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Laptops Are not good for Business

Written by IT News on 9:44 AM

Each recently discovered technology was part of the criticism. In history, people have even gone as far as claiming that some technological devices are the work of the devil and should be destroyed. Although most of us today understand that the development of technologies intended to ease the way in which interacts with the world, there are still some who argue that computers must be disabled. This is exactly what happened in Bhutan, according to Reuters.

Apparently, in Bhutan, people still think that the old pen and paper is the way of the future and computers are considered hazardous. The National Assembly in the new democratic Bhutan has decided to prohibit lawmakers to portable computer systems in the building. The reason behind the Assembly action is fear that they may spend their time playing computer games. It seems that computer games can have a significant impact on the working environment in the National Assembly Bhutan.

"The members may be distracted playing games and viewing photos," said Nima Tshering, speaker of the National Assembly.

It appears that some lawmakers in the Himalayan Kingdom are portable computers argue that they are easier to use than traditional pen and paper. Unfortunately for them, their arguments do not comply with the rules of house, which also ban members from using electronic gadgets, eating and smoking.

This measure may seem extreme, especially since most of today's governments rely on computers or other electronic gadgets, to function. People use portable computers to store and take with them large quantities of data that will require another package of documents. However, the National Assembly also has a point, we were to examine a large number of computer users who use their professional machines to play games and surfing the Internet for personal reasons.

Beautiful floors for your garages

Written by IT News on 9:43 AM

Sometimes we didn’t pay much attention into our own garages, the material we use, the floor and the garage floor mats. We can make our garages more beautiful specially for the garage floor. In the near future if you plan either to build or rebuild your garages I recommend you to consider its floor materials, the best sources for garage flooring is by checking and shop at

Armor Garage is Leading Supplier Of Life Floor Products and offering a beautiful floors, Specializing In epoxy floor system, Interlocking Floor Tiles And Roll Out Mat Flooring For Garage. All of Armor’s floor products are easy to install, A two car garage should be able to be installed in couple of hours. And you don’t need to add any adhesive or any special prepping. With Armor Tile your floor will covered with blemishes and will last a lifetime. Your floor would easy to clean, simply use Mild soap and water is all that's needed. Armor Tile including modular garage floor tile are stain resistant so they clean very easily.

And you can email them if you feel need help to laying out your floor. Send fax or email your sketch with dimensions of your floor and they will email or fax you back with a list of the products and a description of what you'll need.

Vista SP1 Solution Accelerator Available for Download

Written by IT News on 9:32 AM

Download Microsoft Assessment and planning tools Now!

The latest version of a decision to accelerate the originally dubbed Windows Vista Hardware Assessment is now available for download. In Microsoft Assessment and planning tools now at version 3.1 and hit RTM stage. The latest building assessment and planning solution for accelerating adapted specifically for the latest Windows client and server operating systems, namely Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 SP1/RTM, including Hyper-V release. Version 3.1 is grabs directly from Microsoft, and aims to improve as much as possible for evaluation and planning phases of software for large-scale migration processes in complex IT infrastructures.

"Some formerly Windows Vista Hardware Assessment, this new version is already packed with many new features, such as: Hyper-V virtualization candidates for assessment (+ improvement of virtual machines, equipment); SQL server detection and assessment, 64 - bit installation support, and Desktop Windows Security Center for evaluation, "revealed to Baldwin, senior product manager, the Accelerators solution of the team.

Designed as a network throughout agent least tool, MAP 3,1 will crawl all servers and workstations, which are an integral part of one IT infrastructure and provide basic guidelines in the process of migration. The decision will give information to speed up the inventory of all resources at its disposal, focusing on a variety of areas, including servers, desktop and virtualization upgrade scenarios. All scanning is done through the network and, in this context, MAP, should not be located on each machine, he assessed. The assessment benefit from the opportunities offered by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is able to remote office entries or simple network management protocol (SNMP).

"Windows Vista hardware device compatibility and evaluation; Office 2007 software for assessing compatibility; Windows Server 2008 and hardware device for assessing compatibility; Microsoft application virtualization of hardware for assessing compatibility; SNMP inventory reporting, [and support] Hyper - V and SQL Server, "Baldwin added.

Download Opera 9.51 RC2

Written by IT News on 9:19 AM

I believe that Opera is not popular as Mozilla, but in this version they have a lot of improvement.

On the official website, Opera mentioned the latest version of its browser as "beautifully made". However, it seems that Opera 9.50 was made available to end users before the process of cooking is ready. After the release of gold version of Opera 9.50 for 12 June 2008, feedback starting pouring in, and it is not pretty sight. As a direct consequence of the users, Opera is now scrambling to provide version 9.51 aimed to resolving all issues introduced by Opera 9,50.

"Meet the new standards in Web browsing. Downloading Opera today to get the fastest and most powerful Web browser and make the most of their time online," is the message of the official Opera welcomes page. And while the development of version 9.5 over its predecessor is indisputable, the fact is that these are the many problems plaguing the browser. June 25, 2008 saw offering Opera 9.51 Build 10,074 Release Candidate 1, and on 30 June users can also grab Opera 9.51 RC2 Bildt 10,080.

"More repairs in preparation for 9.51! As always, we appreciate constructive feedback. A major emphasis was placed on the stability and installation program - some issues that consumers have encountered when upgrading from 9.27 now should be finally resolved , "Said Claudio Santambrogio, QA Desktop Test Manager.

One thing is clear after the launch of Opera 9,50, namely that Opera has to tweak its program to test and catch potential problems ahead of the code will gold. It is unacceptable that the browser, which was declared to feel like Internet Explorer ships with this level of errors in the final bits.

Santambrogio indicate some decide provided by Opera 9,51 RC2: "security status should be correctly now whenever a shift from HTTP to HTTPS. Fixed a problem related to OCSP and CRLs, which would lower level of security . Fixed problem with the content blocker that could not cause a page to load now. Determined to block Yahoo! Mail (now really!). Fixed a crash with userjs. Identified the crash-related Dragonfly. Fixed a crash in Print Preview. Fixed problem that caused unwanted line breaks in rich text editors. Fixed loading interface in a shift in history. UNIX specific: fixed a problem that will prevent pages from the closing of Qt4 building. Fixed saving of changes in the pattern plug.

