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The PS3 registered big sales in December

Written by IT News on 2:05 AM

Console war is a very tough fight between the three manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been doing their best to attract customers and gain more profit. Although it appears that between 2008 Nintendo dominates his opposition, the battle for second place was a very brutal one.

Despite the competition for Sony, Microsoft prevail through the application of the price of its Xbox 360 console, it seems that things are promising for the PlayStation 3. Even if it reached 18 percent decline in November, for the same period in 2007, in December 2008 was a very good month for the Japanese company and its products.

During the month of the holiday season begins, it appears that Sony achieved solid revenue growth of 130 percent compared with November. This was reinforced by the internal information from the Japanese company, which also found that there is still hope that a strong momentum in 2009, while confirming a statement, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO David Reeves, who expressed his belief that the PS3 will have a major new year.

"Early internal data indicate an increase of more than 130 percent of the PS3 hardware sales holiday season, Black Friday and we also see an increase of almost 40 percent of the total PS3 hardware sales for the calendar year. We are confident that this momentum will continue and in the New Year. “

Although most of the industry analysts and critics of a place in the Sony shameful last place, for the Nintendo and Microsoft, this year could start a lot of changes in the Japanese console. Let us not forget that there are many new features coming to PS3, as part of the new "value added" approach, and if we believe, Microsoft, and almost everyone else in the game industry, apart from Sony, discounts that can be used in the time. All that remains for us to do is wait and see what is projected to become a reality.

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