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Corsair rolls out new DDR3 memory kits for Core i5 processors

Written by IT News on 10:08 PM

Corsair, one of the world's largest suppliers of high-performance memory solutions, has recently announced the introduction of some new memory products, designed to provide support for the upcoming Intel P55 platform and next generation i5 Core and Core i7 processors. These new memory modules are available in capacities of 8 GB and 12 GB kit, which provides support for the next generation of Intel processors for desktop computers. Moreover, for better performance, the new
DHX modules are equipped with their own company and cooling technology, the new American Racing Blue fins and highlights.

"Windows 7 early adopters and advanced users require only 8 GB and 12 GB of memory solutions to optimize their computer use," said John Beekley, Vice President Technical Marketing at Corsair. "The 8 GB and 12 GB configurations, these advanced users get the most potential of high performance equipment to get, especially if they often alternate between consuming tasks such as gaming and video production. "

Fremont, California-based memory maker, the new memory kit is available in both dual-channel configurations and Triple channel, which supports all high-performance Intel platforms. Dual-channel configuration, part CMD8GX3M4A1600C8, is designed with four matched 2GB modules, optimized for the upcoming P55 motherboards, some of which have already begun to make his debut. The CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 triple-channel configuration designed with matched 2GB modules for high-end X58 platforms. Both memory kits for Intel XMP-certified profiles vault and 1600MHz speed and CAS latency settings at 8-8-8-24.

Unfortunately, the memory vendor that no information on availability and price of the new DDR3 memory kits. But we feel strongly that they will be available somewhere around the official launch of the new Intel platform.

NVIDIA announces contest for CUDA developers

Written by IT News on 10:05 PM

NVIDIA is a waste of time to try more momentum for its line of high performance graphics processors and CUDA technology acquisition. The combination of the two solutions are designed to improve performance in applications that normally rely on CPU performance. For this reason announced graphics chip Maker recently that it will work with TopCoder, a competitive software development community, CUDA Superhero Challenge. This event is designed as a
series of competitions for programmers who will benefit from parallel processing with NVIDIA's CUDA architecture to solve some of the biggest challenges computer.

"PC architecture has evolved from only the central processing unit CPU co-processing on the CPU and GPU," said Sanford Russell, head of the group for NVIDIA CUDA. "By using the TopCoder community, we train over 200,000 programmers in parallel programming and offers advantages in blow GPU computing revolution. "

According to nVidia, will start the first match on 14 September and ends on 25 September. It is open to all eligible developers who participate in U.S. $ 5000 worth of prizes, which will be awarded to five winners. The company says that the contest winners will be announced on NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, held in San Jose, California, from 30 September to 2 October 2009.

"We have the largest competitive software development community with more than 200 countries, and they are eager to show their talents in one of the fastest growing areas in the planning industry," said Rob Hughes, President and Chief Operating Officer at TopCoder. "We expect CUDA Superhero Challenge many creative approaches to solving computer will create challenges and will result in game changing innovations. "

Thermaltake Level 10 chassis was showcased at CeBIT 2009

Written by IT News on 9:54 PM

Earlier this year, in 2009 the CeBIT computer show in Hannover, Germany, Thermaltake, one of the leading suppliers of computer peripherals and accessories, took the stage with Level 10 chassis, a product developed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA. Apart from a number of functions for a fast and cool computer chassis including an impressive and unique exterior design is delivered, meet again at CeBIT. So it seems that it is ready for the market and the affected computer enthusiasts will soon have the chance to get a purchase.

According to the latest data made available on the Internet, is Level 10 chassis on the market is expected to be available from October this year. The case, which some of you will recall, has a unique horizontal design, the company has dubbed open slot architecture. According to Thermaltake Level 10 chassis was designed so that the parts separately enclosed and separately for better management of systems, but also for a better system of cooling.

Thermaltake "Level 10 If the measures 666.3 x 318 x 614 mm and is cooled by four fans, one 140mm in front with a diamond, a 120mm an installed in the back and two 60mm fans to cool the system's hard drive. The case also has a Smart-Lock Security System that gives users the ability to lock your computer and keep unwanted hands away from hardware in the system.

Designed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks, the chassis is one Level 10 fine addition to the high-end desktop systems from a number of PC enthusiasts. Case, expected to be available in retail channel sometime in October, with a price tag that should settle around U.S. $ 690th The price is quite strict, but then again, this will bring you the latest news in a unique desktop computer.

Intel belives PCs will become more personalized

Written by IT News on 9:24 PM

Intel, the world's leading provider of IT-processors, believe that the PC market is probably a significant growth in coming years, like the growth recorded in the phone on the market following the introduction of mobile phones, a company executive says look.

According to Mooly Eden, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group, quoted in a recent news article in PC World, the PC's more and more customized services, like mobile phones, which is why he believes that the PC market is likely to grow at the same as phone market has grown. "It would be a netbook or a laptop or a Mobile Internet Device (MID)," said Eden.