Electronic Arts Is Targeting the Wii

Written by IT News on 11:24 AM

Game to construction Conference is a great opportunity for game publisher to offer information on upcoming projects and get some quick feedback with the assessment of the reaction of the audience, which is composed mainly of professionals and industry insiders. This is exactly what is an electronic arts in Paris, when talking about his new Play All initiative, which aims to bring EA games to more players using high availability.

David McCarthy, vice president of electronic arts and executive producer of the new Play All concept, said the traditional gamer demographic, males from 18 to 34 years old player with hardcore trends, not for breeding, so EA seeks to extend its reach new and different groups, mainly women and older players.

He described how the company is already the first step, and one even slightly, with the release of the family Play, the initiative for implementing a more favourable management of the family. He said he was "very risky proposals to us. It really was a departure in the way of allowing players to facilitate the control actions in the game. He ultimately failed to bring results, but EA is looking at how Nintendo, Wii and with the tracking capabilities, is the simplification of control.

Another venture into more family friendly territory of EA is ground from EA Sports and McCarthy pointed out that this template is good but the implementation of the final product suffered.

Now, All Play is set up to help EA reach new customers and to attract games. The company wants to Play All playful games of visual terms, while offering interesting and easy to understand mechanics of the game. Most of the games on Play All concept will make their way to Nintendo Wii due to a scheme to control public and consoles.

The decision to attract more diverse audience is reflected in staff policy. EA of frontman said that "if you are female game designer with little experience, you are absolutely gold right now. We do not have enough female developers, and we need more of them. So girls, Electronic Arts a sign if you can design games.

Nvidia would be able to maintain supremacy on the graphics card market

Written by IT News on 10:56 AM

Scott Herkelman, president of BFG Technologies, an Nvidia-exclusive supplier of graphics cards, said in an interview that Intel expects strong graphics processing unit, also known as Larrabee, will change the market for graphics processors. He said that even so, Nvidia will be able to remain on top.

In an interview with Hexus website he said that "next year we will see a very different competitive landscape and it will change how people buy graphics card."
The entire graphic card market will change, without any doubt by the emergence of two players, it is an advanced Micro Devices and Intel, which are able to provide comprehensive platforms, consisting of a central processor, core-logic and the timetable for processing unit. The change will be mostly due to the fact that system integrators and users would prefer to buy their products from one supplier.

Nvidia will get through key stage in the light of new events because it does not produce x86 central processing units and it appears to be many problems associated with its inability to obtain a license for Intel QuickPath Interconnect bus. Under these circumstances, the company needs to maintain its strong graphics card market share to remain a competitor in the IT industry.

"Many companies have business trying to compete with NVIDIA on GPUs," added Mr. Herkelman.

The president of BFG discussed the recent price cut Nvidia implemented in what concerns its GeForce 9800 GTX card to them from 349 U.S. dollars to 199 U.S. dollars quite suddenly, and said that Nvidia board partner added in May find itself in need here . As many graphics card suppliers, distributors and retailers are many products in stock, as a drop in the price or can cause loss of money or require compensation from Nvidia, which now registers financial matters. He also added that the Santa Clara company will probably show a different attitude to various corporations, as the various links of GPU developer is up to them.

Look like Intel will launch Nehalem-Based CPUs this year

Written by IT News on 10:05 AM

In Intel Nehalem architecture is the best bet for the future right now, and it really seems that "Chipzilla" done everything in its power to come up with Kingston becomes the basis of this architecture as soon as possible, with no less of these three components are scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2008.

As Monica Chen reports DigiTimes cites as an Unnamed within the framework of a source of many Taiwan-based motherboard manufacturers, it seems that the chip manufacturer will likely come up with three new Bloomfields by the end of the year, each them to target new Intel LGA1366 nest. Kingston becomes the three, although not yet officially named, are supposedly code name-XE, P1 and MS and are placed at the heart speeds of 3.2GHz, 2.93GHz and 2.66GHz, respectively.

According to the same source, each of Kingston enters will have TDP of 130 W, 8MB of L3 cache and will support simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) technology. So as one processor is not really worth that much without a platform to support it, it would seem that Intel is preparing the X58 and ICH10 chipset combination for 4 - you start quarter, just in time to support those in above Kingston enter the Nehalem.

The new X58 chipset will be quite a part of the work on its own because it will be used on Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) architecture, eventually replacing the FSB. Furthermore, Intel is likely to "go to bed with the enemy" because their platform is likely to feature four PCI Express 8x slots and support of AMD Quad CrossFireX technology (no word of any Nvidia SLI support for the moment, though) .

All in all, it would seem that Intel happens to their plans for domination of the market while AMD processor and has some interesting messages lately, it remains to be seen whether she will be able to hold its own against its much - great opponent and his Nehalems.

Team 7 is back in business

Written by IT News on 9:56 AM

In fact, we can not get enough of Naruto and his cohorts, because Namco Bandai America our goal is aware that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress (this is one name for the record) is currently shipping, most likely greater Japanese boats in order to keep all over North America. I know we had to be exited, but I feel like I already played it. No more Manga for me!

If you get the same feeling, then we must clarify the story slightly. In translation: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2, a bizarre castle makes its way into the Clouds and began to threaten the peace village Hidden sheet (which probably is the bending of the experts of martial arts). Indeed, one evil queen tries to meet some evil matters, but it is facing what. Her weapon of choice: disturbing visions of the past are young COUNTRY them. He must defeat his - he is not alone; Shikamaru, Sakura and the rest of the band are happy and help him restore peace.

Just like we have been used in previous games in the game's all for one in a struggle that is supplemented with interactive history, and take things to another level, the player can now create his own party to use in over 100 levels of the palace. In fighting engine is there in one piece and I am positive will enjoy even once the new jutsu them and acrobatic style, in combination never seen before. To provide a complete original experience, even players can choose to go through the whole game with the original Japanese voices.

