dying announced reach 30 MB. Moreover, according to Gelsinger, the processor will also support hyperthreading, which allows chips to process up to eight simultaneous threads training.

Another innovation in the design of the processor is the use of new QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), and dual integrated memory controller. Recent indicators of achievement will also shift the processor market, and Gelsinger argues that, despite the fact that systems integrators, such as SGI, Hewlett-Packard and NEC are now using Intel's Itanium chips for the traditional series of powerful computing goals, New chip will be aimed at mission-critical applications in the future.

Processor thermal design power output of 170 watts, but Intel announced another stock keeping units that will lower thermal envelope of "only" 130 Watts. Given the fact that Tukiwlla builds on the previous generation, 65 - nanometer process node and compresses two billion transistors on a die, their thermal efficiency is still acceptable.

Intel announced that the chip Tukwila will appear on the market in the last quarter of this year.

Need for Speed ProStreet Hints

Written by IT News on 9:29 PM

Compete at the highest level with the street racing ProStreet need for speed. It is not enough to rule your local neighborhood, you should dominate on the world stage. Construction of the ultimate battle machine, take a multi-disciplinary showdowns your skills and career and reputation against the world's best street racers. This is your chance to prove that you have what it will be crowned king next street.

The need for speed ProStreet your ultimate taste of the chaos and unbridled adrenaline street racing. The quest itself and your car to the edge, can lead to mistakes and, this time, these mistakes have consequences. Think swirling fields of debris, shredded fiberglass and heinously twisted metal. Everyone will be able to again, and every body panel crumpled battle scars, evidence of your commitment and competitive mettle.

Compete at some of the symbols racing seats - Tokyo Shuto high-speed, highway and the desert of Nevada. Electric atmosphere - complete with energetic people, photo-realistic cars and billowing smoke - to embody all the pressure and intensity on the gladiatorial challenge, as you know Show Down. The need for speed is the realization ProStreet raw power, visceral aggression and the intense competition that embodies street racing culture.

Easy money
Insert "Master Code," then go to the car lot. You can find red Acura Integra is available for $ 0. You can sell it for $ 7200 and can repeat as many times as needed. You can also sell other cars received in that code is included.

Insert "Master Code," then go to the map and enter careers anyway. Exit the first opportunity you get. Then go to your garage. You will see that the four new cars have been added to your collection: "Nissan 240 SX, a modern Pontiac GTO, a Chevy Cobalt SS and the Dodge Viper SRT 10. You can store any cars desired, but by selling these four newly added cars you can get $ 90290 quickly. You can reinstall the game and repeat this process until you get the desired amount of money.

You can use the "Relock cars" code to sell their old cars again. Include Master code "when you start the game and, before doing any racing. Participate in a short race in the career mode, and 1 / 4 mile drag. When done, go into your garage. This will allow revert to the old cars that you won, and sold earlier. You can sell them again to get a lot of money. You can repeat as many times as you wish, but must complete game down and restart it every time to do this trick.

Use the following trick to get $ 91500 in just a few minutes.
1.Enter Career mode. Click on the "Security code" option from the menu.
2.Enable with "Master Code".
3.Go to any race day.
4.Immediately leave the race of the day.
5.Go to the garage. Note that you now have unlocked four cars: the Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Cobalt SS, Dodge Viper SRT10 and Nissan 240SX.
6.Sell them all. You can get $ 91,500 in total.
7.Quit game.
8.Start game again.

Largest Asian Dating Site

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Online dating website is now grow increasingly, that because of the high demand in this industry, people is now prefer to find their dating friends across the internet, simple, easy and not blow up their privacy.

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Download Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5

Written by IT News on 9:42 AM

Uxtheme Multi-patcher will allow you to use any 3rd party msstyle theme XP/SP1/SP2 Windows or Windows Server 2003 (with Topics included), simply corrects for uxtheme.dll (dynamic library connection).

It is disappointing that the 4.0, which argued it should work on x64 OS, but it did not work. This time, he did not disappoint you, because I tested method, and he will be able, finally, the pass 32 - bit system diversion. Grab world first 32 - bit patcher that runs on x64 OS today!

Note: If you already have patched uxtheme.dll (how to use 3rd party visual styles), then you do not need to update it with them.

