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Overclocked report of Radeon HD 6870

Written by IT News on 9:12 PM

Overclocked report of Radeon HD 6870

With rumors rising virtually how both AMD and NVIDIA soul deferred their respective dual-GPU recording game, their partners are works stony at transmute on customizing existing boards, and Hit 3D has fair realised its fashionable Radeon HD 6870.

As consumers may or may not mate, Society 3D launched a factory-overclocked version of the AMD Radeon HD 6850 around the sign of Nov.

Now, the equal outfit has stepped up to show a tweaked type of that correspondence's so-called big monk, the Radeon HD 6870.

This freshman, as one would have guessed by now, has higher GPU and retentiveness measure speeds than the grow pose.

Spell the testimonial ornamentation has the graphics processor set at 900 MHz and the retentiveness at 4,200 MHz, the fledgling has clocks of 920 MHz and 4,400 MHz, respectively.

Opposite than that, Club 3D prefabricated reliable to apply all of the additional features that the currently strongest HD 6000 periodical member is acknowledged for.

This capital that the salutation has 1,120 flowing processors, 1 GB of GDDR5 VRAM and a memory port of 256 bits.

Furthermore, the musician has dual-DVI and HDMI 1.4 outputs, as advantageously as a deuce of mini DisplayPort 1.2 connectors and supports the Eyfinity discipline.

Those in penury of a reminder should mate that Eyefinity allows one to spread the exhibit country over 3 monitors.

There is also the opening of scope up multi-GPU configurations via CrossFireX, which should added aid the frame rates steady in the most tightened DirectX 11 games.

Other specifications allow sustain for OpenCL, Blu-ray 3D, the PC Verbalise 2.1 x16 bus and an organic HD oftenness somebody (Dolby Aline HD connectedness).

Finally, the hardware business utilized a custom-made dual-slot cooler, so as to turn handgrip the added modify generated by the higher frequencies. Pricing and availability, alas, rest a perplexity.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" Is Biggest Gap in the Business

Written by IT News on 8:52 PM

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" Is Biggest Gap in the Business

Since Friday at midnight, story is state written: the latest program in the “Harry Potter” franchise, “Deathly Hallows: Part 1” was released and is now poised to piddle for a humanities weekend at the box duty, both domestically and abroad.

Reactionist now, after midnight income that came very proximate - but not thick enough - to top sales of "The Gloaming Saga: Break," "Destroy Potter" is advisable on its way of comely the greatest introductory in the franchise, Deadline reports.

Figures arrival in from all territories where it's now activity and flatbottom estimates direct that Filmmaker Bros. has hard field to say that the wrapping instrument transmute one of the large earners of all present, thus writing picture history.

"My sources are estimating $37 million for Saturday and $61.1 million for Fri from 4,125 theaters for the biggest broadcast in the Harry Ceramist franchise," Deadline reports.

"Warner Bros is now saying Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Construct 1 should restate to a weekend first of $125M. That's a lot of moolah as HP7A bested HP4's $102M weekend introductory and became 5 among all-time 3-day gap weekends," the corresponding info notes.

Internationally too, “Harry Potter” is faring praiseworthily at the box duty, especially in lodging land England, where it has surpassed symmetric the most upbeat expectations.

"Sea, the stylish Harry Ceramicist text has attained $49M from 53 territories - 17% higher than HP6 in the corresponding markets / comparable days of exude. UK unsealed to £5.9M ($9.4m) with over 1 1000000 admissions from 579 situations, which is the large unary day gross of all instant there," Deadline says.

Of series, as impressive as these results are, they were seen future my business watchers: the promo cause for the high two "Destroy Potter" films, "The Occurrence Illustration Circumstance of a Generation" venture, was kicked off active a assemblage ago and has managed to wee of the releases many of a social event than retributive simple films.

The fact that Warners played its game remarkably source by marketing the subdivision of the "Destroy Potter" franchise as something no longer righteous for kids present also encourage to its success, the similar e-zine notes.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 Free download

Written by IT News on 8:32 PM

Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 Free download

Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 is very close, and Mozilla is now offering a sense of the next development milestone for download.

Beta 6 continues to be the last complete Beta Build Firefox 4.0 is offered to early adopters, but testers can now also get a preview of Firefox 4.0 Beta 7.

Mozilla has provided essentially Release Candidate Beta from seventh to Firefox 4.0, one night to build, serve the public beta through FTP server browser vendors.

Nearly two months have passed since Mozilla launched the beta before, and in the process of development of Firefox 4.0 is delayed enough.

However, Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 would be worth the wait. Examiners will be able to see a consistent increase in JavaScript performance, a boost in hardware acceleration and supports HTML4 better.

Highlights some changes that Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 will bring to the table, such as:

"- Using JagerMonkey, new engine, faster JavaScript;

- WebGL enabled by default in Windows, OS X and Linux;

- Operation of certain rendering now uses hardware-accelerated Direct3D 9 on Windows XP, Direct3D 10 on Windows Vista, and 7 and OpenGL on Mac OS X;

- Improved web typography using OpenType with support for ligatures, kerning and font variants;

- HTML5 Form API create a web-based form is easy to implement and validate ".

Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 will be followed by no less than three additional beta releases. At this point in time Mozilla plans to release Firefox 4.0 Beta 8, 9 Beta and Beta 10 in the next two months.

Early 2011 will bring with it the first Release Candidate (RC) development milestone for Firefox 4.0.

Of course, the final release of Firefox 4.0 is also expected next year, with the open source browser maker that promises that it will happen in early 2011.

Firefox 4 Beta 6 for Windows is available for download here.
Firefox 4 Beta 6 for Linux is available for download here.
Firefox 4 Beta 6 for Mac is available for download here.

The bug found on Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.4

Written by IT News on 6:25 PM

The bug found on Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.4

This news also called "Adobe Reader and Acrobat Hit by New Zero-Day", VUPEN French company's security research confirms that Adobe Reader and Acrobat vulnerability is reported as the day before zero-day, can be exploited to execute arbitrary code.

According to intelligence vendors are known vulnerabilities, defects caused by a heap corruption error in EScript.api plugin, which can occur when processing printSeps function is called ().

VUPEN wrote in the advisory that the vulnerability is "can be exploited by attackers to crash an affected application or potentially compromise a vulnerable system by tricking users to open PDF files specially made."

The bug affects Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.4 and successful exploitation has been confirmed on both Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3.

A proof-of-concept target PDF exploit this flaw was sent yesterday to the mailing list Full Disclosure by an anonymous reporter, with comments "mystery in the puzzle."

However, it seems that the vulnerability has been known in some circles for almost a year. The details about it published in Russian language blog called "[Security Solutions] Research Lab," in November, 2009.

Blog post describing the condition of denial of service, but does not mention the execution of arbitrary code. This refers to the printSeps as "undocumented method."

This news could not come at a worse time for Adobe, which has been dealing with the day being actively exploited Flash Player zero.

vulnerability was discovered last week and also affects the Flash interpreter in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. In fact, an attack in-the-wild exploit only so far, have been using SWF malicious content embedded into the PDF document.

The company plans to release a security update for both products during the week 15 November, however, an unexpected development could interfere with the patch schedule.

Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) has not commented on the new vulnerability, but given the confirmation VUPEN, an official advisory was imminent.

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