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How is the Smart Cards Work?

Written by IT News on 9:36 AM

Smart cards are electronic devices with a striking similarity with credit cards, albeit with a wider range of applications and higher levels of security. Typical credit cards the basis of all plastics. Credit card information is stored on magnetic tape similar to that of magnetic tape that use in audio cassettes, which makes it a read / write relatively simple operations.

Shortcoming of the typical credit card is that most of the information must be stored in mainframe computer, Internet networks, where it is verified and processed.
Smart cards, however, be replaced by magnetic storage unit for the credit card with embedded microprocessor for storing information. Since credit cards are shown first in the United States and became popular in Europe lately, rich-based networks should be built to create a secure environment for the use of credit cards. Although, as the never-developed infrastructure in Europe.

So, to compensate for this, smart cards are intended. A smart card does not ask about computer security, as all necessary security is built in microprocessor. When a computer communicate with the microprocessor card asked for access to data from memory cards from banks.

A typical smart card memory has three separate banks, two of which are discs (read only memory) and one is RAM (random access memory) - 8 kilobytes of RAM, 346 kilobytes of ROM and additional programmable ROM with 256 kilobytes of memory , Controlled by the 16 - bit microprocessor.

Except for routine use in the banking sector, smart cards can also be used for computer security systems, wireless communications, loyalty systems, satellite TV access, or even the government identification. In Germany, for example, every citizen has a smart card used for health insurance. In the United States on the other hand, still uses the classic credit card for banking operations, but smart cards are slowly starting to gather speed as i.

Some of smart cards can be used by personal computer applications, to provide secure Internet transactions, or through mobile phones and vending machines.

First Look Inside ASUS Eee Desktop Unit

Written by IT News on 12:27 AM

Any information about high-low price is expected desktop EEE from ASUS have already appeared online. As anyone can take hardly wait at least one glimpse soon come EEE desktop managed AnandTech to invite you some pictures of it.

The new EEO unit of ASUS must represent the same market for desktop that EEE PC not for laptops on the market in his time. It proves that not only need a low cost and low power machines that can keep up with trends, and are able to meet a large part of consumer needs.

The unit sample dissected by AnandTech has some pretty amazing performance when compared with EEE PC notebooks currently on the market. The unit is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor that fits in Intel 945G chipset. The sample features 1GB of DDR2 memory and 160GB Seagate 2,5 "SATA hard disk. ASUS preferred to leave the unit without optical drive, but a thin one will not be such a large additional costs after all. For connectivity, the unit equipped with built - in Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11n WiFi - backward compatible with 802.11b and 802.11 grams. A DVI connection also is available that allows users to connect to their TFT screen to get the maximum quality.

And this is really astonishing feature: on computers SplashTop, which you want to be even more. In computers SplashTop is technology that contain simple Linux distribution on the motherboard, which allows faster access to the media or playback, Web browsing, or messages, making it unnecessary to wait for the main operating system to load. The unit also comes with the distribution of Windows XP.

The only problem annoying about this computer seems to be the noise it makes. AnandTech said that a great fan used to determine the Atom processor makes surprisingly large amount of noise on the field. Perhaps ASUS will consider this issue before it reaches the unit on the market, for it is quite Inconvenient for some people.

The unit could prove quite the solution for those who wish to cut down on electricity bills. Also, anyone can afford to EEE PC for regular work, a shift towards more powerful, but hungry one, when it comes to games.

At the beginning must be very close, otherwise would not ASUS unit in reviews, some still nothing has been announced on this issue, nor to the price aspect.

Lifelock promotion code RD2

Written by IT News on 12:26 AM

For you that always do transaction with credit card, whether online or offline these may caused your personal data being thief. In order to protect your data again thief, I remain you to use lifelock to secure your identity. Lifelock is leading company that offering identity protection.

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Lifelock is a leader in identity protection, so don’t delay to become a member of lifelock, act now and get a deepest discount before this promotion end.

Adjust windows vista power setting

Written by IT News on 12:12 AM

It’s still about to optimize efficiency in windows Vista. Windows Vista is automatically set to power setting called "balanced" power plan. This power plan appears to be fine for desktop computers and laptops, which are included. But laptops run on battery may require adjustment of this setting. Here's how:

  • Go to Start menu point to Control Panel and point to Power Option icon.
  • From here, you can select a different "Power Plan" or you can change the settings of the selected power plan manually.
  • To adjust the selected setting, click the "Change Plan Settings" link under the "Balanced" entry.
  • Adjust the settings to fit your systems needs or you can dive a little deeper by clicking the "Change advanced power settings" link.
  • When you are finished, click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the window.

Note: This tips was intended for Windows Vista only, please let me know if this did not work properly in yours, then I will try to fix this tips.

Increase disk space with disk cleanup

Written by IT News on 12:02 AM

One of the improvements that Microsoft has improved after more than other versions of Windows Vista have backup features that are included in the system of System Restore. The reserve functions are included by default, so with all the automatic support of Vista came, he would not take long to lose very little disk space. It can not be a bad idea to go and delete the older backup of files and recovery items to increase the free space. Vista makes that task, one very simple. Here is how:

  1. Go to Start menu
  2. In the Instant Search text box, type: disk cleanup
  3. Open the disk cleanup tool and select the option titled: Files from all users on this computer
  4. Select the drive that you would like to cleanup.
  5. Select the "More Options" tab.
  6. Click the option titled: Clean Up under System Restore and Shadow Copies
  7. In the confirmation screen, click "Delete".

