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JOBO GIGA Vu extreme

Written by IT News on 12:57 AM

Jobo AG presents the latest addition to its portfolio, aka GIGA Vu extreme, a smart a * s image storage device for professional photographers and not only.

As for its appearance, the new GIGA Vu extreme is a wonderful 3.7 VGA resolution display for one of the best prospects for the stored digital images, a verify function for safe and reliable transmission of images, real RAW file decoding of more than 100 RAW format. Apparently, this first Jobo image storage device designed for compatibility with Jobo new photoGPS unit.

John Bockemuehl-CEO Simon says: "Jobo understands the workflow needs of today's digital photographers and Jobo GIGA Vu extreme picks up where our award-winning GIGA Vu PRO evolution left off. With the new Jobo GIGA Vu extreme, users can copy, store, view, print and present their photos easily and without having to use a computer. "It does not sound bad at all.

It will also packed with some cool advanced stuff, because the device is claimed to be the ultimate multimedia, photo copier and image to view the system. The portable media device sports 145 x 107 x 38 mm and weighs around 420 g. The portable digital album with hard drive for storage and a built-in memory card slot for CompactFlash and Microdrive plus an included SD / SDHC adapter (all other memory card types via adapter); was designed for digital camera users who want the most advanced digital storage and display designs on the market.

In this respect, Jobo GIGA Vu extreme offers professional photo functions including real RAW file decoding, the Super Hi-Speed downloading of files to and from a user's computer, and a large picture display capability.

Storage is not bad either, because it can vary from 80 GB up to 160 GB capacity. Not to mention it also can function as a permanent safe storage of a user's valuable digital photos. There is also a highly portable media players that can go anywhere, allowing users to enjoy their favorite photos, videos and music anytime. Slide the display of the image file is also possible without too much effort.

So that when used as a media player, Jobo is compatible with MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video files and MP3 music files, but owners can also use the on-the-go (OTG) feature to connect Jobo GIGA Vu extreme to other stand-alone USB devices as digital cameras, printers, MP3 players and card readers.

The Jobo photo-related specs mention JPEG images support, but really show the real and true raw data are also possible. Your image is sure the device, because it was packed with extra security measures, which offers a sure-Function confirming all data has been transferred completely, dust detection, image-Bridge printing and a JD Loupe feature to show even the most precise image information. In addition, the Jobo GIGA Vu extreme conveniently displays histograms and channel views.

If you are interested in it, you should know that it will be with three different storage capacity of 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB of the official retail price is $ 599, $ 749; $ 899, respectively. [source softpedia]


Written by IT News on 12:51 AM

Although the cards have reached the impressive size of today, they can still prove to be enough for some photographers, who take thousands of pictures in maximum resolution on during a visit. And if the meeting happens to be somewhere in the wild, a portable photo storage solution could be that will help users store their photos without having to carry around a notebook or laptop.

As Imaging-Resource informs us, an interesting solution has just been launched at Photokina of Sanho Corporation, namely Hyper Drive colorspace UDMA, resulting company's second Hyper Drive image storage devices. The device certainly has a lot going for it because, besides packing a very generous HDD (up to 500 GB), it also provides very fast transmission speeds.

Hence, the new Hyper Drive colorspace UDMA can UDMA 40 MB / s transfer rate, the backup of 2GB in a minute with full data control. The real-time CRC copy control ensures data integrity of the backup without increasing the download time, while SMART monitors the hard disk status and looks for potential problems. In addition, the built-in tools to retrieve data are formatted, deleted, lost or damaged files from the memory card.

According to the manufacturer, the new Hyper Drive is also the only image storage device in the world to show true RAW images from virtually any digital camera, even medium digital backs on its built-in high-resolution 3.2-inch QVGA color display, which orientates automatically to portrait or landscape mode, depending on how it is held. The device also packs quite a potent rechargeable battery, a Li-Ion battery, which allows up to 250 GB of backup copies per battery charge.

Another interesting feature of the Hyper Drive colorspace UDMA is the ability to mirror their data with other Hyper Drive drive or external hard drive via the USB OTG host technology. Incremental Backup can download the only new data on the card or a USB device, skip the previously saved data.
The connectivity is actually pretty much what one would expect of such a product. Thus, the device sports two slots to support 14 of the most popular memory card types (CF Type I / II, MD, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS MagicGate, MS Select, MS PRO, MS PRO MagicGate, xD, xD Type M / H), and a USB 2.0 interface for connection to a host computer or another Hyper Drive.

