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Fujitsu sells HDD business to Toshiba

Written by IT News on 12:02 AM

After a series of points, Fujitsu reported to have finally decided to sell its disk access business to Toshiba. The news comes after Wednesday Fujitsu has announced that it would cease its hard disk drive head business March 31, 2009, as part of a broader restructuring plan. This may mean that, according to data, Toshiba has purchased only a part of the Fujitsu hard drive and, more specifically, that does not include the hard disk head manufacturing.

Earlier this week, Fujitsu announced that the next HDD head manufacturing done in Nagano Plant. Therefore, the company will move 360 employees working at the site, to other operations within the Fujitsu Group. In addition to the hard drive head manufacturing, Nagano Plant is also involved in the production of printed circuit boards for servers and telecommunications equipment. These measures are expected to continue to plant, after the March 31 Fujitsu also said it would take a charge of $ 56 million in connection with the transition of 360 employees, a figure which could be attributed to the company the last quarter of 2008.

Currently, Fujitsu hard drive manufacturing operations include plants in the Philippines and Thailand. According to The Register, the company guided media Yamagata plant is not part of the agreement with Toshiba, which means that only the places in the Philippines and Thailand. But there are rumors that Toshiba does not require manufacturing in Thailand, which means that some 7000 new jobs could be reduced.

The official price is not yet revealed, but according to reports, the number may be in the range of 30 to 40 billion yen, or about $340 to $ 450. The transaction is expected to provide Toshiba with a profitable business, which makes the company, which is currently the fifth largest supplier of hard disk, to get a larger share of the market.

AMD lowers prices of its Phenom II processors

Written by IT News on 2:14 AM

About a week after AMD formally presented its next-generation desktop processors, designed to take advantage of its new 45nm process technology, the Sunnyvale, Calif., chip maker has recently cut prices on its new Phenom processors II. The company has slashed prices by 17 percent, which means that the new CPU consumption to better compete with Intel's products, therefore, provides PC users with a cheaper alternative to a PC upgrade.

With the new price, AMD has reduced the cost of X II Phenom 940 from $ 275 to $ 235, while the price of lower spec'ed model, Phenom X4 II 920, has been reduced to $ 195 from $ 235. The new pricing system has been implemented, allowing users to immediately benefit from lower prices Phenom processors II. The price adjustment will also allow AMD to better compete with similar products sold in Santa Clara, California-based Intel files.

Although not able to compete seriously with higher performance Intel processors until now the core i7 the new AMD processors based on 45nm to handle the large competitors in ready Intel Socket 775 Core 2 Quad processors. More specifically, Phenom X4 II 940 is comparable to the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400, while the Phenom X4 II 920 can provide a level of performance similar to Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300. Currently Intel has mentioned a price of $ 213 and $ 266 respectively. The Q9300 is expected to be removed, while the Phenom X4 940 II has a price slightly higher than its main competitor, but lower than the Core 2 Quad Q9550.

With the new price, AMD seems to offer the best price / value, which gives users an alternative to a high-performance desktop PC without having to pay a fortune in the components.

The Monitor Audio R-One-HD, a new sound bar for your flatscreen on-wall TV

Written by IT News on 11:35 PM

It seems as if the sound bars are becoming more popular because more people know to add the latest generation of LCD TVs hanging on the walls of their homes. And what's more is that the audio technology to drive the new sound is more bars and better able to complete the picture of the industry forward. Now is the time to present to you a new bar-shaped sound system, RA-HD acclaimed producer of high-fidelity audio monitor.

This new audio device is a single cabinet LCR (left-center-right), which can easily be installed in almost any environment, under or over the screen directly on the wall or in a special booth.

One of the handiest things about the Monitor-R and audio-HD is something that will save him lead all the problems, eliminating long cable runs is always a mess and the real pain in the back when you go to fix up your room. At the same time, very small footprint of the M-Audio Monitor HD is perfect for a facility where space is scarce item. LCR system comes with a strong complement to the center channel driver composed of dual 4 "MMPII bass speaker and a C-CAM 1" gold dome tweeter, left and right channels is equipped with MMPII of a driver and a C HF-CAM each driver.

If you think the Monitor Audio R-HD is a pretty weak as it is very likely that you will be glad to know that this sound bar can be more effectively complemented with HD Radio HD Radio subwoofer and satellites, both audibly and visually. There are no exact specifications for Monitor Audio HD-R-One, with the exception of the announced prices, which extend about $800.

The Google logo over the years

Written by IT News on 7:55 PM

Google Knol site recently had its 100000th Rule, known as Knol search was pleased to announce its official blog that it begins to go his way. The rapid expansion of the new site, which is only 5 months, is nothing but good news for Google and all expressed admiration for the thousands of users, which he wrote on the website, which contributes to the growing database. Bad mouth it is that Google is currently Wikipedia, trying to cultivate first returned result of the query position that the encyclopedia is the owner of the most one-or two-word search.

"The Knol interface is now available in eight languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish) and we are delighted that our users will help us to translate into other languages using Google in your language console" added to the official blog.

"Supporting people to contribute their knowledge on the web is particularly important for languages with a limited version of web content, and we are delighted that knols have written in 59 different languages so far. It was very exciting to people all over the world appeared to increase online content in their own language, "adds.

Knol articles are essentially the same as Wikipedia entries, which are written by experts in the field, and are supposed to be on-line "unit of knowledge", as they say, a description of the site. In contrast to his famous rival, Knol allows users to advertise their websites directly inside. Users also have the option to name the subject, however, at its discretion, and can completely ignore the ambiguity in the choice of name for their pieces in the wrong circumstances.

"We are pleased that most writers choose to accept changes moderated from its customers and that the proposed adjustments to the readers are constantly increasing. So if you are reading Knol and suggest improvements, continues to press the button and adjust it? You will be able to make the necessary changes in Knol and the author (s) will be able to examine and act on your suggestions. We look forward to this new way to use online collaboration to a greater extent," reveals blog.

Biometric identification passports to be introduced in the EU

Written by IT News on 3:07 AM

The majority of the members of the European Parliament backed the bill proposed by the European Commission on the introduction of biometric passports within the Schengen area. Countries have until June to begin issuing new passports, with a deadline for completion of the implementation until 2012.

The basis for a new law requiring passports feature live fingerprint identification in the report Coelho released after negotiations with the European Commission, executive body of the European Union on the proposal. The report is named after Carlos Coelho, a Portuguese member of parliament for the central-right EPP-ED Group, which has.

Protection of children against cross-border trafficking or kidnapping is one of the reasons for this regulation. Agrees that children need their own passport, instead of traveling on their parents' documents.

But the new card for children is not part of biometric identification, Parliament Civil Liberties Committee that it is unnecessary, because their fingerprints are constantly changing as they grow up.

Countries that are members of the European Union, but not part of the Schengen Agreement, which the United Kingdom, Ireland or Denmark, are exempt from this policy, but is necessary for machine-readable passports with facial images instead. But Britain has already announced that it will introduce biometric data, even if he does not want his actions to be classified as 2nd class.

Furthermore, some countries such as France and Germany already use fingerprint ID cards embedded in their chips, although the last day to initiate the implementation of June 2009. People can travel with older passport until 2012, with certain exceptions.

Meanwhile, a number of civil liberties and security researchers strongly contested, both technical and ethical reasons. They claim to save as much as biometric data in a central European database is a security threat, or that the costs of implementation are not justified, compared with profits. Although the new passports may be more difficult to counterfeit, fingerprint identification is not soundproof, precedents exist for the false positive, security researchers maintain.

The relaxation of earlier identification techniques such as visual contact between the border area, officials and passengers is another possible side effect. Physical look at a person who can reveal more visual signals, such as adjustments or sweating, which gives an indication of agitation or anxiety, and can give people something.