It will not be complete without a multiplayer game mode, so Comments: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 allows players to test their skills in sparing with their friends in wireless battles. Each battles may be designated to meet the style of players and every gamer to customize, he is about to use. The best part is that you only need one copy of the game. What more could you possibly want from the title fight?

USA Online Casino

Written by IT News on 9:55 AM

People are always loves to play games, either for fun or for money. Game for money are usually known as casino, in order to play casino you don’t need to come to the real casino. Today there is so many online casinos on the internet, the best one to go is USA Online Casino that provide a lot of online casino games that you can trust to play.

USA Online Casinos provide a best online casino include the review in detail, so that the consumer will able to decide which game to play. Most of the games listed is accept the use players, those if you are looking for USA Online Gambling just check the list.

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2009

Written by IT News on 9:49 AM

Protecting your computer with antivirus is a great idea as long always keep the update and know which anti virus suitable for you.

Kaspersky AV provides all types of anti-virus protection: anti-virus scanners, monitors, behavior blockers and integrity checkers

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 application was designed to be the backbone of your PC’s security system, offering protection from a range of IT threats.

Essential Protection
· Protects from viruses, Trojans and worms
· Blocks spyware and adware
· Scans files in real time (on access) and on demand
· Scans email messages (regardless of email client)
· Scans Internet traffic (regardless of browser)
· Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
· Provides proactive protection from unknown threats
· Scans Java and Visual Basic scripts

Preventive Protection
· Scans operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities
· Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
· Disables links to malware sites
· Detects viruses based on the packers used to compress code
· Global threat monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)

Advanced Protection & Recovery
· The program can be installed on infected computers
· Self-protection from being disabled or stopped
· Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software
· Tools for creating a rescue disk
· Data & Identity Theft Protection
· Disables links to fake (phishing) websites
· Blocks all types of keyloggers

· Automatic configuration during installation
· Wizards for common tasks
· Visual reports with charts and diagrams
· Alerts provide all the information necessary for informed user decisions
· Automatic or interactive mode
· Round-the-clock technical support
· Automatic database updates

· Intel Pentium 800 MHz 32 bit (x86) / 64 bit (x64) or higher (or equivalent)
· 512 MB available RAM
· 50 MB free space on the hard drive
· CD-ROM (for installation of the program from CD)
· computer mouse
· Internet connection (for product activation)
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (for downloading updates)
· Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0

Developer: Kaspersky Labs
License: Trial , 39.95 $ to buy
Size / OS: 29.5 MB, Windows 2K/XP/Vista/XP X64
Last Updated: June 24th, 2008, 12:04 GMT
Download: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 2009

Intel to Be Found Guilty in Europe, Innocent in the US

Written by IT News on 10:39 PM

The computer processor market is dominated for the last decade or so, two big names, Intel and AMD, with the latter almost constantly occupying the underdog position. As you may have heard from very many of our previous articles on this topic, the big "Chipzilla", since Intel is also known as slapped with the case with AMD, its headquarters was raided and he even received a rather hefty fine in Korea .

And now, Intel also is under formal FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
The investigation will look into what appears to be the core of AMD problems with its bigger rival: the problem with concessions. You might know little about this subject now, but to sum things, we will say only that the accused AMD Intel coercing some computer manufacturers and integrators of AMD ditch processors and Intel go to in order to enjoy some generous concessions.

However, as Jason Mick points out quite well for DailyTech, antitrust legislation in the U.S., are much looser, that those of the old continent, which can lead to a very special situation: while the EU will most likely find the guilty Intel (with hefty fine to follow), U.S., the company may be considered innocent and maybe just get a recommendation similar to that of Japanese anti-trust Commission issued after its own investigation (Intel, which in a way that is held at probably in order to avoid paying a huge sum of money as compensation).

This situation is quite hilarious caused by the fact that no world-compatible antitrust law, meaning that each country (or group of countries) is the assessment of this issue according to its own laws in this area. And while it will take some time before the various laws will actually be harmonized, have one question that still bugs us: Intel is guilty or that this is really something, just across the smoke screen created by AMD, to hide its quite adverse outcomes and reduce market share?

Top 10 Gadets sources

Written by IT News on 10:38 PM

Today most people already love to use gadgets. Gadgets is usually small design technology that enrich with particular function and often thought of as great innovation. Gadgets are invariably be considered in unusual or skillfully developed by the normal technology at the time of their invention. If you are love to use gadgets and plan to buy any gadgets devices, I recommend you to learn a lot about gadgets and read a lot Gadet reviews.

It’s best idea to read any people opinion specific in the gadgets device that you would like to buy. The best idea is Gadet reviews, it’s usully provide deepest comparison on the specific gadgets including specification, the bad and the good and sometimes includes people or users opinion. So, it will help you to decide which one to buy and avoid. For Top 10 Gadets reviews I recommend you to check it at, it’s has a lot of gadgets such as Nokia, Apple, Asus Eee, Tom tom and many more.

It's no 3D material, but 70 free objects is good enough for the average user

Written by IT News on 10:43 AM

iPresentee is the introduction of free basic facilities for use by Apple officially, iWeb and pages, but also Microsoft's ... stuff. While boys in Jumsoft also have a collection of 3D images and add objects, as many as 70 more items to the most recent version, the latest expenditure, while the former does not. This is the law, iPresentee officially Objects collection is free!

The package includes 100 color and attractive sites, covering all possible topics you might use in a document, presentation, blog and so on. Background, of course, are transparent and can be used on any color background, while the sites may change in size, rotated, increases or decreases in opacity fitted with shadows or shapes with each other.

The main sites are compatible with Apple officially, iWeb, pages, but also with Microsoft's PowerPoint and Word. All files and folders from the disk is to be left unchanged if you want to use them again and again properly. The best thing you can do should you need to change some of the objects is to save them elsewhere, or at least rename them.

