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Phishers now turn to telephones in order to get private details

Written by IT News on 8:22 PM

Today's phishers have fairly advanced technology and today's report will support this statement. According to Port Clinton News Herald, a phisher used an e-mail account belonging to the First National Bank of Bellevue to send phishing e-mail to their customers. As always, the main objective of the fraud was to trick users into revealing their private financial information such as account number and security credentials.

But the way the scam worked is a little different than the traditional, asking users to visit a particular site. This time, it is phisher tried to reach a telephone line which, at the request callers to activate their bank accounts, demanding private information.

Police officers are already tracking down the phone number, but there is no word on how many people failed the victims of fraud. But in case anyone out important information, he is recommended to call the police in Port Clinton (419) 734-3121, Port Clinton News Herald added.

"It looks like it might be legitimate because it is from the bank's e-mail. We see it everywhere between here and Sandusky. People should not respond to e-mail," Detective Bob Case in Port Clinton police commented.

Traditional phishing has proven to be quite dangerous, especially for people who have no protection against this type of illegal activity. But even with the appropriate one, it is rather difficult to stay on the safe side against this type of Phishing Scam if you do not realize it is dangerous and you may not disclose your bank.

Most anti-phishing applications tend to block harmful websites, but because in today's issue readers are encouraged to call a telephone number, such protection would be meaningless. In addition, anti-spam filter would also be of any help because the phisher gave a legitimate bank account, meant to be trusted by most users. It is, therefore, extra caution is recommended when you're asked to provide your bank information. However, keep in mind that most services, companies and organizations will never ask for your sensitive information!

Track phone number with easy

Written by IT News on 8:20 PM

Tired working all day, what inside in mind is only want to get home, relax and get rest. But sometime things is not running as we planned, can you imagine if you get annoying call in your spare time, telemarketers, and sometime time prank callers. What will you going to do then? Do not call them back, you can find out the owner of the phone number by using reverse phone number lookup at is useful to lookup owner's name and address for any unknown phone number. It’s really help to track who is actually calling you. You can easily found people address by enter the phone number into the search box in Get instant access to the phone number owner information such as name, address, city, state, line type, phone carrier more and more for each U.S. or Canada telephone number.

Now if you were getting harassing calls from unknown phone numbers don’t need to worry, remember that only reverse phone lookup service can help you. Comprehensive reverse phone search database includes millions of cell phone numbers and landline telephones within the United States and Canada. Our information is constantly updated to be up-to-date and accurate.

Firefox Tabs features

Written by IT News on 7:14 PM

Tabs have no doubt revolutionized site navigation. Long gone are the times of a web page-per-browser example, but this does not mean that tab, the concept does not provide the scope for further improvement. Such a development scenario is investigated by Aza Raskin, head of user experience on Mozilla Labs, which wants to Firefox, tabbed to a new level. A new standard of functionality of the tabs of open source in your browser is synonymous with the new end-user experience and improvements in the flexibility and productivity.

"I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to design interface of the scale. The time saved when the data we are often streamlined are staggering when multiplied by a quarter of one billion users. Right now, I 'm interested in what we can rationalize the new tab workflow. Right now, when you open a new tab, you get a blank screen. While clean, it has a 100% probability, not when you get what you want to be. While it is good not to intimidate with an explosion of information, we can have a much more streamlined workflow and thus save enormous amounts of total time by showing something. The question is, "What?", "Raskin explained.

The perspective is that at this time a newly opened tab is simply a vehicle, a middle phase of an action, but simply useless in itself. What Raskin suggests is that a new tab learns the browser of the user and intelligently adapt to different missions. At the same time, joint operations would be centralized in new tabs, which would therefore show the results of understanding browsing behavior.

"What I like about all these is that they are zero-cost benefits. We as a browser, can make the wrong guesses and the worst crimes we commit, is to add visual clutter. There is never a real penalty for the user, yet the benefits in the right are significant. My hunch is that some of the concepts here go overboard and in the end would be more obstacles than help. Nothing here has to be taken at the wholesale level, "Raskin concluded.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Postponed to October 2008

Written by IT News on 6:47 PM

According to Mozilla's original plans, the first beta of Firefox 3.1 code name Shiretoko was slated for availability at the end of August 2008, but this is no longer the case. Firefox 3.1 will only be released in October this year. The beta code freeze for the successor of Firefox 3.0 was moved from August to early September and then to the end of the following month. In this context, Mozilla will take over a month to deliver Firefox 3.1.

"As we talked a little in the development call we will move the code freeze to the Beta 1 30. This schedule adjustment will better allow us to incorporate feedback from Alpha on compelling features, which the worker threads before beta, and adjusts for some of the effects of MU on the building and free up resources, "revealed Mozilla's Vice President Sciences Mike Shaver.

After that, there is Firefox 3.1 Beta 1, code name Shiretoko will be moving to the Beta 2 release, which is currently scheduled for the end of October 2008. Until the Beta 1 drops, Mozilla has yet to release the second Alpha for the open source browser. "Alpha 2 are based will be produced by using the code from August 19, as before, and we should have a timetable for the build availability and release quite soon. (Probably around 2 September, if you made me guess. Do not make me guess.) "Shaver added.

On the other hand, Mozilla has begun to deliver Firefox 3.0.1 as an important update to Firefox and will continue to pay the 2.0 version with the release of v3.0.2. Mozilla Firefox expects and Firefox 3.0.2 to be launched simultaneously at some time in mid-September. While Firefox 3.1 Shiretoko is also built with the first Alpha builds planned for the end of this week or early next.

Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1, Firefox 3.0.1 and Firefox are available for download here.

Daylite 3.7.6 Fixes Sync Failure

Written by IT News on 2:59 AM

Daylite 3.7.6 is the newest version of Marketcircle productivity software for Mac OS X. The update fixes rather nasty sync errors that forced users to start Daylite. The update is free for registered users, as well as the trial version users.

Daylite integration with Apple Mail and work with iSync keep Daylite contacts and calendar features to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. Business integration options include connections to FileMaker database software, MoneyWorks accounting application, and Lightspeed sales. In principle Daylite offers integrated tools and processes to identify and qualify opportunities, while managing projects, calendars and contacts.

Since the release of Daylite 3.7.4, productivity software also includes a connection to dialectic, a highly versatile tool that unites telephony users Mac, data and phones - mobile, fixed and VoIP. APP can also be specified as a dialectic contact source for quick and easy lookups and incoming caller identification. With these last additions, Marketcircle has incorporated the elements needed to make PC users switch to Mac easier.

Daylite 3.7.6, the latest version released by Marketcircle, sports improved offline synchronization, reliability and how synchronization errors are reported and dealt with according to the company.

A few extra checks have also been implemented, reports the correct cause of a sync error, while sync failure no longer forces a restart of Daylite. "Daylite will remain online or offline and lets you continue working," the company said. Daylite 3.7.6 also uses a more robust handling of the problems that were discovered during a sync, and when the merger with iWork suite, merged documents now remain open when you select "Open in Editor."

