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Zenwalk Linux 5.2 Beta Available Now

Written by IT News on 10:37 AM

Zenwalk is a GNU/Linux operating system. Zenwalk is designed with the following objectives:

· Be simple and fast
· Provide one application for one task on the install CD
· Be a complete development/desktop environment
· Be small so that it can be distributed on a single CD

After 4 months of hard work, Zenwalk team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Zenwalk Linux 5.2 Beta: "The long awaited Zenwalk 5.2 is out in Beta. It's been 4 months since the last release, and it is time to brush off the packages" - says the Zenwalk team in the release announcement. If you're wondering what's new in this version, let us tell you that it's packed with a revamped package manager, netpkg "new generation" v4, which has been fully rewritten in Perl-GTK, the unbeatable media player for Linux, MPlayer, has support for DVD menus, and the resume/suspend operations were greatly improved.

Moreover, Zenwalk 5.2 Beta has some new artwork, important updates (like Linux kernel and Xfce 4.4.2) and security fixes. Also, a web-based Package Database and an easy to use User Repository are now available for all Zenwalk users.

Being powered by the popular Slackware Linux distribution, Zenwalk comes with useful applications for daily usage. Among this, we can notice:

• XFCE Desktop Environment
• Mozilla Firefox
• Mozilla Thunderbird
• Office Suite
• Abiword Word Processing
• Gnumeric Spreadsheet
• Tea Text Editor
• Bluefish Html Editor
• Leafpad Text Editor
• Vim Advanced Text Editor
• Alsa Sound Server
• Gxine/Xine Media Player
• Gnomebaker CD/DVD Burning Tool

If you are interested to try zenwalk, you can download Zenwalk 5.0 (ISO) (469 MB)

Zenwalk 5.2 Beta (ISO) (507 MB)

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