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Corsair rolls out new DDR3 memory kits for Core i5 processors

Written by IT News on 10:08 PM

Corsair, one of the world's largest suppliers of high-performance memory solutions, has recently announced the introduction of some new memory products, designed to provide support for the upcoming Intel P55 platform and next generation i5 Core and Core i7 processors. These new memory modules are available in capacities of 8 GB and 12 GB kit, which provides support for the next generation of Intel processors for desktop computers. Moreover, for better performance, the new
DHX modules are equipped with their own company and cooling technology, the new American Racing Blue fins and highlights.

"Windows 7 early adopters and advanced users require only 8 GB and 12 GB of memory solutions to optimize their computer use," said John Beekley, Vice President Technical Marketing at Corsair. "The 8 GB and 12 GB configurations, these advanced users get the most potential of high performance equipment to get, especially if they often alternate between consuming tasks such as gaming and video production. "

Fremont, California-based memory maker, the new memory kit is available in both dual-channel configurations and Triple channel, which supports all high-performance Intel platforms. Dual-channel configuration, part CMD8GX3M4A1600C8, is designed with four matched 2GB modules, optimized for the upcoming P55 motherboards, some of which have already begun to make his debut. The CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 triple-channel configuration designed with matched 2GB modules for high-end X58 platforms. Both memory kits for Intel XMP-certified profiles vault and 1600MHz speed and CAS latency settings at 8-8-8-24.

Unfortunately, the memory vendor that no information on availability and price of the new DDR3 memory kits. But we feel strongly that they will be available somewhere around the official launch of the new Intel platform.

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