Another remarkable fine-tuning has occurred with the contact detail, which is now showing the contact that is standard for the organization in all views. An added ‘Do Nothing' actions in the merge, as well as the ability to schedule automatic backups database by Daylite Maintenance Settings round up the full list of accessories for Daylite 3.7.6.

Daylite 3.7.6 is a free update for existing (and trial) users. Daylite 3.7.6 is a free upgrade for all Daylite 3 users.

Web hosting rating

Written by IT News on 2:58 AM

Today’s webhosting is really important, I cannot imagine if my webhosting didn’t support me as well. Webhosting is also one of the success factor for online business, so that webmaster able to finish every task including setup new hosting, adding domain, setup ftp account and many more.

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Moreover there is a list of web hosting company that listed and earns web hosting awards, now building webhosting is a fatal plan, choose correct hosting and avoid scam. Since there is a lot of hosting lay down on the net and you don’t know which one is best and suite for your need, using a webhosting rating will eliminate those risks.

Immediately Blizzard will launch warcraft update

Written by IT News on 2:50 AM

Blizzard is getting ready for the second expansion of its blockbuster MMO World of Warcraft. But before the Wrath of the Lich King can present his glory to all players, the game will receive a further update, which appears to be large and in the coming weeks. The idea is that the game is not ready for an expansion yet, since most of the content and features that are now must be "bridged" to the expansion.

The update will contain new class spells, talents, plus two stadiums which are designed with new layouts, hazards and moving obstacles, a re-make of the skills of the animals such as the hunter can get, and an option for the guild calendar is also available features. It is an implementation of barbershops (a new profession added) in all capitals in the game, too. Inscription is now capped, but when Wrath of the Lich King is launched, players will be able to specialize in the field.

The people at Blizzard say that the entire patch notes will only be released shortly before the update itself arrives at their MMO. The idea is that developers may need to address other issues related to balancing.

The expansion, creating a new class, the first since the launch of the MMO, is due to arrive in the autumn, opening up a whole new continent that players can explore. They will also be able to change many aspects of the game. The idea is that all the changes made to characters' talents, rods and other things will disturb the delicate balance that is necessary for Player vs. Player fights. The team behind the game will have much to do to balance it all, so expect a lot of updates and patches once expansion begins.

Do a price comparison before buy new laptops

Written by IT News on 2:49 AM

Do you prefer laptop compare to personal computer? The wise answer depends on the purpose of use, for mobile people absolutely choose laptop and for home and office will be more convenience using personal computer. Talk about laptops, if you want to buy a new one, it’s a good idea to always compare and check your favorite brand at

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Apple has announce ProRes QuickTime Decoder

Written by IT News on 2:45 AM

Apple has released the first ProRes QuickTime decoder for Mac. According to the company, this tool will allow QuickTime to play Apple ProRes files. With the help of the codec, Final Cut users benefit from the "lossless, uncompressed HD video on SD throughput." Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder allows both Mac and Windows users to play Apple ProRes files through QuickTime; it is the first version of the codec, which contains the Windows compatibility.

From Apple's Support section of the site ...
If Apple ProRes Decoder QuickTime 1.0 for Mac

Apple ProRes QuickTime decoder software allows both Mac and Windows users to play Apple ProRes files through QuickTime. Apple ProRes is a visually lossless format that provides uncompressed HD quality at SD data rates. It is an excellent choice to control and can easily transcoded to distribution format as H.264. With new aid to work with both Mac and Windows computers, Apple ProRes can also be used for review and approval of Final Cut Studio sequences.

QuickTime is a multimedia framework developed by Apple. It is capable of handling various formats of digital video, media clips, audio, text, animation, music and various types of interactive panoramic images. It provides essential support for the program as iTunes, QuickTime Player (which can also serve as a helper for the browser to play media files that might otherwise fail to open) and Safari, it is available for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

As for Final Cut Studio, professional video and audio production suite for Mac OS X has been developed by Apple; it includes six applications, and several smaller applications used in video editing. There are three additional applications are included: a text animation software, some tools that are specific to film processing and a distributed processing tools.

Apple ProRes Decoder QuickTime 1.0 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and QuickTime 7.5 or later.

Intel Q35 Chipset Motherboard

Written by IT News on 4:50 PM

Intel BIOS has issued security updates for several desktop and mobile motherboards. The updates address a flaw in Q35 chip that can be used to run the rootkit in the System Management Mode (SMM). The motherboard models are DQ35JO, DQ35MP, DP35DP, DG33FB, DG33BU, DG33TL, DX38BT and MGM965TW (mobile).

Earlier this year, at the Black Hat conference, security researchers from the Invisible Things Lab presented several exploits that can be used to hack the Xen hypervisor. One of these uses exploited a vulnerability in Q35 Intel chipset. The researchers had to keep a few slides and proof-of-concept code confidential until Intel issued fixes.

A hypervisor is the most privileged layers of a virtual machine. The boots along with the primary guest OS, called domain0 (dom0) and revenue from direct access to physical hardware. The other guest operating systems have limited privileges.

The advisory released by Intel along with updates, notes that in certain circumstances, an attacker can change the code running on the System Management Mode (SMM). "SMM is a privileged operating environment is running outside the OS control," the advisory. Running malware during SMM makes it os-independence and protect it from security software within the operating system.

At Black Hat, Sherri Sparks and Shawn Embleton clear Hat Consulting presented a Keylogger, which can be installed in SMM on older systems, but claimed it would be impossible to achieve in the newer system because of a certain safety feature. The security feature consists of a piece called D_LCK resident in SMRAM control register.However, Joanna Rutkowska, founder and CEO of Invisible Things Lab, passed over this on Intel VT enabled system to hack the Xen Hypervisor. She explained that the errors in Q35 chip makes it possible to D_LCK bit to be phased out without restart is required.

Even more, Joanna added corrections to the Intel advisory on her blog. First, she argues that this error is not strictly limited to SMM - "in fact, an attacker can also use this mistake to directly change the hypervisor memory, but jumping into the SMM first." She contradicts the advisory, who claim that administrative (ring0) privileges are needed. "Even in areas such as Linux systems, Ring0 access is not absolutely necessary to carry out the attack, so it is appropriate for the attacker to gain access to PCI-config space for the unit in 0:0:0, as t. items. Linux can be granted usermode applications via IO system call, "she notes.

Since the fault has been fixed, Invisible Things Lab team plans to publish the previously secret documents and code next week. The advisory information on how to determine if your hardware is affected and how to upgrade their firmware.

Top web hosting list

Written by IT News on 4:25 PM

Web hosting is now become one of the vital service in the business area, many traditional business in now turn into digital and online business. In order to fill those demand there is a lot company offering web hosting service, unfortunately their offer will drive you confuse because most of them promise to deliver the best service and claim as best among those many hosting company.

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Opera 9.52 is now Available for Download

Written by IT News on 4:24 PM

Opera 9.5 continues to evolve and in this context Final version 9.52 is now available for download. The Norwegian browser manufacturer had offered Release Candidate 2 of Version 9.52 at the end of last week, shows that it was the last test milestone before the code was scheduled to go gold.

