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NVIDIA said to be planning new Intel-supporting chipsets

Written by IT News on 4:37 AM

One of the hot issues in today's computer is the continuing battle between two of the world's largest manufacturer of PCs, NVIDIA and Intel. Early in year two are involved in a legal dispute which saw the last filing of a complaint against Santa Clara, California-based neighbor and claimed that the four-year licensing agreement between the chip the two no longer applied to companies of the next generation of processors with integrated graphics. Since there are no specific details about future NVIDIA chipset products, which up to now. According to a recent report from the graphics chip maker is planning to update its product portfolio with the addition of two new products, known as MCP89 and MCP99.

In a recent news article to the surface in the Chinese language HKEPC, Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA would be to develop their future, support for Intel motherboard chipsets. These two should be expected that production in the first quarter of 2010, which means that we can see that the new systems to mix Intel's upcoming LGA 1156-compatible processors with NVIDIA chipsets said.

Unfortunately, technical details about the two products are quite rare today, but it seems that the MCP89 will be designed for the Intel LGA 775 processors, while the MCP99 support Intel's next generation desktop processors. The former is designed with a DirectX 10-supporting graphics core and supports Intel processors with an FSB of 1333MHz and DDR3-1333 memory. The latter, on the other hand, a number of questions about production, it is designed for Intel's 45nm and 32nm processors that are compatible with the upcoming LGA 1156 socket. It is still unclear when this product becomes available to users, but there is a strong chance Intel will have something to say about it.

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