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Intel delays the launch of its X25-E 64GB SSD

Written by IT News on 9:46 PM

In November 2008 the series Intel X25-E SSD 32GB capacity at a price of $700 per 1000 items, it has been reported delays in the 64 GB model for the first quarter of next year. 2.5" X25-E Series, with the aim of the company segment is the most successful companies in line with SSD, which read / write speed 240/170MB per second. Levels of performance SSDs are the main weapon against the traditional hard drives, and all those who responsible for solid-state drive is to highlight their skills.

It is a known fact that the device for solid state had different patterns and structures for their products, which led them to different levels of performance. Intel SSDs achieved 10xNAND flash memory and powerful instruction set provides a high quality, drove the units in the first. The X25-E Series 64 GB SSD capability the company is expected this quarter, but of course must wait until next year to get our hands on them.

The delay has been found in the latest roadmap update is available in the adjoining picture. The taste of the 64GB is expected that the prices of up to $ 990. Moreover, in the first quarter of next year, the company has its 1.8-inch X18-M SATA SSD sports a capacity of 160 GB. Intel has already begun in this quarter, the X25-M 80GB, X25-M and 160 GB X18-M 80 GB drives for ordinary users.

According to the latest news, the chip manufacturer also plans to adjust the prices of some of these SSDs. It seems that society wants to reduce the price of the X25-M X18-M 80GB and 80GB SSDs to $ 525th Additionally, the price of 32 GB X25-E is at $ 575 on 28 December. How many of you know, MTBF of X25-M and X18-M is 1.2 million hours, while the X25-E reached 2 million hours. X25 feature Ms. 70MB / s write speed, while reading reaches 240MBps.

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