Opera 9.52 is designed to tackle a variety of stability and security, which survived after the introduction of versions 9.5 and 9.51 since June 2007. "We released 9.52 today, in which several security and stability. This release is a recommended upgrade for all who are running the latest stable releases," said Claudio Santambrogio, Opera QA Desktop Test Manager.

According to the changelogs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Opera 9.52 gives the table a variety of accessories that cut across different areas of your browser, from the graphical user interface to display, scripts, security and integration with Mail, News and Chat Clients and services.

As far as the UI is concerned, Opera 9.52 adds, "several improvements to the icons and skin, a bookmark the way to autocompleted favorites in the address bar in order to better distinguish them from the Popular, and a Help button to Engine Init () failed error on the start-up of to inform users of a problem, "Opera revealed.

According to the Norway-based company, in version 9.52 of the browser, the issues that prevent Gmail to read into a few specific cases have been dealt with. At the same time, integration problems with embedded YouTube videos have also been resolved. Opera has also announced a memory leak residents of BitTorrent code.

In terms of security Opera 9.52 fixes a "start crash that could allow execution of arbitrary code, an issue that could allow cross-site scripting, [preventing] own shortcuts [of passing] the wrong parameters for applications, [and] unsafe pages from shows incorrect safety, [while in addition to] feed link can no longer link to local files and feed subscription can no longer cause the wrong side address to be displayed, "Opera revealed.

Opera 9.52 for Windows is available for download here.
Opera 9.52 for Linux is available for download here.
Opera 9.52 for Mac OS X is available for download here.

Opera Mini on Nokia's 6300 candybar

Written by IT News on 4:20 PM

Opera Software announced that MTN, Uganda's largest mobile carrier, has selected Opera Mini mobile browser to be embedded in their customers' mobile phones. This will enable MTN's Ugandan subscribers (nearly 3 million) to connect to the Internet without any problems, no matter where they may be (as long as their mobile device is functional, and they are in the carrier's coverage).

Talking about the new agreement with the Ugandan operator, Jon von Tetzchner, Opera's President and CEO, said: "Africa has enormous growth potential in web search and MTN is a large company that focuses on the African continent. We believe that everyone should have access to the Web regardless of location or device. MTN and Opera Software has a vision of initiating a new era of connectivity across the African continent. "

Opera says that, even before MTN's implementation of Opera Mini, users from Uganda were already surfing via its browser. The top ten sites visited from Uganda through Opera Mini (according to a report in June 2008) is:

1. Google (predictable);
2. Yahoo;
3. Facebook
4. Wikipedia
5. BBC News
6. Gmail
7. New Vision Uganda
8. BBC
9. CNN
10. Monitor Uganda

"MTN has been at the forefront of bringing our customers the most innovative and effective way to the world at their fingertips," said Noel Meier, CEO of MTN. "With this latest addition to MTN's solutions portfolio, we are confident that customers will find browsing a lot easier and more enjoyable experience. Partnerships with Opera Software will allow MTN to provide this experience to our customers, therefore, reaffirm our commitment to To be a total telecommunications solutions provider in Uganda. "

With a population of over 30 million, land-locked Uganda has only about 6 million mobile subscribers. However, the mobile penetration is growing rapidly, which is one of the main reasons Opera should be proud of the new agreement with MTN.

Based in South Africa, MTM offers mobile services in 21 countries from across Africa and the Middle East. So, after interaction with Opera for Uganda, the carrier may also bring Opera Mini to more African and Middle Eastern countries.

Credit repair service

Written by IT News on 9:09 PM

I heard that today many people are facing financial problem especially that caused by bad credit. I starting believe about that when my friends told me that he also facing the same situation, even bad his monthly salary cannot pay those bills, I don’t know what the best solution is until I found a web site that offering Credit Repair service.

Credit heaven is the Nation's Premiere Credit Repair Company. Unlike other service offered by most credit repair company, Credit heaven will only charge customers if successful in removing items from their reports, but also offer new RATE BUSTERS program which credit heaven will go renegotiate lower interest rates on existing credit card and loan products.

This is a good solution for people, who experience a bad credit, and its sound interesting because you only need to pay one-time setup fee and they will start to work for you at any time after the payment made. And when they successfully delete on your credit report they will soon contacts you and talk about the payments.

I think Credit Heaven is better solution for repair your bad credit and other financial problem, imagine if you should ask help from friend or family, probably that will not going work successfully because family and your friend may experience the same problem

NVIDIA is preparing for 40nm process technology

Written by IT News on 9:39 AM

According to the latest information on NVIDIA's upcoming graphic products, the Santa Clara chip maker plans to release its very first 40nm graphics, even before the competitor AMD has a chance to supply their own 40nm-based solutions. Apparently, NVIDIA will increase to the next generation of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) 40G process with the introduction of new mobile chip, codenamed N10x.

At present, there is no information on availability and official release date, but according to VR-Zone, NVIDIA will try to be the first to offer a 40nm graphics cards, thus increasing its chances of winning the number one spot in the graphics card market. One of the most interesting aspects of the release is rumored that the company is said to be for the application of the new manufacturing technology for its mobile graphics chip company, a department which has recently suffered stunning losses due to some reported bugs in chips.

Moreover, the abovementioned site even suggests that NVIDIA might seek to roll out a dual-chip solution for its newly released GT200 graphics core. This would ultimately increase the company's ability to regain market leadership over competitor AMD, which took a step further by dropping its Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics monster.

No details about the future 55nm GeForce graphics cards are available, either in 40nm parts are scheduled to arrive, but in view of NVIDIA's current situation on the market, 40nm-based graphics cards can only be one of the best solutions for that.

Currently, AMD's ATI graphics subsidiary, is the only graphics card manufacturer who has managed to deliver a high-performance graphics card solution based on 55nm manufacturing technology. The company's entire Radeon HD 4000 series product range has been very successful despite the latest NVIDIA high-end GeForce card. The release of dual-GPU 4870-based cards have made it possible for ATI to claim the leading position in the graphics card market

Best web hosting

Written by IT News on 9:32 AM

Many traditional business is now one by one turn into online business, it’s a good signal I think and that’s mean many people understand that by turn their business online will be able to generate more profit. Now we could buy most anything, we could learn most anything on the internet. Many people are truly earning benefit from the internet.

Do you realize what behind the power of internet? One of the important things to make your business online is web hosting; this is key success for every web master when planning to build any online business or just personal web pages or even only for blogging. So be careful in choosing your hosting, learn do a little study about the candidate. I have found a best place that listed many best hosting services, if you are in searching and planning to have hosting just visit and check it at

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Upgrade to iPhone 3G is now free

Written by IT News on 9:31 AM

NextWorth is to announce a new trade-in service, this time for first-generation iPhone owners who want to upgrade to the new 3G model. All users need to do is fill out a form, send their used handset and wait for the fat check to arrive. NextWorth customers can receive up to $ 200 for an 8 gigger, or as much as $ 300 for a 16 GB first-gen iPhone.