People who do not have any fingerprints on the basis of disability or otherwise, because of their daily work, they will be able to travel with temporary passports with biometric identification, which will be valid for 12 months. For example, bricklayer constantly removes their fingerprints when working in conjunction with the constant stress on their fingers' skin.

iGoogle theme builder

Written by IT News on 2:42 AM

Google is in the process of doing new tool that enables users to design their own iGoogle themes. In this form, Mountain View-based search giant is kicking up to a certain level of personalization capabilities offered iGoogle. With a new instrument, as in this article was still live, users will be able to build their own themes for the next iGoogle adapted to their preferences in terms of visual style.

"Now you can capture memories and pictures to your iGoogle homepage building its own theme. We just released our new tools to create iGoogle themes. It is an easy way to spruce iGoogle users of its website, without having to know how to use XML, etc. "Kathleen Ko, iGoogle engineer said.

"All you need is a picture, and we will give you rest. The theme-building is a simple tool to transfer images from your computer, Picasa Web Albums, or on the Web."

In essence, the new alignment functionality provided by Google, revolves around the picture as the end user. Digital images can easily be improved and adapted to iGoogle head, while users can also customize the color of their liking website.

"When you have selected a picture Builder provides a basic set of tools to help you create your theme: Image Cropping - Crop your favorite photo to fit your iGoogle theme, color schemes - Choose colors that complement your images in real-time Preview - see immediate feedback on your changes quickly fine-tune the topic, public and private Publishing - Choose who can see your original motivation, whether it's just you, or if you want to share with the world" Ko added.

HP's Pavilion dv2 wins Best Laptop at CES 2009

Written by IT News on 2:35 AM

One of the main great information at this International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was HP's new Pavilion dv2 notebook, which is ultra-portable computer systems designed to take advantage of the recently released AMD Yukon platform. Company Athlon Neo-powered computer system was to capture the attention of those participating in the exhibition and also won awards for best notebook on the CES 2009, which was given to Laptop Magazine, one of the sponsors of the show.

"The rate of innovation we saw at CES this year was impressive," said chief Mark Spoonauer notebooks. "From a completely new smart phone that links the platform to the cloud notebook can slip in your pocket jackets, there is little evidence this year shows that the mobile and Wireless technology will continue to see steady growth throughout the year. "

Ultra Portable HP Pavilion dv2 has been designed for AMD's new Yukon platform that enables users to take advantage of the new single-core Athlon processors Neo. The new mobile processors are designed specifically for ultra-portable computer systems that offer an alternative to small form factor portable computers such as netbooks, but without sacrificing performance. The Neo Athlon processors are not to compete with Intel Atom processor is successful, as they were intended to provide the most basic of computing power.

HP Pavilion dv2 boasts a AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor running at 1.6GHz, and supports up to 4 GB DDR2 memory. It is equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 graphics and packaging solutions to 500 gigabytes of storage space on 5400RPM SATA hard drive.

This notebook is less than an inch thick and weighs only 3.8 pounds, which is very close to the physical specifications of the most netbooks currently on the market. Moreover, despite overall improvements in the specifications, laptop comes with a starting price point just $599

NVIDIA Ion platform said to be at the basis of Apple's upcoming Mac Mini

Written by IT News on 2:32 AM

According to a recent report article about the hardware, NVIDIA can Apple second power, a highly anticipated Mac Mini. It seems that these changes will be built on the chip maker is Ion platform that combines the highly successful Intel Atom processor, designed for netbooks and GeForce 9400 graphics processor, which is already active in a part of Apple's newer systems.

NVIDIA Ion platform designed as an alternative to small large computer-driven low-power Intel Atom processor and chipset. With Ion, a chip manufacturer must allow it to come up with desktop computers that offer decent performance and almost all the features available for the entire desktop. Because of the Ion small format, these systems are significantly smaller package with a more reasonable price.

Back when we had our first experience with the Ion in December last year, of course, we have a feeling that we were NVIDIA version of the Mac Mini. The system is small and the overall performance specifications to allow full-HD video decoding chip maker using CUDA technology, the GPU can be used for general purpose computing.

According to Tom's Hardware Resources, a partner NVIDIA confirmed Ion in the upcoming Mac Mini. Moreover, it seems that Apple was among the first prototype device receives from Ion, long before other NVIDIA partners had the opportunity to work with it. This could mean that the new Mac Mini powered by an Intel Atom 330 processor, together with the GeForce 9400 GPU. The solution could be at the lowest price Mac on the market, allowing a greater number of customers to use Apple's exclusive operating system.

The Ion-based Mac Mini is said to be planned for March release around the same time as CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany.

Mini 2140 to become available before the Mini 2150

Written by IT News on 12:57 AM

Hewlett-Packard, the leading seller of personal computer systems, is expected to bring new small netbook as part of a large group of Mini-Note system. The new model believed to be called the HP Mini-Note 2150 and is expected sometime in June this year. According to production sources, quoted Digitimes, that the above system will provide its users with a 3G module.

PC vendors are expected to launch 3G-based mini-note after the launch of the Mini in 2140, which has already been showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2140 after the introduction of the HP 1000 Mini-series, but the packaging model similar to the Mini-Note 2133rd But the difference between 2133 and 2140 is new, that the former is equipped with a VIA C7-M processor, while the other is powered by Intel very successful Atom processor.

Hewlett-Packard in the coming 2150 is expected to formulate a package similar to 2140, but also provide their users with 3G module, which allows alternative connections. It is unclear whether the computer vendor sells unlocked new netbook with 3G module or as part of mobile broadband services.

Digitimes also reports that HP is expected to launch a new 11.6-inch notebook in the second quarter, while the 13.3-inch, low-cost model could arrive as soon as possible in June. It seems that both systems will be part of the family Mini-Note, which gives users computing power Intel Atom is Zxx series processors, code-named Menlow. All Mini-Note portable systems are manufactured Inventec.

The report, HP is rumored to plan new netbooks with larger displays, but the computer vendor has to confirm it.

Sony expected to post first operating loss in 14 years

Written by IT News on 11:43 PM

Sony Corp., one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics, is expected to release information about the operating loss of around 100 billion yen (1.1 billion dollars) for 2007/2008. In the statement, Sony will record the highest operating loss in 14 years, in accordance with business daily Nikkei. In addition to the reported losses was against a forecast of 200 billion yen profit.

Nikkei also reports that an estimated operating loss could actually double the previous amount, as it depends on the list of conditions for the January-March quarter. Alleged statement comes after the company announced in October forecast full-year operating profit of 200 billion yen for the year before the end of March 31, from 475.2 billion yen during the period 2006-2007. Moreover, again in December, has created a series of Bravia flat panel TV and PlayStation 3 game consoles were introduced that would have cut 16,000 jobs, reduce investment and remove some of the companies, in order to save around 1.1 billion dollars a year, in response to global recession.

The expected loss is a notification of the other major reported loss since going public in 1958 and the first to see the Sony electronics companies are suffering from sluggish global demand. Already in March 1995, Sony took a one-time charge associated with the company's U.S. film studio company, which was the main reason for operating losses.

News of a possible operating loss notification took shares down about 7.7 percent in early afternoon, as investors fear that the alleged statements can grow some more unpleasant surprises.

Sony is not the only company which saw its shares fall as Toshiba has also had a 4.2 per cent is in shares in Tokyo. Giant manufacturers expected to report its third quarter results in three months at the end of December on January 29.

Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 with AT&T service contract

Written by IT News on 11:39 PM

To further enhance the interest in some of the large and small, low-power portable computer systems, dubbed Inspiron Mini 9, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell announced that it will be available at the above netbook impressive $ 99, as part of package AT & T. According to available information, promotional package will be available to all customers in the U.S., and the end of January.