This tips was intended for Windows Vista only, please let me know if this did not work properly in yours, then I will try to fix this tips.

Compatibility tab in Windows Vista

Written by IT News on 11:09 PM

Do you have old programs that do not work now that you have upgraded to Windows Vista? If so, do not fret, you can take advantage of system compatibility. With the selection of a contractor at the request or question, you can right-click and select properties. Then select the tab for compatibility (Fig. A) and decide to start the program in Windows XP. If you need to go to an earlier Microsoft OS, you have this opportunity, and as shown in Figure B.

Figure A. Compatibility tab

Figure B. Compatibility mode

By experimenting with the regime of compatibility, you can get all their older legacy applications to work in Windows Vista.

Yahoo BrowserPlus Sneak Peek

Written by IT News on 10:36 PM

The bridge between the computer and browser can be filled with available technologies of rich Internet applications development. In practice, the user is able to interact with both the elements and desktop Web browser-based ones, through the functions of RIA (Rich Internet application). In "Chwiwgi Peek" release of Yahoo! BrowserPlus allows users to live differently seen as trying to expand the desktop browser borders. Internet browser capabilities will be enhanced by Yahoo! BrowserPlus to give consumers the opportunity to conduct more joint actions in the desktop browser window.

For example, a demonstration application Photo Uploader (edit images and photos Flickr upload rich Internet application) allows users to perform within a Web browser drag and drop images and growing up, apply different filters to images and other actions. Code samples for developers are available for simple and complex applications.

In BrowserPlus software is available for installation of Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X, respectively 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10,5 Leopard operating systems and will work with Firefox 2.x, Safari 3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7,0 Web browsers. In BrowserPlus software works independently of the browser and as a consequence of this will not directly affect the browser capacity of response in terms of web pages, providing the speed.

A unique feature of BrowserPlus is its ability to integrate new services without restarting the browser. The development team of BrowserPlus also focused on the preservation of an application for security: services such as security issues will be halted before someone puts into practice various types of cyber attacks.

While public release, "Chwiwgi Peek" BrowserPlus will be presented only to websites belonging to Yahoo! or Yahoo! partner sites. The browser capabilities, expanding to the creation of a desktop - such as web-based environment for users of the Internet by using rich Internet applications - will be a major attraction for developers in the near future.

Restore a file removed by error

Written by IT News on 9:09 PM

it's all about us arrived one day or the other to remove an important file from inadvertency, happiness cart often draws us in the business, but enough to be emptied by him or to have made "Maj Suppr" during the suppression to realize It is too late!

Indeed, when a file is removed, the operating system does nothing but this file marks as a discrete and allocate this space as available. What wants to say that as long as you are not moved or create new files on the partition where they removed they were found files that can be recovered?

There are free and payment services, allowing its data recovery, I propose to you to use the "restoration", a small software in English, the benefits: no installation required, free and light (single record of 200KB That can be saved on a disk)

Here an example of restoration of removed file:

  1. Download the utility,
  2. Unpack rar file,
  3. Now you are in the presence of 4 files:
    1. Restoration.exe (program in itself)
    2. README.txt (associated help file)
    3. DLL16.DLL (necessary only for Windows 95 /98/Me) DLL32.DLL (necessary only for Windows 95 /98/Me)
  4. Use of the utility,
  5. Double to click on the Restoration.exe file to launch the utility:
    1. Select a disc
    2. Indicate a part or the complete name of the file to be recovered
    3. Click on the button “Search Deleted Files” to launch research
    4. Select the file to be restored
    5. Click on the button “Restore by copying”

Above tips is intended for windows vista only.

Related windows vista tips and tricks: Restore missing shutdown icon in Vista

G4 Moves to Xbox Live

Written by IT News on 9:02 PM

If you're interested in the media, games and Web-based culture, then you should look at the shows put on G4. Now Microsoft is entering the deal with the G4 to show the network for greater audience, making them available to the Xbox Live service for gamers.

"Code Monkeys" is a comedy show is animated in 1980 and tracks the adventures of GameAvision, a company that is struggling to produce videogames in an age that do not understand them. On Xbox Live offering of the show will include free Chwiwgi peek of the first episode of the second season.

"Blokovoto" is an interesting reality series, which follows the lives of snowboarders who go around the world are living large, as well as the implementation of some of the best there is blowing tricks of slopes.

Last but not least, each measure "Attack of the show" comes to Xbox Live video memory. This is perhaps the most popular show G4 because it directly targets gamers with their in-depth coverage of events, features and numerous guests related to the game. It is hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn and bears much humor in the world of technology and games. There will be more special episode created exclusively for Xbox Live.

G4 is also thinking of adding even more shows to Xbox Live, but much depends on the manner in which users of the service Xbox responding to the original show. See how they are targeted to the same audience as the primary gamer demographic, which use one Xbox 360, chances are high that the partnership will be successful.

Neal Tiles, president of G4 network, said that the "G4 is physically fit to be part of Xbox LIVE Community. Our young male audience spends more time interfacing with technology than any other network. This partnership underscores G4 commitment to bring relevant and authentic content of young boys in more ways than ever before.