He explains that since the sale of computers is a "consumer game" be noted that vendors now need to focus on both elegance and sleekness of the unit and on his performance and other specifications. He talks about the "desirability" of computers, said that in markets where affordability is an issue computers to content, user interfaces and applications that the end user can relate to.

As the article suggests, this view is not as realistic for the emerging markets as for adults Ones. Examples of markets such as India, the price for the ideal system is about 10,000 rupees (U.S. $ 200). This is a segment where netbooks are best suited, given their low prices, but most such systems currently on the market with the € 200 price tag. Eden, however, pointing out that prices of netbooks is likely to decrease because of economies of scale, but he makes no prediction about when he expects prices to come down.

Most of today's netbooks, as Eden observes, are sold in mature markets, but the original chip manufacturer's Atom processor designed for the new technology.

Samsung N510 Ion netbook to hit stateside in October, after Win 7 release

Written by IT News on 2:11 AM

ION NVIDIA's platform for small, low-power computers, has seen the light for a long time, but it seems that most users will have to wait a while before they can take advantage of ION in a new netbook PC. According to the latest data made available on the Internet, most PC vendors providers NVIDIA ION powered netbooks to the launch of Microsoft's long awaited Windows 7 operating system. Apparently the combination of NVIDIA ION platform and Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will provide a better, higher performance computing solution, compared to Vista and ION-based products.

This is the case with PC Lenovo, which is the first to introduce a netbook powered by said platform. The company has repeatedly pushed back the availability date for the ION-based netbook, the IdeaPad S12-based ION is now scheduled to arrive after October 22, when Windows 7 drops. The company currently sells a non-ION version of netbook, go for an initial price tag of U.S. $359th

OIP-cast N510 Samsung also has been delayed, according to the latest data, U.S. users are expected to see 11.6-inch netbook somewhere after the arrival of Windows 7th The system is already shipping in some parts of Europe, but it seems that Samsung has decided to wait until Microsoft ends Windows 7 operating system before it makes netbook available in the U.S..

Other ION-based netbooks are expected to begin before the end of the year, systems that also take advantage of Microsoft's Windows 7th The combination of the ION platform with Microsoft's Windows 7 makes sense, both for PC suppliers and customers. This new OS is optimized for the GPU, NVIDIA ION makes full use of it, which leads to better results in the computer system.

AMD DirectX 11 cards to be called Radeon HD 5870 and HD 5850

Written by IT News on 1:24 AM

The details of AMD's next-generation desktop graphics cards continue to beat the Internet, as we approach the long-awaited moment of Sunnyvale, California-based company will officially take the shawl first DirectX 11 card. After the photos of the alleged first AMD cards with DirectX 11 support, we have no new information on the future of video card manufacturers. Codename Cypress, AMD's upcoming DirectX 11 cards will be released in Radeon HD 5800-series branding, the Center offers Cypress XT Radeon HD 5870 and the name of Cypress PRO called HD 5850th

According to a recent news article that came to VR-Zone, the new cards starting somewhere next month, with availability planned for later in October, at the time of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system that would be. There are some technical details are available on the new maps, but no details of the main speed.

The key features that will activate if the cards are coming from AMD, we highlight the following:

  • 1 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • ATI Eyefinity technology with support for up to three screens
  • ATI-Stream Technology
  • Designed for Direct Compute 5.0 and OpenCL
  • Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT)
  • Compatible with DirectX 11 and older revisions
  • Supports OpenGL 3.1
  • ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance
  • ATI Avivo HD video and display technology
  • Dynamic Power Management with ATI PowerPlay technology
  • PCI Express 2.0 support

Many of the above specifications have speculated on the Internet in the past, such as the release date for these new cards. With the anticipated launch of a couple of weeks ahead, more details will emerge, including clock speeds and the best benchmark results of the new cards.

Panasonic Toughbook H1 now certified for use on Verizon Wireless

Written by IT News on 12:44 AM

Panasonic, one of the world's largest suppliers of consumer electronics, but also a strong presence in the market for portable computer systems, announced today that its H1 Gobi-enabled Toughbook Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) is certified for use on Verizon LAN. This adds an important value for the end user, who will be able to use all the features that are enabled to take without worrying about what access they have at their disposal.

"Today more health mobile than ever, and there is a strong need for reliable and secure wireless connectivity," says Vicky Obenshain, director, wireless strategy, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. "Our Gobi certification from Verizon Wireless Network is a step in ensuring to our customers' needs are met and that we meet the new trend of more integrated wireless broadband to all sectors - particularly in the health care market.

At the end of last year, Panasonic introduced a new computer which was an impressive range of business Toughbook rugged laptops to connect. With a 10.4-double-touch LCD and a combination of Intel processor Z540 inch with 1 GB of DDR2 memory and 80 GB shock-mounted drive, was the new computer system designed for the medical sector, which is marketed as a Mobile Clinical Assistant. It now appears that users of the new Toughbook H1 will benefit from the impressive network coverage offered by Verizon Wireless.