The Hyper Drive colorspace UDMA will hit the shelves in selected stores sometime in October, retailing for 340 up to 600 U.S. dollars depending on the specific storage (80GB through 500GB). [source softpedia]

Reduce your weight with Fenphedra formula

Written by IT News on 8:31 PM

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 is rated as good camera

Written by IT News on 2:09 PM

For you that always want to take a pictures everywhere with expect goo result of pictures, I think Sony DSC H50 is a good choice. But is not a common digital pocket camera, is more like for professional use.

The H50 features a 9.1 megapixel "advanced Sony Super HAD (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD sensor design that allows more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise," along with Sony's BIONZ processor that "delivers speed and precision." In addition to the aforementioned Carl Zeiss zoom lens, there's a 3.0-inch LCD monitor with a tilt range of motion, optical (and also ISO boost) image stabilization, sensitivity levels ranging from ISO 80 to 3200, controls from fully auto to fully manual with a number of special scene modes thrown in for good measure, and 15MB of internal memory. [source]

ASUS plans to be the first to release an X58 mobo

Written by IT News on 10:16 PM

ASUS, one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards, and creator of the famous ASUS Eee PC, has announced in an interview that it has high hopes for the release of the upcoming X58 and x58 NF200-based motherboard. According to the Taiwanese company, it will become the first manufacturer to have an X58-based mobo time for Intel's X58 official announcement.

The guys at bit-tech had the chance to interview ASUS 'manager motherboard Division Richard Liu, while participating in this year's ASUS Advanced Overclocking World Cup, held earlier this month. The interview took place via e-mail, because of Richard Liu hectic schedule. Despite this, questions from bit-tech answered, including whether the upcoming Nehalem or i7 Core processors, X58 platforms, overclocking and Express Gate, ASUS ' "instant-on" OS.

On the forthcoming Nehalem support for the motherboard, Richard Liu explained that the Taiwanese manufacturer did really well in terms of X58 and x8 NF200 motherboard activity in question. "Both are pretty good inside ASUS. And we have strong confidence that our X58 motherboard will be the 1st motherboard on time for Intel's launch. In the case of X58 NF200 board will be a little late than X58 board, but we are sure ASUS will still be the first on the market, "Richard Liu said.

Unfortunately, Liu could not place any details about the official release date for Intel's X58 platform, but he did confirm Q4 as a time for the availability of the product. Moreover, it looks like the Nehalem architecture is easy to work with, Richard Liu also argued that, in principle, no problems have arisen in the development and design of the motherboard.

In addition, ASUS plans to make its Express Gate technology that is available on the company's advanced and ordinary motherboard. Unfortunately, because of the high licensee fee, Express Gate for the post-level segment of the motherboard is still far from a universal implementation.

Gigabyte is planning the release of its extreme X58 motherboard

Written by IT News on 8:43 PM

After pictures of Intel's upcoming Nehalem-based Core i7 Extreme 965 processor has appeared on the Internet, it turns out that one of the not yet announced X58 motherboard also has "placed" for the camera. More specifically, we are talking about one of Gigabyte's soon to be unveiled mobos, which are designed to meet the requirements of Intel's high-end Core i7 CPU, and give users the best use of computer technology.

When it launched, the yet unnamed X58-equipped motherboard from Gigabyte will provide a variety of connectivity options, Including 8 SATA, 8 USB 2.0 and 2 LAN ports (probably with support for Gigabit Network), FireWire, S / PDIF, PS / 2 and 6 audio ports (with support for HD audio). In addition, there will also be equipped with just enough PCI Express slots for one of the highest-performance desktop gaming platforms on the market. In addition, the Board will take full advantage of its chipsets support triple-channel DDR3 memory, and that is why it features 6 memory DIMMs.

The display model is not a real test, but apart from Heatsink Material cold, it could look like the one that users will be able to buy at launch. Also, all the fans out there would be glad to know that the upcoming Core i7-supported motherboards will provide a total of six four-pin headers, which allows them to connect more fans on a single motherboard.

