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Open source on the wire

Written by IT News on 3:55 AM

Once upon a time, using open source servers and applications business was frowned on in many circles. Today, you'd be hard pressed to find any significant infrastructure that does not leverage open-source code in some form or another, whether for a few databases MySQL, Apache Web server, or the pilot of Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python or requests to participate things together.

But there is one place in the enterprise, modern infrastructure, where open source solutions have yet to make significant dentist, and this is very network that connects all these pieces.

Of course servers and network equipment, such as routers and firewalls are fundamentally different animals. Servers are large, disk-laden, high-powered computers with Ethernet interface, running a full-penoplastmasa operating systems and applications, ranging from light to heavy web servers databases. Routers and firewalls are slim small appliances which do not have the drive, run high optimized and controlled operating systems, and in case of routers, do not need much administration after initial configuration. In short, servers are from Mars, routers are from Venus.

But if we take a closer look at the functions of routing and firewalling, guess what? We believe that not only modern operating systems offer these functions they perform them as well as, or better than its dedicated cousins - and using open source for much cheaper.

The general rule of thumb when shopping for routers is to determine the requirements, then call or Cisco and Juniper Inquiry - end of story. But companies such as Vyatta and several open source projects are challenging that notion, offering a full, open source routing platforms, which are built on Linux or FreeBSD, and moving on standard x86 hardware. The server becomes a router.

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