"Health professionals need a reliable wireless network to critical patient data while working remotely open," says John Maschenic, Associate Director for care for Verizon Wireless. "Healthcare providers are Toughbook H1, the largest in the country, a fast data network, today announced a new standard for efficient, while giving them access to information needed to deliver excellent patient care.

Available worldwide, will Toughbook H1 with an expected price tag of $ 2999 U.S., supported by a limited warranty 3 years, according to Panasonic.

Hitachi announces new green data center in Yokohama, Japan

Written by IT News on 12:40 AM

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation announced today the opening of its green data center in Yokohama, Japan, the company is one of the most robust and reliable in the industry announced occupies 10,000 square meters total area. Moreover, according to Hitachi, designed the newly opened Yokohama third center with energy-saving technology that is intended to provide a benchmark of 1.6 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), but continue their high reliability, availability and data security.

"Hitachi Data Systems is focused and dedicated to providing green technology for data such as green innovation in the product portfolio is blowing," said Asim Zaheer, Vice President of product and competitive marketing at Hitachi Data Systems. "Many of our products, such as the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V and VM, and Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning and today with Yokohama third center, providing significant improvements in capacity utilization, while lowering power and cooling rates for customers.”

Hitachi talked about some important properties of the Yokohama third center, including green data centers, Integrated Control Center, energy efficient equipment, natural cooling to a lower environmental impact building, robust construction and a high level of safety required for such facilities. The opening of the new data center is also a result of the company in its continuing support for green projects, such as IT Power-saving and planning for green Datacenter Project.

The new facility is designed to meet the demands of today's businesses, the demand for technical infrastructure with 100 percent uptime. According to Hitachi, the new facility Yokohama robust and reliable as a Tier IV data center, giving customers a complete range of flexible services operations management, including inventory management. The overall design of the facility also provides a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Foxconn Inferno Katana P55-based motherboard

Written by IT News on 12:30 AM

Intel's next-generation P55 platform for mainstream and performance desktop computers has been confirmed recently by the launch of the new Inferno Katana Foxconn's motherboards. Foxconn has just announced the new board, confirming the support to not-yet-official LGA1156 compatible i5 Core processors. As the rumor went on previous occasions, is the new Inferno Katana was designed as a performance-ramp, which provides support for the next generation of Intel processors, Lynnfield, combined with multi-GPU technology from leading graphics chip makers in the world, AMD and NVIDIA.

Specifications for the Inferno Katana is somewhat expected, given the number of leaked details that appeared on the Internet in recent weeks. The Board is based on the long awaited P55 chipset and supports LGA1156 Intel-compatible processors, including the new Core i7 and Core i5 models. There are two DIMM's built-in memory, supporting dual-channel DDR3 1800 (OC) memory configurations, and three PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots that support for SLI and CrossFire multi-GPU technology.

New Inferno Katana also comes with six SATA II ports and two eSATA connectors and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and Intel Matrix Storage Technology. Designed for PC enthusiasts and gaming fans, the board also has 7.1-channel sound with support for Dolby and DTS surround sound technology. On the back there is a PS / 2 keyboard port, S / PDIF coaxial port and an optical S / PDIF port, the two eSATA ports, a Clear CMOS button, audio jacks, an RJ-45 LAN port, one IEEE 1394a port and not less than eight USB 2.0 ports.

No mention was made of prices and availability at this time, but the company says that preparations for the launch of another P55 board, namely the GTI model, which reportedly will be less powerful than the now released Inferno Katana. Said Board shall have 8 phase hybrid PWM, in contrast to the 12 phase hybrid PWM design of Inferno Katana.

Lenovo unveils the US$399 CULV Inspiron 11z

Written by IT News on 9:59 PM

Dell has recently updated its range of portable computer systems with the introduction of the new Inspiron 11z, which is intended for users with another Culver-based laptop. Boasting a 11.6-inch screen, the new machine is located somewhere between a netbook and ultra portable laptop. Given the technical specifications, the new ultra-portable system capable netbook fans with an alternative to a higher performance laptop combines some of the netbook and ultra-portable system specs.

At first glance is Inspiron 11z looks like an option for users who are planning for a new Inspiron Mini 12, PC-supplier recently quit. But in a later post on the company blog, Dell claims that the new system is the first outbreak in Culver market, is proud of the results and features of Intel's much hyped platform for thin and ultra portable laptops.

The internal specifications of the Inspiron 11z a low power 1.2GHz Celeron processor with 2 GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive and a HD (1366x768) 11.6-inch display. Additional features include built-in Wi-Fi networks, 1.3MP webcam and a 28WHr battery that is said to be in a position to provide end users with as much as 3 hours of driving. The system comes with Windows Vista system with a free upgrade kit for the highly anticipated Windows 7 OS.