What's new in this release:

  • Added Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (x86/x64), and Windows XP SP2 (x64) Support
  • Modified method corrects the actual file to prevent patching damaged file (1 Mb patcher not hurt, as it did not patch, right?)
  • Fixed some errors in the script, as the OS detection

Developer: WindowsX
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 1.03 MB, Windows XP/2003
Last Updated: March 25th, 2007, 21:15 GMT
Download Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5

SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2

Written by IT News on 11:26 PM

By: Ionut Arghire, Windows Editor

SPARKLE began its latest design, the GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics cards, is rightly considered the world's rapidly board. The main speed reaches GPU 600MHz, while its flow of 256 processors goes to 1500MHz. He also uses the 2x256-bit 1024MB GDDR3 memory operates at speeds of 2GHz.

In GeForce 9800 GX2 architecture developed by Nvidia SPARKLE successfully used in the development and production of this video card.
In comparison with the GeForce 8800 GTX, which has only one chip, the new GPU has two chips inside that the two times faster than G92. SPARKLE card thus becomes the ideal choice for DirectX10 names as Crysis, a company of heroes, World in Conflict, or BioShock Program war.

All the hardware specifications of Microsoft's DirectX10 note starred video card. It also includes Shader Model 4 opportunities and support for DirectX10 Unified Shader instructions set. In unequaled level of graphics made DirectX10, its realism and superior effects are real time on the video card SPARKLE. Time for this quartet is also GPU NVIDIA SLI technology and HybridPower technology, which provides higher performance and power efficient solutions for the best experience.

When it comes to Blu-ray or HD-DVD, H.246 video decoding SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2 also is the best choice. It can successfully unload decoding from the CPU allows it to perform other tasks. Thus, there is a significant reduction in energy consumption, as well as heat and noise. High-Definition quality video and home cinema experience are available in the best possible way. SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2 possible dual DVI-I and HDMI outputs and can provide up to 1920x1080i resolution.

SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2 is compatible with PCI Express 2.0 standard. The use of 5GT / s bandwidth is increased to two times compare with the first generation of PCI Express, with the result that it is ready for future applications and games, which will certainly be more demanding in terms of bandwidth. Like many motherboards did not feature PCI Express 2.0, SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2 also compatible with PCI Express 1.1, providing a wider range of support.

"In DirectX10 gaming platform is built around fast components available, and today proudly SPARKLE provides SPARKLE GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics cards, the most important components for DirectX 10 players. double It provides stunning performance gains today and supports key features that will contribute to huge visual experience DirectX 10 titles, "Said Allen Wu, sales manager of SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. And he added that high-resolution gaming and high-definition video will also be available for consumers in this video card.

Cost effective electrical connector

Written by IT News on 9:32 PM

Most in the plan or factory industry, in every part or panel they use electrical connector. This is very crucial accessories that why you should able to select the best electrical connector suited your need or complies with your local hazardous rules.

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So if you need electrical connector for your company why not come check it at eConnek before you do goggling. eConnek also provide a specific product such as medical oxygen connectors, and also have a different material like Metal plugs, Metal Receptacles, plastic plugs and also plastic receptacles.

If your vision is related cost effective than replacement parts will be the best answer. Several eConnek products can work with your electrical interconnect system design to provide a cost-effective alternative to high-priced brand name components.

Toshiba's Centrino 2 Laptops

Written by IT News on 9:06 PM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor

Toshiba has announced a new update to its forthcoming Satellite and Satellite Pro machines based on Intel's Centrino platform 2. However, it appears that the computer seller in the world rushed to show the next generation of laptops, as Intel has not finished yet of former Montevina platform.

According to the company, repair Satellite family comes with glossy black finish, and the thin line of chassis construction. In notebooks also feature textured mushrooms and super-smooth pen that contrasts with metal buttons on the mouse. New computers will be equipped with TruBrite display and multimedia quick launch bar, the "feather-touch" buttons and non-alcoholic glow of LED lighting to enable users to better control the notebooks' multimedia functions.

Toshiba also said that the upcoming Centrino 2 - based portable PCs will sport up to 640 GB of hard disk storage and dual hard drive support users who require additional storage space. In multimedia functions will make a profit with the built-in Harmon Kardon speakers and Dolby Sound Room technology for the full audio experience.

However, there was no word on the actual hardware configuration. This is understandable as Toshiba hands bound until Intel officially introduced Centrino 2 platform on the market, which will not happen too quickly. It is impossible to know Toshiba wanted to tease our users and give them a taste of the upcoming technologies or she wishes to receive his regular customers in a row and abandon competition, the existing technology.

It is highly unlikely though that the company will deceive users dreaming of a product with an indication of his form only to leave and a bunch of glittering multimedia keys. Manufacturer announced that the satellite line of work will consist of A300, P300 and U400 laptop, moving from 15.4 - 17 - at 13.3 - inch LCD screens. These systems will also come with AMD processors, as well as partners Intel and ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chips.