Cost effective Toner and Ink cartridge

Written by IT News on 9:01 PM

Do you spend a lot of money for cartridge and toner every month? Most of installed printer both in our work place and home are using inkjet cartridge and toner cartridge including laser printer, DeskJet printer, inkjet printer, fax machine and also copy machine. If you interested to lower your cost especially for those inkjet and toner cartridge, using generic ink that would be the great idea. And my recommendation for best place is simply go to Inkers; they have a lot of ink product that suit to all printers.

Inkers offer wide range of inkjet cartridge and toner cartridge, the product are generic but compatible to all printer devices. Even though that generic cartridge was cost effective to cut your monthly budget but the quality in nothing different with the original one. In order to give the best service to the ink consumer, Inkers is offering delivery service to your door, they already supplied their product to all of the USA and Puerto Rico area, and they commit to deliver your order within 2-3 days, but are some are they able to deliver the same day as ordered.

So, don’t hesitate to contact them whenever you need any inkjet or toner cartridge. Visit the official website of Inkers at, or make a call at 800-848-7232.

Double D Dodgeball Comes to XBLA

Written by IT News on 8:57 PM

In 360 Xbox Live Arcade will soon give you the chance to play Origin Futuristic kind of dodgeball game, thanks to YUKE OF Company Limited. The game has already received certification to be released for the Xbox Live service, and it will be available for download this summer for regular MS 800 points.

Double D dodgeball will offer multiplayer mode for up to eight persons (4 - and from the match) and four game modes (exhibition, the meeting Player, Ranked the meeting and the tournament). Also, another "must-have", leader boards, has been implemented, plus two types of rules, dodgeball - in Eastern and Western ones.

"People's Ball with a double D, we are able to capture the spirit of classic dodgeball ground that we have all grown up integration with a specific set of rules known in the East and West, and it Xbox LIVE", said Ken Koyama, manager of development of the product in YUKE of the Society of America. "Rather than meeting hot on the ground, you can go for Xbox LIVE Arcade and blast effects of your friend with the ball from the comfort of your couch."

Although parents will probably prefer you will actually go out on "hot landing", it seems that this is the future and one thing is certain: this is not pain involved! But you should know the rules before even thinking about dodgeball game.

On the western tip dodgeball bears the traditional method where two teams square off in the arena, separated from the center line. Whenever a team is hit, he or she must obtain from the court, and only returned when the team begins on the opponent. Eastern part of the rules, on the other hand, contain a scene with the center line and the outfield, located around the outside of the court. One player from each team will start in the outfield of the opponent and autizam balls of "enemies". All players will send the head of the outfield and will only be allowed to enter when they hit the opponent. Chun cake!

Download iTunes Database FMP 1.8.5

Written by IT News on 8:48 PM

iTunes Database FMP is a package consisting of FileMaker Pro databases and optional AppleScript files, which allows you to export information from iTunes in a database.

In iTunes Database FMP package is intended to import albums songs as a whole, or playlists.

· FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later
· iTunes
· GraphicsImporter OSAX

Developer: Greg Townsend

License: GPL

Price: FREE OS: Mac OS X Binary format: Universal Binary Size: 2.3 MB Download time: 56K: 5m 36s 64K: 4m 54s 128K: 2m 27s 768K: 24s

Last Updated: May 30th, 2008 23:16 GM

Download iTunes Database FMP 1.8.5

The world’s first VGA and multimedia docking station

Written by IT News on 11:12 AM

Yesterday, ASUS officially announced the release Horn XG station, the world's first VGA and multimedia Docking Station. As part of the Horn (Republic of Gamers) series, the product is clearly designed with the game users in mind. In the Horn XG station was first demonstrated at last year for common economic space is showing in practice and external graphics card, providing support for laptop users.

The product is based on NVIDIA 8600GT GPU and to build an Express Card interface, offering mobile users the power of discrete graphics card for laptop users. It also includes 4 USB ports and 2,0 Dolby technology, doubling as a USB hub that AV delivers real pleasure. For technical specifications of the Horn XG station provides graphics card, which works at 540MHz, 256MB of GDDR3 memory clock of a 1,4 GHz. The graphic card will provide users with support for maximum resolution of 3840 x 2400.

What is really interesting about this product is its ability to provide consumers with easy to use tool for overclocking. The design of the Horn XG station allows users to freely adjust the clock speed of the GPU by a simple control knob. The use of the product large LED screen will allow users to monitor critical system includes a system of statistics that the master volume, GPU clock speed, current GPU temperature, current actual frames per second (FPS) and gPU fan speed guidelines. In practice, can allow your computer to computer power of a real casino-ready desktop computer.

You can also control the settings through the control panel on the basis of GUI interface. In panel allows you to change the system screen between the laptop and external LCD monitor. According to ASUS, a notebook based on Intel 945GM and 965GM graphics related to the XG station with a ASUS EN8600GT graphics card will have a 12 and 6.7 times faster acceleration, graphics, respectively.

Prices and availability has not been disclosed yet for this gaming-oriented product.

