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The 17-inch MacBook Pro joins Apple's new family of unibody notebooks

Written by IT News on 2:31 AM

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody saw more advertising than any of its brothers and sisters, 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro. One aspect of Apple stresses much on portable extended battery, which is a strong connection with a green notebook.

The latest laptops are available from Apple is touted as the green there. However, when the missing family members portable Apple - 17-inch Pro - came surpass even Mac fans waiting.
The company introduced the latest portable has improved on many levels, including battery life; he became the greenest of the green. With headquarters in Cupertino, California, began to air a new TV ad for the new 17-inch Pro, ads that (probably) the negotiations on the environmental performance of the notebook.

Although the 17-inch MacBook Pro unibody uses the same technology as its 13-inch and 15-inch counterparts (as well as the materials, it is included), a new device is more environmentally friendly, thanks to a revolutionary battery, which can last up to three times than conventional batteries for laptops. In addition, new energy storage device boasts a truly spectacular time, ultimately leading to less battery thrown into the environment.
Apple also released a video introduction to a new 17-inch MacBook Pro, with a focus on the system battery. In the video, Bob Mansfield, SVP of MAC equipment, explained that the 17-inch Pro battery has a built-in device to use space-related activities; usually occupied territories require a removable storage device for energy.

Needless to mention the new MacBook Pro is Apple continues to environmental liability, which was designed specifically to reduce the impact on the environment. Some of them contain arsenic-free glass, BFR-free internal components, mercury-free LED-backlit display, PVC-free internal cables, highly aluminum and glass shell, and even small packages.

You can see a new TV ad here.

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