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Pac-Man Movie in the Making

Written by IT News on 5:23 PM

Crystal Sky Pictures is not your typical legendary Hollywood production house that aims to get big stars, throw in some computer graphics received, and then execute an aggressive marketing campaign to ensure the success of a film. No, they know that society is in search of heroes, icons and examples that can be followed, so they chose to make a film that is based on the biggest hero of the gaming world has ever seen: a small yellow, mouthed blob called the PAC - Man.

Crystal Sky Pictures is announcing that it has received about 200 million to finance its productions, from Grosvenor Park. This is by Crystal Sky making five movies with the money received - one of the projects, just happens to feature PAC-Man.

Other projects are related to pretty much games. Film adaptation of the classic Castlevania is the most advanced projects, with Paul Anderson of Resident Evil fame for making writing, while Sylvain White is set to direct the film. 2 Hard Boiled movie is also in advanced pre-production, although details are not known, as well as other video game franchises look to the intellectual property of other productions.

Of course, PAC-Man is not much of the backstory, if you think about it, and its acting opportunities are certainly not exceptional. He is also dubious distinction of extremely old and maybe even a little inappropriate for some people who play videogames online. But, if done right, and PAC-Man movie may be included in the tour of the former nostalgia fuel, crowds of gamers.

There is also word from Halcyon company that they've snapped the rights to use novels and short stories of Philip K. Dick as inspiration for movies and for two videogames. I hope they make a great, classic adventure games of Blade Runner. And the game should have electric sheep mini-games somewhere in it.

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