Best Used cars

Written by IT News on 11:10 AM

If you love an adventurer then the suit car for you would be like Land Rover. If that is true and if you need real Land Rover cars, I know the best place to go especially if you have a minimum budget. Because what I am going to advice to you is the place that offering wide range of used LandRover. It’s a wonderful online car information for you, a lot of Land rover car that probably one is suite for you. is an online website that offering Second-hand Land Rover Cars, the web site is easy to follow, all best car listed on the first pages, but you can use the Used car search tools provided on the left side. It’s simply to use the search tools, select the brand first such as LDV, Lexus, Leyland, Ligier, Lincoln, Lotus, Marcos, Marserati, Toyota and many more, second select the models that available for specific brand.

So if you are looking to a used car and specially for LandRover cars, I bet that there is no second place as best as They have a massive database of used cars from private individual and used car dealerships. And if you try to compare the price, there would be no other competitor to beat the cheapest prices offered by

1000 Eee will sold at Computex 2008

Written by IT News on 10:55 AM

Rumor of 10 inches EEE PC ASUSTeK bring into the spotlight

The Computex show, which will be held between 3 June and 7 June 2008, will bring many highly anticipated products. ASUSTeK, which will be attending a computer show in Taiwan, worldwide is expected to launch its new EEE 901 notebook PC. Since the beginning of this, it appears that the company will run EEE PC 1000 series, was that a product is not expected from each of EEE PC fans.

ASUSTeK may be the release of 10 - inch version of their EEE 901 laptops as a response to MSI's popular 10 - inch display wind. It is still unclear what 1000 will bring the series as far as technical specifications go, but chances are that will bring only increase the size of the screen, compared with the 901 version. News about the possible release surfaced when UMPC Fever journalists received an invitation from ASUSTeK.

At the invitation of journalists should be expected release of EEE PC 901 and 1000 series. "ASUS is looking forward to welcome you during the Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, for ASUS" 08 Computex trilogy launched by events. We would like to extend special invitation to you to attend the official launch of the new global EEE PC ™ 901 and 1000 series. "Read personal note from Jonney bus, ASUSTeK chairman, which was included in the invitation.

Nobody can say for certain how EEE PC fans will react and when the two models will benefit from the same level of success. If only the 1000 series will bring improvements in the size of the display, then maybe a 901 EEE PC will slowly lose its popularity, is that if you receive any and all. ASUSTeK still deserves credit for the creation of a brand that has changed the face of the notebook market.

Restore missing shutdown icon in Vista

Written by IT News on 10:30 AM

If your vista left button is missing you don’t need to panic, the solution are simple, no need to reinstall your vista. The problem is you cannot bring the computer down if the left button or shutdown icon is missing.

You need to re-configure and make bit change in ypur group policy, here are the steps:

1. from the Start menu click Run,
2. then enter Regedit
3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
4. On the right hand panel, delete the key NoClose
5. Log off and back on again.

If the above solution didn’t work properly please let me know.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Written by IT News on 10:29 AM

You don’t need to be silent, if you are a Victim of any cases. Looking for trusted attorney is actually not really difficult, at the internet you will be able to find a lot of advertisement offering law service. But if you are looking the best one I recommend you to contact Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin LLP. Or just simply these link Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog | California Criminal Law Discussions, they talk much in their blog regarding any criminal in Los Angeles and California.

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VIA to Launches Nano Processors

Written by IT News on 10:22 AM

Soon after the release of OpenBook, in technologies just started Nano VIA processor family. The new product is based on VIA Isaiah Architecture and by plans to introduce low-power processor market.

Apparently the new Nano processors are built on the successful energy efficient VIA C7 processor family. They are designed to offer as much as four times the performance in that power range. The design of the processor enables it to be used in other VIA C7-based systems, mainly because its pin compatibility. Thus, OEMs and motherboard vendors can easily upgrade their current C7-based systems.

VIA Nano new processor family is specially designed for laptop and desktop computer market, offering optimized to perform the most complex calculations, entertainment and connectivity applications. Apparently this new Nanos will be capable of handling Blu-ray Disc ™ HD video playback and the latest PC games, like Crysis. Maybe VIA is trying to become one of the leading manufacturers of consumer processors, as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

Fujitsu built with 65 advanced productivity of manufacturing technologies, VIA Nano processor family has been designed for improved power efficiency. "Via Nano processors represent the next generation of technology, x86, providing the basic building blocks for a new genre of computers optimized solutions," said Chen Wenchi, President and CEO, Via Technologies, Inc

First, new products will be launched in two SKUs, namely VIA Nano L-series and U-series. The first series is intended to include desktop and mobile PC systems and the second series was built for small form factor desktop and ultra mobile devices.

The highest model L-series will feature a clock speed of 1.8GHz and maximum level of TDP 25W, a top U-series model will have a 1.3 + GHz and a maximum level of TDP 8W. No word on pricing just yet, but the products are expected on the market in Q3 2008.

Mini N95, Nokia’s smallest N-series

Written by IT News on 9:47 AM

Nokia success to clone the N95 to the “MM95”, probably the “MM” means Mini Mini (only my joke). This new species Called "Leady MM95" (standing for "mini mini 95", could be), the new phone weighs is 72 grams and dimension 76.1 x 41 x 17.8 mm - still slightly bulky. The device looks just like N95, with its two sliding form factor and all, so that producers who have been careful with all the details.

Because this is way smaller than the real N95, in MM95 comes with a "reduced functionality" too. For example, the screen is 2.2 inches with 260K colors and 320 x 240 pixels and the camera is only one with VGA video recording.