More configurations are expected from Dell because the company plans to expand its presence in the rapidly growing market for ultra-portable computers powered by Intel's Culver platform. For now, users will have to do with this new 11.6-inch Inspiron 11z, which comes at a starting price of just U.S. $ 399, making the PC affordable segment of netbooks.

Fujitsu Celsius Ultra gaming behemonth revealed

Written by IT News on 9:08 PM

The technology has come a long way and today's fastest computers, an impressive achievement, with some of the most demanding performance. With the release of components such as Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA's dual-GPU GTX 295 graphics cards, PC vendors are quick to adopt the new solutions to end-users with the latest computer experience. To this note, Fujitsu has recently LOSE any details about the company's leading gaming desktop PC, Ultra Celsius. Packed with the latest components on the market, the new system is said to be the world's fastest gaming PC with air cooling.

Although the company has not been previously introduced its new product, some of the earlier rumors and information is slipped on the Internet. Now it seems that the fellows over at PC Games Hardware has turn to a new test of the new system, so as to provide technical specifications and some photos of Fujitsu's Celsius Ultra high performance gaming PC.

Designed on the Intel X58 platform, the new system combines a high-performance Core i7 Extreme 975 processor with two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 graphics card slightly overclocked for increased performance. It is equipped with not less than 6 x 2 GB DDR3-1333 memory modules, a fast Western Digital Raptor 150GB hard drive, operating at 10,000 RPM, two 1TB Seagate 7200RPM HDDs with flatter speed Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card, Blu-ray drive a DVD combo on Windows Vista Business operating system.

Powered by a massive 1000W power supply, the system is expected to be available after Gamescon for about 3999 euro. A detailed evaluation of these games HIPPOPOTAMUS expected shortly, the computer enthusiasts with a few details about her performance.

AMD discrete mobile GPUs featured in the majority of today's laptops

Written by IT News on 4:09 AM

Advanced Micro Devices announced today that its portfolio of mobile discrete graphics card is marked with an increase in the number of notebook manufacturers, allowing for more than half of today's discrete graphics notebooks. According to the company, chip maker has reported a 36.5% market share, with more than 87.27% more units sold on a quarterly basis during the first six months of this year. Obviously, this will allow AMD to claim that the "Number 1" spot in the mobile discrete graphics market with a
total 53% market share in this segment.

"AMD has worked hard with technology that people are incredibly immersive visual experience on a notebook platform, and the latest data shows phenomenal uptake of ATI Mobility Radeon-based notebook validate the quality of our products and that experience," said Matt Skynner, Vice President and General Manager , GPU Division, AMD. "We are moving to back-to-season and holiday activities, and it is also the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. AMD continues to be solutions for the mobile market and discrete ATI Mobility Radeon based laptops."

The momentum that AMD has been largely due to the launch of the company the latest generation of graphics processors, part of the chip maker's Radeon HD 4000 Series GPUs, including ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 and ATI Mobility Radeon 4670.

In recent weeks, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000 Series GPUs are treated in a number of portable computer, including the HP Pavilion dv6T, Alienware M17, Acer Aspire 5739G, Toshiba Satellite M500, Sony VAIO FW-Series, Samsung R522, Asus W90Vp - X1 , MSI GX623 and Dell Studio 15, which are among the 200 design wins to AMD for its mobile discrete graphics solutions.

Super Talent rolls out new low-profile DDR3 memory module

Written by IT News on 3:47 AM

one of the world's leading suppliers of flash-based storage and DRAM memory modules, today announced the launch of its new, very low profile (VLP) DDR3-1333 Registered DIMM, specifically designed to meet and design of the current server. The new modules are targeted at servers with compact and low profile cases, with the results of the latest DDR3 memory technologies.

"We have this product for high density servers and embedded systems where space within the chassis is very limited," said Super Talent Marketing Director Joe James. "VLP modules also useful in 1U servers because of their small physique, improves airflow in the chassis."

According to the technical specifications for these new modules from Super Talent, customers will benefit from the outcome of the DDR3 memory chips on a module that is registered only 0.72 cm long, about half of what a standard DDR3 module measures. In addition, low profile design of new solutions is also a noteworthy feature that should be considered in relation to shipping and the environmental impact of the modules. Volga Super Talent, the VLP DIMM's gebruiken 40% less PCB materiaal te produce a weegt ongeveer 20% less in vergelijking met Standaard DDR3 geheugenmodules.

Like all of the company server DDR3 memory, the new VLP modules are designed with a built-in JEDEC standard thermal sensor in EEPROM, designed to measure the temperature of the module. This feature ensures that the module operates within normal parameters and gives a stable result for the server.

No word on price yet, but Super Talent the new module, part number W13VB2G8x already undertaking OEM sales force.

