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NVIDIA said to be working on enabling CUDA on other platforms

Written by IT News on 8:11 AM

nVidia CUDANVIDIA said that work on the prestigious CUDA technology AMD's GPUs. This solution makes it possible for developers to optimize their products for use on GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD with CUDA technology. Consequently, this will enable NVIDIA, currently the world's leading supplier of graphics processing units, to take advantage of GPU sales of its main competitor, AMD.

There are a number of general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing standards that exist today, including Microsoft's DirectX and OpenCL Compute, both of which are currently supported by two leading graphics chip makers, NVIDIA and AMD. But the two competing companies which have their own solutions, NVIDIA placing a large bet on his CUDA technology and AMD is trying to lose space with its Stream solution. But according to a recent news article on the tech radar, where NVIDIA's Chief Scientist, Bill Dally, the company could be worked on further enlargement of the working environment for their CUDA solution.

"In the future, you can run CUDA C with an extension of a larger number of platforms, so I do not think it will be a fundamental limitation." Dally said. Although not directly confirming the support of AMD's platforms, he added, "I know a number of projects have been launched to CUDA on other platforms."

NVIDIA has an understanding for many applications, a statement which can be checked by taking a look at the hundreds of applications that are ported to CUDA, available at the specially designed CUDA zone site. Look at a comparison with AMD's solutions for NVIDIA's strong interest in the rapidly growing segment where AMD still lost its competitor.

"There are only a handful of things, and they are usually things that are already in CUDA. CUDA is much more get traction among the people programming parallel in many application. There is a simpler language to use," Dally stated.

Gateway offers more affordable gaming laptops

Written by IT News on 8:04 AM

Gateway gaming laptopIn the case of portable gaming system, there are a number of options available for consumers who want to take advantage of the latest technology in equipment and take advantage of the result of a high-performance notebook. This gaming laptop computers are known for their higher price tags, which is somewhat justified by the level of results. However, there are a number of PC vendors who have decided to develop games that are built for performance in an affordable package. This is the case with Gateway and the line of P-series FX Edition laptops, specially designed for gamers on a budget.

According to a recent report on Cnet, a wholly owned subsidiary Acer has just updated two of its P-Series FX laptops, these users with an affordable price, but performance-based pre-configuration. Although it is not really new, just changed their price tags and hardware configurations make them a noteworthy option for users looking for an affordable gaming laptop.

KicKing with a price tag of just $1099.99, Gateway P-7807u FX is shown with an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4 GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3 MB L2 cache) processor, 4GB DDR3 dual channel memory, a 320GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive, Intel PM45 chipset and integrated Intel 5100AGN WiFi 802.11 wireless LAN chip. The graphics will continue to be based on NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS with 1GB GDDR3 discrete graphics memory.

P-7809u FX is priced at a higher level of U.S. $ 1249.99, but you have a better Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.54GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 3 MB L2 cache), 4GB of DDR3 memory, a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive and an NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS with 1GB GDDR3 memory. This is also based on PM45 chipset and has the same wireless module.

Firefox 3.5 ready for download

Written by IT News on 7:51 AM

The wait is over! Firefox 3.5 has reached the end of his trial. Gold flows based on open source browser Mozilla, previously codenamed Shire toko, ended June 29, 2009 and is now available for download (links live at the bottom of the article). Mozilla plans to ship Firefox 3.5 today, June 30, but at the time of this article describes the availability of Firefox 3.0 's successor has yet been given. But the final development milestone of Firefox 3.5 has been packed and the bit went live on the Mozilla FTP servers. It is just a question of Firefox 3.5 is released on the web, but you need not wait, only Firefox 3.5 from the links below for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

"The team here at Mozilla are working hard to create opportunities, improve performance and add other awesomeness to Firefox 3.5 and we are very enthusiastic about sharing with the world," said John Slater Mozilla June 29

Firefox 3.5 is now more than a year after release to the web of its predecessor, Firefox 3.0. Version 3.0 shipped in mid-June 2008 and went on to a world record for most downloads of a browser that is, more than eight million in just the first 24 hours. Since Mozilla announced that it began the development code name Shire toko, a browser designed and first half of 2009 and Firefox 3.1. Version 3.1 was rebranded 3-5 to show that the latest iteration of the open-source browser is a larger version.

