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The Scout II from VPI: affordable high-end gear

Written by IT News on 12:24 AM

If you happen to hear someone talk about vinyl records and advanced turntable, it is very likely that you already thinking of the elements of audio technology, which costs more than your car and never allow. Well, there is still hope, in particular, announced its new VPI turntable, code-named Scout II. We have to do with the non-compromise top-drawer vinyl turntables, sporting all the necessary resources to provide you with first class-listening session, but without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now we hope that almost everyone knows that Audiophile equipment is expensive, especially compared to what you can get in the shop on the corner on your street. So if you are interested in the first part of the audio on a couple of dollars, you should take a trip to Radio Shack.

One of the first things that we just loved VPI Scout II was a clean and smooth shape, with carefully rounded edges, and overall well-valves were construction. Here is a dense acrylic plates resting on inverted with the system for smooth rotation and long-term sustainability. In MKII Scout outboard engine comes with a part of the belt-driven, like any other advanced turntable respectable there.

VPI Scout II sports a JMW-9 tonearm with redesigned tapered arm-tube, which was filled with VPI proprietary damping materials. If VPI specialists argue that the new tonearm offer better sound, better bass and better resolution and detail.

This unit is equipped with VPI classic charcoal gray massive pedestal with enriched feet for better separation. An interesting transport policy is that it will sell 230V models from VPI Scout II distributors in 230 countries, and the strong statement that it really cares about what happens with the device after it was sold to the ultimate owner. Finally, the price of VPI Scout II starts at about $2000 and you can go as high as $2500 for the signature series.

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