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The Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Written by IT News on 6:38 PM

IPods sold in several hundred million, but due to the iPod "will definitely become the rule, and inherit land. IPod topic gadgets are everywhere, and we doubt there is a person because of the planet looking for some gadgets, and no one has done it a special "iPod" version. In addition, if you think it saw almost everything in this area, look again: Retro IPod alarm clock of the time for the storage of machinery, which was intended to serve as a clock and iPod dock.

If a person always looking for the most futuristic design, you have to look outside, and IPod alarm as retro as it gets, the happier the next Purple / white or white-and-white color schemes, with all 70's - has approved the forms and rounded edges , which could return Elvis.
Retro iPod alarm clock doubles as a docking station that not only can you play your songs on Apple's FAV player, but he was charged under performance. You will receive directions Omni built-in speakers that can help you reach your songs in each corner of the room, a classic, as retro as possible, rotating volume.

You will surely have her 9-minute snooze function, which will give you a little more time to sleep. Just not zasoryayte it, otherwise you will be late for work ... again. AC adapter included in the box, but unfortunately there is no word on battery back-works, so overnight blackouts can change its excellent signal device.

This clock is not compatible with the new Nano Chromatic G4, Classic or iTouch iPod, it is perfectly placed iPod nano and Nano Gen 2, Mini and Classic, iPod Nano G3 (Generation 3), Classic and Touch series. No video output is given, and no one knows what the next generation will bring. Retro IPod alarm clock is now at about $60. Not the cheapest product of its kind, but worth every penny if you are in retro items.

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