MSI reveals the Bravo EX628 entertainment laptop

Written by IT News on 3:01 AM

MSI has just announced to expand its range of portable computer systems with the introduction of the new 16-inch Bravo EX628 notebook PC. Designed to give users a choice for an entertainment notebook, the new portable system is equipped with some of the latest hardware solutions on the market, including ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 GPU, one of products in a large number of newly released laptops.

MSI's new 16-inch laptop is built on Intel PM45 and ICH9M platform that supports the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These units can be linked to the above, Mobility Radeon HD 4670 GPU and improve performance through a multimedia-oriented laptop. The 16-inch screen can provide support for 16:9 and HD resolution of 1366 768 pixels.

Additional features include support for up to 4 GB DDR2 memory, 320GB high capacity SATA hard disk, 3-in-1 Media Card Reader, Gigabit LAN, wireless 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity D-Sub, eSATA and HDMI ports, integrated 2MP webcam and 2 speakers and a subwoofer. Come as a complete alternative to other multimedia notebooks on the market, the new system offers a choice between a DVD and a Super Multi Blu-ray optical drive. Users will also be able to choose between a 6-cell and a 9-cell battery.

Measuring only 374x246x26.8-35m and weighing about 2.7 kg, 6-pack batteries, included the new MSI Bravo EX628 notebook seems ready to give you the performance specifications for a laptop in its category. Unfortunately we have no details on the system of prices and availability.

AMD reduces prices on Phenom II and Athlon II CPUs

Written by IT News on 4:49 AM

The more or less a surprise launch of AMD's latest quad-core processor phenomena II 965 appears to have resulted in a number of adjustments to the price of the chip maker of a line of desktop chips, with changes in both II and phenomena Athlon II series. According to the official site processor pricing practices, the former flagship phenomena X4 II 955 Black Edition is now a little more affordable, which is likely to appeal to computer enthusiasts who want to upgrade their systems to one of AMD's latest solutions.

The above phenomena II 955 BE is now the sales of U.S. $ 199.99 on Newegg, which is U.S. $ 45 cheaper than the U.S. $ 245 price tag on AMD's list. The CPU model is essentially the same as the recently released 956 PII X4 BE, besides the fact that he comes with a clock speed of 3.2GHz, with 3.4GHz and a TDP of 125W, 140W against PII X4 965. Designed for socket AM3 platforms, the processor is an excellent choice for users seeking an inexpensive alternative for the highest performance AMD desktop CPU.

The same applies to the company phenomena X4 II-945, sold for U.S. $ 169.99, although it is stated on the U.S. $ 225 for AMD's website. The X3 PII 720 PII X2 BE and sell for 550 U.S. $ 119 and U.S. $ 102.99, respectively. These prices should attract some attention from users who want to improve system performance with one of the chip maker last solutions.

The phenomena II range is not the only business line of processors that have received a price cut. The firingsquad the Athlon II 250, appear on the AMD website for U.S. $ 87 is now available at Newegg for U.S. $ 76, which makes it an excellent alternative for users who are looking for a new build entry-level desktop PC.

NVIDIA said to be planning new Intel-supporting chipsets

Written by IT News on 4:37 AM

One of the hot issues in today's computer is the continuing battle between two of the world's largest manufacturer of PCs, NVIDIA and Intel. Early in year two are involved in a legal dispute which saw the last filing of a complaint against Santa Clara, California-based neighbor and claimed that the four-year licensing agreement between the chip the two no longer applied to companies of the next generation of processors with integrated graphics. Since there are no specific details about future NVIDIA chipset products, which up to now. According to a recent report from the graphics chip maker is planning to update its product portfolio with the addition of two new products, known as MCP89 and MCP99.

In a recent news article to the surface in the Chinese language HKEPC, Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA would be to develop their future, support for Intel motherboard chipsets. These two should be expected that production in the first quarter of 2010, which means that we can see that the new systems to mix Intel's upcoming LGA 1156-compatible processors with NVIDIA chipsets said.

Unfortunately, technical details about the two products are quite rare today, but it seems that the MCP89 will be designed for the Intel LGA 775 processors, while the MCP99 support Intel's next generation desktop processors. The former is designed with a DirectX 10-supporting graphics core and supports Intel processors with an FSB of 1333MHz and DDR3-1333 memory. The latter, on the other hand, a number of questions about production, it is designed for Intel's 45nm and 32nm processors that are compatible with the upcoming LGA 1156 socket. It is still unclear when this product becomes available to users, but there is a strong chance Intel will have something to say about it.

AMD intros new dual-core processors for the embedded market

Written by IT News on 3:30 AM

Advanced Micro Devices has just announced to expand its processor portfolio with the introduction of two new dual-core chips designed for embedded client ASB1 BGA platform. With a low TDP of just 18W, the new Turion X2 Neo model L625 and L325 Athlon X2 Neo model for PC-like performance in a smaller, less power package, and embedded-friendly ball grid array (BGA) package.