There is nothing about a SLI support for the display model, which the company wanted to maintain some of the details WRAPS for when the motherboard is presented. [source softpedia]

Intel P45-enabled mobo with UD3

Written by IT News on 8:14 PM

Gigabyte, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has just announced its new, revolutionary Ultra Durable 3 technology, which will be activated in several of the company's motherboard built on Intel's P43 and P45 chipsets. The underlying innovation of new technologies developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer is that this is the first desktop motherboard designed to incorporate two ounces of copper for both Power and the soil layer.

Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 3 (UD3) technology has been designed to enable desktop computer to run cooler. According to the company, motherboards are equipped with the new UD3 technology could provide up to 50 degrees C cooler working temperatures, compared with traditional mobos. This was achieved with the help of two ounces of copper for power and land near the layer, while the standard motherboard only has a single ounce of copper for each of them.

In addition to launching its new technology, the company has also announced that its P45 motherboard, which provides support for DDR2 memory up to 1366MHz, will also be included with UD3. Also, it remains to be unveiled X58-equipped Extreme mobo will benefit from the advantages that the newly developed technology and thereby causes System and users with one of the highest performance platforms to be released on the market.

Gigabyte also approached the issue of the new Quick Boost technology, a program that aims to provide 3 levels of CPU performance enhancements. The technology will mainly let the novice and experienced users will benefit from overclocking their systems processor. Quick Boost will be available with the company's P45 and P43-based mobos, although Gigabyte would also be able to offer this technology for some of its upcoming motherboard, including the range of X58-based solutions.

So far, no specific details on pricing or availability of a new and improved P45 and P43 mobos become available. Keep an eye on this space for when they are. [source softpedia]

Have you seen 24k gold plated in digital camera?

Written by IT News on 7:55 PM

Minox offering a digital camera that was covered with 24k gold plated, the camera resolution is 10 megapixel. Minox DC1011 precious digital camera is offered at amazon with $1,699.00, it's combined of technology with 24k gold plated.

Minox DC1011
Will the owner of this Digital Camera will use it to take a real pictures or just for collection? It doesn't matter, eventhought covered with gold, Minox DC1011 is enrich the camera features just like another camera, even more it has 10 megapixel for resolution.

You can check the detail specification at

Atom processor inside MSI wind notebook

Written by IT News on 2:52 PM

A lot of small notebook was born just in 2008, it will drive the user to confusing to choose among them, because all of it are offering the best features.

Despite that, I just thinking about the MSI wind notebook, that was introducing in recent computex in Taiwan. It has Atomic technology inside of every Wind notebook, basic package come with Linux but is support XP and Vista as well.

Ergonomic design for keyboard, remember, when you choose a laptop dont forget to test to keyboard sense, it is feed to your hand? the Wind series has a good big size for keyboard and touch pat.

802.11 BG wireless network support, don't ever buy a laptop without supporting this technology, it was usefull and even important for these days.

Massive capacity hard drive, although you will not buying this for playing game and watching long movie duration, it's a good think to have at least 80 GB of drive capacity, and Wind already include it.

So, I don't see any bad side for the MSI wind notebook, but the price is depend I think. [source]

Panda Security has launched the 2009 software suit

Written by IT News on 6:31 AM

Panda Security Council has announced the official launch of three of their newest products in 2009 suits - Panda Antivirus Pro 2009, Panda Internet Security 2009, and Panda Global Protection in 2009. The three products are based on the same technology, Collective Intelligence, which makes it possible for experts to continuously develop new ways to detect and remove threats. The news comes from the fact that the database used to store the signature is "in the cloud", or in other words, on the Internet. This helps users to save resources and reduce the bandwidth.

"Every Panda user is a sensor for new malware, send statistical information about malware prevalence back to the clouds. This new approach reduces the bandwidth consumption on customers’ computers and provides faster and more comprehensive up-to-date protection. Innovative model not only makes detection much more malware than the manual system that some laboratories are using, but also able to detect the new threats that have not yet been recognized. Combining the collective intelligence and Panda TruPrevent technology is capable to detect the most sophisticated malware, "said the team of Panda Security.

The TruPrevent technology is based on TruPrevent 2.0 engine, which is designed to intercept and block any new threats. Since the engine has been updated, it has a major task in identifying what the real threats are and which messages are false positives, as legitimate messages that have strayed into "spam" the recipient is called.