Other specifications that Barcelona hosts as the N95 sight offers are: dual band GSM connectivity (900 / 1800 MHz - so that they can not work in North America), Bluetooth, FM radio, WAP browser, e-book reader, video and music players, games, stopwatch, to do list, calendar, alarm, calculator and 512MB memory.

Overall, this little MM95 is quite genuine about unoriginal device and it can definitely go towards "ever-funny Nokia N95 clone" title. We wait for other players to make sure, though - and we know we will not wait in vain because copycatting has become a truly popular activity lately when it comes to mobile phones.

Get a discount coupons before you shop

Written by IT News on 9:36 AM

Shopping is the most people do when they get online on the internet. Online shopping is more interesting recently, this industry are growing faster due to the market demand. Anything that usually you can buy in the store or supermarket such clothing now you can get it online, beside cheap price, shopping online is more efficient, you don’t need to pay for taxi or any other costs that you should pay when you go shopping in the traditional markets.

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The coupons and discounts listed on the website are provided by the stores and services themselves, not by #1 Coupons. It’s means that #1 Coupons is only facility bridging you and the store. Now you can get a discount for shop for deals on leading brands including Lego, Fisher-Price, Bratz, Star Wars, Step2 and Little Tikes. So, if you plan to buy anything starting from Shoes, Clothing, Movies and Music and even Automotive better check it first at #1 Coupons it will help you to save more money.

Download the latest version of yahoo messenger

Written by IT News on 11:21 AM

Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta have just received a new IMVironment, which comes with a brand new package of emoticons, which could be used by users connected. Entitled Emoticats of IMVironment actually animation Yahoo Messenger, which lets you choose from several cats, portraits and send them to consumers who chatting. In addition, you can easily create one of the cats pictures on the screen as an avatar of IMVironment by clicking on "Adoption" button included in the chat window.

And this is not all. If you want to disseminate information and contacts, let us know about this new Yahoo Messenger IMVironment, you can click "I Accept" shows the relationship with Emoticats. Clicking on it automatically change their status of "Do My Paws On The Emoticat IMV," related link that lets your contacts load IMVironment in their own instant messaging client.

As mentioned, this new Yahoo Messenger IMVironment is only available to users of Yahoo Messenger 8,1 and 9.0 Beta, the only versions of applications that currently support IMVironments. However, future versions of Yahoo Messenger for Mac and Yahoo Messenger Vista to get these features, too.

Download the latest version of yahoo messenger, and you see any error trying to load the IMVironment, don't forget to check if you've installed the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player.

McAfee warns about possible exploits

Written by IT News on 11:03 AM

Hack and spammers seem to work popular in an attempt to search for vulnerabilities in various applications. It appears that the recently discovered used to try to take advantage of one unpatched Adobe Flash vulnerability. According to one post yesterday of McAfee AVERT Labs, the security company has received a number of samples used by many different sources of spam domains.

McAfee were samples of these allegations very seriously and began investigations on the matter. It seems that while you browse the sites that serve these SWF spirit McAfee found a link leading to mass recently reported hacks. As in early May reported attacks infected sites, reference external script, which for this new Adobe Flash-related vulnerability appears to be one SWF file. Apparently this SWF file leads to a similar name WIN% 209,0124,0 i.swf (WIN 9,0124,0 i.swf). The file is now offline.

McAfee is unable to confirm that this last SWF file is an attempt to take advantage of the aforementioned Adobe Flash vulnerability, but Symantec, referred to the same domain to serve the earlier exploit. Besides the opening of Symantec, without mentioning any other domain and 2 spirit implies called WIN% 206,0,79,0 ff.swf (WIN 6,0,79,0 ff.swf) and win% 206,0,79 , 0 ie.swf (WIN 6,0,79,0 ie.swf), also offline.

McAfee draws three conclusions from all of the above files. Apparently, the various spirit are built for different versions of Adobe Flash, namely and, which are quite old. Versions of operating are suspected to be either available or under development and is expected to focus on other operating systems except Microsoft's Windows. The latter conclusion is that it uses specially designed for the two most used Internet browsing applications, namely Internet Explorer and Firefox.

At present there are no more details available for this security vulnerability, but McAfee promises to provide consumers with more information, as the investigation moves along.

Best Lcd for Gaming

Written by IT News on 11:02 AM

Playing game could present real entertainment into our lives, you can play at home, at your car if you have portable player, or wherever you want to play. I personally love to play sport games like Need for Speed, Football and sometimes I play GTA online with my friends, GTA is the most popular game this year. According to the research, playing game could improve productivity and job satisfaction.

And the best moments is if we play with all family on the weekend, sure we need the best lcd for gaming so that every one could see the action clearly. It is good idea if we use a big lcd monitor while playing with our family. The best source that you can trust to get lcd for gaming is by visiting provide wide range of lcd TV monitor including top lcd brand just like Samsung, LG, viewsonice and many more. All listed lcd are rated based on gaming feature, so it will guide you which lcd for gaming to choose

Enable warning message in firefox 3.0

Written by IT News on 10:33 AM

If you've spent any time tweaking Firefox 3, you've probably seen the warning messages telling you that the most likely not have to change all settings. Thankfully, you can remove the box and make the message go… but what I wanted, if you do?

I know what you think… Why would you possibly want it back?