Work with objects could not be easier. Adding a subject in order to make a formal presentation can be achieved by dragging a file object of finding a window of canvas or slide to the media container, then you should choose, select Insert object file and then click Insert.

You will probably want to change the size of sites and because their default rate is already too large for each presentation. What should I do here is select a site and then drag one of its selection handles. To change the size of each object in one direction, drag the one hand, rather than handle with one handle to seat. To change the size of the facility from the center, hit Option as drag. More such indications are available immediately after downloading Keynote Objects dmg file.

You can use iPresentee of sites for your work, but you do not have permission to duplicate and distribute data, either as a whole or only part, of any third party, nor are you allowing others to use the data for time-sharing or any other reason, without the express prior written permission from developers.

You can download keynote object now.

GTA4 With better multiplayer

Written by IT News on 9:39 AM

It’s not too long since GTA IV was started. For two months. Most of us have played the game, finish it or come close, most of us even try to shake of multiplayer. Now Rockstar wants to us back in the game of the atmosphere at the launch of a new patch should have been any issues that appear - especially in multiplayer games.

Developers say that the supplement is intended to fix "freezes in certain regimes, for when players leave the match and errors within the races and race lobbies. The full patch notes that the main issues addressed are: one issue that prevented players from entering the exit race cars in GTA multiplayer mode, one that is scripted means of blocking the game, a rare problem that prevents the passage of race Race or GTA game in the lobby, one for a change of teams and several others associated with spectator role in Cops'n'Crooks.

He also is set to increase the frequency of updates for the PlayStation 3 board, and also changed some of the rules governing vision in the game.

It looks like a pretty impressive list of changes in the game, it might make some people with GTA IV-happy than they are now, but gamers expect a whole different set of messages for this title.

All Xbox 360 GTA IV players have patience in order to advance their hands announced exclusive content for download for the game, which may include a complete new towns. In Playstation 3 gamers, who are waiting for him some news for distance learning and development regarding the availability of their version. PC gamers are just waiting for a sign from Rockstar and take two, that one of the biggest games of 2008 becoming increasingly version of PC owners. Unfortunately, a patch, not satisfy those groups, so we'll keep waiting for new messages from the producers of GTA IV.

Rap Music Videos

Written by IT News on 9:05 AM

What is you favorite music? Is it rap? Rap music is known as combination of African and American music, this genre was firstly introduced in 1980s and 1990s. And the term of Rap is sometimes used synonymously with hip hop music. If you are one of the fan for genre music, I found the best source that has lot information about Rap and.

At Rap Artists you will find a lot of update regarding Rap Artists Biography, Rap Lyrics, Discography, pictures and many more. And if you want to hear your favorite Rap song in your phone including a ring tones, simply download them. Beside a ring tones, there is also available rap music videos that well arrange in their database, and you can simply use search by artist’s category or manually enter the keywords.

If you are love Rap, this is only the best place to go and be update.

Prices for GeForce 9800GTX-based cards have dropped

Written by IT News on 11:15 AM

After you finish reading this article, you could feel both happy and disappointed at the same time. That is, if you recently bought a NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX graphics card. In Santa Clara County, California-based graphics manufacturer has decided to go ahead with the rumored price cuts for its G92-based composition and lowered the price tag for the GeForce 9800 GTX somewhere between $ 199 and $ 209.

This may mean big news for all users who intend to upgrade its own desktop platform for games. Especially since we talk about one of NVIDIA high-end graphics cards now is currently on the market. It also means that users who want to improve their performance schedule by adding another card to allow for adjustment of SLI can now make it more accessible way. Unfortunately, those who have already acquired the card will be left rather disappointed not to wait a little more. But then again, this is the way the market works, every time you buy a card better one will soon be released, because the technology.

Currently, users who want to acquire a graphics card based on G92 65nm GPU can choose one of NVIDIA some of the best channel partners, namely EVGA, XFX, or PNY. If you decide to go for one of EVGA cards, interesting choice is $ 209.99 model which will bring factory overclocked card with the GPU speed is 738MHz. A standard version of the NVIDIA card comes from XFX and has a price tag is 219.99 U.S. dollars, but after mail in rebate will achieve payer $ 199.99. XFX even packs a company of Heroes game, to sweeten the offer.

This will most likely put pressure on AMD, and in particular since the countdown to the official release of their HD 4000 series cards has begun. We can only wait and see how Advanced Micro Devices will respond.

VS.Php PHP Integrated Development Environment

Written by IT News on 10:56 AM

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 can be used to develop PHP applications using VS.Php, integrated development environment for Visual Studio. PHP is a programming language used to make Web-based applications.

Many open source frameworks were established on the basis of the programming language PHP. The new release of VS.Php (version 2.5) integrated in Microsoft Zend Framework Visual Studio 2008 and 2005. For users who do not have Microsoft Visual Studio, self edition of VS.Php based on Microsoft Visual Studio IDE shell also provided.

Zend Framework allows developers to build Web 2.0 applications and services. It provides support for AJAX, object-oriented PHP 5 classes, and many other features that help developers to reduce the time required for development to create sophisticated web-based applications.

By integrating the Zend framework in Microsoft Visual Studio, the user will have multiple benefits: PHP review built into the engine and IntelliSense support for Zend Framework classes and class auto-loaders, MVC (Model View Controller) project wizard Zend Framework and others. In IntelliSense support for class auto-loaders VS.Php function allows you to find and display files corresponding to the respective classes.

VS.Php as PHP IDE (integrated development environment), through the full number of functions, helps developers increase their productivity and improve debugging and deployment of PHP applications. Version 2.5 of VS.Php also comes with a new set of types of projects: the command line applications, projects corresponding to a particular version of PHP (5.2.8 and 4.4.8) and MVC projects based on a framework Zend.

VS.Php is only compatible with Windows, but PHP applications made with it can be located on any operating system like Linux or the MacOS. On jcxsoftware site you can find lessons that stress the basic features and functionality of VS.Php application. For users who want to test the new version, all VS.Php editions are available for download here.

