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OneNote Mobile

Written by IT News on 7:17 PM

If you have a Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC, you can use the OneNote Mobile program to take notes on your mobile device and then synchronize these notes with a section in the full version of OneNote 2007. This is useful when you want to:

  • Capture business card pictures on your phone and bring them into OneNote, where the text in the images can be searched
  • Take short text notes and voice recording reminders on your phone (for example, ideas for a project, prices, reference numbers, names, recommendations, and so on) and they will be synchronized with OneNote
  • Prepare travel information in OneNote and then transfer it to your mobile device where it will be available to you on the road


To install OneNote Mobile on your device, connect it to your computer. Then in OneNote click Tools > Options > OneNote Mobile
> Install OneNote Mobile.


Your notes on the device will be synchronized with the "OneNote Mobile Notes" notebook in OneNote 2007 whenever you connect your mobile device to your computer.







OneNote 2007 no longer supports copying from the Notes program on the device.

(This functionality was available in OneNote 2003). You can use the new OneNote Mobile program instead if you have a compatible device.


Supported devices for OneNote Mobile:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 powered smartphones
  • Windows Mobile 5 powered Pocket PCs


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The Performance of Windows 7

Written by IT News on 6:25 PM

From start to the way it manages hardware resources, energy and applications, Windows 7 has been applauded as providing a high performance better than that in Windows Vista, even as early as before the Beta Build 6801. As far as results go, the RTM of Windows Vista leaving much to be desired, to use a euphemism, but after the implementation of the Service Pack 1, the operating system is at least offering a glimpse of gold promised release of the client. For windows 7, the promise is that the operating system will maintain a high level of performance despite Microsoft's tweaks to optimize hardware efficiency and scalability.

"Energy efficiency is improved by a reduction of background activity and new support for trigger the start of system services. Windows 7 also offers improvements in the Windows kernel that allows applications and services to scale efficiently across platforms. The performance of many functions and APIs are better in Windows 7, compared with Windows Vista. For example, driver performance on the servers is optimized for the new user mode and kernel-mode topology API. Rendering graphics are much smoother and faster. Availability is also much faster than before, "Microsoft explained.

According to the Redmond Company, the right technologies for the next iteration of Windows client have kicked up a hack. At the same time, there is only so much that Microsoft can do in the absence of support from software developers to create solutions designed to be used at the beginning of the operating system. The software giant revealed that ultimately the responsibility of ensuring that Windows 7 and the underlying hardware to achieve their respective energy potential lies with software developers. In this context, Microsoft pointed out that the developers had the necessary infrastructure and tools in the customer to play down as much as possible of the energy implications of their applications.

"Windows 7 significantly reduces the number of activities to the operating system performs to prevent the use of energy-saving modes. It also supports the trigger-start the system so that the processors will become disabled more often and stay longer idle, which reduces energy consumption. In addition, Windows 7 uses the latest energy-efficient hardware including network adapters, storage devices, and video cards, "the company added.

Among the improvements that come with Windows 7 is running-start capability. With a big impact on reducing the start times, trigger the start to ensure that services do not have to start up automatically when the computer will boot. In this regard Microsoft has made it possible for developers to start a service on a particular result. Windows 7 is optimized with a range of preconfigured services that are just waiting on developers to take advantage of them. This is done via Windows 7 Service Control Manager.

"Common trigger events for the services include: Device-class interface arrival: Start a service only when a particular type of device that is attached to or on the system, Domain join: Start a service only if it is connected to a Windows domain, group policy change: Starting a service automatically when the group policy is updated on the system, and the IP address of arrival: Start a service only when the system is connected to the network, "the company stated.

Micron 256GB SSD

Written by IT News on 6:23 PM

According to a video posted on Micron's new blog, the company succeeded in developing a solid-state device that could reach the fastest speed ever recorded by such a product. To be more specific, the video shows a SSD that reach data transfer at 800 MB / s at the same time also be able to expand seemingly about 1 GB / s. This speed is about twice the maximum performance peak seen to date.

As the video shows the system used for demonstration includes two eight-core Intel Xeon processors and two SSDs. Moreover, two units were not connected via a standard PATA or SATA interface, which means they were not limited to the bandwidth barrier of 300 MB / s SATA II. The devices use a PCIe interface, even with flash data management enhancements, which Micron States.

According to Micron's Joe Jeddeloh, during the demonstration, the two briefly managed to beat a host of data on about 800 MB / s and 150000 - 160000 random IOPS. Jeddeloh also showed a flash PCIe cards that combined the two cards in a flash unit with 16 channels. He said that this card could reach a bandwidth of 1 GB / s and "at least 200,000 IOPS." The faster companies SSDs available today from major manufacturers can hit around 250 MB / s and approximately 30,000 IOPS. In the case of hard drives, the fastest an observer as WD's Velociraptor, this clocks at about 100 MB / s.

