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Biometric identification passports to be introduced in the EU

Written by IT News on 3:07 AM

The majority of the members of the European Parliament backed the bill proposed by the European Commission on the introduction of biometric passports within the Schengen area. Countries have until June to begin issuing new passports, with a deadline for completion of the implementation until 2012.

The basis for a new law requiring passports feature live fingerprint identification in the report Coelho released after negotiations with the European Commission, executive body of the European Union on the proposal. The report is named after Carlos Coelho, a Portuguese member of parliament for the central-right EPP-ED Group, which has.

Protection of children against cross-border trafficking or kidnapping is one of the reasons for this regulation. Agrees that children need their own passport, instead of traveling on their parents' documents.

But the new card for children is not part of biometric identification, Parliament Civil Liberties Committee that it is unnecessary, because their fingerprints are constantly changing as they grow up.

Countries that are members of the European Union, but not part of the Schengen Agreement, which the United Kingdom, Ireland or Denmark, are exempt from this policy, but is necessary for machine-readable passports with facial images instead. But Britain has already announced that it will introduce biometric data, even if he does not want his actions to be classified as 2nd class.

Furthermore, some countries such as France and Germany already use fingerprint ID cards embedded in their chips, although the last day to initiate the implementation of June 2009. People can travel with older passport until 2012, with certain exceptions.

Meanwhile, a number of civil liberties and security researchers strongly contested, both technical and ethical reasons. They claim to save as much as biometric data in a central European database is a security threat, or that the costs of implementation are not justified, compared with profits. Although the new passports may be more difficult to counterfeit, fingerprint identification is not soundproof, precedents exist for the false positive, security researchers maintain.

The relaxation of earlier identification techniques such as visual contact between the border area, officials and passengers is another possible side effect. Physical look at a person who can reveal more visual signals, such as adjustments or sweating, which gives an indication of agitation or anxiety, and can give people something.

People who do not have any fingerprints on the basis of disability or otherwise, because of their daily work, they will be able to travel with temporary passports with biometric identification, which will be valid for 12 months. For example, bricklayer constantly removes their fingerprints when working in conjunction with the constant stress on their fingers' skin.

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