Firefox 3.5 Final download link:

Corsair launches new SSDs

Written by IT News on 5:47 AM

Corsair new SSDsCorsair has just announced to expand its performance range of Solid State Drives (SSDs), the introduction of the new P128 and P64 products. The Fremont, California-based company, the new SSDs are designed so that the same performance as its larger capacity, the P256, which was previously launched by Corsair High Performance
enthusiasts. With high performance, the new P128 and P64 from Corsair for a cheaper alternative to the current SSDs.

"The high performance of the new Performance Series detectors operate, together with the inherent reliability and stability in flash technology, which makes them ideal for both new system builds and upgrades computers and laptops," Jim Carlton, Vice President of the marker for Corsair said. "These discs have also extended validated in a wide range of popular laptops, which means you can upgrade with absolute confidence."

According to Corsair, the P128 and P64 is built on the same platform as the previously launched P256, Samsung with the same controller IC, 128 MB cache and NCQ support. These characteristics make the new stations for users to read and write speed of 220MB / s and 200MB / s for P128MB model, while the P64 offers read speed of 220MB / s and write speeds up to 120 MB / s, with lower-density solution.

Designed for an affordable alternative for the company increased capacity 256GB solution, the new P128 SSD is now available through Corsair its distributors and retailers worldwide, supported by a limited two-year warranty. If less capacity, lower solution, P64, Corsair announced that they will be available in early July, but has not announced pricing for both models.

Gartner forecasts better PC shipments by the end of the year

Written by IT News on 5:34 AM

PC industry is suffering from a permanent decline in market demand, a trend that has affected all segments. It now appears that, after more than twelve months gloomy forecasts, the PC market is expected to improve results at the end of this year, according to a recent report from market research firm Gartner. The company estimates that the fourth quarter of this year, the PC industry recording better than expected transmission, despite a slight decline compared to last year's results.

"PC unit growth was stronger than expected in all markets, but Eastern Europe in the first quarter of 2009. In particular, the consumer items were much stronger than we expected," George Shiffler, research director at Gartner, said. But professional travel continued struggle, and we believe that much of the growth of consumer devices due to the suppliers and the channel from stock rather than increase demand. We expect unit’s contracts of 10 percent for each year in both the second and third quarter of 2009 before they post a positive growth in the fourth quarter. “

According to Gartner, the global PC market, shipments of 274 million units in 2009, six percent decline from the 2008 supply of 292 million pieces. This is something of a positive report Gartner previous forecast, the market registering a decline of 9.2 percent. Despite the less gloomy prognosis, it is too early to say if the PC market would stabilize.

Gartner also added that the release of Microsoft's Windows 7 in October, a modest effect on the PC market, although the next-generation operating system was welcomed with enthusiasm.

"While the buzz surrounding Windows 7 has generally been very positive, that we do not expect that the market is different from the normal seasonal trends in response to the release," Mr. Shiffler added. "If Microsoft does not mount a major campaign in support of Windows 7, we believe that consumers will adopt the new operating system (OS) that would normally buy new computers and / or replacement of old. In the case of professionals, we are still waiting to postpone adoption of the new operating system for at least a year before they have fully tested their applications against."

Acer H235H 23-inch LCD monitor

Written by IT News on 4:50 AM

Acer has recently announced the debut of its new H235H premium display product will complement the company's updated line M5, M3 and X3 series of computer systems. The new HD-, 23-inch display is to provide users with a cinematic quality and a stylish, new design, using features from the latest Acer desktop computer system. The monitor takes a couple of new technologies and supports the latest connectivity standard options, including standard VGA and DVI and HDMI.

