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Norton Internet Security 2009 to Come with Super High-Speed

Written by IT News on 11:50 PM

Symantec is one of the best software companies to network security and this fact only forces it to bring more and more advanced technologies that will be able to protect one's important data. Therefore, Symantec is preparing to implement the impressive new features in the upcoming Internet Security 2009, but Rowan Trollope, senior vice president of Symantec, quoted by PC Magazine, the primary is actually improving the speed of application. Symantec wants to make its own security super fast application that will be able to scan the computer in no time.

Moreover, Symantec wants to simplify the process of installation of Internet Security 2009 and make the whole setup wizard one click. According to PC Magazine, a Symantec security experts analyze the regular Norton Internet Security 2008 installation and it could take up to eight minutes. This must be improved, Rowan Trollope said. Therefore security company wants to abandon Microsoft installation program and develop its tool that will allow users to deploy software for less than one minute with a single click.

In addition, Symantec wants to quickly scan the process. To do so, the company wants to develop a huge list of list of programs, but also very new technology to bring the definition updates on consumer computers. No more than 300 improvement in efficiency is expected to be included in Norton Internet Security 2009, PC Magazine reports.

"It's obvious that we must be absolutely the best in performance. If I could create what is the largest the fastest security product in the world without compromising security functions, it will be very clear to the consumer why would you buy Norton. Implementation of Focus for 2009, "a Symantec official told the same source. "We do not yet exist. We're still working on it."

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