To be eligible for one of Dell's small-sized Inspiron Mini 9 netbooks will sign a two-year contract with AT & T Wireless Broadband Laptop Connect. Package normally costs the user $ 449, but it will be offered at $ 350 mail-in rebate, as part of an agreement between two companies. Promotional package can be expected to increase consumer interest in netbooks.

"Mini 9 is designed specially for hi-def mobile lifestyles, which require fast and reliable access to e-mail, social networks and surf the Internet, and complements this offers exceptional value to the equation," said Dell's global sales and marketing of consumer goods Vice President Michael Tatelman.

Trade is not the first for AT & T, which last month offered a promotional package of electronics retailer Radio Shack. As part of the package, customers were offered Acer netbooks and services for the price of $ 99. The message is the first PC vendor to a later update netbook portfolio with a new 10-inch model, Inspiron Mini 10, showcased last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 was launched as a response to the increasing number of netbooks released throughout 2008. As with most of these systems, Dell is equipped with highly successful Intel Atom package necessary to meet basic computing tasks.

The Scout II from VPI: affordable high-end gear

Written by IT News on 12:24 AM

If you happen to hear someone talk about vinyl records and advanced turntable, it is very likely that you already thinking of the elements of audio technology, which costs more than your car and never allow. Well, there is still hope, in particular, announced its new VPI turntable, code-named Scout II. We have to do with the non-compromise top-drawer vinyl turntables, sporting all the necessary resources to provide you with first class-listening session, but without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now we hope that almost everyone knows that Audiophile equipment is expensive, especially compared to what you can get in the shop on the corner on your street. So if you are interested in the first part of the audio on a couple of dollars, you should take a trip to Radio Shack.

One of the first things that we just loved VPI Scout II was a clean and smooth shape, with carefully rounded edges, and overall well-valves were construction. Here is a dense acrylic plates resting on inverted with the system for smooth rotation and long-term sustainability. In MKII Scout outboard engine comes with a part of the belt-driven, like any other advanced turntable respectable there.

VPI Scout II sports a JMW-9 tonearm with redesigned tapered arm-tube, which was filled with VPI proprietary damping materials. If VPI specialists argue that the new tonearm offer better sound, better bass and better resolution and detail.

This unit is equipped with VPI classic charcoal gray massive pedestal with enriched feet for better separation. An interesting transport policy is that it will sell 230V models from VPI Scout II distributors in 230 countries, and the strong statement that it really cares about what happens with the device after it was sold to the ultimate owner. Finally, the price of VPI Scout II starts at about $2000 and you can go as high as $2500 for the signature series.

HDD demand lower than expected in December

Written by IT News on 10:56 PM

According to the latest information, the company in December sales was lower than expected Seagate. Bill Watkins, CEO, said Tech Trader Daily that in the last month of 2008 was "just terrible" in demand for hard disk drives. One of the main reasons for lower demand, the sharp decline in stock in the distribution channel, Mr Watkins believes.

As a result of low sales figures are expected to announce capacity reductions and significant lay-off plan, which will include some 5,000 jobs, or 10 percent of the workforce in the U.S., as shown, Brian Dexheimer, President of the consumer division, in an interview with Reuters at CES last week.

Note that the 10th December last year, when the company lowered its Q4 revenue in the range of 2.3 billion dollars to 2.6 billion dollars, from the originally estimated $ 2.85 to $ 3.05 billion. It seems that market demand was even lower than expected, which means that Seagate reducing its Q4 revenue yet.

Seagate is not only hard drive vendor forced to lower its revenue forecast because of low market demand. His main rival, Western Digital, also in December 2008 announced plans to reduce the 5 percent of its workforce, which in some 2500 redundancies. The message is part of a plan to adjust costs in this difficult market.

Download mp3DirectCut 2.10 for free

Written by IT News on 9:12 PM

mp3DirectCut is a tiny program that helps you EDI MPEG audio directly.
You can remove parts, change the volume, or copy files divided into several areas of new files.
No need to expand your MP3 PCM. It saves work, coding, and disk space. And there is no loss of quality through new compression!


  • Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
  • Volume change, fade, normalize, pause detection
  • mp3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
  • Fast mp3 visualisation and easy navigation
  • Supports Layer 2 (dvd/dvb audio)
  • ID3v1.1 tag editor, ID3v2 tag keeping
  • Cue Sheet support
  • Auto cue (track dividing by time values)
  • Track splitting with filename and ID3v1.1 tag creation
  • VU meter, bitrate visualisation
  • High speed recorder
  • Fast play
  • Command line usage

mp3DirectCut 2.10 for free

Protect your computer with Lavasoft

Written by IT News on 11:27 PM

The world of computer security software, will expand with a product. Helix is its name and its field of action is to protect against computer viruses. The investor Lavasoft, the creator of the whole world the most popular anti-spyware programs, Ad-Aware.

Anti-Virus Helix comes with a 30-day trial period, which provides a comprehensive update of the product. Like all parts of the antivirus software on the market of the program will protect your computer from the time Windows loads and monitors all the alternative routes can be ugly to get access to a computer. This probably means that the Helix is to work on rootkits and prevents e-mail virus attacks, as well as those who constantly scan the Internet online service.

Processing of applications should not be a burden, and regardless of the type of user software because it is a very easy to use interfaces that allows you to gain access to protected areas, such as local and protection line. In addition, you can view the current state of protection.

Helix flexibility goes back to the point where you can create scan profiles. The advantage of this feature is that you will define certain areas to be controlled by viruses.

Web browsing is the primary in terms of computer and Helix is equipped with features that you are safe from phishing and malware floating on the Internet. More than that, mail checking feature examines incoming and outgoing mail for all types of threats that may affect the stability of the recipient's computer.

That is as simple as possible, after application to the definition of automatic actions when it encounters malware. There are all the modules included in the protection of software: Scanner, Guard, Mail Guard and WebGuard.

The new audio micro systems from JVC come with to-die-for touchscreen controls

Written by IT News on 7:26 PM

By entering the touch screen technology in virtually all types of stuff was more a question of when rather than "if" question, and new sound system which has recently made major manufacturer JVC is perfect proof of that. If you have been, and hope, and in some sound system boasts excellent audio response, elegant appearance that was part of the head and come loaded with a range of handy features, so do not see more than three recent notification JVC tools: the UX-GN6, LP5-UX and UX-G200.

These micro systems all sports in the 21st Century-approved design and specifications, and, of course, that comes with iPod support. Moreover, in this new audio will meets the eye.

The first thing anyone will notice is, of course, full-face contact design: get shiny plate with a built-in touch-sensitive technology is its ability to govern these small audio medium to a whole new level. New JVC micro system can handle very complex touch gestures, almost like you saw in the SciFi movie ... and this is just the beginning.

Wake up one of these mini-boom boxes from standby mode, do not have to press: just wave your hands in front of them and they will come alive, lighting all the basic knowledge of areas and symbols, and offer all the critical information needed. The UX-GN6 will retail for around $ 200, a sport-top-mounted iPod dock with a monstrous total power capacity 120W, CD playback, AM / FM tuner, and no-nonsense two-way speakers.

The UX-LP5 comes with a retractable front-lighting system iPod dock and packaging costs less than 70W for $ 150, while the smallest, the UX-G200, will retail around $ 100 and comes with 16 V output, USB Host port, CD player , AM / FM tuner, timer / clock, and audio input. All three contacts boom boxes hit stores in March.

