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Why svchost.exe running in windows background process?

Written by IT News on 10:20 AM

If you are using windows and a bit has knowledge I believe you probably know about windows services. Most of services are running background, means invisible unless you have the special software to see these services.

You are no doubt reading this article because you are wondering why on Earth has about a dozen processes go by the name of Svchost.exe. You can not kill them, and you do not mind starting them… So what are they?

According to Microsoft "Svchost.exe” is a generic name for the host process for services that run from dynamic link libraries. Can we have it in English, please?
Before some time, Microsoft began moving all of the functionality of domestic services in Windows. Dll files instead. Executive file. From a programming perspective it makes more sense for reuse… but the problem is that it can not be started. Dll files directly from Windows, it must be loaded by running up an executable (. Enforcement). Thus the process of Svchost.exe was born.

Why have so many svchost.exes run?
If you've ever taken a look at in the section Services in the Control Panel, you may notice that there are many services required by Windows. If each share service within one instance of Svchost.exe, failure in one can bring all down to Windows… so that they are separated century.

These services are organized into logical groups, and after, a body of Svchost.exe is created for each group. For example, one instance of Svchost.exe is a 3 services related to the firewall. Another case of Svchost.exe can run all services related to user interface, and so forth.

So what can I do about it?
You can orderly unneeded certain services from blocking or stopping the service that is not absolutely necessary to perform. Also, if you are noticing a very heavy CPU usage one of Svchost.exe example, you can restart the services running in this instance.
The biggest problem is identifying what services, which move in a particular case of Svchost.exe… we will cover that below.

If you are curious what we're talking about, just open the Task Manager and check the "Show processes of all users" box:

Checking From the Command Line (Vista or XP)

If you want to see what services are being hosted by a particular svchost.exe instance, you can use the tasklist command from the command prompt in order to see the list of services.

tasklist /SVC

The problem with using the command line method is that you don't necessarily know what these cryptic names refer to.

Checking in Task Manager in Vista

You can right-click on a particular svchost.exe process, and then choose the "Go to Service" option.

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