The first of the new products, Panda Antivirus Pro 2009, protects against viruses, spyware, and identity theft and thanks to the built-in firewall against hacking attacks. Its price goes from € 39.95 (about $ 58) for a PC to € 49.95 for three computers. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, Panda Internet Security 2009 comes with parental control over children's online activities, so it is most often a product specifically designed for families.

The price varies from € 49.95 for a machine to € 69.95 for three. The last of the products, Panda Global Protection 2009, is included as a bonus a system to prevent data loss and allow the user to secure their online transactions. This product is also the most expensive in the suite, is worth € 69.95 for a computer or € 89.95 for three.

Visit to the official Panda developer, or download Panda Security now!

One of Intel’s employee blamed of trade secret

Written by IT News on 5:48 AM

According to a recent article posted by the online edition of The Boston Globe newspaper, a former Intel employee has been accused of stealing important information from the Santa Clara-based leading chip maker. In addition, information has emerged after he took a new job at Intel's long time rival Advanced Micro Devices.

Biswahoman Pani of Worcester has been accused in a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, to have copied a number of confidential Intel documents, including 13 "top secret" the company files containing critical and very sensitive design plans for its future processor chips. According to FBI Special Agent Timothy Russel in the Bureau's Boston computer crime squad, Biswahoman Pani managed to copy more than 100 pages of sensitive documents Intel, as well as 19 computer-aided-design drawings, which are all found in his house, following a search on 1st July.

According to a sworn statement by Timothy Russel, Pani was satisfied that he could not see his wife very often, as she worked at an Intel plant in California. On 29 May, the Santa Clara Company agreed to transfer her to the Hudson, but a few hours after the transfer was approved Pani submitted his resignation claiming that he was interested to take a job with a hedge fund.

His real reason was quite different, according to Russel, Intel's former employee had negotiations for a possible job at AMD in several months. He started working for Advanced Micro Devices on 2nd June, eight days before his contract with Intel ended, which means that he still had access to his Intel laptop and the company's computer network. Russel said that Pani took advantage of their situation to collect sensitive documents.

"Intellectual property is an important asset for Intel, said company spokeswoman Claudine Mangano." Principle, we asked the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the activities, and we cooperate with the investigation. "

Pani has not been taken into custody, but he was ordered to surrender his passport. "My client vigorously maintain their innocence and plans to fight these charges in court," said R. Bradford Bailey, Pani's Attorney.

Startup promises handy cloud storage service

Written by IT News on 5:43 AM

ParaScale, a startup based in Cupertino, California, announced the trial access to its cloud storage systems. As more and more people are aware cloud storage refers to the fact that data are no longer kept in physical terms, but on the Internet.

The company advertises the high security of its stock method, as the central control metadata servers are the only ones to have full access to nodes in the network. In other words, human disturbance within the network will be practically impossible. The operations can be done within the network without the need for mutual confirmation. The Cloud can be permanently upgraded, according to customers' needs.

"The trial will demonstrate to customers how ParaScale software can be used to patch up standard servers from different suppliers, including older servers that are ready to be closed, into own management clouds, add and remove nodes on the go," said Cameron Bahar , CTO and a founding member of ParaScale. "For the first time, end users and service providers may download the software off the web, and has a clear NAS solution ready to store data for one hour."

According to TechCrunch, beta trial of ParaScale's product will only be available for a limited number of customers, some of them plucked from the initial testers of the product in the early stages of development. The price of the cloud storage service will reach about $ 1 per gigabyte, with no additional costs for incoming and outgoing bandwidth, which in the long run make it more convenient compared to its competitors. The data can be loaded on all Linux servers and Windows servers that have been virtualized with specific products.

"Next-gen NAS [Network Attached Storage] solutions, such as coming from ParaScale will appeal to business users who want to deploy economical private cloud distribution within their own firewall and managed by its own people. Such clustered NAS technology makes it also possible for service providers to distribute public clouds, but rather to develop the technology on their own, because the interest in storage as a service takes off," said Noemi Greyzdorf, storage analyst, IDC.

GeCube Radeon 4670 graphics card

Written by IT News on 8:38 AM

After much waiting and numerous rumors, Sunnyvale-based Advanced Micro and its subsidiary ATI graphics, has finally triggered the latest addition to the Radeon graphics cards with the new ATI Radeon HD 4600 series. Design to give an impressive graphics quality for ordinary computer users, the recently announced shortly will be available in two variants, namely HD 4670 and HD 4650. Either of these has been built with the use of the company's successful technology that appears on its HD 4800 series, which was released earlier this year.

