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HP Z800 workstation is now powered by Tesla GPUs

Written by IT News on 1:36 AM

HP Z800NVIDIA, the world's leading providers of graphic solutions, has recently announced the recipients of the HP-Z800 workstation-class computer systems, one of the most powerful and scalable workstations that the document is now configured with up two NVIDIA Tesla graphics processing units . The announcement gives more impetus to the growing demand for GPUs in High Performance Computing (HPC) segment with the company a major player in that space.

"The adoption of Tesla GPUs is the fastest of the new processor technology in the history of HPC1," said Andy Keane, Head of NVIDIA Tesla Company. "We are pleased to see a leader like HP to ship first Tesla GPU-based systems on the market and contribute to speed up work for their clients. "

As some of you already know, NVIDIA's Tesla products are designed for the chip maker to customers with a solution for high-performance systems. In contrast to the usual GPUs, Tesla is built using the company CuDa massively parallel architecture, with 240 cores per processor and is ready to see a sharp increase in performance. These hardware solutions has its superiority in areas such as CAD / CAM / CE, computational finance, computational fluid dynamics, geographic information, image, life sciences, oil and gas and more.

"HP's workstation customers are professionals at the top of their game, pushing the limits of technology, for more creativity and innovation than ever before," says Jeff Wood, director of global marketing, Workstations, HP. "NVIDIA Tesla GPU is our flagship workstations Z to extreme heights for floating-point program."

Built with Intel's quad-core Xeon processors, HP workstation Z800 is designed to support a wide range of shops, a better performance. Configurable with the latest hardware components, Z800 is now available via the system website.

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