An Intelligent Phone device

Written by IT News on 10:55 AM

I probably agree to say Phone-007 as intelligent devices. If you own a business and have many employees I believe that you want to monitor their activity. Using CCTV or camera is not really effective because they got notify and know that there is a camera, so everything would be fine. If you wanted to have an intelligent device, the Phone-007 would the great choice, It’s now possible to do anything including record anything in the phone conversation, record every call made and clever one is that the device able to record in ambient mode.

The Phone-007 is flagship product from, an online store that specialized provide web connected device. And the Phone-007 is a very special product that work to use as an spy device, user that using the phone will never know that the conversation has been recording and it has a lot of features for notification, if you are the phone owner you will get a notification either by email or text message once the recording begin. So, what do you thing, very interesting isn’t it?

mPlatform - A 4-module stack

Written by IT News on 10:49 AM

mPlatform is a project from Microsoft Research built under the guidance of Zhao Feng, Microsoft Research chief researcher. Defined as "reconfigurable architecture and effective mechanism for exchange of data, modular sensor nodes", mPlatform is essentially a collection of many different processors designed to enable real-time processing. By Zhao research project aims to provide modular network sensornet platform for applications. Construction of hardware from nothingness, will no longer be necessary as mPlatform will allow existing modules to be packaged together in sensors that can be created to meet the specific requirements of the application and research scenarios.

"This is all about tinkering," Zhao explained, quoting from the channel 10. "Instead of trying to write software to live with existing hardware limitations, the researchers had to be able to aggregate hardware software to meet their needs and analysis of the application of logic before fabricating and placement of these devices in scale… People can start using these platforms for building interesting applications quickly. We take some of the common things other than those applications, embedded application prototypes in the head, and let users focus more on thinking about sorting applications, which want to build. "

One of the important aspects which recommends mPlatform over alternative platforms for embedded system is the fact that one processor functions for each module. However, the surface of the sensor network provides a user interface that is shared by carried on hardware modules. The modules are built around the boards, which can easily be connected to one another scaling in order to meet the specific needs of the project.

"Some of mPlatform modules are general purpose processing boards, while others are special-purpose planes as radio boards for wireless communication, sensor for planes to monitor natural phenomena, and power panels for power supply to the stack of modules. Any advice, with except for the power board is a local processor. locally as a processor for each module effectively allows real-time event work, one of the main objectives of the design mPlatform. processor-per-unit approach also allows more adaptive aggregation of adequate processing power an application, "Microsoft revealed.

The best material for your carports

Written by IT News on 10:27 AM

The powerful of building is start from it material; using poor material in your construction may lead worse in the future. This is very important to select a good material before you decide to start build any building even for if only for your own carports or garages. You cannot underestimate to any building material, the best idea is using steel material, and if you interest to build a metal carports I know the best source for that material.

There is a company offering perfect solution for any backyard garage or storage building, all the material is from metal. SteelMaster is only what I can advice to you; they have a lot of metal construction including steel buildings that meet your need. Their solution is quick and easy to build, and I believe you can do it yourself. SteelMaster building is not just offering a unique design, but the design also concern in security and durability.

So, I share this information to you hope that if you plan to build any workshop or backyard garage such as steel carports, metal buildings and even Aircraft Hangar, check it first at SteelMaster.

Nvidia Cards Don't Need Quad-Core Chips for Extreme PCs

Written by IT News on 2:07 AM

A video posted by Nvidia on its website showing experiment, held on Nvidia laboratories in which new GTX 280 chip, running mode overclocking and cooled by liquid nitrogen many do not require a major quad-processor to achieve exceptional PC performance.

"Many people think you need an Intel quad-core, or Intel quad-core Extreme to build an exclusive PC," says the publication of "Steffee" of Nvidia website. "Today I happened to build PC games with Intel core 2 duo. This is the duo. Aware that? Duo, two rings."
The system used for testing features only two main processor, exactly as stated in his post blogger. This is what it says blog: "Think you need a quad-core processor for extreme PC games with impressive numbers and 3DMark Vantage gaming performance? ... I overclocked and hyper-cooled an SLI platform for games, as using two of our latest and greatest GPUs - GeForce 280 ... GTX and under-$ 200 CPU. "This processor is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor. The test took place on NForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard with the new GTX 280 graphics card.

Using only one 280 GTX board, 3DMark Vantage result is "X4796." Taking "fun trip" by Nvidia laboratories, a blogger a new GTX 280 SLI board and liquid nitrogen cooling system, which allows it to receive the new test results of 3DMark Score "X10, 282.."

To perform the test, for blogger, "Steffee", overclocked Nvida GTX 280 of the main clock of 727MHz, while shader was set to 1458MHz. The normal value for the core clock is set at 602MHz and shader clock of 1296MHz.

As we all know, Intel opinion on this is a radically different. "Most of what people today, with their computers require powerful processors. Examples of processor-intensive applications include: creation of content, viewing / editing high definition video using social media sites, office tools, downloading music And editing of photos, "Intel said in a statement.

And of course, that Intel may have the answer to that. Processor, E8400, is a very fast because it is at-3.0 GHz and features 6MB cache. The best part is that when overclocked and cooling with liquid nitrogen, this processor is able to get some results too early. But quad-core Extreme Kingston enter are simple and better solution.

Full specifications of the system for testing machine includes nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards running in SLI mode, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor, 4 GB-SLI ready Corsair DDR3 memory and PC power and cooling TurboCool 1200W power. Operating system used for testing is Windows Vista 32 - bit.

Download iPhone PC Suite

Written by IT News on 1:58 AM

If you own any iPhone device, here is you can download iPhone PC Suite it's an alternative to itunes.

Here is the iPhone PC Suite features:

• Download & Upload pics to and from PC and iPhone
• Camera
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Photos- works 100% all in FULL RESOLUTION !!!! (upload / download)
• Notes
• eBook
• Call log
• SMS Chat- works 100%, send SMS to someone from PC through iPhone
• Safari, bookmark management
• Finder
• Backup/Restore
• Sound Themes
• Ringtones - they wont get deleted when synced with itunes !!! and the app converts them automatically...!!