NextWorth deals with consumer electronic upgrades and trade-ins. The company specializes in analyzing whether a product is really in good shape and determine the price for it, based on current market values. To realise the full value out, your iPhone will be "easily wear and tear" condition, and must also have "no visible scratches on the screen with all the original accessories included." Given that Apple's iPhone 3G is currently the price of $ 199 (and $ 299 for 16 GB model), trade-in amount will fully cover, or almost cover the cost of the upgrade.

"As the demand for the first-generation iPhone in secondary markets remains strong, we can offer higher dollar exchanges and delete price issue from the decision to upgrade to a 3G iPhone," said Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth. "We take advantage of this unique spike in market values and passing U.S. dollars back to consumers, making the upgrade as quickly and easily as possible."

If you want to know what happens to your iPhone when it has been traded in, NextWorth claims that are still useful trade-ins will be renovated and sold by the company, while "hard-worn" or "broken" cell phones will either be sold for their parts or disposed of a certified recycling partners. So, either way, it's all for the benefit of all, but most yours.

Here's how it goes. You fill out a form in which you specify conditions for your device. Remember, the current market values and the condition of the device determine the trade-in value. If you accept the sum of cash NextWorth, you get trade-in box in which you must carefully place the unit and all its accessories. You must then send it to NextWorth, which also pays for transport fees, for evaluation. If NextWorth notes that the device is in the condition specified by yourself, you may check in 7 to 14 days. That's it!

Alternatively, if you prefer to lock the price in exchange for a gift, you can turn on your iPhone to a participating retailer for instant credit. You can also get "immediate in-store credit" If you participate in Circuit City and J & R Computer World stores.

Your first step to upgrading to an iPhone 3G for free is here.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 starts at $429, for the black model

Written by IT News on 10:48 AM

Lenovo has finally listed its IdeaPad netbooks, which were introduced earlier this month and were always there, a source of much anticipation. By visiting the company's website, users can choose up to three different coloured models, which all have the same nuclear-Intel processor and 10-inch LCD screen, we have expected.

The new IdeaPad S10 netbooks in red, black and white colors and have a day starting price of U.S. $ 429, for the black model, and U.S. $ 439 for the other two versions. The basic system configuration provides users with a netbook equipped with a Windows XP operating system, powered by a single atom-core Intel processor running at 1.6 GHz.

What is the storage, users will also benefit from up to 80 GB on the hard 5400RPM, while memory was on a decent 512 MB for the standard configuration. The netbook is powered by a 3-cell lithium-ion battery and weighs as much as 2.64lbs. The 10.2-inch XGA TFT display Vibrant View has already been integrated with a camera, so that the netbook users to fully benefit from a rich Internet experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned difference in the chassis color, it is nothing more to the Black model and the other two IdeaPad S10 netbooks apart. Even so, the black version is $ 10 cheaper than the rest of Lenovo's new products appear similar. With all that the more expensive models are still cheaper than ASUS 'own 10-inch-EEE PC yes, most likely, the following months should provide a strong and interesting competition between the two.

As expected, there is no 9-inch model for the U.S. market, but it should at a later date this year only overseas. Lenovo is expected to also release a Linux version of its netbook, once again, will not be marketed in the U.S., as we have already in our previous publications.

Symantec to acquire PC Tools

Written by IT News on 10:05 AM

Symantec has announced the imminent takeover of PC Tools, a security software vendor. Although the transaction has already been discussed and both parties have agreed that, the actual purchase is expected that by the end of the year. The sum of the Cupertino-based security solution is to pay for the acquisition was not disclosed.

"We are thrilled to welcome PC Tools in the Symantec family and consumer believe that the combination of our two companies will provide additional value and choice for consumers worldwide to better enable and protect their digital life," said Symantec Consumer Products Group President of Janice Chaffin . "By adding PC Tools, we are building on the market leading success of Symantec's consumer offerings and positioning ourselves for further incremental growth in a rapidly growing market." She added.

The main incentive behind the transaction was that Symantec wanted to expand to more markets and since PC Tools has its headquarters in Australia, but with offices in the U.S., UK, Ireland and Ukraine, said he makes easy goal to achieve. The Cupertino-based security solution, some companies benefit from technologies that PC Tools, while the majority of software applications of the acquired company will remain the same. Since the Norton manufacturer says, "PC Tools will continue to offer their products under the brand PC Tools and its customers through its existing partners and channels."

Although a PC Tools official explanation was not yet available at the time of writing, an employee of the company confirmed that PC Tools would work as an unmistakable module within Symantec, a unit under the direction of the current CEO of the company, Simon Clausen. The business is basically explained as an opportunity for the exchange of different technologies and create better products than if they had developed separately.

The question of whether the PC Tools will still be able to distribute free products or not, as Symantec is loyal to the business model is based on the commercialization of proprietary software. The two companies have not disclosed any details in relation to this matter so far.

NFL Mobile Live

Written by IT News on 10:01 AM

At the same time, with the release of two new clamshells (VE20 Motorola and Sanyo Katana Eclipse), Sprint also has NFL Mobile Live, as "the only source for wireless complete access to live NFL action."

Brought to U.S. users in collaboration with the National Football League, NFL Mobile is live exclusively by Sprint and it's free for customers who have everything data that the plans start at $ 69.99.

"NFL Mobile Live demonstrates how Sprint now brings its network to life," said John Garcia, president of Sprint Wireless Division. "Mobile NFL Live, fans will be able to listen to every NFL game, as it happens, see live streaming of the action NFL Network games or check their fantasy player stats and updated reviews - all from their phones. And they can do this, from wherever they happen - in their child's soccer game in the shopping mall or even sneaking a glance while they're raking leaves in the yard. "

When football fans pick a favorite NFL team, the new mobile application is automatically the latest information about him, so that they are not to waste time searching for the content they want.

Brian Rolapp, NFL Senior Vice President of the media strategy, added: "The NFL continues to explore new ways to feed our fans' insatiable appetite to get NFL games, news and highlights, at any time, anywhere and on any screen . NFL Mobile Live, exclusively from Sprint, allows fans to enjoy Thursday night football and other exclusive content to its mandate ".

For users who have other plans as the Everything those, Sprint offers live NFL Mobile, if they add a data value pack of at least $ 15 per month. The new mobile application NFL is compatible with most mobile phones from Sprint and it may even happen on the above Moto VE20.

Domain name registration

Written by IT News on 10:00 AM

Domain RegistrationPlanning to build a new web site? Or just looking for a new domain name? I know the place to register your domain with best in service for .com, .net, .biz , .org and etc. simply visit you will be able to register your domain with leading domain registries using Directnic especially for Australia.

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Google minus Google

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After the wave of concern by several media companies that Google was favouring its own services and Web sites in search results, as the new service Knol, Timo Palo Heimo, a Finnish digital planner for an advertising agency, had an interesting idea - the people who Option to use Google search, without results from Google's own sites. He went on, and create a service that does this and called it Google minus Google.

A while back, Google has a service called Knol, aimed at contributing to an encyclopedia written by experts (as opposed to Wikipedia, which can be edited by anybody). Not long after it was launched, people began to notice that in the search various names similar goods or services on Google, it is clear from Knol sides appeared higher than the original sites associated with that name.