Teh Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will kill 99.9% of the germs on your toothbrush

Written by IT News on 6:26 PM

In Zapi UV toothbrush SANITIZER is the entity that was created to help you keep your toothbrush as clean and germ-free as possible, and thus extend its life and help you achieve better oral hygiene as well. Take care of our dental hygiene has become one of the social instincts we are born, at least in the last decade.

All types of toothpaste with "magic" properties and toothbrushes with the most complex and Uber-specific forms are widely available to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Sharp or rounded edges, smooth and firm, company or bending the neck, manual and electric toothbrushes, and almost nothing anyone can ever have, they are all there.

Moreover, there is also a problem with the bacteria never solved toothbrush: microbe is a bacteria build-up between the hairs on your brush. No matter how advanced it may be your toothbrush, gadget that Zapi UV toothbrush SANITIZER looks like the only way to keep your mouth and really clean.

The toothbrush manufacturers say to you that you should replace the brush away after using it for several months, only because of its penny: just know that some of the germs, bacteria and other unwanted things accumulate between hairs. Moreover, after a while attacking the mouth rather than cleaning and therefore only one option left: to change the brush.

Now Zapi UV toothbrush SANITIZER offers a safer and healthier brushing: instead of your toothbrush in a glass and let it falls, you will be placed in the device and press a single button.
This activates the built-in strong UV light that burns in 7 minutes and then automatically shuts down and killed almost all living beings, to find refuge among hair brush. And "almost all" refers to the percentage higher than 99.9%, which would you feel better, especially if you health freak.

In Zapi UV toothbrush SANITIZER powered by batteries and comes with a manual brush included. Furthermore, some electric head, and you will get some $ 29.95. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your own style!

Ninja Destiny Unlockable edition II (DS)

Written by IT News on 7:10 PM

Naruto: Ninja destiny adventure game designed specifically for Nintendo DS on aspects Tomy and published on a wide range of regions and countries. The name is the first in a series of Ninja Destiny, as you know, in North America and Europe, or Shinobi Retsuden, as it is called in Japan. It started some time ago, December 14, 2006, the Land of the Rising Sun, but was released some time ago and in other areas, which arrives in Europe February 15, 2008 in Australia March 20 and in North America October 26.

The game is based on the popular anime series Naruto, which currently broadcast around the world on various TV channels, such as TV Tokyo and Cartoon Network. It focuses on the main character in this series, Uzumaki Naruto, as he performs various tasks with the help of his friends on the team or against various enemies or antagonists, including the evil Akatsuki organization composed of rogue ninjas.
Naruto: Ninja Destiny impressive list of characters, including fan favorites Hatake Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, INO, Shikamaru and Jiraiya. In addition, various antagonists evil, including people who Orochimaru and Gaare in the desert. The game was very successful, largely due to a lot of Naruto fans around the world, and saw a different name was released under the name of the Japanese Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden 2.


Play as Kyubi Naruto
Complete Arcade mode Itachi.

Play as Orochimaru
Successfully complete Arcade mode Jiraiya.

Play as Sasuke Cursed Seal 2
Unlock all other characters, and then fill in Arcade mode Sasuke again.

Play as Temari
The complete story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Play as Tsuna
Fill one of the following to unlock the tsunami:

• Unlock Gai, Temari and Gaare. This can be done by completing Story mode under the normal or hard difficulty settings. without using any continues.
• successfully complete a history of challenging without using continues.

Samsung launches Armani Night Effect in the U.K.

Written by IT News on 7:05 PM

It appears that Armani Night Effect mobile phone, developed by Samsung and Armani will begin this month. In accordance with the latest news on the Internet, use of Vodafone in the UK will be able to lay their hands on one of these phones to Vodafone and Phones4u stores. Armani Night Effect elegant mobile phone comes with a 3-megapixel camera, and with the support of MicroSD memory cards for external storage.

Samsung, reportedly announced that Armani Night Effect, and the phone is targeted at young consumers with active and fashionable life where music is an important part of everyday life. "The unit comes with AMOLED screen for robust, reliable color and complements a series of buttons for playing music and music-oriented phone.

Design of the phone also sports a signature illuminating LED around the edge of the phone, which is alleged to have been "encouraged by the brilliant Tokyo urban landscape architecture." Other features of the device include a 3.5 mm jack, soft touch, finishing, and to strengthen the glass display, not to mention the fact that the logo of Emporio Armani "in a metal can be seen featured on the back with hidden external speaker, which will certainly appeal to all lovers mark there.

"Those who love Emporio Armani also often love nightlife," said Giorgio Armani. "They were out of town after nightfall, when candles lit in the capital of modern street lighting. For this young, cool and social crowd, "NIGHT EFFECT mobile is the perfect accessory. This allows them to communicate with their friends, it looks modern and chic, and lights when it is active, and it was created specifically to facilitate the handling and use of music files."

The Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Written by IT News on 6:38 PM

IPods sold in several hundred million, but due to the iPod "will definitely become the rule, and inherit land. IPod topic gadgets are everywhere, and we doubt there is a person because of the planet looking for some gadgets, and no one has done it a special "iPod" version. In addition, if you think it saw almost everything in this area, look again: Retro IPod alarm clock of the time for the storage of machinery, which was intended to serve as a clock and iPod dock.

If a person always looking for the most futuristic design, you have to look outside, and IPod alarm as retro as it gets, the happier the next Purple / white or white-and-white color schemes, with all 70's - has approved the forms and rounded edges , which could return Elvis.
Retro iPod alarm clock doubles as a docking station that not only can you play your songs on Apple's FAV player, but he was charged under performance. You will receive directions Omni built-in speakers that can help you reach your songs in each corner of the room, a classic, as retro as possible, rotating volume.

You will surely have her 9-minute snooze function, which will give you a little more time to sleep. Just not zasoryayte it, otherwise you will be late for work ... again. AC adapter included in the box, but unfortunately there is no word on battery back-works, so overnight blackouts can change its excellent signal device.

This clock is not compatible with the new Nano Chromatic G4, Classic or iTouch iPod, it is perfectly placed iPod nano and Nano Gen 2, Mini and Classic, iPod Nano G3 (Generation 3), Classic and Touch series. No video output is given, and no one knows what the next generation will bring. Retro IPod alarm clock is now at about $60. Not the cheapest product of its kind, but worth every penny if you are in retro items.

Intel vPro got hacked

Written by IT News on 3:38 AM

Intel VPRO, a technology developed by the manufacturers of chips and applauded the stable framework for the provision of security based on hardware, the hackers. InvisibleThings’"Joanna Rutkowska, founder and CEO, and Rafal Wojtczuk, principle investigator, preparing to show Hacke of the Black Hat DC 2009, in February. According to the researchers in the security, which together have proof that the hack and hands-on demonstration of the attack against Intel Trusted Execution Technology in next month's Black Hat.

Technology run trust Intel (Intel TXT), was specially designed to provide an extra layer of security hardware for virtual environments, and the core of the operating system. The added level of protection in computers with Intel vPro technology, the company said.

"Our research shows how an attacker might compromise the integrity of software loaded via an Intel TXT based on the charger to a generic way. We have created a proof of concept code that demonstrates the successful attack tboot - Intel based on the application of the boot process and Linux xen . Our attack consists of two phases. The first phase requires an application not on a system-specific software. The second phase of the attack is possible due to a design decision in the current version TXT, says Rutkowska and Wojtczuk.

Rutkowska said that Intel TXT has been created to ensure a reliable way for system software (which is a virtual machine / Hyper Visor and a real operating system kernel) to load and run. The security researchers claim that the attack would allow the system to be infected with malware in the BIOS rootkit virus boot sector and Intel TXT let the operating system or virtual machine to the load.