"The elegant new H235H combines advanced technology and has a maximum cinematic entertainment experience," Stephanie Eggert, Senior Manager, Retail Desktop Product Planning for Acer America, said. "Our latest Aspire desktop is a combination of visually appealing design and useful features that are sure to impress even the most selective buyers. Not only is the system in elegant form, but they are effective in working with user-friendly features maximum space and time. “

Designed for the latest desktop PC vendor offers H235H Acer display is a widescreen 23-inch size and support for full HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution. Among some of the features that are enabled for the new screen Acer, the new technology with Touch Sensor LED illuminated controls replace traditional buttons found on most LCDs. Apart from the practical, this function also show overall visual design, an elegant alternative to other 23-inch monitors on the market.

With an MSRP price tag of U.S. $ 239.99 and with inputs for VGA, DVI and HDMI is the new H235H LCD Acer provides users with a 2ms response time, 300 cd/m2 brightness and a 100,000:1 Max (ACM) contrast ratio. According to Acer the new screen will be available later Monday.

Samsung adds new mini-card SSDs for netbook systems

Written by IT News on 9:57 PM

mini-card SSDsSamsung Electronics, one of the world's market leader in advanced semiconductor technology, has recently announced an extension of the solid-state drive (SSD) setup with the introduction of a SATA interface mini card SSD, which the company is currently sampling to customers in the growing netbook segment. According to Samsung, the new solution is to improve the performance and storage for the rapidly growing netbook segment, which uses a more energy efficient and higher performance alternative to the traditional 2.5-inch hard drives.

"The market starts to embrace a smaller SSD for new netbook sector" Jim Elliott, Vice President, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. said. "The cost-effectiveness and reliability of low density, very compact Samsung SSDs is entirely appropriate as a storage medium for the fast growing netbook market," he added.

The new Samsung mini-PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs have a SATA 3.0 Gb / s interface and to be more cost effective and 80 percent smaller than conventional 2.5-inch hard drives. These design characteristics make them an ideal choice for use in small netbook computer, as system vendors to even smaller, thinner portable netbook. Moreover, according to Samsung, the new mini PCIe SSDs can be delivered as a solution for printers and other ruggedized handheld terminals or mobile devices.

The new units are in the capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and are designed with the help of Samsung's new 40nm production technology. As a result yesterday, mini-card SATA SSDs is said to deliver sequential read speed of 200MB / s, while write speeds estimated at 100 MB / s. A weight of only 8.5g and measures just 3.75mm thick, the new stations also a high energy efficiency, because only 0.3 watts of power, according to Samsung.

Although no data on prices, Samsung Electronics has announced their new netbook targeted SSDs will be available with optional full disk encryption.

New OCZ OLED gaming keyboard makes an official debut

Written by IT News on 9:31 PM

OCZ Technology has just announced that its Saber OLED (Organic LED) multimedia keyboard, which the company exhibited earlier this year at CeBIT in Germany, is now available for PC enthusiasts worldwide. The much anticipated keyboard comes with an intelligent management application that enables users with the resources that they can adjust various functions that are enabled for the new product. Under the new Saber OCZ OLED keyboard will as an ideal choice for gamers and professionals who want to improve their game or productivity.

"The OCZ Saber Keyboard offers the best of both worlds when it comes to OLED technology and a functional, yet affordable, gaming keyboard," Eugene Chang, VP Product Management at OCZ Technology Group, commented. "With nine dedicated OLED keys, the Saber can be both infinite customization options benefits of technology with reliability and a sense of high quality gaming keyboard, making it the ultimate all-in-one solution."

Measuring 522 x 182 x 31mm, the OLED Saber weighs 2.7 kg and provides users with driver support for both Windows XP and Vista 32-bit operating system. The keyboard has a USB 2.0 interface, 103 keys and 128 on-board flash memory. One of the main features of the new OCZ keyboard is that it will give computer enthusiasts with nine dynamic user programmable OLED screen, so that each digital image is transformed into an OLED main icon.

