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Intel plans to deliver SSD firmware fix by the end of the week

Written by IT News on 9:55 PM

Intel announced at the end of last month that it is a firmware problem with its new 34nm Solid State Drives, which could affect user data under certain circumstances. The company has promised to find a solution and that it would suspend deliveries of the new 34nm SSDs until the firmware would be established and users can fill benefit from the performance specifications of the new stations. In this respect, the chip maker has recently announced that the firmware update as a user with a solution to the reported problems, is well underway and the end of this week.

"We have already found a solution. We are in the process of validation now, and it would be ready to distribute at the end of the week", an Intel spokesman said.

The world's largest chip maker seems to remain committed to their customers with support for the newly discovered error. Users, according to Intel's statement should soon reap the full benefits of their latest SSDs using the new 34nm manufacturing process. It is still uncertain whether the firmware fix will enable them to regain access to the data affected by SSDs "BIOS problem.

As a quick reminder, Intel announced last week that he is a bug with the new 34nm SSDs, which may affect people who had a password in SSD BIOS. According to the company after setting up BIOS password and the computer is turned off, the disk stops working and user data are not available. The question is met only in those circumstances, and users who are not BIOS password should have no problems with access to stored data.

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