"Although the assessment of the effectiveness of the technology, Intel TXT, as part of a job for a client, we have identified several shortcomings in the implementation of system software for Intel, which made possible the final stage such an attack. We have Intel with a broad description of the error in December 2008, and Intel is working on determining the vulnerability, "Rutkowska and Wojtczuk added.

The Alfred Dunhill signature Meridian AD88 retails for just under $4,000

Written by IT News on 2:57 AM

Meridian Audio Audiophile products known in the circles of both praise and boasts high-flying look, and the creation of the latest new from the British manufacturer is not at all different: the signing of all development time favorite Alfred Dunhill, the new music system Meridian announced it was for tools SHOD listeners. AD88 is not stupid instrument, capable of delivering good sound at any time, whether your house or the library, elegant office.

Handmade with great care by several layers of wood together in a compact and almost bullet-proof cabinets, "Meridian" Alfred Dunhill AD88 sports one of the sturdiest buildings available audio among similar items.

And it is not a joke, AD88 which are based on world famous speaker technology that made "Meridian" in the highly regarded brands, some of the most demanding audiophiles. Our lowest resonance, instead of adding useless for coloring the sound response from the TV-box 2.1 driver array loaded in AD88 is sought-after speakers ensure purity, many manufacturers are trying to achieve.

80W RMS power is supplemented by a digital module DPS subwoofer with a built-in LF / MF to listen to the broadcast with a very detailed and nicely separated stereo image. AD88 Inside you'll find a slot loading optical drive that supports CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, Dual Disc, DVD-V, DVDR / RW, so you can enjoy music from almost all the disk.

Of course, iPod Dock cannot be left to one side and the "Meridian" Alfred Dunhill AD88 doll i88 comes with a mini-DIN slot to customize your player Apple. And with dual 3.5-mm auxiliary steering gear material, both analog and optical, you can connect this music with almost anything, including MP3 players and other media players. Alfred Dunhill AD88 Meridian comes with an analog / 3.5 mm headphone jack optical output doubled to S-Video and composite output.

Finally, you also get an AM / FM tuner with an internal antenna and expansion slots, radio / alarm function and map-scale wireless remote with magnetic backing makes it possible to stick to any metal structures to improve comfort.

Now, of course, you have already guessed that the presence of two highly respected names such as "Meridian" and Dunhill met in top-notch signature elite music system comes with a price, Meridian Alfred Dunhill AD88 $4000 burning a hole in your budget, so if you will to get for Christmas, you probably started to save for Easter.

The iP1 blasts 100W RMS

Written by IT News on 2:35 AM

So many years ago, iHome begun construction of one of the biggest names in home audio field concentrated on a personal music / Media Systems for the distribution of your favorite songs in the living room or bedroom, and in the office. It is time to put to you iHome the last places in the iPod / iPhone-on music / sound system, IP1. This is a fantastic piece of audio news iHome loaded with the best technology and sport the latest development is designed to delight fans of both audio and Critical Home Decor fans.

IHome IP1 sports massive smoked acrylic faceplate, which is very pleasing similarities with stunning R907 speakers from major high-end manufacturer Jamo.

This faceplate as partitions for driver’s iHome IP1, as each of them loaded in its own cylindrical chamber. For the untrained eye, iHome IP1 can see 4 a tube stuck in the thick transparent plastic film. But this design exudes elegance and refined taste. Despite its very elegant and noble aspect, the product can be easily integrated in all the many home furnishing and modern and conservative parameters.

While most IPod docks sport low-power, iHome IP1 is a real monster: it is capable of delivering 100W RMS, which is only good for such gadgets. This means that you can also throw real party using the doll, or annoy your neighbors and bring them to the brink of calling 911.

IHome IP1 two sports is not a joke 4''vuferami, complemented by a double 1''kupolnye treble, fed with a class D power amplifier, using modern digital processor, developed by Tony Bongiovi. This module is a new DSP and received much praise all the media, especially since it was built in the very cool JVC KD-S100 car stereo.

Although there was no word on pricing and availability, we have good reason to believe that the iHome is not too late in IP1 shipping name dolls.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro joins Apple's new family of unibody notebooks

Written by IT News on 2:31 AM

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody saw more advertising than any of its brothers and sisters, 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro. One aspect of Apple stresses much on portable extended battery, which is a strong connection with a green notebook.

The latest laptops are available from Apple is touted as the green there. However, when the missing family members portable Apple - 17-inch Pro - came surpass even Mac fans waiting.
The company introduced the latest portable has improved on many levels, including battery life; he became the greenest of the green. With headquarters in Cupertino, California, began to air a new TV ad for the new 17-inch Pro, ads that (probably) the negotiations on the environmental performance of the notebook.

Although the 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody uses the same technology as its 13-inch and 15-inch counterparts (as well as the materials, it is included), a new device is more environmentally friendly, thanks to a revolutionary battery, which can last up to three times than conventional batteries for laptops. In addition, new energy storage device boasts a truly spectacular time, ultimately leading to less battery thrown into the environment.
Apple also released a video introduction to a new 17-inch MacBook Pro, with a focus on the system battery. In the video, Bob Mansfield, SVP of MAC equipment, explained that the 17-inch Pro battery has a built-in device to use space-related activities; usually occupied territories require a removable storage device for energy.

Needless to mention the new MacBook Pro is Apple continues to environmental liability, which was designed specifically to reduce the impact on the environment. Some of them contain arsenic-free glass, BFR-free internal components, mercury-free LED-backlit display, PVC-free internal cables, highly aluminum and glass shell, and even small packages.

You can see a new TV ad here.

The PS3 registered big sales in December

Written by IT News on 2:05 AM

Console war is a very tough fight between the three manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been doing their best to attract customers and gain more profit. Although it appears that between 2008 Nintendo dominates his opposition, the battle for second place was a very brutal one.

Despite the competition for Sony, Microsoft prevail through the application of the price of its Xbox 360 console, it seems that things are promising for the PlayStation 3. Even if it reached 18 percent decline in November, for the same period in 2007, in December 2008 was a very good month for the Japanese company and its products.

During the month of the holiday season begins, it appears that Sony achieved solid revenue growth of 130 percent compared with November. This was reinforced by the internal information from the Japanese company, which also found that there is still hope that a strong momentum in 2009, while confirming a statement, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO David Reeves, who expressed his belief that the PS3 will have a major new year.

"Early internal data indicate an increase of more than 130 percent of the PS3 hardware sales holiday season, Black Friday and we also see an increase of almost 40 percent of the total PS3 hardware sales for the calendar year. We are confident that this momentum will continue and in the New Year. “

Although most of the industry analysts and critics of a place in the Sony shameful last place, for the Nintendo and Microsoft, this year could start a lot of changes in the Japanese console. Let us not forget that there are many new features coming to PS3, as part of the new "value added" approach, and if we believe, Microsoft, and almost everyone else in the game industry, apart from Sony, discounts that can be used in the time. All that remains for us to do is wait and see what is projected to become a reality.

NVIDIA's new 3D Vision product to change the way you play games, watch movies

Written by IT News on 1:27 AM

NVIDIA, Santa Clara, California-based graphics chip manufacturer, announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the world's first HD-stereo 3D solution for home users. With the launch, the company is introducing a new product, the benefits of high-performance desktop graphics cards. Just copy the GeForce 3D vision for this version is for gaming and multimedia enthusiasts with new interaction tools, which are likely to change their perspectives on visual computing experience.

"For gamers, 3D vision for GeForce represents an entirely different way to experience the game, and for developers, it liberates the potential of the game literally from the pop-screen," said Ujesh Desai, Vice President of Desktop Business at NVIDIA GeForce. "From games to movies to photography, 3D-Vision offers a truly immersive 3D fantastic experience."