This raised some questions with advertising and media companies, in which Google was allegedly a partner and not as competitors. Co-Chief Executive at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Wenda Harris Millard, said then that "if in fact a Google property takes money away from Google partners, is a real problem." Google denied these accusations by Gabriel Stricker, a spokesman for the company, pointed out that "when you see Knol pages rank high, they are there because they deserve their position."

This did not stop Timo Palo Heimo, though, as he still believe that search results from Google's free services in possession would be interesting - and he was not wrong when his minus Google Google service had more than 3000 visitors in the the first day and generates a lot of feedback in his blog. The service drew the attention of some Finnish companies IT News, wrote about it, and thereby contributing to their success.

The growing success of the proposals made Timo Palo Heimo even release a second version of the service. This uses the Google Custom Search (CSE) and includes a series of more than 2500 in possession of Google domain names from the search results. Mr Heimo Palo stated that the second version was much more difficult to create, compared to the first, because "CSE not allowed wild card usage in the Top Level Domain (such as Google .*), but it may be included in the normal query."

Dell's Inspiron 910

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Dell's highly anticipated netbook, soon known as the Inspiron 910, it is expected that his debut on the market this Friday. Despite this not officially yet, rumours strongly suggest that not only the new electrical and electronic equipment PC competitor reveals very quickly, but it will also be ready to challenge ASUS 'own 8.9-inch netbooks. In addition, it looks like Dell will be shipping its new product with a pre-installation, Linux-based version of Ubuntu 8.04 operating system.

Windows users need not worry because the company also his small portable computer with a Windows XP variant. But there is more than just the date and manner rumors OS Specifications: Gizmodo has recently published a series of slides showing the leaking of Dell's upcoming netbook, including a full list of specifications and features pictures of his design.

As might be expected, the new competitor EEE PC will also be powered by the already known nuclear N270 Intel processor, running at 1.6 GHz. The Inspiron 910 is also available with 512 MB RAM, with the possibility of extending that to a full GB. As for the storage, the forthcoming netbook with a flash-based solid-state drive, with users have the option to choose a 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB capacity. Support for WLAN / WWAN and Bluetooth will also be included, but also high-speed cable link across the 10/100 Ethernet port.

The connectivity options include a maximum of 3 USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, two audio jacks with a microphone and headphones support and a 3-in-1 media card reader.

The netbook is powered by a 4-cell battery, which are in the system 2.20lbs, which means that almost the same weight as one of ASUS 'upcoming 8.9-inch netbooks We told you about earlier today. The only thing missing is details about the price-fixing, but given the way rumors start date, we should soon know how much Dell its view netbook is worth.

Flash and 3D stuff

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Have you ever use FLV files? As long as I know FLV is stand for Flash Live Video or in general we already know Flash animation, the use is in header of the web or just introduction pages.

I have found a nice blog that specifically talk about FLV and Papervision, the article is really good for knowledge and nice looking. Honestly I don’t have enough information whether this blog manage by personal or organization. The contents is most original, while somehow if we search through google we will found it the same topic in other general blog.

But this Papervision3D blog is only highlight a contents that related to Flash and other resources that also related to 3D suff. Don’t ask why I put and post this into this blog, as usual when I found a good information and I think other will need it then I write it. Beside, this blog has good in design.

Multimedia software that did all your task

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If one of your daily task dealing with multimedia conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning then you need such powerful multimedia tools and software at once. I found a software that did so many thing related to multimedia, the software called Blaze Media Pro, it did any video converter like conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more. I believe you already have your favorite multimedia tools, but it would nothing compare to Blaze Media Pro.

Anything you want to do in multimedia is now supported with single software, such audio, video, and data CD/DVD burning are all fully supported. With Blaze Media Pro you don’t need other tools even it support AVI joiner that usually you need two or more software to do this. Blaze Media Pro is a powerful all-in-one multimedia application that offers more then you usually need to finish your task, do a AVI converter is not hard any more.

I am not selling this software, I just found this great and write it and share it to you.

Burn your fat before get your sick packs

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Six packs are what man is always looking for, it’s somehow difficult to get this six pack, and it’s a process to gaining and maintaining the abdominal exercises. Perhaps you also wondering to have a six packs, but before you could get those six pack firstly you should eliminate the fat around your body. Don’t worry, today there is a lot of fax burner product offered in the market, the problem is you don’t know which fat burner is really work.

Actually fat burner is a process, but if you want to make it fast you can use Lipovox fat burner and after that process you can take a training or step by step to get your six pack. Lipovox is not different with food supplement, it’s mean that there is no side effect while taking this, remember “super foods “? That contents vegetables, herbs, nuts and fish that are unusually high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals that is also what deliver in Lipovox.

so, even the six pack is not your target and if you only eliminate your fat, Lipovox is one that you can consider for your daily fat burner.

Americans are most satisfied with Google

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index study released today by the University of Michigan, in collaboration with consulting firms predict the results show that U.S. citizens are most satisfied with Google. The satisfaction score in his case reached 86%, a 10.3% increase compared to last year. The category of portals and search engines dominated by the Mountain View giant, while the all-time rival Yahoo! If in second place.

With a decrease of 2.5%, Yahoo! satisfaction score hits a bad (compared to Google's shares) 77%. Before seeing results giving three explanations for the sinking of the Sunnyvale-based company in 2007, held the first position. First there was the negative media coverage, including reports on the Yahoo! 'N drop of economic, internal struggles and turbulent negotiations for a takeover by Microsoft, which has its recognition to the company.

Another reason, consulting firms is that the departure of some of the leaders of the former governing board crippled the company's ability to competitive products. Even Yahoo! is said to have failed to offer custom programs, at a time when Google steadily expanded its operations.

The third spot in the table satisfaction that all the portals and search engines are not enough high points may be nominated in the next position is occupied by MSN. Microsoft product has stagnated at 74-75% of the guests since 2003. The company revealed that the results of the study also provides an explanation for this situation and the resolution of Microsoft thought would be appropriate in the situation.

"It is increasingly clear why Microsoft believes that the Internet is not quite big enough for both MSN and Yahoo! - The two companies offer very similar services and tools, with very little to distinguish the two. With MSN Search bleeding market share during the Corporate customer satisfaction score stagnated (MSN has reached 74 or 75 in the ACSI each year since 2003), Microsoft is trying to return to their old familiar.

The following chart positions in the possession of (with the 1.3% decline in contrast to last year), AOL, 3% to 69% score. This is the first year that portals and search engines are jointly assessed, since the latter now integrate virtually all of the functions previously provided by portals.

Change Bedroom design often to avoid feel board

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Have you ever feel get board doing thing very day? Wake up early and went to work and will be at home at 9 pm, after that watching TV and get slip, always like that every day until in the weekend you decide to hang out or find something new out there. Do you still thinking that stay at the hotel is more comfort that in your own home? If your answer is yes, then there is something wrong with your home or it decoration.

