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AMD Gets Back in the Game with AMD GAME!

Written by IT News on 5:08 AM

The new program has just been announced
By: Traian Teglet, Technology News Editor

AMD, one of the leading manufacturers of computer technology, has just announced it is going to pay more attention to gaming users. The company, which is today responsible for powering the visual experience of the two most popular gaming consoles in the world, has just announced the birth of AMD GAME!. With AMD GAME!, the company is trying to help consumers select a more gaming-oriented PC, designed to meet their performance needs.

The new program will provide platforms that combine the power of the latest multi-core processors with exceptional HD digital media and the power of the next-generation graphics processing. With the announcement of this new program, industry leaders including Acer, Alienware, Logitech and Microsoft, have also guaranteed they will stand by AMD and support its initiative to offer consumers an easier identification of PCs that can provide HD gaming and entertainment. The press release does not include any additional information about AMD's release of future products.

According to Jon Peddie Research, most of all desktop and notebook PCs sold last year only offer the most basic of computing capabilities. They lack the technology to support the latest gaming experience, an issue that AMD has taken into account very seriously. It seems that users buying PCs prefer the more cheap and affordable assemblies, instead of those high-performance systems that provide the necessary power for a true gaming experience. With the new program, AMD intends to help users choose the right system, without them having to have the necessary experience to do so.

According to Kevin Unangst, Microsoft's senior global director of Games for Windows, "AMD and Microsoft share the vision of delivering better gaming experiences on PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems." AMD's program can be recognized by systems or hardware components wearing the AMD GAME! logo. Availability for AMD GAME! platforms can be seen at system builders such as Alienware, Cyberpower, iBuypower, Maingear and Velocity Micro.

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