With AMD having claimed the performance crown from NVIDIA, it also had a chance to work in its new graphics chips aimed at the common market, which has so far been the main "battlefield" where the company would compete with Santa Clara-based competitor NVIDIA. Now that AMD has finally introduced its latest Radeon graphics card, can provide a new level of graphics performance, with the two products specifically designed for players in a budget.
"Today, AMD is to give ordinary users - one of the largest segments of the market - with superior graphics and performance in the past unknown to prices," said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Products Group, AMD. "The success of ATI Radeon ™ HD 4000 series verified that AMD's transition from the traditional way to produce large, warm, monolithic graphics chip continues to be a successful strategy AMD continues to run against their timelines and deliver leading graphics performance at all costs. "Bergman added.
The new ATI Radeon HD 4670 and ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics cards feature the company's TeraScale graphics engine, and deliver 320 stream processing cores, built on AMD's advanced second-generation 55nm process technology. The cards ensure a minimum power draw, with the Radeon HD 4670 manage to work in accordance with 60W, while the HD 4650 card works on 50W at full load.
The new HD 4670, equipped with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, is available now with an MSRP of U.S. $ 79, while the 1 GB model will go on sale later this month. The other new Radeon graphics cards, HD 4650, comes with 512 MB GDDR2, and will also be available later this month, for an estimated retail price of U.S. $ 69.

Intel's Nehalem roadmap through 2010

Written by IT News on 3:14 PM

It seems that a few more pieces of info on Intel's roadmap for the 2008-2010 time frames has been leaked to the Web, and although not yet officially defined as precisely, some sites have already jumped on to publish articles on the subject. Looking at the chip manufacturer already confirmed plans, the leaked information appears to be reliable enough, at least for what Intel has in mind right now, but no one can safely say the changes do not appear in the future.

An article published by PCWatch earlier showed a number of charts presented some Nehalem breakdowns, and those who are interested in making a comparison between Lynnfield, Havendale, Westmere and Bloomfield can look at them here. The graph that we added to this article provides more information on Intel's road map for 2010 and some specs on Atomic processor.

Intel has already begun the strong value of shares on the market and E7300 (2.6GHz Wolfdale, 3MB L2) is one of them, even if it seems that its projection of "Essential" is not too accurate. Q4 out to put Bloomfield for "Mainstream 3", and this will be the only Nehalem to start until Q2/Q3 2009, when a full-flavoured Core i7 range is expected to crack. The Core 2 will be moved to "Value 2" area at the time. The Core 2 Duo technology seems to go into the Celeron-segment after that, and Nehalem line will cover all other areas. The new Atomic processors for launch in Q3 2008 are also included in the graph.

According to the table, the first half of 2010 will bring the six-core Westmere for high-end segment of the market. The chip manufacturer seems to be planning push of quad-core and hexa-core processors in the broad market, although there are some programs that would support this number of processors.

The Atom-330 will be launched in the coming weeks, while the Atom-230 is already here. The new chips should arrive in 2009, but it remains to be seen whether Intel will have a single-core released before the dual-core model. The road map that shows changes in the CPU's platform and an integrated GPU core, but it is still unclear whether the GPU core will be integrated into Atom or company will go to a multi-die package.

Apparently, the new processors will also feature an integrated memory controller, given that the boards are using DMI and not the norm FSB. The chip manufacturer is suspected of choosing to use an MCM package for Pinefield, with the CPU IMC on one die, and GPU core on the other. The MCH and ICH are connected via the DMI link, which makes the FSB-term unusable.

Hopefully, Atomic will have a friendlier desktop chip, which will also match their energy consumption. Currently, both the Atom and the next 230 to 330 Atom work with quite old 945GC platform, which needs more energy to operate than the Atom himself. The new processors will probably have higher clock speeds as well.

The 20 top list viruses in the world

Written by IT News on 3:00 PM

Security vendor Kaspersky has just released the top 20 of the virus that plagued the Web last month. The results were not startling, with generic Trojan Email-worm.Win32.NetSky.q still leading in the Board. In fact, from a total of 20 malicious programs, 15 were Trojans. In regard to the countries with the most intense infected e-mail traffic, the United States holds the top position, followed closely by South Korea and China.