If you are customizing Firefox for someone else and you become a signal off… you might want to turn it on again after you are done, to prevent them from making changes.

Enable about: config Warning

Write about: config in the address bar and then filter by the following:


Just double-click the item to change the value back to true and warning messages will appear again.

Why svchost.exe running in windows background process?

Written by IT News on 10:20 AM

If you are using windows and a bit has knowledge I believe you probably know about windows services. Most of services are running background, means invisible unless you have the special software to see these services.

You are no doubt reading this article because you are wondering why on Earth has about a dozen processes go by the name of Svchost.exe. You can not kill them, and you do not mind starting them… So what are they?

According to Microsoft "Svchost.exe” is a generic name for the host process for services that run from dynamic link libraries. Can we have it in English, please?
Before some time, Microsoft began moving all of the functionality of domestic services in Windows. Dll files instead. Executive file. From a programming perspective it makes more sense for reuse… but the problem is that it can not be started. Dll files directly from Windows, it must be loaded by running up an executable (. Enforcement). Thus the process of Svchost.exe was born.

Why have so many svchost.exes run?
If you've ever taken a look at in the section Services in the Control Panel, you may notice that there are many services required by Windows. If each share service within one instance of Svchost.exe, failure in one can bring all down to Windows… so that they are separated century.

These services are organized into logical groups, and after, a body of Svchost.exe is created for each group. For example, one instance of Svchost.exe is a 3 services related to the firewall. Another case of Svchost.exe can run all services related to user interface, and so forth.

So what can I do about it?
You can orderly unneeded certain services from blocking or stopping the service that is not absolutely necessary to perform. Also, if you are noticing a very heavy CPU usage one of Svchost.exe example, you can restart the services running in this instance.
The biggest problem is identifying what services, which move in a particular case of Svchost.exe… we will cover that below.

If you are curious what we're talking about, just open the Task Manager and check the "Show processes of all users" box:

Checking From the Command Line (Vista or XP)

If you want to see what services are being hosted by a particular svchost.exe instance, you can use the tasklist command from the command prompt in order to see the list of services.

tasklist /SVC

The problem with using the command line method is that you don't necessarily know what these cryptic names refer to.

Checking in Task Manager in Vista

You can right-click on a particular svchost.exe process, and then choose the "Go to Service" option.

Lifelock promotion code

Written by IT News on 9:33 AM

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Tips - How to disable autorun in windows

Written by IT News on 9:33 AM

Did you know that enable autorun for cdrom or USB flash disk may harm your computer.
This small of tips will guide you how to turn off the autorun in windows XP

By default when you put any cd into your cd drive, your computer will automatically load the content of the drive, it will help you to get the content faster but some virus my infact your computer during that process. I highly recommended to turn off this autorun function.

As I mention above this is a small tips but may help you, okay lets follow this step:
• First, run GPEDIT.MSC from the start-menu click run then type GPEDIT.MSC followed ENTER
• Go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System.
• Locate the entry for Turn autoplay off and modify it as you desire.

I assume that this tips will work properly in windows XP, please let me know if there something missing in this articles.

How to convert a FAT partition to NTFS

Written by IT News on 9:13 AM

I write this article based on my friend question about changing the Fat format to NTFS. For windows XP it is recommended to use NTFS partition, its faster then FAT.

In NTFS share theoretically can be of almost any size. The limit certainly exists, but not in point, since it would be more than enough for the next hundreds of years of development of information technology at any growth rates. What about practice? Much the same way. The maximum amount of NTFS share at the moment is limited only by the size of hard disks. NT4-will probably have some problems when trying to mount a drive, if any part of its steps back more than 8 GBytes of physical disk, but the beginning of this problem relates only to load share.

Okay, here is how to convert a FAT partition to NTFS, perform the following steps:

• Click Start, click Programs, and then click Command Prompt.
• In Windows XP, click Start, then click Run, type cmd (cmd is use to call the command prompt) and then click OK.
• At the command prompt, type CONVERT [driveletter]: /FS:NTFS.
• Convert.exe will attempt to convert the partition to NTFS.

Although the possibility of corruption or loss of data during the conversion from FAT to NTFS is minimal, it is best to perform a complete duplication of data on disk, it must be converted before they convert the performance of command. It is also advisable to check the integrity of the reserve before you go and run RDISK and updating the Emergency Repair Disk (ERD).

OLPC announces next-gen XO-2 $75 laptop

Written by IT News on 4:03 AM

In profit One Laptop per Child project showed the first pictures of its next generation of touch-screen laptop that goes by the name XO-2. According to Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the OLPC, on the laptop is in the process of development and aims to cost $ 75.

Negroponte showed off images of XO-2 of OLPC event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He said the first XO-2 is slated to be built by 2010.
In the laptop is almost half the size of the current XO notebook and consists of two touch screen displays. In the notebook does not include a keyboard, but instead will include software-based touch-sensitive keyboard.

Negroponte explained that the XO-2 is intended to be shaped like a book and will be the first to be promoted as an e-book for developing countries.
"The XO-2 will be a little Trojan horse," he explained. He said that the XO-2 will be forced as the first e-book reader with the possibility of holding more than 500 e-books. "Currently, developing countries like China and Brazil have cost $ 19 for student per year for books," said Negroponte. Investment in XO-2 and $ 75 should be easy solution for these countries, he added. But Negroponte indicated in XO-2 is much more than one material and is fully functional laptop.

