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Online Relationships Simply Don't Last

Written by IT News on 11:02 AM

There is a huge number of social networks and websites dating them. Their number may grow by more and more similar services debut every day. Because there are so many services, it is obvious that people are really interested in establishing a relationship of meeting new people and who knows, maybe even Colston. However, the romance started online simply not last, Queensland University of Technology relationship psychologist Dr. Matthew Bambling said.

"At first blush he appears very popular - they could get answers to 200, so that they receive much more attention than if they had went into the bar. It gives the impression that they are powerful. The electronic environment is not in the context of conventions and a real meeting, and online interactions can have a larger impact on man, "explains Dr. Bambling.

In most cases, people met over the Internet differs from real life and many of them actually are on their age, height and other characteristics. It is obvious that they want to describe yourself as an attractive option. However, this may have serious consequences if people get involved too emotional, psychologists believe.

"When they meet, often another person is not always what they are, but if they have already invested emotionally they go anyway. They can achieve much loss of time trying to do work. "

To be able to find someone really want through an online dating service, it is better to meet him or her as soon as possible, said Dr. Bambling. Moreover, it will be easier to split with someone, if only go out for coffee from happening for dinner.

"If someone you interests of the Internet not leave it too long to respond. Do not have dinner, coffee, instead of there - the pressure of having to sit through the entire dinner, if the person performs is not what it is not worth And you can go your separate ways, less awkwardly after coffee. "

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