Remember to update this software after completed installation.

• iTunes
• Jailbraked iPhone
• Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Developer: Melete
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 14.3 MB, Windows All
Last Updated: June 18th, 2008, 08:52 GMT
Download: iPhone PC Suite and are waiting for millions of email users

Written by IT News on 10:09 AM

Do you know what email is usually people use around the world? The answer is Yahoo!

Yahoo! Mail is a popular free email service which exists since October 1997. For the first time in eleven years, Yahoo! Inc. make available two new domain names email: and

Due to the fact that there are already more than 260 million users, electronic mail corresponding domain, some Yahoo! Identification numbers or e-mail addresses are not accessible to new users. Until now, Yahoo! users had to define and remember entrance john_doe2008 identifiers such as the situation, unwanted by the majority of consumers.

Subsequent to the apparition of these two new e-mail domains, when a user creates a new Yahoo! Account, he / she will have a pleasant surprise of finding that he / she may designate the desired Yahoo! ID, because millions of names are still available.

As for the release of two new e-mail domains John Kremer, Vice President, Yahoo! Mail said, "We recognize that people want e-mail address that reflects who they are, whether they are signing up for e-mail for the first time, or simply updating their e-mail nickname to reflect the stage they are in life. We are thrilled to be able to offer new Yahoo! mail domain choice for Internet users, along with the same cool-mail experience that hundreds of millions of people now come to expect. "

Email addresses set for domains and will provide users with existing functions in the event of a e-mails, such as unlimited storage, instant messages and text messages, anti-spam and anti-virus protection and more. The corresponding Yahoo! ID can be used to input all the free web-based services available in Yahoo! Network. For new users sign up form to receive free Yahoo! ID and e-mail can be used here.

The organization announced 10 certifications, as well as plans for 100 more by the end of this year

Written by IT News on 9:51 AM

The first licences for mobile-centric products, operating in the 2.5GHz range has been issued by the WiMax Forum on Tuesday. Also, some 3.5GHz products are advertised for certification later this year, along with a plan to have around 1000 products certified by the 2011 year.

In the WiMax Forum announced on Tuesday that ten mobile WiMax products have been given a "WiMax Forum Certified seal of approval". The certification is leaving for products, including four base stations from Alvarion, Samsung and Motorola, and some mobile modules from Samsung, Intel, Beceem, ZyXEL and Airspan.

The Organization said that more than 100 mobile WiMax products will also receive a certificate at the end of the year and that would probably be more than 1000 products certified by the 2011 year. The variety of products also includes those machines, designed to work in the frequency 3.5GHz, which will begin to receive WiMax Forum certification, starting with the third quarter of the year. The organization is optimistic about its actions and announced its plans to complete the certification of products, 3.5GHz, before the end of this year.

"We are one industry precedent by holding a certification in a way that has never been done before," WiMax Forum president said Ron Resnick. "To ensure global interoperability for operators and consumers, WiMax Forum supports to the end process of certification of the development of equipment for testing equipment validation (to), finally, product certification. WiMax Forum is the only consortium to certify base station equipment, which is essential to ensure true interoperability of networks and high quality of service among consumer devices and network equipment. "

In announcements made by the forum on Tuesday to get on the road to improving mobile WiMax lead over its main competitors, long-Evolution (LTE) of 3G. NXP announced last week that would have LTE-compliant modem for interoperability testings in the first half of next year, even if LTE is not standardized yet.

Clearwire and Sprint of WiMax network in the United States must allow the use of 2.5GHz products. As for the United Kingdom, the chances of mobile WiMax depend much on the results of the auction, which will be held by telecommunications regulator Ofcom in that range ever near the end of this summer.

Download Jedi Digg 1.0

Written by IT News on 9:38 AM

A tool bar docked at the top of your screen, which shows the Digg front page stories in rotation
In Jedi Digg application is designed to be a tool bar docked at the top of your screen, which shows the Digg front page stories in rotation.

From this tool can strip left on history also open a browser built for consideration of referral page, right on the story also begins the story of duggmirror, left click Open Digg page text to open the page Digg comments Finally You directly Digg history of this bar.

Options menu (accessible via systray icon) lets you change the opacity of embedded browser, set your Digg user name and password and select categories of Digg, you'd like to see.

· .NET 2.0 Framework
· Digg account

Developer: Dana Hanna
License: Freeware
Size / OS: 24 KB, Windows All
Last Updated: June 20th, 2008, 14:23 GMT
Download: Download Jedi Digg 1.0

Customize your trade show booths

Written by IT News on 9:37 AM

Exhibition is the way the producer to announce their best product to the markets and consumers. When your company take or participate on an exhibition, the first thing to be consider is trade show booths, as you know the consumer will firstly look at interesting design of your trade show booths and nice decoration of the banner stands. Bad booths decoration my lead your consumer to ignore your show.

For best resource of exhibition matter including banner stands and table skirts I recommend you to check it at CamelBackDisplay at the official URL CamelBackDisplay provide wide range of booth display and was the only one stop shopping for factory price trade show display that can be reach online on the internet. The material is Pipe and Drape ready so it’s easy to assembling and reinstalls your both.

Ordering booth display from CamelBackDisplay it will let you get so many benefit, you are allowed to customize the booths. Beside booth display there is also available table skirts which’s also important for every trade show. If you often join any exhibition better you decide to buy your own booth display than rent an expensive trade show.

Download WinRAR 3.80 Beta 2 / 3.71

Written by IT News on 9:03 AM

WinRAR is famous compression tools that every people uses this.

RAR (WinRAR), a powerful archiver and archive manager (Win32, Linux, Mac)
WinRAR is a powerful compression integrated with many additional features to help you organize your compressed archives.

The Recent visitor gives the crowd when it comes to compression. By creating a permanent small archives, WinRAR is often quicker than the competition. This will save disk space, transmission costs and valuable working time as i.