Details of how they were insufficient OLPC were expected to reach $ 75 of XO-2 price point. Negroponte, however, say significant savings will be seen in screen technology. This is because the screens are used for XO-2 will benefit from the expected high demand and low prices of portable DVD displays produced before and after 2010.
Currently the cost of making one XO notebook is $ 188, according to OLPC.

"We are working aggressively to lower costs, energy and the amount of XO laptop so that it is more accessible and usable by the poorest children," said Negroponte.
Also high in hype and little substantive information about OLPC with light version of Microsoft Windows operating system. Negroponte would only confirm that it is testing a version of Windows running on XO laptop. He said, double-primary XO laptop, which will run Windows and Linux is in the works.

OLPC also pledged to begin again his popular Day One, take a (G1G1) laptop program. The program is expected to be available in August or September for U.S. citizens and for firs time in Europe. Despite the delivery hassles, Negroponte said, G1G1 program is a huge success.

Fire Ant Treatments

Written by IT News on 4:02 AM

Have a fruit tree in our backyard it would great, many tree around house will create fresh air. But sometimes tree can cause another problem such as the leaf and the bad is if there is Fire Ants live around it, a bit danger isn’t it?

Remember, fire ants are also danger just like bees and wasps and are known to attack with no warning, stinging their victims repeatedly. The venom of a fire ant is unique. It contains very high concentrations of poisons.

So, is there any solution or fire ant treatments regarding how to kill the fire ants? Yes, it is just a bugs, sure we can kill them all. I found a best practice about fire ants including how to kill this bugs and the basic information about Fire ants, just go to

Open source on the wire

Written by IT News on 3:55 AM

Once upon a time, using open source servers and applications business was frowned on in many circles. Today, you'd be hard pressed to find any significant infrastructure that does not leverage open-source code in some form or another, whether for a few databases MySQL, Apache Web server, or the pilot of Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python or requests to participate things together.

But there is one place in the enterprise, modern infrastructure, where open source solutions have yet to make significant dentist, and this is very network that connects all these pieces.

Of course servers and network equipment, such as routers and firewalls are fundamentally different animals. Servers are large, disk-laden, high-powered computers with Ethernet interface, running a full-penoplastmasa operating systems and applications, ranging from light to heavy web servers databases. Routers and firewalls are slim small appliances which do not have the drive, run high optimized and controlled operating systems, and in case of routers, do not need much administration after initial configuration. In short, servers are from Mars, routers are from Venus.

But if we take a closer look at the functions of routing and firewalling, guess what? We believe that not only modern operating systems offer these functions they perform them as well as, or better than its dedicated cousins - and using open source for much cheaper.

The general rule of thumb when shopping for routers is to determine the requirements, then call or Cisco and Juniper Inquiry - end of story. But companies such as Vyatta and several open source projects are challenging that notion, offering a full, open source routing platforms, which are built on Linux or FreeBSD, and moving on standard x86 hardware. The server becomes a router.

Via releases laptop design as open source

Written by IT News on 2:33 AM

Via Technologies released a hardware design for a cheap laptop with WiMax support under a single license with open source on Tuesday, a move designed to make easy customization and shorten design cycles for the system entities.

In the CAD (computer-assisted design) files OpenBook reference design can be downloaded free of charge and are available to anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3,0 license. The terms of this Agreement allow CAD files to be freely copied, shared and modified.

The only requirements are that the use of the design is due to Via, and the changes made to the design may be distributed under the same license, or one that has similar terms.
'We hope we'll get some interesting views and look forward to seeing what the community thinks about this idea, "said Richard Brown, vice president of marketing Via.
In OpenBook is based on 1.6GHz of Via C7-M processor and VX800 chip set. The model includes 8.9-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels and calls for a hard disk with a capacity of 80GB or more. The main wireless module included in the design supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Primarily includes modules to help GPS (AGPS), WiMax, and support for high speed cellular networks based on EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized), HSPA (high-speed Packet Access), and WCDMA (ultra-wideband Code Division Multiple Access ).

Other features of 1 kg (2.2 pounds) OpenBook includes a full keyboard, to 2GB of DDR (double data rate) memory, 2 - megapixel camera, memory-card reader as four cell battery that provides up to three hours of life. In the laptop is designed to run Windows Vista, Windows XP or Linux, including G / OS, SUSE Linux, and Ubuntu.
In OpenBook design is similar in appearance to Everex of CloudBook Max declared CTIA Wireless trade show in April, but the two are different designs, Brown said, pointing to fine design changes made to satisfy Sprint, the operator that assigned to Max CloudBook.

Depending on the exact configuration, OpenBook systems will likely cost between $ 500 to $ 800, Brown said, adding that the first products will likely hit the market in the third quarter.

Via is not the first company to run a hardware design as open source. In March, Openmoko, a company set up by Taiwanese hardware manufacturer First International Computer (FIC), released an open source smartphone design, neo 1973. In headset that runs Linux, supports GSM and GPRS networks and includes Bluetooth and AGPS.
Like Via OpenBook, neo 1973 hardware design is placed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

Stylish & high quality lamps

Written by IT News on 2:32 AM

The one of important thing to build an elegant room in our places either home or office is if we know how to setup the correct lighting and which style of lamp to use. The best and stylish lamps are not always expensive. I found the online store those offering wide range lamps products such as table lamps, floor lamps, task lamps, reading lamps, piano lamps and torchieres in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices from dozens of top manufacturers. All of those lamps are available at

Farreys was founded in 1924 a small general store, and now has grown as a big company and serve online. This is a dynamic company moving forward with commitment, purpose, pride and a clear vision to serve the customer. Their mission and commitment is to provide unique high quality products and the very best professional service.