"We are determined to help simplify the development cycle for our customers with an embedded platform that is easy to change from the needs of their markets," said Buddy Broek, director, Embedded Computing Solutions Division, AMD. "System as digital signage, point of sale and thin clients require PC performance and a rich graphical experience. ASB1 PGI Our platform is ready to join a single solution to these markets, while giving flexibility multiple CPU and chipset choice."

PGI ASB1 embedded client platform designed for single computers and thin clients, as well as self-kiosks, where sales of machines and digital signage. The newly introduced AMD processors have a TDP of 18W and will be judged by the clock speeds of 1.6GHz Turion X2 Neo L625 and 1.5GHz for the Athlon X2 Neo L325. Besides these two models are designed to be compatible with the chip maker of M690E and 780E chipset, which provides a complete x86-based solution.

"The rapid adoption of x86 processors in embedded designs, this is a trend that contributed to increase AMD in high-end space, largely driven by the need to simplify designs and make them quickly," says Eric Heikkilä, Director, Embedded Hardware and systems analyst, VDC Research Group. "From the hardware perspective, AMD's approach offers traditional performance and very low power consumption and a large part of the guesses of the development process."

The chips are embedded products are offered with industry-standard 5-years component longevity risk.

HP's Z800 workstations cooled by Asetek liquid cooling system

Written by IT News on 3:25 AM

Cooling is one of the most important aspects to be taken during the construction of high-performance computer systems, since this is a factor that can determine the level of performance that a system can offer, as well as his life. In this respect, Asetek, one of the industry's leading suppliers of Liquid cooling solutions, announced today that one of its cooling solutions from Palo Alto, California-based Hewlett-Packard Company for the Z400 and the Z800 high-performance workstations. The new cooling Asetek, HP's advanced workstations can deliver the performance without increasing the noise level.

"Liquid cooling is a new world of users increased productivity enabled by whisper quiet computing. The ultra-quiet Z400 and Z800 liquid-cooled models represent an important new trend in computing performance - improving user productivity through a low noise level," says Gary Baum, Senior Vice President of Marketing Asetek." Asetek Liquid cooling is the tool to achieve peace and high performance."

Featuring Asetek cooling solutions, HP's workstation line Z can give good results at the operational level that will not disturb the end user. In addition, an extremely silent cooling solution to the Z-series workstation customers with increased performance of the system processor and graphics processor.

"HP is committed to developing breakthrough technologies in our award-winning HP Workstation Z-line to leading customers," says Jeff Wood, director, Worldwide Marketing, Workstations, HP. "Asetek has a new standard for achieving low acoustics to perform at the high the level of our customers.”

Liquid cooling solutions are not one of the main features of regular work, but they have a choice of high-performance desktop computer enthusiasts. What Asetek's cooling and is designed to give users a choice for a maintenance-free liquid cooling system.

Supermicro unveils new high-performance workstation

Written by IT News on 1:22 AM

Super Micro Computer, one of the industry's leading suppliers of application optimized, high performance servers and workstations, announced today the launch of the new 7046GT Super TRF Workstations, which aims to track the performance of Intel's Nehalem-based Xeon 5500 series server processors. The new server operating system designed to track the performance of Intel's latest Xeon chips with NVIDIA's Tesla C1060 GPU's, which give users a choice of a high-end workstation that can make an impressive four TeraFLOPS results. In addition, the new work has been with 1400 watt power supplies that are designed to meet the Gold Level-dependent efficiency (93% + return).

"The expansion of our leadership in GPU computing system architectures of the new 7046GT-TRF features several x16 non-blocking Gen2 native PCI-Express connection Super Micro the first system to support four double-width GPUs," said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Super Micro. "Equipped with the patented Super Micro thermal design and industry leading power efficiency, which is highly parallel, multi-GPU system is optimized for a wide range of graphics and require intensive applications in medical imaging, oil and gas exploration, quantum chemistry financial simulation, genomics and astrophysics."

Super Micro Super Workstation is designed for up to four NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU card, together with two Intel Xeon 5500-series Quad / Dual Core processors. The rack-mountable systems can be equipped with up to 96GB of DDR3 ECC memory and also has a dual Intel 82574 Gigabit Ethernet solution and support for up to six SATA drives. The Super Micro SC747TQ-R1400 chassis with support for up to eleven full-length, the full-length expansion cards and eight replacement 3.5-inch SAS / SATA hard drives.

"Scientists and engineers rely on Tesla GPUs for unprecedented levels of performance for the dollar," said Andy Walsh, director of marketing, business NVIDIA Tesla. "Super Micro innovative Tesla-based 4U Personal supercomputer provides cluster level performance on the desktop, dramatically increase the pace of computational research."

TVUPlayer Free Download

Written by IT News on 10:31 PM

A free program that viewers high-quality live television programs around the world

TVUPlayer is a free program that viewers high-quality live television programs around the world.
TVU networks will give you programs from around the world that you cannot get your local cable and satellite providers.

