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Thermaltake Level 10 chassis was showcased at CeBIT 2009

Written by IT News on 9:54 PM

Earlier this year, in 2009 the CeBIT computer show in Hannover, Germany, Thermaltake, one of the leading suppliers of computer peripherals and accessories, took the stage with Level 10 chassis, a product developed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA. Apart from a number of functions for a fast and cool computer chassis including an impressive and unique exterior design is delivered, meet again at CeBIT. So it seems that it is ready for the market and the affected computer enthusiasts will soon have the chance to get a purchase.

According to the latest data made available on the Internet, is Level 10 chassis on the market is expected to be available from October this year. The case, which some of you will recall, has a unique horizontal design, the company has dubbed open slot architecture. According to Thermaltake Level 10 chassis was designed so that the parts separately enclosed and separately for better management of systems, but also for a better system of cooling.

Thermaltake "Level 10 If the measures 666.3 x 318 x 614 mm and is cooled by four fans, one 140mm in front with a diamond, a 120mm an installed in the back and two 60mm fans to cool the system's hard drive. The case also has a Smart-Lock Security System that gives users the ability to lock your computer and keep unwanted hands away from hardware in the system.

Designed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks, the chassis is one Level 10 fine addition to the high-end desktop systems from a number of PC enthusiasts. Case, expected to be available in retail channel sometime in October, with a price tag that should settle around U.S. $ 690th The price is quite strict, but then again, this will bring you the latest news in a unique desktop computer.

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