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Samsung develops new and better SSDs for servers

Written by IT News on 8:19 PM

Samsung announced yesterday that it is a 100 GB Solid State Drive, designed to meet the requirements for storage and server system designed for video-on-demand, streaming media, or online transaction processing. The new SSD, SS805, was on the storage-Vision 2009 in Las Vegas, where the company claimed that there is an alternative to conventional hard drives, a record with 15,000 rpm.

"We have a very reliable car for high performance and high strength and drastically reduced power needs, besides a large and long-term value of the total cost of ownership is analyzed," said Jim Elliott, Vice President, Memory Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. " The new company offers SSD CIOs and IT managers the opportunity to improve the reliability and storage capacity without costly power supply and improvement of infrastructure in schools data on or near capacity, "he said.

According to the company, its new flash-SSD can deliver up to 100 times the number of input / output per second per watt than 2.5-inch hard disk 15.000RPM. This allows the SS805, which is an excellent solution for the job, where higher performance is required, but not at the expense of energy.

The SSD with a SAS interface, which claimed to read data sequentially at a speed of 230MB per second, while sequential read speed is 180MBPS. This high performance is by implementing an advanced control eight channels and a better firmware and NAND flash, compared with the previous generation of SSDs. Samsung SS805 uses only 1.9 watts in active mode and 0.6 watts at idle, compared with 8 to 15 watts in active mode and 2 watts at idle, up to 15,000 discs.

The company said the new units are expected to be available in this quarter, but pricing information must be made available.

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