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The Monitor Audio R-One-HD, a new sound bar for your flatscreen on-wall TV

Written by IT News on 11:35 PM

It seems as if the sound bars are becoming more popular because more people know to add the latest generation of LCD TVs hanging on the walls of their homes. And what's more is that the audio technology to drive the new sound is more bars and better able to complete the picture of the industry forward. Now is the time to present to you a new bar-shaped sound system, RA-HD acclaimed producer of high-fidelity audio monitor.

This new audio device is a single cabinet LCR (left-center-right), which can easily be installed in almost any environment, under or over the screen directly on the wall or in a special booth.

One of the handiest things about the Monitor-R and audio-HD is something that will save him lead all the problems, eliminating long cable runs is always a mess and the real pain in the back when you go to fix up your room. At the same time, very small footprint of the M-Audio Monitor HD is perfect for a facility where space is scarce item. LCR system comes with a strong complement to the center channel driver composed of dual 4 "MMPII bass speaker and a C-CAM 1" gold dome tweeter, left and right channels is equipped with MMPII of a driver and a C HF-CAM each driver.

If you think the Monitor Audio R-HD is a pretty weak as it is very likely that you will be glad to know that this sound bar can be more effectively complemented with HD Radio HD Radio subwoofer and satellites, both audibly and visually. There are no exact specifications for Monitor Audio HD-R-One, with the exception of the announced prices, which extend about $800.

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