The PCIe SSDs concept is not new, as Fusion IO has already unveiled similar products, the most notable of them turn on 100,000 IOPS a year ago. The company has recently launched a consumer version of its PCIe card, which is said to offer data from 500 to 700 MB / s and approximately 50,000 IOPS for around $ 1000. Micron said its vehicles would be available soon, but gave no reference to a possible price tag.

Hynix introduces the fastest GDDR5 memory at 7Gbps

Written by IT News on 12:39 AM

Hynix Semiconductor recently announced that it has succeeded in developing GDDR5 (series five, graphics double data rate memory) video memory, which provides data transfer speeds are 7Gbps. The newly introduced GDDR5 offers a 40 percent speed improvement over existing 5Gbps GDDR5 memory. It comes as 1GB GDDR5 memory modules and its 7Gbps transfer leads to up to 28GB of data per second with a 32-bit I / O.

The 1GB GDDR5 Hynix announced is manufactured using the company's 54nm technology. In addition to the improved transmission speeds, the new memory has also been designed to minimize power consumption at 1.35V power supply. The JEDEC standard 1GB GDDR5 graphics DRAM on 7Gbps aimed at advanced applications such as PC games, game consoles and video cards.

Hynix Semiconductor expects the new 1GB GDDR5 deliver 7Gbps throughput to help the company maintain its leading position in the graphics DRAM market. The memory can be considered to be the fastest graphics memory product with the highest density ever. The manufacturer also offers its previous 1GB GDDR5 developed, manufactured under 66 nanometer process technology.

Hynix also announced that it’s 1GB GDDR5 graphics DRAM respects JEDEC standard. In addition, the company has indicated that it plans to start production in the first half of next year to meet the increasing demand for high performance graphics DRAM. Advanced users, players and enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of Hynix's latest developments to use their experience to new heights.

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has its headquarters in Icheon, Korea. The company is the top group of global memory semiconductor supplier. Its portfolio includes Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (DRAM) and flash memory chip, which offered a wide range of established international customers. They want to know more about the company and its product offerings can do so by going to its website.

Suggestion on selecting modern frames

Written by IT News on 9:31 AM

As today many people using computer to finish their daily task either in office or home, without they realize that using computer too much may leads to reduce eyes visibility. That is why we need to take a rest every long hours of using the computer. I suggest take a rest every three hours. Also look at green-area (usually tree) to refresh your eyes.

However if the doctor and your optics says that you need to ware a glasses, then you have to do that. Simply start find the best frames for you, I mean it must suitable and comfort when you wearing your glasses, also don’t use the ancient frame. Better consult the optics to show you which frames is comfort and suitable for your face.

I have to recommend you to Zenni Optical because they have a lot of frames collection that may be suit for you. When you ask a frame at your local optics, you will be surprise when the optics tell you how much you should pay, the lowest price at the local optics may start $150 or more, but at Zenni Optical you can get modern and suitable for any kind of activities, either for traveling or work at the office, all are very cheap, specially if you choose for Holiday Frames. The price is start at $9.95, very interesting isn’t it?

G1 will accidentally rebooted if there is a word reboot

Written by IT News on 8:27 AM

According the to, the Android phone T-mobile G1 will be automatically rebooted if the user type the word "reboot". Danish from techpedia did not think that this problem is crucial since not all user will type the word "reboot" while they browsing or working.

This bug is also open the secret that the software has a service running on the background to detect any input made user. In linux there is a word "init" followed by number will have the same action, so in Android. Hope that the G1 will not get formated if user accidentally type "format"

The BlackBerry Storm got litle delayed

Written by IT News on 7:50 AM

According to techpedia the BlackBerry Storm will be available on November 14, the delay is caused by the software glitch. This is a bad news, as there is many people waiting for long time about this released.

Once released to the market, the phone offered in two different contracts, $89.99 for company and the rest have to pay $199.99 both for two years contract. Since the gap is too high, people will register under their company in order to get lower price. Honestly iPhone is still in my heart, so I am going to but the Storm in this year.

MSI EX623 Centrino 2 notebook

Written by IT News on 12:28 AM

MSI may not be the biggest name on the portable market, but it does try to deliver some of the latest technology in computer hardware by releasing new and higher performance systems. The latest product in the Taiwanese company's portfolio of 16-inch laptop comes in the form of a Centrino 2-powered system that also provides an NVIDIA discrete graphics cards for better performance. Note book, dubbed EX623, has been specifically designed to give users a MSI alternative to all these entertainment laptops on the market.

