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OLPC announces next-gen XO-2 $75 laptop

Written by IT News on 4:03 AM

In profit One Laptop per Child project showed the first pictures of its next generation of touch-screen laptop that goes by the name XO-2. According to Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the OLPC, on the laptop is in the process of development and aims to cost $ 75.

Negroponte showed off images of XO-2 of OLPC event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He said the first XO-2 is slated to be built by 2010.
In the laptop is almost half the size of the current XO notebook and consists of two touch screen displays. In the notebook does not include a keyboard, but instead will include software-based touch-sensitive keyboard.

Negroponte explained that the XO-2 is intended to be shaped like a book and will be the first to be promoted as an e-book for developing countries.
"The XO-2 will be a little Trojan horse," he explained. He said that the XO-2 will be forced as the first e-book reader with the possibility of holding more than 500 e-books. "Currently, developing countries like China and Brazil have cost $ 19 for student per year for books," said Negroponte. Investment in XO-2 and $ 75 should be easy solution for these countries, he added. But Negroponte indicated in XO-2 is much more than one material and is fully functional laptop.

Details of how they were insufficient OLPC were expected to reach $ 75 of XO-2 price point. Negroponte, however, say significant savings will be seen in screen technology. This is because the screens are used for XO-2 will benefit from the expected high demand and low prices of portable DVD displays produced before and after 2010.
Currently the cost of making one XO notebook is $ 188, according to OLPC.

"We are working aggressively to lower costs, energy and the amount of XO laptop so that it is more accessible and usable by the poorest children," said Negroponte.
Also high in hype and little substantive information about OLPC with light version of Microsoft Windows operating system. Negroponte would only confirm that it is testing a version of Windows running on XO laptop. He said, double-primary XO laptop, which will run Windows and Linux is in the works.

OLPC also pledged to begin again his popular Day One, take a (G1G1) laptop program. The program is expected to be available in August or September for U.S. citizens and for firs time in Europe. Despite the delivery hassles, Negroponte said, G1G1 program is a huge success.

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