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AMD reduces prices on Phenom II and Athlon II CPUs

Written by IT News on 4:49 AM

The more or less a surprise launch of AMD's latest quad-core processor phenomena II 965 appears to have resulted in a number of adjustments to the price of the chip maker of a line of desktop chips, with changes in both II and phenomena Athlon II series. According to the official site processor pricing practices, the former flagship phenomena X4 II 955 Black Edition is now a little more affordable, which is likely to appeal to computer enthusiasts who want to upgrade their systems to one of AMD's latest solutions.

The above phenomena II 955 BE is now the sales of U.S. $ 199.99 on Newegg, which is U.S. $ 45 cheaper than the U.S. $ 245 price tag on AMD's list. The CPU model is essentially the same as the recently released 956 PII X4 BE, besides the fact that he comes with a clock speed of 3.2GHz, with 3.4GHz and a TDP of 125W, 140W against PII X4 965. Designed for socket AM3 platforms, the processor is an excellent choice for users seeking an inexpensive alternative for the highest performance AMD desktop CPU.

The same applies to the company phenomena X4 II-945, sold for U.S. $ 169.99, although it is stated on the U.S. $ 225 for AMD's website. The X3 PII 720 PII X2 BE and sell for 550 U.S. $ 119 and U.S. $ 102.99, respectively. These prices should attract some attention from users who want to improve system performance with one of the chip maker last solutions.

The phenomena II range is not the only business line of processors that have received a price cut. The firingsquad the Athlon II 250, appear on the AMD website for U.S. $ 87 is now available at Newegg for U.S. $ 76, which makes it an excellent alternative for users who are looking for a new build entry-level desktop PC.

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