WinRAR supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, room, ARJ, LZH, ACE, tar, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-zip).

Recent visitors lets you archive divided into separate volumes easily, making it possible to save them a few discs for example.

Recent visitors also is ideal if you send data via the Internet. Its 128 bit encryption password and its certified signature technology will give you peace of mind that they were looking for.

WinRAR is shareware, ie able to test it thoroughly. The program can be used absolutely free for 40 days!

Recent visitors licences are valid for all available language versions and platform. If you have purchased several licenses, you can even mix versions to meet their personal needs.

Recent visitors gives you all future updates for free! Not like competition, that will make you pay back every one or two years.

Developer: win.rar GmbH
License: Trial , 29 $ to buy
Size / OS: 1.17 MB, Windows All
Last Updated: June 16th, 2008, 06:08 GMT
Category: WinRAR 3.80 Beta 2 / 3.71

Download BitDefender Total Security 2009 Beta

Written by IT News on 11:00 AM

BitDefender Total Security application of 2008 is intended to provide comprehensive proactive protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other Internet security threats, along with the system for maintenance and backup of data.

Some available features:


Warning: This is the beta version of the product to see it as a preview of what to come into the final version. Also, it would be best not to expect too much of it at this stage and to keep all the critics for the final release.

Creativity and daredevil were the first words that came to my mind when I saw the first beta version of BitDefender Total Security 2009. What would you think if you saw a program so rich in options, etc. pervasive in covering areas such as antivirus / anti-spam protection, firewall, privacy control, parental control, computer backup, encryption and computer tune-up?

All this and more is included in the latest version of BitDefender Total Security 2009. The application is accompanied by an exclusive interface design and organization of all instruments between your computer seems to safety seemingly far from insecure, whether you accept the basic plan or advanced one.

Before the proper installation of the program started, the application recommends off Windows Firewall and Windows Defender, as BitDefender offers both a firewall and antivirus / anti-spyware protection. Installing the application will not complete without a restart for any changes to be effected in the reintroduction Windows BitDefender offers 9 step configuration wizard, before proceeding to actual program window. Not all steps will include a configuration wizard and is not required to use the product, but you will be notified to select components in the dashboard interface.

Download BitDefender Total Security

Entrepreneurship Foundation

Written by IT News on 10:59 AM

If we talk about opportunities is nothing difference with looking for job, business and can be means anything that in the end is means money. But, every opportunity is also involve in needs, wants, problems and challenges. Friend of mind said that opportunities are mean willingness to take the risks involved in starting and managing a business.

Those I prefer to call it entrepreneur, because looking new opportunities is a business, a business mean entrepreneur. And I think Entrepreneur abilities are needed to improve what we have and to create new goods and services. If you want to know about entrepreneur or entrepreneurship, the best idea is by visiting The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation website.

The Kauffman Foundation is design to encourage "a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities." The Foundation focuses its grant making and operations on advancing entrepreneurship and improving the education of children and youth or we can say it college entrepreneurship.

In those entrepreneurship, Foundation work for national catalyzes an entrepreneurial society in which job creation, innovation and economy flourish. They work with good educators, researchers, and other partners to further understanding of the powerful economic impact of entrepreneurship.

In Kauffman Foundation also serves as Chairman, bringing together local, regional and national leaders to share innovative thinking and engage in dialogue related to entrepreneurship, education and minority entrepreneurship. Each year more than 60000 people visit the Foundation Conference Center, which provides 40000 square feet of meeting space for local and national organizations.

Download Outlook Web scapper 0.4

Written by IT News on 10:43 AM

This project will lead to Microsoft Exchange e-mail access to the iPhone without the use of IMAP (which many companies will not allow their servers), or 3 - th country Web sites. It uses a simple Python script that logs in Outlook web access and screen-scrapes content. Outlook Web scraper, then send the iPhone email client through a local "false" POP3 server screen-scraped emails.

Developer: Adrian Holovaty
License: GPL
Price: FREE
OS: Mac OS X
Binary format: Universal Binary
Size: 8 KB
Download time: 56K: 1s 64K: 1s 128K: <1>768K: <1>
Download Links:
Outlook Web Scrapper 0.4

Toshiba Protégé is now added 128GB SSD

Written by IT News on 4:22 AM

With all the recent talk about the future of storage for both portable computer and computer systems, it comes as no surprise that Toshiba has chosen to feature its latest Protégé ultraportable laptop with 128 GB SSD. And, just in case that is not familiar with the Protégé family, the company's new product will be commendations a 12.1-inch display. Even more, he weighs only 2.4 liras, which makes this notebook features high portability.

The company's latest model is dubbed Protégé R500-S5007V, and is the newest addition to the series of ultraportable notebooks, coming from a company that aims to provide support mainly to business users.

Toshiba, the world's fifth largest manufacturer of computer, has managed to increase storage capacity of its SSD-based offer from 64GB, that the R500, offered by another model in 2007, to 128GB with this latest Protégé. However, what is more exciting is that this storage upgrade is not raise starting price tag of $ 2999, which should offer all the more interesting. Toshiba also managed to maintain the same features the previous model, as one ultra-low-volt Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 processor with a clock speed of 1.33GHz, 2MB of L2 cache and 533MHz front side bus.

Toshiba of Protégé can be placed in the same category as Lenovo of X300 and Apple MacBook air, as these two products also fell somewhere between standard ultraportable notebooks and laptops. However, according to IDC, best suits R500 in the ultraportable category, which is laptops weighing less than 4 liras, which have a 12 - inch display, or smaller.

According to IDC, currently, ultraportables account for between 8 and 10% of the PC market in the world. But because of the Lenovo ThinkPad and MacBook X300, the market is slow, but definitely changed.

