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NVIDIA's new 3D Vision product to change the way you play games, watch movies

Written by IT News on 1:27 AM

NVIDIA, Santa Clara, California-based graphics chip manufacturer, announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the world's first HD-stereo 3D solution for home users. With the launch, the company is introducing a new product, the benefits of high-performance desktop graphics cards. Just copy the GeForce 3D vision for this version is for gaming and multimedia enthusiasts with new interaction tools, which are likely to change their perspectives on visual computing experience.

"For gamers, 3D vision for GeForce represents an entirely different way to experience the game, and for developers, it liberates the potential of the game literally from the pop-screen," said Ujesh Desai, Vice President of Desktop Business at NVIDIA GeForce. "From games to movies to photography, 3D-Vision offers a truly immersive 3D fantastic experience."

NVIDIA new product is part of a package that offers its users with a couple of high-tech wireless glasses, a high-power infrared transmitter and advanced software, the user can be combined with a new level of visual experience for gaming and high-Definition Multimedia. The package is the latest 120Hz LCD panels from Samsung and ViewSonic and Mitsubishi DLP HDTV and DepthQ HD 3D projector, designed by Light Speed Design. The solution is expected to be a new layer of crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D stereo images for home users.

"Together with gaming news in Microsoft Windows and DirectX NVIDIA 3D vision proves it is never a better time than PC gamers," says Corey Rose Moon, Group Marketing Manager, Windows Gaming. "Through the support of past and upcoming games for Windows and Games for Windows - Live titles, PC players can expect a new level of immersion in stereo bucket's 3D, and have broad support for the hottest games."

PC users in the U.S. will be the first to take advantage of NVIDIA's newest product; a 3D-vision is now on e-retailers such as CompUSA Tiger Direct or Micro Center, or directly from the company's website. The manufacturer's recommended retail price is $199.

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