NVIDIA new product is part of a package that offers its users with a couple of high-tech wireless glasses, a high-power infrared transmitter and advanced software, the user can be combined with a new level of visual experience for gaming and high-Definition Multimedia. The package is the latest 120Hz LCD panels from Samsung and ViewSonic and Mitsubishi DLP HDTV and DepthQ HD 3D projector, designed by Light Speed Design. The solution is expected to be a new layer of crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D stereo images for home users.

"Together with gaming news in Microsoft Windows and DirectX NVIDIA 3D vision proves it is never a better time than PC gamers," says Corey Rose Moon, Group Marketing Manager, Windows Gaming. "Through the support of past and upcoming games for Windows and Games for Windows - Live titles, PC players can expect a new level of immersion in stereo bucket's 3D, and have broad support for the hottest games."

PC users in the U.S. will be the first to take advantage of NVIDIA's newest product; a 3D-vision is now on e-retailers such as CompUSA Tiger Direct or Micro Center, or directly from the company's website. The manufacturer's recommended retail price is $199.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285

Written by IT News on 12:51 AM

After much anticipation and a series of leaked information on the Internet, Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA has finally his latest GeForce graphics cards based on the benefits of a new 55nm technology. The announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides two new graphics cards, the only nuclear GTX 285 and the manufacturer, the latest flagship model, dual-GPU GTX 295th Both were for high performance and enthusiast segment of the market and are already covered by the company the latest video drivers.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 GTX 280 is, again in mid-2008, a map, based on a 65nm technology, but unfortunately not to the performance of AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2, a dual-GPU graphics solution, until now, the best desktop graphics performance. The GTX 285 gives green businesses to apply for the world's most powerful single-GPU solution on the market, a 30% performance increase over its competitors. In addition, NVIDIA went a step further and raised in advance of the release of the dual-GPU GTX 295, which claims to be the world's fastest dual-GPU solution.
When we talk about the GTX 285, you should be ready to meet its 240-processor cores, the clock at 1476MHz. The GPU core has been in the works at 648MHz while the memory at 1242MHz. The card is capable of a texture fill rate 51.8 billion / sec, with 1 GB GDDR3 512-bit memory. In addition, NVIDIA new single-GPU king comes with support for 2-way and 3-way SLI technology, PhysX and CUDA. The GTX 285 is DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1 and has a maximum resolution of 2560 digital in 1600.

The specifications of the dual GPU GTX 295 is twice as high as 285th on the GTX card is equipped with 480 graphics processor, 240 per GPU. The core / memory / Shader clocks were 576MHz/999MHz/1242MHz, respectively. The card is equipped with 1792 MB memory GGDR3 with 896MB per GPU, while the memory interface is 896-bit.

Both cards require a high-performance power supplies with minimal system power consumption are estimated at 550W for the GTX 285 model, while the GTX 295 is a system with at least a 680W PSU. In terms of pricing and availability, NVIDIA announced that the GTX 295 is already available for purchases from leading add the card-makers with an MSRP of $499 The GTX 285 is on January 15 with an MSRP of $399.

Yahoo will their online TV

Written by IT News on 2:39 AM

While Microsoft goes further and further into a world of digital TV with Media Room IPTV platform, Yahoo is closely followed in accordance with a complement to the traditional Internet TV on Samsung TV. In this context, Yahoo and Samsung Electronics have announced a partnership to marry in 2009 Samsung HDTV with Yahoo Widget Engine. The new TV service from Yahoo widget called "Internet @ TV - Content Service" will be made available only to selected models of Samsung's 2009 flat-panel HDTV line-up, none of the two companies with the naming of the products.

"As a leader in developing innovative technology platforms, Internet-based services indispensable for millions of users, Yahoo is looking forward to working with Samsung to consumers' television experience by offering the best of the Web on their televisions" Patrick Barry , Vice President of Yahoo Connected TV show. "Through this partnership, we can combine the benefits of Internet users more choice and adjustment of Samsung's leading product innovation and global reach to a new experience for users around the world.”

According to Yahoo, the adaptation of the Widget Engine Samsung allows users to take advantage of the traditional television experience to new limits. TV Widgets 2009 Samsung HDTV is not just a new level of interaction, but also the possibility for individuals to take advantage of additional services and content on the Internet on their TV sets. Yahoo showed that light JavaScript and XML applications should also be used for much more than content, and also provides the functionality, providing the necessary infrastructure for users of social networks. Internet @ TV - Content Service is accessible for HDTV home network.

"Samsung has proven innovator in Internet-based television technology for a certain period, with groundbreaking Link service in the past year 2008. There is no denying that it is easy to use, one-touch remote service successful information and simply effective, "Boo-Keun Yoon, Executive Vice President of Display Division at Samsung Electronics, said. He continued: "Our collaboration with Yahoo viewers can go a step further. The new interface allows them to interact with many of their favorite web services on a personal level. It is, frankly, not just a passive way, send, and is not doubt that the future of television."


Written by IT News on 2:31 AM

ASUS Eee has reiterated its product portfolio with the addition of the maximum expected touchscreen T91 and T101H. Both systems have developed some new features in the Netbook world computer users a choice of a nuclear-powered Tablet PC with touch-screen functions. Expected to be presented at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two Eee PC has been built, the 8.9-inch and 10-inch monitors, since most other netbooks on the market.

On the technical specification of the new T91 comes with a 8.9-inch LED display with backlighting. It is expected to provide computing power of Intel Atom Z520 processor and comes with a GPS and TV tuner, an increase of some shares, compared with other netbooks currently on the market. The Eee PC T91 measures 225mm x 164mm x 25.2 - 28.4mm and weighs 2.2 kg, and it is on Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 operating system.

According to pcmag the T91 will be equipped with 1 GB of memory and is used with a traditional hard disk drive and Flash-based Solid State Drive. The solution is the total storage capacity to 52GB Netbook.

"This new generation of netbooks is actually a multi-touch networks," said CEO and Chairman ASUS Jonney Shih. "It is a includes the original Tablet PC."

There are few details about the larger T101H, but after an early expectations, should pack a similar configuration. Unlike the T91, which was T101H as 10-inch solution, Internet functions and touch-screen?

New ASUS Eee PC systems will further increase the already high Netbook range, which is part of the Eee family.

BFG Phobos, a Core i7 gaming rig

Written by IT News on 11:05 PM

BFG Technologies is one of the largest NVIDIA-based graphics card makers, has a new product in its portfolio. Simply Phobos, the new model is a complete set of high-performance desktop systems based on the needs of enthusiasts and multimedia games. The company has its customer’s graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies, the Phobos as a true gaming platform, using the latest technology in desktop computing.

The Phobos is available in three pre-configured models that can be used for more options. The cheapest model, the so-called performance at $3000, while the advanced version is said to cost $5000, which is still $3,000 cheaper than the Elite model, which costs an astounding $8000th at this price, you can start a new cheap car.

If the price you have not blown away by now, you can look at what can Phobos. As you might expect, it was the highest performing processor in the market, Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 965, valued at a clock speed of 3.2GHz. The system is based on MSI Eclipse X58 Intel motherboard with 6 GB of memory Patriot DDR3 1600Mhz. The team has two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 graphics cards in SLI and GeForce GTX 285 for special PhysX processor. Four Western Digital Velociraptor 300 GB hard drives are installed, storage solution, while an Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7 / 1 sound card refer audio system performance.

The Phobos Coolit content is including a Liquid cooling solution (for the GPU and CPU) and a BFG LS-1200 high energy efficiency. Additional features of Phobos apart from most of the game platforms are 8-inch LCD touch screen and integrated interactive iPhone / iPod dock Sync.