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TVUPlayer Free Download

VirtualBox 3.0.4 r50677 Free Download

Written by IT News on 10:27 PM

Free powerful virtualization software

VirtualBox is a general purpose full virtualizer hardware. Aimed at server, desktop and embedded use VirtualBox is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also open source.

VirtualBox is a package of strong x86 virtualization software for enterprise and private use.

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VirtualBox 3.0.4 r50677 Free Download

µTorrent 2.0 Build 16081 Beta free download

Written by IT News on 9:59 PM

This is a BitTorrent download client that sports RSS auto-downloading, bandwidth priorities, broad lines DHT and scheduling.

Notable uTorrent features:
· Multiple simultaneous downloads
· Configurable bandwidth scheduler
· Global and per-torrent speed limiting
· Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
· RSS Downloader
· Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)

Download link:
µTorrent 2.0 Build 16081 Beta free download

Intel plans to deliver SSD firmware fix by the end of the week

Written by IT News on 9:55 PM

Intel announced at the end of last month that it is a firmware problem with its new 34nm Solid State Drives, which could affect user data under certain circumstances. The company has promised to find a solution and that it would suspend deliveries of the new 34nm SSDs until the firmware would be established and users can fill benefit from the performance specifications of the new stations. In this respect, the chip maker has recently announced that the firmware update as a user with a solution to the reported problems, is well underway and the end of this week.

"We have already found a solution. We are in the process of validation now, and it would be ready to distribute at the end of the week", an Intel spokesman said.

The world's largest chip maker seems to remain committed to their customers with support for the newly discovered error. Users, according to Intel's statement should soon reap the full benefits of their latest SSDs using the new 34nm manufacturing process. It is still uncertain whether the firmware fix will enable them to regain access to the data affected by SSDs "BIOS problem.

As a quick reminder, Intel announced last week that he is a bug with the new 34nm SSDs, which may affect people who had a password in SSD BIOS. According to the company after setting up BIOS password and the computer is turned off, the disk stops working and user data are not available. The question is met only in those circumstances, and users who are not BIOS password should have no problems with access to stored data.

MoGo mouse designed for netbook systems

Written by IT News on 9:44 PM

Netbooks have become one of the most active segments of the PC market, as highlighted by a number of players in the industry. Thanks to pioneers such as Intel and ASUS have netbook market has achieved impressive levels, with PC suppliers are now looking to the former next-generation platform for small, ultra-portable computers.

In this respect, there are a number of other companies have benefited from impressive growth in the netbook market by announcing a few products that are designed as accessories to this factor. Newton Peripherals is one of these companies and has now begun with MoGo, a small mouse that is designed for netbook users.

"No other mouse manufacturers including Logitech, Belkin or Microsoft still is to develop a fully integrated mouse Netbook like MoGo Mouse for Netbooks," says Stuart Nixdorff, President of Newton Peripherals. "We developed Netbook MoGo mouse kit fully integrate MoGo Presenter Mouse with a Netbook. Now, users can always have a charged Bluetooth MoGo mouse with its Netbook, where they are."

According to the specifications for this little mouse, users are provided with a device which measures 78 x 54 x 5 mm and weighs only 14 grams, one of the most portable, thin mice for such systems. The unit is also equipped with an 800 dpi sensor, and uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology for the connection. According to the company, which includes the battery is approximately 10 hours of driving on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for the majority of netbooks on the market.

Even combined with a low profile removable dock connector and laddkabel, the MoGo mouse for netbook systems are expected to be available in at a price of U.S. $99.

AMD rolls out new ATI FirePro M7740 graphics accelerator

Written by IT News on 11:29 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has just announced availability of its latest mobile graphics accelerator designed for the professional market segment, ATI FirePro M7740. The chip maker also announced that the new graphics would be available for users of Dell Precision M6400 Mobile Workstations designed for lovers with excellent graphics performance, combined with a RAID storage and memory scalability. If AMD's new mobile professional graphics solution, Users are offered support for the latest API and graphical techniques.

"AMD knows that flawless execution and best in performance is a priority for the professionals working for their livelihood," said Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics. "Dell Precision M6400 uses ATI FirePro M7740 powerful GPU and 1GB frame buffer, can help to speed up the software and improve productivity, professionals, while ensuring superior reliability that comes with certified drivers and ATI FirePro professional quality hardware."

With the launch of the new AMD graphics solution, users are able to choose between the NVIDIA Quadro FX GPUs and the new ATI FirePro M7740 AMD. The card will be available with a frame buffer of 1GB GDDR5, including support for Display Port and Dual-link DVI outputs. Moreover, as you would expect from a professional mobile GPU, the FirePro M7740 also comes with support for various CAD programs.