Regarding technical specifications, the new notebook is clearly one of the best-equipped laptops MSI has to offer. Based on the latest mobile platform from Intel, Centrino 2, and on one of NVIDIA's GeForce traditional mobile solutions, 9500M GS graphics card with 512 MB VRAM, the notebook is to provide a high level of computing performance. In addition, the system may also be available with up to 4 GB of DDR2 memory, and with a high capacity 320GB SATA hard drive.

Other features include a 2MP webcam, 3-in-1 card reader, DVD Super Multi or Blu-ray optical drive, a full-size keyboard, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n wireless with a Bluetooth module, and three USB 2.0 ports; modem connector, D-Sub and e-SATA support. Equipped with a 6-cell battery options, the notebook is said to weigh about 2.7kg. Speaking of which, users also have the choice of a higher capacity, 9-cell battery. Unfortunately, the company has not revealed any details about the system's pricing and availability.

In related news, MSI's gaming-oriented GX620 notebook has just received an "Editor's Choice Award" from the Russian Igromania Magazine. The price will recognize the design and features of MSI's GX620 gaming notebook, which is said to be ideal for both gaming enthusiasts and everyday users who are looking for a true desktop replacement.

Sample of the zoom level

Written by IT News on 2:28 AM

We have all heard of medical Endoscope, the serpent-like devices that help doctors take a better look inside the human body, while keeping damage to a minimum. And certainly there are a lot of people out there who, at some point, wished they had such a product to take a closer look at some other inaccessible area.

For this reason, the people over at USB Fever has come up with USB Digital endoscope, a device versatile enough to make a thorough examination of even the darkest areas of a system .... computer system, that is.

At first glance, the device looks quite similar to its medical counterpart, with a 63 cm long stick, along with a 80 cm USB cable. At the end of the stick, you can find a small element that provides a magnification factor of about 40x, which is good for checking even the smallest parts of a computer. In the vicinity of the optical element we have LED lighting systems, which can be manually controlled by the user to adjust the intensity of the light.

The device works much like a regular webcam, to take pictures and video clips via a software program. Moreover, to ensure that the images are as clear as possible, the device also sports a manual focusing system.

USB Digital endoscope is guaranteed to work (no drivers required) with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The manufacturer does point out that the periphery can also work in Linux, but since no thorough testing on this very issue has been carried out, you will get it at your own risk.

The device from the USB Fever is not just a very low cost one, sells for around 140 U.S. dollars. But it may actually have quite a high level of success depends mostly on the many areas where it may prove to be of use, from laboratories, quality control and industrial inspection to OverClockers, crime-scene investigators and, why not, even doctors.

Dell asks employees to take unpaid vacation

Written by IT News on 1:42 AM

Dell, the second-largest PC maker worldwide, is struggling to cut costs in the face of global economic crisis and is said to have asked their employees to take up to five days of unpaid leave. As reported earlier, Dell is close to ending an 8900 job cut program, but is also offering voluntary severance packages and seems to have started a global hiring freeze.

Michael said that Dell via e-mail the move to employees on Monday, but expressed hopes of further consolidation in the technology industry on Tuesday. He encouraged companies to assemble financial bottlenecks by focusing on the hard returns, innovation and investment. "Stunning in passivity is exactly the wrong thing to do right now," he revealed at a conference in San Francisco. Dell also said that the company is working on the so-called "cloud computing to deliver services over the Web.

Jess Blackburn, a Dell spokesman said the company plans to reduce operating costs in its fourth quarter. "The intention is to better position Dell for long-term competitiveness," said Blackburn. "We ask employees on a voluntary basis to consider removing (up to) five days ... as unpaid leave as a flexible way to reduce costs for the company.”Employees are expected to take time off during the next three months.

Dell ended the third quarter on October 31, and will finish the fourth January 30, 2009. Because of the economic crisis, Dell registered softening global demand. The company announced in Q3 that it would focus on getting more share in emerging markets. The computer maker also plans to cut jobs of 8500, meant to help it adapt its activities to the low level of global demand.

Earlier this year, the company revealed its plans to achieve annual savings of $ 3 billion in 36 months. Even in San Francisco, Michael Dell said in the future of the industry is in the clouds computers instead of the local computer. According to Dell, about 80 percent of Fortune 1000 companies will use cloud services in the coming years.

Dell also that the company is working on creating a cloud of its own around IT services, and added that this would contribute to the IT costs down. [source softpedia]

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