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Intel vPro got hacked

Written by IT News on 3:38 AM

Intel VPRO, a technology developed by the manufacturers of chips and applauded the stable framework for the provision of security based on hardware, the hackers. InvisibleThings’"Joanna Rutkowska, founder and CEO, and Rafal Wojtczuk, principle investigator, preparing to show Hacke of the Black Hat DC 2009, in February. According to the researchers in the security, which together have proof that the hack and hands-on demonstration of the attack against Intel Trusted Execution Technology in next month's Black Hat.

Technology run trust Intel (Intel TXT), was specially designed to provide an extra layer of security hardware for virtual environments, and the core of the operating system. The added level of protection in computers with Intel vPro technology, the company said.

"Our research shows how an attacker might compromise the integrity of software loaded via an Intel TXT based on the charger to a generic way. We have created a proof of concept code that demonstrates the successful attack tboot - Intel based on the application of the boot process and Linux xen . Our attack consists of two phases. The first phase requires an application not on a system-specific software. The second phase of the attack is possible due to a design decision in the current version TXT, says Rutkowska and Wojtczuk.

Rutkowska said that Intel TXT has been created to ensure a reliable way for system software (which is a virtual machine / Hyper Visor and a real operating system kernel) to load and run. The security researchers claim that the attack would allow the system to be infected with malware in the BIOS rootkit virus boot sector and Intel TXT let the operating system or virtual machine to the load.

"Although the assessment of the effectiveness of the technology, Intel TXT, as part of a job for a client, we have identified several shortcomings in the implementation of system software for Intel, which made possible the final stage such an attack. We have Intel with a broad description of the error in December 2008, and Intel is working on determining the vulnerability, "Rutkowska and Wojtczuk added.

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