We now know that children feel when they learned about Christmas gifts stashed, but they must wait until Christmas Eve to tear the wrapping of each other.

Google Slowing Down

Written by IT News on 8:58 PM

By: Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor

Google has witnessed its web search on the market by the fall, some point to three percentage points globally from January to February, according to comScore, the leader in measuring the digital world, but as the crowd favorite all time, I would like to say that all well. In the United States increased during the same period. Those slight drop, however, by the company and its CEO Eric Schmidt announced sometime in the beginning of this year that his company is ready to face whatever the downturn could throw at her. And, frankly, the only thing that anyone has never thrown on Google is money, through its AdSense and AdWords programs.

Google is not only one to see its percentage decline in the number of searches run through its search engine, Yahoo and Microsoft, faced a similar problem on a global scale. In the United States, though, Google upped its share to 0.7 in the main search, while in Sunnyvale company, and the Redmond giant took two hits, 0.6 and 0.2, respectively.

Based on the Top 50 properties in the world where search activity was observed in February, Google clearly leads the pack with 7.4 billion, followed by Yahoo with 2.3 billion and Microsoft, which counted 984 million. The figure provided by comScore shows how important it is to acquire YouTube for Mountain View company. Compared with his counterparts from the two other major players in this field, it belongs to Google for video-1554 billion searches go through them, while Yahoo! "In other bags around 29 billion and Microsoft's killed only 36 billion.

A comScore comparison for the previous three months, might provide an answer to a drop in December saw 66 billion total searches in January raised the bar to 71.9 billion February and then, two days shorter reached 67.4 billion searches.

Customer service exercises

Written by IT News on 8:38 PM

In such organization, customer service are become the most important part in their business. For example like in banking, internet provider, GSM operator, hotels, hospital and any other public services, the customer is very crucial because this is actually the bridge between customer and the organization. Those, communication skill are very important for the people that assign these jobs.

I found very interesting way to master in communication skill, learning it in the easy way at MasterStar communication. The company is specialized in customer service exercises. Customer Service Training Just Got More simple, easy and more interesting. Why Customer Service Training can be Fun AND Effective at MasterStar communication?

That because you learn from easy source, just imagine you like watch a cartoon, not so serious but easy to remember and understand. MasterStar communication has created a series of animated cartoon videos, called ToonUps.

MasterStar offers a wide range business communication skill training including Customer Service, Sales Training, Human Resources, Office Professionalism and many more. Check the website if you want to enhance your Customer Service Skills experience.

Let me explore a bit about other service offered by this company, beside customer service exercises its look like that Sales Training package is worthwhile to consider to increase your sales team productivity and in the end you will be able to achieve your goal. Training method is easy and fun; this is Effective Sales Training That Works!

Deep about what will you learn from Sales Training packages are listed bellow:

  • Provide useful Selling Tips
  • Reinforce Sales Skills
  • Improve Training Retention

If you taking both customer service exercises or Sales Training you will learn newest exciting method ever, you will never found the same method everywhere, They have design a series of animated cartoon videos, called ToonUps which use humor to cover a variety of sales issues in an enjoyable and memorable way!

VLC Player Not Safe!

Written by IT News on 8:12 PM

By: Vlad Constandes, SEO News Editor

Among all media players, which are available on the market, VLC, as we know, is one of the best for two reasons. First, it comes with a variety of video codecs, thus, is an ideal tool for opening any file format, and secondly, it is free. Some philosopher of antiquity
days said the wine should have three characteristics: it must come in large numbers, it must be good, and it should be free. Analogy needs will not be written.

In the "ideal" player status, but the shortcomings due to the commitments were found in its latest version. In the vulnerability can be used in remote parties and leave the computer VLC open to arbitrary code works, according to Secunia in Luigi Auriemma.

Getting to the nitty-gritty, the problem occurs whenever subtitle file is loaded into the player, this action causes a buffer overflow is small, easy to use, designed persons. Not comfortably behind your Mac or Linux screen, is used for most of the problems faced by the Windows operating system, this vulnerability is platform independent, so be careful!

Responsibility was first reported in version 0.8.6d, and developers took it to a patch immediately. Or at least that was the plan; a version 0.8.6e was to be error-free, but in fact, although it was obviously the work done. Two corrections became first format string error in the web interface listens on port 8080/tcp been resolved, and "ParseMicroDvd ()" error border has been removed, but there are two more similar to the left, and they rated highly critical by Secunia. Borders errors in the "ParseSSA ()" and "ParseVplayer ()" function when processing subtitles can be used to cause stack based buffer.