Since it is summer and fairly all those on holiday, relaxing in the sun, the virus statistics are similar to those of May. The three positions are still occupied by the Trojans, Netsky and Nyxem. What is interesting is that for some malicious software this is their first appearance in the top 20. Coming in at number 16 and 17 are two new invader program called Net-Worm.Win32.Nimda and The other new programs coming in at the bottom of the list: a WMF exploit ranks 19th and a Trojan called E-Worm.Win32.LovGate.w the 20th position.

The aforementioned Nimda worm is not new, it is only new in the top 20. It originally came out as of 2001, but has resurfaced and appears to be to make a pretty nice recovery. Nimda use every opportunity we can find to breed, this includes the infected e-mails, network devices, LAN vulnerabilities, the IIS server attacks. When the computer is infected, Nimda proceeds to create a guest user account and make it possible for everyone on the network to access data stored on your drives.

WMF exploit it came in at number 19th is called Exploit.Win32.IMG-WMF.y. it’s also new in the top 20th It propagates itself via e-mail, only that it has an "Auto Play" function. In most cases, to open all the media are part of an e-mail message, your approval is required. At that exploit the media from running automatically, which means that the code to do themselves, it asks for your permission, immediately after you open the message.

The 3 most affected European countries are Spain, Britain and Germany, according to the Kaspersky Labs. Other European countries which made it to the top 20 are France, Poland, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and the newcomer Ukraine.

Facebook application employed in white-hat hack

Written by IT News on 2:48 PM

A group of researchers from the Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas, Institute of Computer Science Greece, have shown the threat which can be exploited through Facebook. The scientists created a simple application, called "Picture of the Day", who promised to show an impressive National Geographic picture per day.

The researchers were able to show what they had been suspected from the start - that people are enthusiastic about each new gadget, allow itself to be blinded by it and forget about taking at least minimal safeguards against the threat. The same happened to the subjects of this experiment - which did not know that they were actually tracked. When someone clicks on the picture, their computer became a bot on a network created by researchers.

"We have placed a special code to the application source code, so that each time a user looks at the photo, HTTP requests generated in the direction of a victim host. Detailed application embeds four hidden pictures with inline images hosted on the victim. Every time a user clicks inside the application, inline images are taken from the victim, causing the victim to serve a request for 600 Kbytes, but the user is not aware of that fact (the photos are never shown). "The team explained in a recent report issued.

Even the Greek scientists do not advertise in any way app they had created; gossip on the "Picture of the Day" made rounds among its peers, and then spread unexpectedly quickly. During the first day of the experiment, the machinery of about 1000 unwary people from all over the world were bots.

"We have shown that applications that live within a social network can easily and quickly attract a large user-base (in the order of millions of users) that can be redirected to attack victim’s host. We experimentally determined user-base to be distributed, and a worldwide scale. Finally, we have shown that victims of a FaceBot attack may be the subject of an attack that will cause it to serve information to the size of gigabytes per day. "researchers said, underscoring that their attacks had virtually harmless, which is certainly not the case of a real botnet offensive.

AMD announces new virtualization solution

Written by IT News on 2:36 PM

Today, Advanced Micro has announced a new virtualization solution designed to take advantage of technology from both AMD and Microsoft. The new solution combines AMD's Opteron processors with the company's virtualization (AMD-V) technology, along with Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, in order to improve the efficiency of the server designed for large and small companies. Furthermore, to help mid-market companies achieve a faster implementation of virtualization.

"AMD has taken a leading role in the running of virtualization innovation in x86 processor, helping to meet a compelling need in the commercial market for reduced costs, increased performance and energy efficiency," said Kevin Knox, vice president of Worldwide business, AMD. "Now, through our continued partnership with Microsoft, AMD is expanding the scope of virtualization and the benefits of resource consolidation to companies who may not have made use of virtualization in the past." Mr. Knox added.

The recently announced solution makes it possible for OEMs, Vars solution to offer virtualization-server systems that can improve a company's energy consumption level, use and manageability. What is required of such a server system, AMD-V technology, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V will also make it possible for companies to scale according to their demands and needs.