Norton Internet Security 2009 to Come with Super High-Speed

Written by IT News on 11:50 PM

Symantec is one of the best software companies to network security and this fact only forces it to bring more and more advanced technologies that will be able to protect one's important data. Therefore, Symantec is preparing to implement the impressive new features in the upcoming Internet Security 2009, but Rowan Trollope, senior vice president of Symantec, quoted by PC Magazine, the primary is actually improving the speed of application. Symantec wants to make its own security super fast application that will be able to scan the computer in no time.

Moreover, Symantec wants to simplify the process of installation of Internet Security 2009 and make the whole setup wizard one click. According to PC Magazine, a Symantec security experts analyze the regular Norton Internet Security 2008 installation and it could take up to eight minutes. This must be improved, Rowan Trollope said. Therefore security company wants to abandon Microsoft installation program and develop its tool that will allow users to deploy software for less than one minute with a single click.

In addition, Symantec wants to quickly scan the process. To do so, the company wants to develop a huge list of list of programs, but also very new technology to bring the definition updates on consumer computers. No more than 300 improvement in efficiency is expected to be included in Norton Internet Security 2009, PC Magazine reports.

"It's obvious that we must be absolutely the best in performance. If I could create what is the largest the fastest security product in the world without compromising security functions, it will be very clear to the consumer why would you buy Norton. Implementation of Focus for 2009, "a Symantec official told the same source. "We do not yet exist. We're still working on it."

SingStar Volume 2 Release Date Set

Written by IT News on 11:40 PM

Sony confirmed, SingStar Volume 2 will come out in Europe on June 20. In the PlayStation 3 game will be filled with more songs and several new features.

The main new addition to the game will be a new "harmony duet mode." What does it mean that now is that two players will be able to combine the power of his soothing voice to perform these difficult to get the right runs, that the game functions. Of course, developers are willing to show off new feature for players so that there will be more songs in the game, having a profile for harmonization as California Dreamin 'by the Mamas and Papas, or all Stand Together we created with Paul McCartney and a celebration of Kool and foreign. Other songs also can be enhanced through the newly introduced duet function, but the results will be more clearly I felt above songs.

SingStar Vol. 2 and plans to offer support to play off feature that allows the user to play the game for the PlayStation 3 use the PlayStation Portable and working Internet connection. The most obvious use to access SingStore distance, choosing a song you want to download and set for the withdrawal to begin so that the songs are ready and all downloaded when you want to play the game.

In the PSP can be used to access social network built around the game called My SingStar Online, where you can post video and text messages and leave comments on the contributions of other players.

There are even rumors that the new game will also include a wireless microphone sets to improve singing experience. This certainly will include new songs by bands like Killers, Kaiser chiefs and Gorillaz, and from individual artists like Eminem.

Top 10 online casino games

Written by IT News on 10:18 PM

Do you love to play some online game like poker, Baccarat Odds, blackjack, roulette and many more that popular game known as online casino game and recently grow faster on the internet. For trusted place to find the best casino game simply visit Online Casino Bluebook. They offer free top list casino game, only the best online casino are listed on this site.

The game that listed on the Top 10 online casino list are ranked well by bonus size, payout percentage, customer service, game features, # of games, software graphics, and ease of use. The main intention of is design to help players to find the best game that really work and trusted to play. They do a research and review to every listed games.

Pac-Man Movie in the Making

Written by IT News on 5:23 PM

Crystal Sky Pictures is not your typical legendary Hollywood production house that aims to get big stars, throw in some computer graphics received, and then execute an aggressive marketing campaign to ensure the success of a film. No, they know that society is in search of heroes, icons and examples that can be followed, so they chose to make a film that is based on the biggest hero of the gaming world has ever seen: a small yellow, mouthed blob called the PAC - Man.

Crystal Sky Pictures is announcing that it has received about 200 million to finance its productions, from Grosvenor Park. This is by Crystal Sky making five movies with the money received - one of the projects, just happens to feature PAC-Man.

Other projects are related to pretty much games. Film adaptation of the classic Castlevania is the most advanced projects, with Paul Anderson of Resident Evil fame for making writing, while Sylvain White is set to direct the film. 2 Hard Boiled movie is also in advanced pre-production, although details are not known, as well as other video game franchises look to the intellectual property of other productions.

Of course, PAC-Man is not much of the backstory, if you think about it, and its acting opportunities are certainly not exceptional. He is also dubious distinction of extremely old and maybe even a little inappropriate for some people who play videogames online. But, if done right, and PAC-Man movie may be included in the tour of the former nostalgia fuel, crowds of gamers.

There is also word from Halcyon company that they've snapped the rights to use novels and short stories of Philip K. Dick as inspiration for movies and for two videogames. I hope they make a great, classic adventure games of Blade Runner. And the game should have electric sheep mini-games somewhere in it.

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