The decision, Luigi Auriemma said, is that all the changes in 0.8.6e and no subtitles unreliable process using VLC player.

S3 Graphics

Written by IT News on 8:00 PM

By: Bogdan Botezatu, Hardware Editor
Graphics specialist S3 Graphics has just announced the introduction of its Chromium 430 GT graphics card to the United States market. Currently available only in the United States, the new timetable offering of S3 ships with a
PCI Express 2.0 connectivity and full support for Microsoft's DirectX technology 10.1.

S3 Chrome 430 GT in the offer is low end, low-cost graphics card, which is extremely energy-efficient. Integrated ChromotionHD 2.0 engine allows decode and playback of high-definition content (such as MPEG-4/AVC (H.264), MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV-HD and video AVS), with the built-in D - SUB and DVI interfaces compatible with HDCP. However the given the fact that the low end of the sentence, not expecting fing HDMI or DisplayPort connectors on the video card.

New maps, targeted especially at the office computers with basic word processing and multimedia capabilities. Low-profile card works within a small form-factor PCs and discrete fan allows it to be, even in the most overcrowded computer case.

In chromium 430 GT comes with a 65 - nanometer process GPU technology from Fujitsu, clocked in at 625 MHz. In 256 MB of graphics memory GDDR2 works on major stock clock speed of 500 MHz.

"S3 Graphics again made an outstanding product, the mobilization of our graphics, video and energy core skills," said Dr. Ken Weng, S3 Graphics for GM. "The feature-rich chromium 430 GT challenges current discrete graphics landscape, bringing new features previously seen only in high-end desktop computers, bringing a new meaning of the terms" accessible gaming and home entertainment."

In chromium 430 GT also comes with a built-in PowerWise technology to power smart design to minimize the heat thus plays a cool and calm, even when running at full load.

In addition S3 graphics 430GT is available immediately to the United States market, and comes with a price estimated at $ 59.

Apple Store Opening in Cambridge

Written by IT News on 11:59 AM

By: Filip Truta, Apple News Editor

Apple it is opening another store, fifteenth to be precise, in the UK. The company quietly made a statement through his official web site that it would offer its 15 UK Apple Store in Cambridge.

As news comes through the World Apple, which notes that the store opens at the same time very Trade Center to open its doors.

The exact address of the store, according to Apple, the group is 12, Grand Arcade Shopping Centre, Cambridge, CB2 3AX, 01223 253600. In the Apple Store, Grand Gallery, located on the lower level of the Great Arcade Shopping Centre, which is located on the streets of St. Andrews in Cambridge.

As usual, Apple saw who at the wheel of a car or travel by train or bus could make its way to store and manage to buy their electronics. Thus, for those who plan and received there by car, serviced by Cambridge from north to south on M11 (Junctions 11-14), and from east to west at the A14/A11. Grand Arcade several floors offers 960 parking places and is located just next to the Grand Arcade shopping centre, according to Apple, which not only ensures that you will get there easily, but also eliminates the fuss berth find your drive.

In addition, five 'Park and Ride sites are also in Cambridge. All are open Monday to Saturday (inclusive), the Cupertino company has shown two of them (Madingley Road and Newmarket Road), is also working on a Sunday between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

However, if you do not own a car or a train, if you are there becomes faster and easier, the station near Cambridge. It is 15 minutes walk from the Grand Arcade shopping centre. Future visitors to the shop believers should be noted that there are regular trains to Cambridge from London King Cross, London Liverpool Street, Norwich, Peterborough and Kings Lynn.
The central bus station in exchange Emmanuel Street and drummer street directly in front of the Grand Arcade shopping centre.

Selina 18 Videos

Written by IT News on 11:49 AM

Have you ever hear about Selina 18? My friends told me that it was the hottest movie ever seen, but I still not clear what kind of movies is that? Then I do goggling (find with google search engine).. Ups, a lot of list talk about Selina 18. woow its cool! I think I should check it more closely.

Well, it is really the hottest teen that I have ever seen! Hmmm pretty cool, and unfortunately I cannot upload the image here J

I think my friends were correct about Selina 18, she is so hot that it deserves its own fan site, so here it is! 18 Selina already newest hot teenage sensation on the Internet ... The fact that you are here means that you got good taste and, as excitedas me to get a first look at these wild young opening its legs wide open for the first time. Be sure to check for updates only because they will adding new Selina 18 Videos and photos all the time.

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