"AMD and Microsoft have a history of working closely together to develop industry-leading solutions that allow customers to maximize their investment and stay ahead of the business software landscape," said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president for Microsoft Infrastructure Server Marketing. "Virtualization is here to stay, and Microsoft's portfolio of virtualization software, combined with technologies such as AMD-V will be help companies of all sizes realize their potential."

Some of the benefits of AMD's Opteron processors and virtualization technologies include improved efficiency that may allow the system to host several virtual machines, transactions and users per server. In addition, AMD's Opteron processors also include Migration, Rapid Virtualization indexing technology, and tagged Translation Look-aside buffer for rapid switching times.

AMD's Athlon 64 2000 processor on a 790G platform

Written by IT News on 3:04 AM

Not too long ago, a number of rumors made the rounds, saying that AMD was expected to release a new low-power processor, wholly designed to compete with Intel's very popular Atomic CPU. Finally, all the speculation came to an end once and allegations that the Sunnyvale chip maker was not even considering the release of an Atomic competitor at any time in the near future.

On this note, it seems that AMD has strong reasons not to release a new low-power CPU designed for small netbooks and nettops. According to a recent article at Tom's Hardware site, maker already has a decent competitor to Intel's Atom, and it is actually "cheaper, faster and quieter" than Intel's product. After running a comparison test between the Athlon 64 2000 processor and Intel's Atom 230 processor, a single, yet surprising conclusion was reached: Athlon 64 processor is generally better than Intel's solution.

The processors were tested on two desktop platforms, and according to test results, AMD's Athlon 64 2000 has a better energy than Intel's Atom, providing a greater processing power. One of the top strong points of AMD's Athlon was the 790G platform, on which CPU tested. Compared with the 945GC chipset, 790G platforms offers three times as many SATA ports have better integrated graphics and can also support two monitors. There is also support for an HD resolution (up to 1920 x 1200), while the high image quality achieved through a DVI / HDMI port.

As for the noise level is concerned, the Atom is once again surpassed the Athlon processor, which, thanks to the energy-efficient 790G platform, does not require an active cooling solution.

On the downside, Athlon 64 2000 processor has a higher level than Intel's TDP Atom, with 8W compared with 4W for Atom. There is also a disadvantage for energy-efficient 790G platform, which is currently only available with a Microatx form factor, while the Intel platform has a much smaller miniITX. In addition, according to Tom's Hardware, the price tag of AMD processor should be somewhere in the $ 90 range, nearly twice as much as you need for an Atomic processor.

Despite all this, there is only one conclusion to this, and that is that AMD has something to seriously compete with Atomic

Intel's SCH specifications update

Written by IT News on 1:12 AM

One of the main benefits of HP's Mini-Note netbook system is that, unlike all other Atomic-powered netbooks currently on the market, it can support a Windows Vista operating system. This is also one of the reasons for the higher price tag that will attach to the Mini-Note, especially when you compare it with most of its direct competitors. But it seems that some of these netbooks running Intel's Atomic CPU may soon be technically possible to make a Windows Vista operating system as well.

As most of you already know by now, run Vista eats up a large part of the system's resources, while the old Windows XP are less demanding. This means that run Windows Vista on a system with less than 2GB DDR2 memory may prove to be a really unpleasant experience.

Netbook system running on an Intel processor Atom can only be equipped with up to 1 GB of system memory. It is mainly because of Atom's System Controller Hub (SCH) specifications, which does not permit system to equip an Atom-driven entity with more than 1 GB of memory. Ultimately, this is the reason why there are no Vista-capable netbooks powered by Intel's Atomic processor.

Fortunately, according to a new PDF from Intel, an updated version of the System Controller HUB will include support for up 2GB of RAM. It is unclear whether this will happen in the next systems, or if it will be available to all other Atomic-powered netbooks through BIOS update.

One thing is certain, netbooks runs on Windows Vista will certainly be more expensive and, so far their performance is that things may not go as expected. On the other hand, a 2GB netbook would be very good at running a custom Linux-based operating system as well, which could ultimately increase customer interest in netbook market.

Transcend's JetFlash V20 USB flash drive with 64GB

Written by IT News on 10:22 PM

Given the device's small footprint and the vast amount of data can be stored on it, the new JetFlash v20 USB memory from Transcend may prove to be a reliable choice for all the users out there that require ultra-portable high-capacity storage solutions.