First let check the Bedroom Furniture is it ok? And if it’s look so ancient try to change it with the modern one, at least almost the same with your favorite hotels, if possible find and buy new Modern Bedroom Furniture so that you will feel comfort at home than in the hotel. This idea will answer all of your problem when you feel board at home.

Because bedroom is also important and unfortunately most people forgot about it, I use Contemporary Bedroom Furniture for three month ago, and now I never feel bad or board at my own home. I know it will not work for everyone but at least you try it.

The VIA EPIA N700 Nano-ITX board

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VIA, a leading manufacturer of power-efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced the VIA EPIA N700 Nano-ITX board, designed for compact, industrial PCs and embedded devices automation.

The platform is equipped with a 1.5GHz VIA C7 and VIA Eden 500 MHz processor and is the first nano-ITX board function on the latest VIA VX800 media-processor systems. Furthermore, the compact and user-friendly VIA EPNA N700 use additional on-board connections allow for a simple and perfectly balanced system design.

The model has two SATA ports, Gigabit LAN port, a COM port, two USB 2.0 ports, and VGA port. There is also support for COM, LVDS and IDE, on-board pin header. The IGP VX800 chipset developed into the system with DirectX 9 graphics, through the integrated VIA chromium-9 graphics core.

The platform is basically the lowest profile of Nano-ITX board usual, but it offers a decent number of connections and functions for the design low heat, compact system, while VIA VX800 chipset provides support for up to 2 GB DDR-667 memory.

"The VIA EPIA N700 Nano-ITX board was specifically designed for maximum limited in space, while the environments offer a comprehensive functionality is based on VIA VX800," said Daniel Wu, Vice President, via the Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc.. "By listening carefully to customers, we are confident that we have done VIA EPIA N700 as user friendly as possible."

Prices have not yet been published, but the line is currently offered to developers and made available through authorized distributors until mid-September.

VIA has an impressive amount of media attention in recent weeks, mainly because of competition between the nano and Intel processor-atom, in the main netbook market.

People can read our personalities by only seeing our email addresses

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How much time do you spend thinking before choosing the right alphanumeric or what type of character to represent you in the Internet? Yes, we are talking about e-mail, and yes, you guessed right to the e-mail addresses seem to label us from the moment someone who does not know us get a message from us. A study by the University of Leipzig shows that people in general with other brand attributes in relation to their neuroticism, Extraversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, or narcissism, by simply see their e-mail addresses.

The participants in the survey were nearly 600 men and women (although women were more), with an average age of 16.04. They offered their e-mail addresses, along with a brief description of their personality, given the six above-mentioned characteristics. More 100 students had the classification of e-mail addresses to the model in relation to e-mail client, the choice of real name or for them out of the way, or can say if the holder of an e-mail address is a man or a woman.

"Finish with the fancy name, in contrast to its own name as well as funny e-mail addresses and" Hotmail "as suppliers have been evaluated more than extrovert. Self-Improvement [...] aspects of e-mail addresses affected views of narcissism. In addition, observers testimonials on the use of gender stereotypes: objectives, proved to be female, more than neurotic, open, friendly and conscientious, the survey shows.

In Leipzig researchers say that prejudice does not always show details of someone's false person. That's because most of the comments from the control group who have addresses with the way the 599 people who participated in the survey itself. Only one of the six properties seems to be more difficult to prosecute, and it is Extraversion. Although intuition may tell us that this is the easiest to identify in a person, shows the opposite.

Use Email marketing to promote your business

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The online business over the internet is now become more important, many organization and individual already benefit from the internet. One of the success factors is advertising, if you want other know about your product you should announce it with advertising, that why advertising is never cheap.

There is a lot of advertising model run on the internet, most of them promise a good result, but my favorite is email marketing. This is the solution I know to promote and let other know when I have a good product. You probably already know or simply search with your browser and type email marketing tool and the result would amazing, it’s too many, and it’s mean that there is a demand for this business.

I found one that has the ability to track any send open and click with only using email software that offering by So if you want to promote your current business world wide, specially on the internet email marketing would be great choice.

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Samsung i8510 Innov8

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In the United Kingdom is among the first countries to an official release date for the latest high-end Samsung Smartphone, i8510 innov8 slider. The South Korean company has announced that sales would begin "the beginning of september", Carphone Warehouse, according to the simple name of Samsung i8510 (innov8 has been removed for the British market).

Samsung does not mention selling i8510, but the British mobile users should expect rather high, since the new phone is one of the best-equipped to be announced this year by a mobile phone manufacturer.

The characteristics of Samsung i8510 include an 8-megapixel camera with auto focus, dual LED flash, image stabilization, geotagging and video recording, a "crystal clear" 2.8-inch TFT screen with 16 million colors and 240 x 320 pixels, Symbian S60 3 th Edition, GPS, Wi-Fi pre-installed 3D games (4 3D asphalt and EA Mobile FIFA 08), full HTML Web browser, e-mail, music / video player (DivX support), quad-band GSM connectivity and dual - band HSDPA connectivity.

Samsung i8510 has two versions, one with 8 GB and the other with 16 GB of internal memory. However, it appears that at least in the beginning, the UK is only 8GB i8510.

Mark Mitchinson, Vice President of Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland, said about the new Smartphone, "The Samsung i8510 is a further milestone in the mobile technology. Samsung has always produces high-quality camera phone technology and the first companies to start 8MP a multimedia device in the UK is a proud moment for all parties and demonstrates beyond all doubt that Samsung is very much on the ascent. i8510 Samsung offers a startling collection of multimedia technology to promote and reward the consumer experience on all levels ".

"In just a few years, we have seen, camera phone technology to improve only 1MP now to a staggering 8MP. Samsung i8510 really draw a line in the sand, like a camera phone with absolutely brilliant technique. I am pleased that our customers the Samsung i8510, can upgrade their mobile phones, but also their camera with this great device, "added George dymond, The Carphone Warehouse UK Trading Director.

Best web hosting

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A web hosting services is now become important for company and individual. Many people already take the benefit by using the internet; they can promote their product online, offer the new product to their customer by email or just announce it in the official website. One of the success factors for the internet business is good web hosting services. So, it’s important to know and select the suited webhosting.

The guidance in selecting web hosting is not really hard as long you know the variable and the parameter of your requirements. Remember that there is thousand and more web hosting company offering a service on the internet, all of them promise able to deliver the best as you need but in fact only a few of them are really deliver the best service.

It’s also a good idea by joining any web forum that specifically talk about web hosting, or read a lot any web hosting reviews company that listed a lot hosting services in their database. For instance I have found one that you can trust, check it at

Snapshot from the BigPond Music website

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Telstra, which is the largest mobile service in Australia, announced that there is a new and larger online collection of MP3, through its subsidiary BigPond. As a result of BigPond Music Store now offers music fans to search and download music files (in MP3 format) from the best-known record labels in the world: Sony BMG, Warner Music, Universal Music and EMI. Local retailers and record labels are also BigPond Music: MGM, IODA, the emancipation AmpHead and inertia.

As the songs can be downloaded as MP3 files, the user can hear them in cell phones, computers, iPods or simple MP3 player.