"The ATI FirePro M7740 offers superior graphics performance and visual quality of our Dell Precision M6400 mobile workstation, give us a clear competitive advantage in the market," said Greg Weir, Senior Manager, Dell Precision Workstation. "Collaborating with AMD has allowed us to look for a mobile platform that provides desktop workstation performance and offer our customers a wide range of solutions choice."

HP Z800 workstation is now powered by Tesla GPUs

Written by IT News on 1:36 AM

HP Z800NVIDIA, the world's leading providers of graphic solutions, has recently announced the recipients of the HP-Z800 workstation-class computer systems, one of the most powerful and scalable workstations that the document is now configured with up two NVIDIA Tesla graphics processing units . The announcement gives more impetus to the growing demand for GPUs in High Performance Computing (HPC) segment with the company a major player in that space.

"The adoption of Tesla GPUs is the fastest of the new processor technology in the history of HPC1," said Andy Keane, Head of NVIDIA Tesla Company. "We are pleased to see a leader like HP to ship first Tesla GPU-based systems on the market and contribute to speed up work for their clients. "

As some of you already know, NVIDIA's Tesla products are designed for the chip maker to customers with a solution for high-performance systems. In contrast to the usual GPUs, Tesla is built using the company CuDa massively parallel architecture, with 240 cores per processor and is ready to see a sharp increase in performance. These hardware solutions has its superiority in areas such as CAD / CAM / CE, computational finance, computational fluid dynamics, geographic information, image, life sciences, oil and gas and more.

"HP's workstation customers are professionals at the top of their game, pushing the limits of technology, for more creativity and innovation than ever before," says Jeff Wood, director of global marketing, Workstations, HP. "NVIDIA Tesla GPU is our flagship workstations Z to extreme heights for floating-point program."

Built with Intel's quad-core Xeon processors, HP workstation Z800 is designed to support a wide range of shops, a better performance. Configurable with the latest hardware components, Z800 is now available via the system website.

Mobinnova 8.9-inch Tegra-powered netbook due out this year

Written by IT News on 9:27 AM

According to recent data that has just occurred on the Internet computer users face a number of new ARM-based smart books will be launched during the fourth quarter of this year. The new models will compete with Intel's highly anticipated Pine Trail-based netbooks and will be available from a number of system suppliers, including Acer, Foxconn Electronics, Pegatron Technology, COMPAL Electronics and Inventec Appliances. The next wave of smart books powered by ARM-based platforms such as Qualcomm's snapdragon or NVIDIA's Tegra much hype.

In a recent news article on DigiTimes on industrial sources, Acer, Foxconn Electronics and other industry players said to be preparing the launch of a new series of ARM-based smart books with either snapdragon or Tegra platform. Acer would have developed both ARM and android-based products, which are expected to be available in Q4 2009.

ASUSTeK, one of the pioneers in the netbook industry, has reportedly said that there is sufficient demand from the market for ARM-based smart books, for whatever reason, the Taiwanese company is not thinking of something smart on its own books until November or December at the earliest.

Mobi Nova is expected to begin volume shipping its 8.9-inch Tegra-powered smart book at the end of this year, honoring orders from airlines in the U.S. and Europe, says the company stated. Moreover Mobi Nova also plans for an ultra-thin 8.9-inch smart book and a 10.1-inch system since the first half of 2010.

Inventec is reported to plan the launch of its 10-inch Rainbow smart book that will be built with Nvidia's Tegra platform. The system is at the end of the year, the company says in talks with several airlines for joint marketing of future products.

Intel Atom Z-series processors are here to stay

Written by IT News on 8:57 AM

At the end of last week there was a rumor that claimed Intel, the world's largest supplier of microprocessors, informed its customers of its decision to stop accepting orders for its line of low-power modes Z Atom processors. The rumor went on to note that several netbook vendors have already said its order chips, but the orders would not be accepted. In this respect, it seems that the rumor has recently reached the ears of Santa Clara, California-based chip maker, which immediately rejected the allegations.

Speculation originally began as a result of a news article on Taiwan Digi Times quoting sources claiming Chip Zilla told its OEM customers that it would stop accepting orders for the Z-series Atom processors. These components are used in a few ultra-portable netbook such as the Sony Vaio P, which meant that these systems can quickly become a hard refresh rate or phasing out of the market.

Picking up the story, the fellows over at the Register Hardware has been in contact with Santa Clara, California-based chip maker, which reportedly denied rumors above. An Intel spokesman told Register Hardware that "Rumors of industry sources indicated that Intel is no longer taking orders for Atom-Z processors or end of production at the end of the year is 100% correct." The chip maker does not comment on the claim that interrupted Atom Z-series will contribute to a clearer boundary between netbooks and mobile Internet devices.

This is the second time in recent days as a reputation for the company's product roadmap has been rejected by the leading chip maker. Earlier this month there were rumors (which Intel also denied) that the next generation Pine Trail platform would be postponed to early 2010. We will try to provide you posted when more information shows up.

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