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Critical bugs found on Firefox 3.0 RC1

Written by IT News on 4:04 PM

Although still in RC1, there is so many people already us Firefox 3.0. As I covered the Firefox 3.0 beta version of this blog in some detail I thought would pass along information that critical bugs are found in RC1 release.

Here's some information released by Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla vice president of engineering:

Hi Folks,
The QA team is still doing directed testing and we are collecting feedback on RC1. We’ve been triaging the bugs and so far have 10 bugs that look of the highest priority:

We are going to approve these to land on trunk so we can get regression and nightly testing on them. If we need to do an RC2 they’ll be ready to go - if we ship RC1 we can get them in the 3.0.1. If you are an owner of one of this bugs your assistance in landing them would be much

ONLY patches with approval1.9+ can land. We want to keep this to *critical* bugs only (e.g. common crashes, severe breakage of major functionality, etc) - if we have to do an RC2 the test/feedback cycle will be shorter than a dot release.


Bug details here. Three of which are listed as critical.

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