The v20's design allows its users can easily carry it in their pocket or handbag. It has a semi-transparent color band that lights up to inform the user when JetFlash is in use. In view of the unit's high-capacity storage solution, users can easily use it to back up and store large amounts of data, music or video files.

In addition, Transcend offers users their own JetFlash elite data management tools, which can be downloaded onto the v20 flash drive to improve mobile productivity. This software can convert v20 flash drive for a key to automatically log into the site accounts, or to lock the computer for security reasons, which would prevent unauthorized access.

As expected the unit, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, is built with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface for easy plug-and-play, and is compatible with all Windows, Linux or Mac systems. So far, the company has not made public any information about the unit's pricing and availability, so keep an eye on this space for more.

About Jensen Precast Concrete and Prefab

Written by IT News on 10:20 PM

Do you want to build a playing court quickly and easily? Do you explore all your opportunities to perform a minor construction projects like building a tennis court or the Basketball Court, in terms of budget and reliability? Look around on the net and find the best deals out there. You may not get what you pay for with your contractor or supplier. Take, for example, Jensen Precast. They are a leading and pioneering provider of Precast Concrete and prefabricated steel products in the southwest. Jensen Precast has a long and fruitful tradition of providing quality products and excellent service to its customers since the early 1980s. From humble beginning, Jensen has expanded its business from Reno, Nevada in several places in south-western United States and has wowed customers with their dedication to work and reliability. 

From Precast Concrete Septic Tanks to Storm drains into reinforced concrete, if you are somewhere in California, Arizona, Nevada, or even Hawaii, you definitely see you and compare prices before you get the project underway. Jensen Precast has been in operation for the longest time, because of its commitment to provide our customers with affordable yet reliable products and services. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer

Written by IT News on 9:45 PM

If Microsoft is moving into the cloud, Google is expanding to the Desktop and the Windows client. The Mountain-View search giant is on the verge of making available a beta version of Google Chrome, a browser, initially designed to integrate only with the Windows platform, but which is set to be adapted to additional platforms in the future. Not even out yet, Google Chrome is positioned as an Internet Explorer killer, far beyond what Microsoft's competitors, Mozilla and Opera have been able to do with their own products.

"This is just the beginning - Google Chrome is far from finished. We are releasing this beta version for Windows to start a wider discussion and hear from you as soon as possible. We are working to build versions for Mac and Linux, too, and will continue to do it even faster and more robust, "revealed Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management, and Linus Upson, engineering director.

At the time of this article Google Chrome bits were not available for download yet. Google will try as representatives from the company called a "fresh take on the browser," with the intention to "start early and iterate." Grounded in the desktop, and owns a large majority of both the operating system and browser markets, with Windows and Internet Explorer, the Redmond giant is really an intermediary between end-users and Google, which lies almost exclusively in the clouds.

While Google claims that Chrome will be made available "because we believe we can add value to users, while helping to drive innovation on the Web," In fact, the Mountain View Company is to make a decisive move to reduce the importance of Internet Explorer on the World Wide Web.
At the end of August 2008, Winifred Mitchell Baker, president of the Mozilla Foundation and chairman and former executive director of the Mozilla Corporation, announced that "we have just renewed our contract with Google for a further three years. The agreement now ends in November 2011 instead of November 2008, so we have stability in revenues. "

So in this context, Google and Mozilla is now obvious partner, on the same front against Microsoft. At the end of August 2008, all supported editions of Internet Explorer accounted for over 70% of the browser market, according to data from Net Applications, while Firefox came close to breaking the 20% milestone. As a newcomer, Google Chrome will start from zero, but the browser is bound to gain traction quickly, especially with Google's resources behind them.

Google Browser features components from Apple's WebKit and Firefox and is a fully open-source product. Chrome sport a new strategy for the graphical user interface, with a focus on tabs, but also functions as Omnibox, an address bar with automatic completion functionality, and a Speed Dial, privacy with the help of "incognito" windows, a new method of execution and the use of Web applications, and malware protection.

"In the hood, we were able to build the foundation for a browser that runs today's complex web applications much better. If they keep each tab in an isolated" sandbox ", we were able to prevent a tab from crashing each other and provide greater protection against rogue sites. We improved speed and availability across the board. We have also built a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, to power the next generation Web applications that are not even possible in today's browsers, "added Pichai and Upson.

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