"Until now, many people found it difficult to legally download music, and finally frustrated when they discovered their music has been locked into a single entity or impossible, for forwarding to the players of his choice," said Justin Milne, BigPond Group Managing Director. "But as of today, BigPond new service means that consumers can transfer songs from their computers to virtually any device that they care. We are convinced that the popularity of the MP3 format, our first Australian agreement with all the top music labels and the power of the brand BigPond means that customers will be clicking and downloading of us, because we are the only place in Australia to offer Imprint download in MP3 format from all major brands. "

The MP3 files can be found in more than BigPond is either encrypted with 256 kbps or 320 kbps, so that users can experience the best of music.

"We welcome the introduction of BigPond music MP3 download store," said Denis Handlin AM, chairman and CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. "We worked with Telstra, with its music strategy over several years, and we believe that this is an important step in the further development of strong retail download services in Australia."

The official website BigPond Music can be reached at this address, either from a desktop computer or from a web-optimized for mobile device.

Dell upcoming netbook to be branded Inspiron 910

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Despite some rumours and speculations making rounds, as well as the high hopes fans netbook, Dell has not officially unveiled the nuclear-powered, 8.9-inch EEE PC competitors. The company reported that the release netbook earlier this week in one of their events, but it has been agreed with the latitude E4200, the lightest notebook in the company's commercial history, and a number of other business-oriented notebooks. Fortunately, this has not stopped the spread of rumors, especially given that the mini-or Dell Inspiron E, just a new name, the Dell Inspiron 910th.

Before you all your hopes high and over again, you should know that this is also an unconfirmed report, which was posted earlier this week on a Brazilian website. Bia Kunze from Odontopalm reported that the forthcoming Dell netbook will officially branded products such as Inspiron 910, and not as mini-or Dell Inspiron E as it was initially assumed. In addition, the same article shows that we are alleged to have some new specifications, and to go with completely new name.

The netbook operated by the same nuclear Intel 1.6 GHz processor, which had been present in almost every netbook on the market. It is equipped with a maximum of 1 GB of RAM and up to 12GB of space on a solid-state disk. Other options are also 512 MB of memory and 4 GB and 8 GB SSDs. The 8.9-inch LCD True Life will be able to issue a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. How will those based on Intel chipset 945GSE, the graphic power of Intel's 950 graphics chip with 8 MB of graphics memory.

The netbook will boast a 4-cell battery, while the average weight is around 1.07 kg. There will be a 0.3MP or 1.3MP webcam, and will be made available either with Windows XP SP2 or Ubuntu 8.04 OS.

One of the most interesting features of the upcoming product is that it is a 3G internal modem. This is not a standard feature on all units, but only for those to be sold in the United States.

On the supply side, it could be a release of August, 22, to indicate that the above Web site.

Ring the Gong Online games

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Most of the massively multiplayer online games are slowly turning point in social networks and offer the players a chance to several friends, talk to different people from all over the world and have fun at the same time. The most important thing is that this trend can work with any kind of MMO, including sports titles.

This is confirmed by the recent play of the Elephant entertainment and Sleepy Giant - gate "or" No Tor (Gong), a football simulation, with a pretty decent 3 vs 3 Multiplayer format. The game also has a few adventures of those elements, but wants even more than play football, games and socializes with new friends.

Matthew Hannus, CEO and co-founder of Sleepy Giant said, "Gong, is an exciting online casual football match which we are pleased to be able to develop. We think the players will be fully integrated with a community, we must improve Gong!" An exciting mix of action and adventure sports. Marr Ying our live game operations experience with the Elephant's entertainment marketing and retailing is a combination that we believe will ultimately provide a good gaming to a wide range of stakeholders. "

You can check whether this is a correct statement by visiting the official website of the game and in the open beta just out. The full version is expected to be available online in september, while a traditional retail edition is planned on the market in december, along with some additional content.

With the help of a 3-D anime-style animation, Gong! promises to be an easy-to-play, family-friendly games with an online community that has a built-in friends list and mail to facilitate communication and areas for players to show their in-game success. Gong! In addition, guaranteeing an adjustment to the next level with hundreds of clothing and accessories, and more than 100 unique skills that players can use to their style of game. With a large number of secret areas, corridors and unexpected surprises, Gong! added in an exciting adventure component, which rapidly every day looking for those who want to play for a short break.

Online casino that allow US players

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Today online casinos are growing increasingly, many players are now happy to casino at their own home, means it’s online by the internet. But there is too many online casino provider and it would be difficult to select the best one among those hundred offered on the internet.

There are online casinos will not accept U.S. players but out online casino accept that the U.S. players. It also offers casinos, from the large bonuses, free casino games, no deposit casinos, casinos language, and more. As its website Casino Guide is easy to use and very comprehensive in terms of information they share. They encourage a lot of American casino to go. The online casino is very convenient, because they are not everywhere, and you do not drive and gas up your car, to go. So if you want to play poker, cards, Jack Black and others, go to

Edison - XP and Vista power management

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Windows XP and Windows Vista users can download a free grave power-management application made available courtesy of Microsoft and Verdiem. According to the Redmond giant, energy-monitoring program is designed to integrate seamlessly with XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista RTM. Microsoft has not said anything about compatibility with SP3 or XP SP1 Vista. But the famous ball is now in court users with the software giant no less demanding than 10 million users, about 1% of all Windows-based install, download and install the solution in the coming year.

"Microsoft's CES Rob Bernard, Verdiem CEO Kevin Klustner and climate Savers Computing Initiative of the President Lorie Wigle announced the introduction of Verdiem Edison, a power management application is offered free of charge to PC users around the world, a video recording application is now available online. The video gives a demonstration of a software and a good overview of the importance of power management in data centers, "said Nick MacKechnie, Senior Technical Account Manager at Microsoft Sweden.

Edison operates in accordance with the end user working time, and as such is the optimization of the Windows operating system for energy in accordance with the tasks. In addition to the configuration of power supply, Edison will also provide information on savings in the form of CO2, kWh and money for machinery, energy more efficiently.

"Verdiem Edison is a free energy-monitoring application for eco-consumers. You can use it to steer more active PC energy consumption - and therefore your household is carbon dioxide (CO2)," is a fragment of the description. "Made for Windows XP and Windows Vista PC users, Verdiem Edison increases the existing power plants operating system settings with increased energy conservation and offer a consumer-friendly user interface that is easy to install and manage."

Microsoft Virtualization server

Written by IT News on 11:44 PM

Microsoft is gearing up to kick-virtualization a hack. In this context, the Redmond company has debuted the getVirtualnow site for information in connection with an upcoming Microsoft event dedicated solely to virtualization solutions. The software company plans to disclose next month, no fewer than three of their offers, signalling a growing infringement of software from the physical infrastructure. Even from the position of a new player in the virtualization market, Microsoft has shown that a strong commitment to long-haul.

"Find out how Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-T, Microsoft System Center - including Virtual Machine Manager 2008 - and Microsoft desktop and application virtualization makes it possible for you, implementation, management and get the VIRTUAL now as never before, says Microsoft.