Intel delays the launch of its X25-E 64GB SSD

Written by IT News on 9:46 PM

In November 2008 the series Intel X25-E SSD 32GB capacity at a price of $700 per 1000 items, it has been reported delays in the 64 GB model for the first quarter of next year. 2.5" X25-E Series, with the aim of the company segment is the most successful companies in line with SSD, which read / write speed 240/170MB per second. Levels of performance SSDs are the main weapon against the traditional hard drives, and all those who responsible for solid-state drive is to highlight their skills.

It is a known fact that the device for solid state had different patterns and structures for their products, which led them to different levels of performance. Intel SSDs achieved 10xNAND flash memory and powerful instruction set provides a high quality, drove the units in the first. The X25-E Series 64 GB SSD capability the company is expected this quarter, but of course must wait until next year to get our hands on them.

The delay has been found in the latest roadmap update is available in the adjoining picture. The taste of the 64GB is expected that the prices of up to $ 990. Moreover, in the first quarter of next year, the company has its 1.8-inch X18-M SATA SSD sports a capacity of 160 GB. Intel has already begun in this quarter, the X25-M 80GB, X25-M and 160 GB X18-M 80 GB drives for ordinary users.

According to the latest news, the chip manufacturer also plans to adjust the prices of some of these SSDs. It seems that society wants to reduce the price of the X25-M X18-M 80GB and 80GB SSDs to $ 525th Additionally, the price of 32 GB X25-E is at $ 575 on 28 December. How many of you know, MTBF of X25-M and X18-M is 1.2 million hours, while the X25-E reached 2 million hours. X25 feature Ms. 70MB / s write speed, while reading reaches 240MBps.

Intel begins selling 160GB versions of its X25-M SSDs

Written by IT News on 9:14 PM

Intel, the world's largest chip manufacturer announced days ago that he had a 160 GB solid state drives, which come to their range of high-speed storage solutions. With the announcement, Intel and Toshiba Samsung occur at a rally for high-performance SSDs with a capacity of hard drives. Unfortunately, the recent announced SSDs from Intel and other manufacturers of SSD prices even more than the current price of the hard drives of similar capacity.

Santa Clara, California, Intel said Monday that the addition of 160 GB version of the X25-M and X18-M SATA Solid-state disks. So far, the company has limited edition SSD to 80GB SSD smaller versions. The company 160GB SSD will be in an easily portable 2.5-inch format, while the 1.8-inch models, for most notebook PC system, it is expected that in the next month, according to Intel.

As the final details, the giant manufacturer expects that the new 160 GB SSD at a price that is less than $ 945 by 1000 in comparison with a 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive, which currently sells well below $ 200, Intel SSD considered of many stocks, the option is unlikely. By adding an 80GB SSD from Intel for HP Elite Book 2530p ultra portable laptop to raise prices for a good laptop for $ 659, plus a 1.8-inch 120GB hard drive.

Strengthening the capacity of the hard disk is slowly becoming a reality, so that one of its drawbacks compared to traditional hard drives. But given the high prices, SSDs are still far from a quick alternative to hard drives. Samsung and Toshiba have already announced their progress in the development of greater capacity SSDs, said the earlier, in November last year that it had begun mass production of 256 GB SSDs, while the other, said recently that it shows a 512GB SSD in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2009.

Samsung develops new and better SSDs for servers

Written by IT News on 8:19 PM

Samsung announced yesterday that it is a 100 GB Solid State Drive, designed to meet the requirements for storage and server system designed for video-on-demand, streaming media, or online transaction processing. The new SSD, SS805, was on the storage-Vision 2009 in Las Vegas, where the company claimed that there is an alternative to conventional hard drives, a record with 15,000 rpm.

"We have a very reliable car for high performance and high strength and drastically reduced power needs, besides a large and long-term value of the total cost of ownership is analyzed," said Jim Elliott, Vice President, Memory Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. " The new company offers SSD CIOs and IT managers the opportunity to improve the reliability and storage capacity without costly power supply and improvement of infrastructure in schools data on or near capacity, "he said.

According to the company, its new flash-SSD can deliver up to 100 times the number of input / output per second per watt than 2.5-inch hard disk 15.000RPM. This allows the SS805, which is an excellent solution for the job, where higher performance is required, but not at the expense of energy.

The SSD with a SAS interface, which claimed to read data sequentially at a speed of 230MB per second, while sequential read speed is 180MBPS. This high performance is by implementing an advanced control eight channels and a better firmware and NAND flash, compared with the previous generation of SSDs. Samsung SS805 uses only 1.9 watts in active mode and 0.6 watts at idle, compared with 8 to 15 watts in active mode and 2 watts at idle, up to 15,000 discs.

The company said the new units are expected to be available in this quarter, but pricing information must be made available.

Biggest year sale of Xbox

Written by IT News on 3:31 AM

While Microsoft is touting the biggest ever year for the Xbox 360 sales, the company is only the comparison with the PlayStation 3 console from Sony, and says nothing about the Nintendo Wii. After what he more than a year in the history of Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, Microsoft said that at the end of 2008 managed to base installation, to the whole world and the PlayStation 3 in more than 8 million units. After the statistics published by the Redmond Company, Xbox 360 has over 28 one million consoles sold.

"On the Xbox, 2008 will be remembered worldwide as a critical year of growth and retail sales on the Internet - also in view of the difficult economic circumstances," Don Matt Rick, Senior Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has shown.

"Everywhere in the world, a record number of players in their droves to our wide range of entertainment and games of all time, while the New Xbox Experience delighted millions of fans of our console even more attractive. And yet we have only a vague idea for a new world of interactive entertainment as we think. The best Xbox 360 that will happen. "

Despite this, and 28 million unit sales for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft can actually grow over Sony, in the context of the PlayStation 3 or 20 one million milestone, the fact is that there is not even necessary for the performance delivered by the Nintendo Wii. The company has approximately 46 million consoles worldwide, Microsoft and Sony, which has outsold mainly because of the natural surface, Wii.

Still, manufacturers of Redmond have the advantage of Xbox Live community. Steadily increasing popularity, the Community of Xbox Live is now over 17 million active members. To keep pace with the 84-percent increase in online usage by consumers, the software giant has shown that since the debut on the Xbox 360 three years ago, members of the Xbox Live community more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

But even if Microsoft has the greatest years in the history of Xbox 360, Sony, the location of the bronze winner in the console race, also applauded the continued growth. Ian Jackson, Vice President of Sales, Sony Computer Entertainment America, said that sales of the PlayStation 3 have exploded over 130% in the summer of 2008. This may be correlated with growth in sales for the year 2008, which Jackson said that about 40% for the PS3.

New XFX Radeon HD 4850 graphics card

Written by IT News on 2:58 AM

Back to the end of 2008, XFX, one of the largest producers of NVIDIA-based graphics cards, has announced that it will begin its partnership with AMD-ATI graphics subsidiary. After the show, says the manufacturer of graphics cards are also planned debut of its first ATI Radeon graphics card that comes to its users with an alternative to the GeForce already on the market. So far, these products have not been able to ensure their presence, but after the latest round of leaked information that the company is ready for shipping paper said.

XFX still officially its new graphics card issued by an ATI Radeon graphics processor. But there are also cards that appear to have been expected to arrive via the Internet because it is a German online store. The seven works have been listed, ranging from basic to advanced performance. ATI Radeon HD4350, HD4650 two, one HD4830, HD4850 one and two HD4870, prices vary from € 40 to € 260 or so.

There is little information on the specifications of the new cards, but it seems that the company is close to issuing cards on the market. According to the existing images, one of the two HD 4870 cards with AMD reference cooler, while the HD 4850 comes with a brand new cooler, designed by XFX. The same should be cooler at the forefront of one of the tasks in the short, the Radeon HD 4830 XFX.

