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Intel begins selling 160GB versions of its X25-M SSDs

Written by IT News on 9:14 PM

Intel, the world's largest chip manufacturer announced days ago that he had a 160 GB solid state drives, which come to their range of high-speed storage solutions. With the announcement, Intel and Toshiba Samsung occur at a rally for high-performance SSDs with a capacity of hard drives. Unfortunately, the recent announced SSDs from Intel and other manufacturers of SSD prices even more than the current price of the hard drives of similar capacity.

Santa Clara, California, Intel said Monday that the addition of 160 GB version of the X25-M and X18-M SATA Solid-state disks. So far, the company has limited edition SSD to 80GB SSD smaller versions. The company 160GB SSD will be in an easily portable 2.5-inch format, while the 1.8-inch models, for most notebook PC system, it is expected that in the next month, according to Intel.

As the final details, the giant manufacturer expects that the new 160 GB SSD at a price that is less than $ 945 by 1000 in comparison with a 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive, which currently sells well below $ 200, Intel SSD considered of many stocks, the option is unlikely. By adding an 80GB SSD from Intel for HP Elite Book 2530p ultra portable laptop to raise prices for a good laptop for $ 659, plus a 1.8-inch 120GB hard drive.

Strengthening the capacity of the hard disk is slowly becoming a reality, so that one of its drawbacks compared to traditional hard drives. But given the high prices, SSDs are still far from a quick alternative to hard drives. Samsung and Toshiba have already announced their progress in the development of greater capacity SSDs, said the earlier, in November last year that it had begun mass production of 256 GB SSDs, while the other, said recently that it shows a 512GB SSD in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2009.

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