All participants will receive a free Microsoft virtualization evaluation kit, the company promised that the products launched at the event. However, recipients will only be able to enjoy the software to 31 december 2008, when the bomb-kit will be phased out.

"On 8 september 2008 Microsoft with its new virtualization products. Now, virtualization of data center to the desktop, managing and using the same tools that you already have for your physical infrastructure," reads an excerpt from the site getVirtualnow.

The participants have a wide range of both hardware and software solutions from Microsoft and partner for test drives. In addition to this, Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Server and Tools Business, Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Corporation, and Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President, Marketing-server infrastructure will place stresses the possibility that the new virtualization - Solutions, Redmond company. A major focus will be on the client side, virtualization, in relation to the desktop technology from Microsoft and its partners.

High quality gun racks

Written by IT News on 11:43 AM

Do you love in sports? Many people are love in sport, don’t care what kind of sport they love and they do. If you are a gun collector, either for sports or just a hobbies, it would be great to share you about Gun Rack that will manage your gun more tidy look and easy to organized you collection.

Honestly I am not write a lot about gun, but yesterday while I am browsing through google and found the best site that offering Gun and Pistol Rack and think that would be great to write it in my blog. Because I found it really unique product, look like high quality rotary gun rack product that why I write it and decide to share it to you. is the official website for Rotary gun rack and pistol rack, the only original gun rack offered by Campbell Industrial Supply. They have a lot different Gun and Rifle Rack, all those rack are design is good material quality and make easy to access to your gun. Those racks are intended to pistol rack for the sportsman, gun collector and gun dealer, all product include single level pistol rack and double level.

Nehalem will provide L3 cache

Written by IT News on 8:43 AM

Today, Intel presented a trademark of its future processors, which are built on the much talked about Nehalem architecture. The company did not disclose any specific technical details on future chips, but only the product logos and brands. Fortunately, users will soon find out more about the next generation of processors, after this year's Intel Developer Forum, where the chip maker is expected to reveal further details.

The IDF will be held in San Francisco at Moscone Center, between August 19 and 21, only a few days before the IFA show in Berlin.

The forthcoming chip will be given to the company's server, desktop and mobile business segments. They are meant to improve the existing Core 2 chip, which is currently being considered by most notebook and desktop computer. The Nehalem is expected to reduce bottlenecks in the past Intel's Core microarchitecture, thus improving the system's speed and performance per watt. In addition, Intel integrated graphics resources in the processor, a feature that should be given more power-efficient, eliminating the need for discrete graphics. On the other hand, the integrated graphics will probably not be a solution for players, which will still require power discrete graphics.

Intel's first samples of Nehalem chips will surface on the market at some point in Q4 of this year, according to Core i7 brand. The company is expected to release the chips for servers, although no official information on the exact date has been made available. "The Core i7 brand is the first of several new features," said George Alfs, an Intel spokesman.

In the IDF, in Santa Clara chip maker will also shed some light on its system-on-chip device that integrates a CPU, graphics processors, video and memory controller on a single chip. Such a chip is Moorestown, which is currently under development and is believed to succeed the Atom, at some point during 2009 or 2010.

Best diet pills product

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Most people are usually want to have a good looking body, specialy women they want a slim body, like always. Usually to achive the goals they want to do anything, tight diet, do more sport or follow gym instructor every day.

For instants people are usually take a diet pills, it’s work good for some people but may not work properly if you take the wrong diet pills. On the internet there is a lot diet pills product offered as the best solution to lose your weight. More than hundred diet pills product out there how you identify the best and suite for you? Among those product maybe scam, that why you need to think twice before decide to use such diet pills product.

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LG's X110 is said to arrive in October

Written by IT News on 8:34 AM

As we approach a very interesting autumn, including rumors of forthcoming products keep surfacing, and netbook market is certainly one of the issues that are most approached. Recently, LG's X110 netbook believed to provide its users with a significant element that is not so common in most EEE PC and other netbooks. Apparently, it is said that the unit will boast the GPS navigation.

According to the German-based Notebookjournal, LG plans to add a different perspective on its netbooks. Its X110 portable systems should come with a GPS navigation feature, one that is not supported by any of its current competitors.

Unfortunately, as with all other unconfirmed news, it is still uncertain about LG's upcoming product will for the high-end netbook market with a $ 784 price point or if the X110 is designed to compete with the rest of the Intel-powered Atom netbooks in the mid-range market. If yes, $ 784 one will probably GPS support model.

Another new feature on the forthcoming product indicates that LG will officially drop their small, portable computer systems at some time in October. The X110 will be operated with the same Atomic Intel processor that all of its other competitors and it will give 2GB of RAM and a 120 GB of storage space. It will be designed to compete with all the other 9-inch netbooks, including ASUS 'EEE PC 900, 901 and 904HD. It is still unclear whether LG will provide a Linux version, which most gossip indicates that netbook will include a pre-installed Windows XP operating system.

In October release date seems to be a rather strange marketing decision, which at the time, a number of manufacturers has already published their own netbooks. On the other hand, LG has a significant advantage because it can fully exploit their contacts with various telecom providers, offering a series of promotional packages and bundles.

Windows HPC Server 2008

Written by IT News on 8:21 AM

High Performance Computing is no doubt at the opposite pole from ordinary computers. But Microsoft is working to make a difference, and at the same time, mainstream and HPC can never be interconnected concepts, Windows for supercomputers are really open the door to more high-performance customers. According to the Redmond giant companies in the manufacturing sector have steered clear of HPC because of the high level of leadership requires, proprietary systems and the complex architectures that are offered.

"In manufacturing, you can easily classify HPC applications broadly into two categories, the first is the traditional simulation techniques such as the Automotive Crash Simulation in which you try to predict the structural problem in the car during a collision event or CFD in which you try [to] Predict airflow over the airplane wing. The second category is high-tech industry for the EDA and software to build parallel processing," revealed Tejas Karmarkar an HPC solution specialist at Microsoft.

With Windows Compute Cluster 2003 and Windows Server 2008 HPC Microsoft aims to streamline high-performance computing to potential customers. The constant development in terms of hardware has made 8 CPU blade affordable when it comes to price, but not the same thing applies to programs that are designed to run on HPC infrastructure.

"Microsoft is doing its part by developing integrated platform and tools for HPC environments with a focus on users, administrators and developers who can benefit from the technological advances in this area to solve the larger and more complex technical problems," Karmarkar added.

The main benefit associated with Windows for supercomputers, is not the platform itself but intimate integration with additional Microsoft software. Karmarkar mentioned Active Directory, Windows Deployment Services, and Microsoft Systems Center are among the technologies that will play well with their HPC versions of Windows.

"Many of our manufacturing customers are adopting or looking to adopt Microsoft's HPC technology here are a few recent examples. Callaway Golf new HPC cluster gives an eightfold increase in performance, will help engineers make far more productive and strengthen their ability to deliver innovative, high-quality products. Procter & Gamble was able to deploy a fully functional Windows-based cluster in just a few hours compared to two weeks or more before, "Karmarkar said.

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