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The iP1 blasts 100W RMS

Written by IT News on 2:35 AM

So many years ago, iHome begun construction of one of the biggest names in home audio field concentrated on a personal music / Media Systems for the distribution of your favorite songs in the living room or bedroom, and in the office. It is time to put to you iHome the last places in the iPod / iPhone-on music / sound system, IP1. This is a fantastic piece of audio news iHome loaded with the best technology and sport the latest development is designed to delight fans of both audio and Critical Home Decor fans.

IHome IP1 sports massive smoked acrylic faceplate, which is very pleasing similarities with stunning R907 speakers from major high-end manufacturer Jamo.

This faceplate as partitions for driver’s iHome IP1, as each of them loaded in its own cylindrical chamber. For the untrained eye, iHome IP1 can see 4 a tube stuck in the thick transparent plastic film. But this design exudes elegance and refined taste. Despite its very elegant and noble aspect, the product can be easily integrated in all the many home furnishing and modern and conservative parameters.

While most IPod docks sport low-power, iHome IP1 is a real monster: it is capable of delivering 100W RMS, which is only good for such gadgets. This means that you can also throw real party using the doll, or annoy your neighbors and bring them to the brink of calling 911.

IHome IP1 two sports is not a joke 4''vuferami, complemented by a double 1''kupolnye treble, fed with a class D power amplifier, using modern digital processor, developed by Tony Bongiovi. This module is a new DSP and received much praise all the media, especially since it was built in the very cool JVC KD-S100 car stereo.

Although there was no word on pricing and availability, we have good reason to believe that the iHome is not too late in IP1 shipping name dolls.

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