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Leeds "Criminal" Finally Banned by YouTube

Written by IT News on 12:34 AM

Andre Kellett, a 23-year-old from Swarcliffe, was banned by Google's video sharing service YouTube after having posted numerous clips, most of them reportedly illegal. According to Web User News, the YouTube user uploaded no less than 80 videos on the website, one of them showing "Kellett being driven in a car at more than 140 mph."

What's interesting is that Andre Kellett said he's not guilty for posting the clips on YouTube because he was only "a bystander filming events" and he wasn't the main "actor" in the movies. However, the Leeds City Council offered even more examples of illegal clips, pointing to a video in which Kellett does not want to pay a taxi driver, Web User News added.

Commenting the YouTube user's actions, councilor Les Carter, chair of Safe Leeds, said that Andre Kellett could win the "dumbest criminal" contest in Leeds taking into consideration the clips he posted on YouTube. "In the last three years we have seen a 32 per cent reduction in crime in Leeds. If more criminals were as obliging, the city would be even safer," he commented according to the same source mentioned above.

This is not the first time when authorities in a certain city or country discover illegal activities after viewing YouTube clips. In the past, several people were identified and sent to police after videos showing them speeding and breaking the laws appeared on YouTube. However, in most cases, police officers could not take any action because they had no information concerning the date of the recordings as some countries have specific laws which prohibit them to issue a fine after more than 15 days since the driver was caught speeding.

Anyway, at this time, there are a lot of YouTube clips showing people breaking speed limits and flooring it. It's enough to type the right keyword and find them all.

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  2. By Sunil Kumar Gupta on May 26, 2008 at 2:55 AM

    Its over dose of YouTube :)

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