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Immediately Blizzard will launch warcraft update

Written by IT News on 2:50 AM

Blizzard is getting ready for the second expansion of its blockbuster MMO World of Warcraft. But before the Wrath of the Lich King can present his glory to all players, the game will receive a further update, which appears to be large and in the coming weeks. The idea is that the game is not ready for an expansion yet, since most of the content and features that are now must be "bridged" to the expansion.

The update will contain new class spells, talents, plus two stadiums which are designed with new layouts, hazards and moving obstacles, a re-make of the skills of the animals such as the hunter can get, and an option for the guild calendar is also available features. It is an implementation of barbershops (a new profession added) in all capitals in the game, too. Inscription is now capped, but when Wrath of the Lich King is launched, players will be able to specialize in the field.

The people at Blizzard say that the entire patch notes will only be released shortly before the update itself arrives at their MMO. The idea is that developers may need to address other issues related to balancing.

The expansion, creating a new class, the first since the launch of the MMO, is due to arrive in the autumn, opening up a whole new continent that players can explore. They will also be able to change many aspects of the game. The idea is that all the changes made to characters' talents, rods and other things will disturb the delicate balance that is necessary for Player vs. Player fights. The team behind the game will have much to do to balance it all, so expect a lot of updates and patches once expansion begins.

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