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Biggest year sale of Xbox

Written by IT News on 3:31 AM

While Microsoft is touting the biggest ever year for the Xbox 360 sales, the company is only the comparison with the PlayStation 3 console from Sony, and says nothing about the Nintendo Wii. After what he more than a year in the history of Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, Microsoft said that at the end of 2008 managed to base installation, to the whole world and the PlayStation 3 in more than 8 million units. After the statistics published by the Redmond Company, Xbox 360 has over 28 one million consoles sold.

"On the Xbox, 2008 will be remembered worldwide as a critical year of growth and retail sales on the Internet - also in view of the difficult economic circumstances," Don Matt Rick, Senior Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has shown.

"Everywhere in the world, a record number of players in their droves to our wide range of entertainment and games of all time, while the New Xbox Experience delighted millions of fans of our console even more attractive. And yet we have only a vague idea for a new world of interactive entertainment as we think. The best Xbox 360 that will happen. "

Despite this, and 28 million unit sales for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft can actually grow over Sony, in the context of the PlayStation 3 or 20 one million milestone, the fact is that there is not even necessary for the performance delivered by the Nintendo Wii. The company has approximately 46 million consoles worldwide, Microsoft and Sony, which has outsold mainly because of the natural surface, Wii.

Still, manufacturers of Redmond have the advantage of Xbox Live community. Steadily increasing popularity, the Community of Xbox Live is now over 17 million active members. To keep pace with the 84-percent increase in online usage by consumers, the software giant has shown that since the debut on the Xbox 360 three years ago, members of the Xbox Live community more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

But even if Microsoft has the greatest years in the history of Xbox 360, Sony, the location of the bronze winner in the console race, also applauded the continued growth. Ian Jackson, Vice President of Sales, Sony Computer Entertainment America, said that sales of the PlayStation 3 have exploded over 130% in the summer of 2008. This may be correlated with growth in sales for the year 2008, which Jackson said that about 40% for the PS3.

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