Apple to announced their 3G CDMA iPhone

Written by IT News on 9:53 AM

iPhone, it’s probably all GSM lover are dreamed this phones. And what is about the CDMA?

iPhone is sleek design gadget, fancy, support 3G and GPS, now it’s announced no earlier than last week, was announced by Apple to be released in Jamaica by MiPhone, the third largest mobile operator in the Caribbean. This is not really surprising, since Apple said that since the beginning of 3G iPhone will be available in many countries worldwide, which allows anyone to buy for it (if they have enough money, of course).
Element of surprise comes from the fact that MiPhone only CDMA offers services and it does not have a GSM or HSDPA network. And since connectivity of 3G iPhone does not include CDMA frequencies, but only GSM / EDGE and 3G/HSDPA such, it is very likely that touchscreen sight will not work in MiPhone network.

However, Apple confirmed the release of 3G iPhone MiPhone through its official website. This may be two explanations: either the Cupertino-based company had "hidden" CDMA iPhone, or MiPhone very soon will deploy GSM and / or 3G network. And while many consumers would really want to have the new iPhone CDMA version, I am of the opinion that there is actually no such iPhone. This is because America Móvil, the company that owns MiPhone, intends to roll-up to the GSM network in Jamaica in early 2008. This would pretty much solve the mystery iPhone against CDMA, but it still leaves a question hanging: will make CDMA Apple iPhone sometime in the future?

iPhone 3G will be, as so far the most advanced mobile device product line of action of iPhone. Carrier's current offer includes only 5 phone from Nokia, 3 of Motorola, 2 of Kyocera, one of Samsung and one from Palm (a Treo 650, which is now almost three years of age). There's no high-end phone currently offered by MiPhone, all its products are middle of terminal equipment at most. Now, there is only a problem in words how consumers will afford a genuinely 3G iPhone.

Do shopping online is more interesting!

Written by IT News on 9:52 AM

After got tired work all day in the office, some people go to the cinema for refreshing. But not all people, usually women more love in shopping than go to the cinema. For some people do shopping is more entertain and able to give difference satisfied. But do shopping in the traditional market is sometimes not convenience. The question is why not trying any online store?

There is a lot of online store on the internet these days, but not all of them are recommended. Usually people go to search engine before do shopping, they type the desired product to buy in the search engine, there a result but too many and how to make sure that one of the choice is the best? The simple one is by do shopping online at

Shopwiki is the first revolutionizes online shopping on the internet, it search every store on the internet by crawling like Google does. So with shopwiki you will found anything you want to buy easily. For example if you are looking for Nursery Furniture then go to the shopwiki search dialog and type the keyword in the search bar, for example enter Nursery Furniture. It will come to with a lot of result including Changing Tables, Baby Mobiles, Toddler Beds and many more. Experience the easy way to find your desired product to buy.

NVIDIA to announced GTX 280 and GTX 260

Written by IT News on 9:57 PM

Now, this should be the least shocking, even for the biggest NVIDIA fans: Santa Clara-based graphics manufacturer will produce the release today of its new graphics card composition. In doing so, NVIDIA will not anticipate the AMD is the first to release its next-generation video cards. As with all other new maps NVIDIA, after the official announcement, the company's channel partners will also announce its new composition GeForce.

As said before, and the new GTX 280 GTX 260 cards are among the most anticipated stamp of this year. Until now, we have already gotten familiar with the gallery and information cards and we are all awaiting the decision of NVIDIA is to go official with the new product composition. Next in line are the new ATI Radeons, which have yet to be officially launched. In the HD 4850 and 4870 are also included in the news pretty much belated, and so far, we know almost everything there is to know about cards.

Both cards will provide high levels of graphics power, but GTX 280 is poised to become the next leader NVIDIA card. This model will come with GPU clock speed of 602 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR3 memory. In 240 processors, cores (formerly known as shaders) will be the clock of 1296 MHz, and memory will benefit from maximum speed of 2214 MHz. As you say, watch these rates may seem very strange when compared to the previous NVIDIA cards.

In the lower version (which will also come in double slot form factor), happens to come up with GPU clock speed of 576 MHz and will have only 192 processors cores to be clock of 1242 MHz. As for the memory in 260 GTX, will provide a 896 MB GDDR3 running at-1998 MHz.

Cards will be built on the PCI-E 2,0 interface and is expected to provide incredible amounts of graphics power. What is still to be confirmed card is "support for the new NVIDIA technology, CUDA. With this new technology GPGPU (General-purpose computer graphics units), regular software applications can be accelerated by graphics processor.

We will bring you more on this subject tomorrow, when the general price list will most likely be made public at large NVIDIA partners.

Google docs improve the ability to read pdf files

Written by IT News on 9:19 PM

With google Docs you can simply upload or save documents to your desktop, edit anytime from anywhere and able to share your documents in real time. And it’s free at least at now.

As the ever-present as Acrobat Reader is, it's clunky, and I often wish there is a dedicated PDF viewer, as part of Google Docs. Well, now! You simply upload files to your Google Documents to take advantage of this new feature.

After opening one of your uploaded files can be taken on a new PDF viewer that lets you search, see review on each page, and a copy / paste text - one and only three possibilities I interested.

This is strange that they decide to create the wheel here though. Google Book Search and Google Patent Search are many examples of technologies that will work very well for viewing PDF documents - in comparison with those two, the feature that is currently in Google Docs feels very beta.

Online Games Store

Written by IT News on 9:56 AM

Today gaming is more interesting; people are now really enjoyed playing game and really able to get more entertainment since the game industry is growing faster. The game producer is now able to deliver the best game picture since the technology is now improved. The most popular game device is Sony Play station or famously called PS2 or PS3. PS2 is become so popular because it’s very easy to get PS2 Games in the market.

The main reason that people choosing PS3 Games is because there is a lot of games that people can play with Sony play station, either on PS2 Games or PS3 Games. Sony shows their commitment to support their consumer by always deliver and release the new games faster. The other popular games devices is PSP Games, this is the first portable games from Sony.

Those, if one of you are in searching of new gaming devices, I recommend you check it first GameStoreUsa. This online store provide wide range of any gamming devices including XBOX360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, GameCube, DS, GBA and many more.

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