No information on when new products to buy, but users and fans should keep an eye on the market. With these new cards, XFX is trying to do a good price / performance for its customers. With the move of the company is part of another manufacturer of graphics cards, has been used to print only on NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors.

SanDisk's new SSDs are designed for netbooks

Written by IT News on 12:27 AM

SanDisk has just announced its next-generation flash memory-based solid state drives, designed to provide storage support for the increasingly popular netbook market. According to the company, these new SSDs have been designed to provide both performance and high-capacity storage for those ultra-portable computer systems, known as netbooks. The new drives will be targeted towards computer system makers, as well as end-users.

“Netbooks represent the fastest growing PC segment in 2009 and 2010 yet widespread adoption of SSDs in netbooks has been limited by speed, capacity and cost constraints,” said Rich Heye, senior vice president and general manager, Solid-State Drives (SSD), SanDisk. “With the significant improvements in performance, capacity and low pricing, these SSDs are a perfect fit for the exploding netbook market.”

The next-generation SandDisk SSDs are expected to become available in capacities of 8, 16, 32 and 64GB in February 2009. These drives have been manufactured using a 43nm Multi-Level Cell flash memory and are produced at the fabrication plants in Yokkaichi, Japan. The technology on which these new drives have been built utilizes SanDisk's All Bit Line architecture.

According to the flash memory maker, the new SSD solutions for netbook computer systems will be aggressively priced, enabling them to be used in POS terminals, printers, ATMs and other applications that require a reliable storage solution.

The new SSD-P2 and SanDisk pSSD-S2 SSDs will perfectly fit the current market situation, as more portable computer system makers are expected to announce even more netbook systems. IDC initially projected that worldwide netbook sales would reach nine million units by 2012, however, that number has grown to 41 million, while this year 11 million netbooks are expected to be sold worldwide.

“SanDisk’s Gen 2 pSSD drives have the best combination of capacity, performance, weight, pricing and power advantages to really excite designers, manufacturers and users of netbooks,” said Richard Brown, VP of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Our latest reference designs will include SanDisk’s Gen2 pSSD drives, and we look forward to working with SanDisk to aggressively address the netbook market’s needs.”

Download One Click Registry Optimization

Written by IT News on 3:25 AM

The performance of the computer is closely related to the optimization of the registry. Of course there are other aspects, such as defragmenting the files, but it is at the core of Windows, and if things are not here to see the list of Mischief that may arise exponentially.

Cleaning the Windows registry is not a task for each user, a care and needs. But using a registry key cleaner can alleviate this task. Freeware examples on the market CCleaner and EasyCleaner is the most popular tools, PC maintenance, and in portable versions. Optimax is a program that allows you the power of their computers for the cleaning of the registry for errors.


  • One Click Optimization
  • Scan undergone and optimization
  • Features to protect and Repeal
  • Ability to work directly in the registry to ensure that all entries in the registry Optimax
  • Detailed date and time you choose to modify the registry
  • Change Log
  • Registry Scan Log
Download location: Download One Click Registry

Home isn't used by Microsoft

Written by IT News on 12:15 AM

The console war is full of bitter fighting, in which each company is trying to show the world that your product is better and has more features. As such, the big manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, which try to introduce the new services to their products more attractive on the market.

In this regard, Sony has recently launched the open beta phase of the new online service PlayStation Home, especially for the PlayStation 3 console. The service aims at a meeting of all owners of the PS3 on Earth, where they met people they know and make new friends and have fun in a constantly changing environment.

This has led to the curiosity of several companies in the UK, which began testing the service for home, to see if they, instead of the usual conference call with this new virtual world. Nothing interesting, so far, but it seems that Microsoft, Sony arch rival, also in the tests carried out by the advanced work Associates Company.

After hearing the news, it seems that the U.S. Company did not want his picture in connection with Sony products and a statement in which he is not the fact that they use online service Home. The press release went on to say that Microsoft has its own virtual meetings, such as the Xbox Live games, which are used for small meetings.

"Microsoft is not as a tool for virtual meetings in the home," Read the press release. "With Microsoft developed great products and applications such as Live Meeting, and part of Xbox Live, we have everything needed to create a virtual meeting at home."

It is now clear that companies in the financial sector, Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch are the only participants in a study by Dr. Manish Nipan Mani and Malik from the University of Portsmouth. Although services from Microsoft are very good, it seems that the innovations that the home can be for other companies.

New Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Mobile Workstation provides dual-screen configuration

Written by IT News on 3:14 AM

Lenovo today announced the highly anticipated mobile ThinkPad W700ds work, as the first portable system that provides its users with a dual-display configuration. The company has in addition to the new line of ThinkPad combines some of the highest performance with a unique design that provides a wide range of functions, particularly those of professionals in areas such as digital content creation, oil and gas exploration, computer-aided design and photography.

"The ThinkPad W700ds Dual Screen Mobile Workstation challenged our team of international development at a technical book for the operation of the users of the work - in the office and on the move," said Mark Cohen, Vice President, Bloc notes business unit, Lenovo. "With this innovation for the most PC users have to the ultimate size and functionality with the maintenance of the PC cool and quiet. The mobile worker is the result of innovation and performance of Lenovo cutting.

Information on the new ThinkPad is fully consistent with what was said, since the first information about the system were included in the Internet. The W700ds are some of the latest Intel processors area optional hard drive / RAID SDD, NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics, an impressive 8GB of DDR3 RAM, dual-link DVI / Display Port / VGA support, a 7 - in-1 Card Reader, not less than five USB ports, WiFi, WiMAX optional smart card reader and hard drives with full disk encryption. You should also take into account the dual thermal solution and voluntary Digitizer, just to get a full picture of the new Lenovo laptop for work.

Because of its technical specifications and dimensions of the new Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds system is far from his laptop computer all day. It is tailored to the needs of professional and advanced users who probably will not be intimidated by his starting price of $3.663.

Download Norman Malware Cleaner 2008.12.29

Written by IT News on 8:04 PM

Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program that can be used to detect and remove specific malicious software (malware).

Note that you should not be used as a substitute for the normal functioning of proactive virus protection, but rather as a reactive tool to manage systems that are already infected.

By downloading and running Norman Malware Cleaner cleaning an infected system completely:

- Killing the processes that are infected
- Remove infections disk (including ActiveX components and Browser Helper Objects)
- Develop and remove rootkits
- Restore the registry values correctly
- Remove the references created by malware in hosts file
- Remove the firewall rules windows malware

To give Norman Malware Cleaner the best working conditions possible, we recommend that you start the computer in safe mode before running the program.

Do it by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard during startup, before Windows starts, and select Safe Mode from the menu that appears.

By pressing the F8 key at the right time can be a little difficult (after the firmware POST is complete, but before Windows displays a graphic production). If the F8 method does not work, repeat the procedure without pressing F8 faster, or press repeatedly.

In some (more) computers, the F8 key method does not work. In these versions of Windows, you can also configure the computer to restart in Safe mode, System Configuration (msconfig).

Here is the link to download Norman Malware Cleaner 2008.12.29:
Download link: Download Norman Malware Cleaner
This is a freeware, file size: 28.5 MB / Windows All

Remove Desktop Hijack with SmitfraudFix 2.388

Written by IT News on 7:19 PM

I found this tools very useful to remove any Desktop Hijact and mallware, its also work successfull for eliminate any variant that recently bug your system.

SmitfraudFix 2.388 is a freeware, no cost to you to use this software, I make a test the package and it was free from trojan and virus.

Here is download link for SmitfraudFix 2.388: Download it now 100% free!
File size: 1.6 MB / Windows 2K / XP / Vista

The SmitfraudFix application was designed to remove Desktop Hijack malware:

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