For those who want to stay and other PC users, Saber OLED keyboard, which OCZ claims to be "the most intelligent gaming keyboard," is a blue LED side lighting effect. OCZ has unfortunately not all the details on the pricing of the new keyboard, even if he claims that it is affordable.

New Gateway LT1300 mini-laptop packs AMD power

Written by IT News on 9:14 PM

Gateway LT1300Gateway, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer Computers has official release of the new 11.6-inch mini-laptop, which gives users the ability to choose a low-power AMD processor in a stylish, ultra portable form factor. The new system is on the verge of a netbook and an ultra-portable, ultra-thin laptop with a small and a sub-$ 500 price tag. Designed as an alternative to all the other Intel Atom-powered system that is currently on the market, the new notebook comes as a total AMD-based solution.

Based on RS690E AMD chipset the new LT series Gateway laptop then you already has a low power 1.2GHz (800MHz FSB, 512KB L2 cache) and the integrated Radeon X1270 graphics processor. The system is equipped with 2 GB of single-channel DDR2 memory and a 250 GB hard drive, all in an elegant 11.6-inch model. Mini-laptop screen has a HD WXGA Ultra Bright LED-backlit technology, and supports a resolution of 1366 x 768.

Extra features enabled in Gateway last laptop LT1300 wireless 802.11 b / g and 10/100 Ethernet LAN connection, a multi-gesture touchpad, a multi-in-1 Media Card Reader, 3 USB 2.0 ports and a VGA connector, built-in speakers, a 0.3MP webcam, a six-cell lithium ion battery and a bundle of Microsoft software such as Microsoft Works, Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.

Available in black and NightSky Cherry Red color options, the new Gateway mini-laptop comes with Windows Vista Basic operating system, replacing the more common Windows XP, as the majority of Intel-based netbooks. As regards pricing, the system is expected to be available for a starting price point of U.S. $ 400, which among the more affordable solutions on the market.

Lenovo rolls out the much-anticipated ThinkPad T400s

Written by IT News on 8:09 PM

Lenovo has officially announced the launch of the much anticipated ThinkPad T400s, a laptop computer system designed as a blend between the firm previously announced ThinkPad T400 and X300. According to Lenovo, the new laptop is an option for users looking for a fully functional, ultra portable computer that can provide the best computing experience in the business segment. With the official release have a number of reviews of the product on the Internet, as a deeper perspective on what Lenovo has to offer to businesses worldwide.

"We have products that our T400s ThinkPad laptop for thin and light computers to integrate the business," Peter Hortensius, Senior Vice President, ThinkPad, Lenovo, said. "We have applied thoughtful design to the need for increased portability with high performance and usability."

Among some of the options will be made available to T400s, Lenovo noted that the choice of a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor from Intel, fast 128GB SSD or 250GB HDD traditional storage, a 9.5mm thin DVD burner or Blu - Ray player, support for Ethernet, WiFi and optional WiMAX3, WWAN, Bluetooth and a battery that apparently can provide up to six hours of driving. Additional features include 34mm ExpressCard slot and 5-in-1 multimedia card reader, USB / eSATA port and support for Lenovo Constant Connect and Protect technology.

Scholars of Hot Hardware has the good fortune to one of the first for ThinkPad T400s by its pace, with a look at its features and overall build. According to them, this is a laptop to be taken in consultation, particularly by those who are supporters of the ultra-thin, lightweight form. Unfortunately, T400s score not as high in the battery-life test, leave behind some of the other systems.

With the release, Lenovo announced that T400s available from the company and the company's website for a starting price point of U.S. $1599.

New Acer Aspire 5536 delivers better multimedia experience

Written by IT News on 8:42 PM

Acer America to announced that the release of some of the new laptop, a part of its Blue GEM family. The two new laptops are specifically designed for computer enthusiasts with a selection of HD entertainment laptop, a 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch format. The Aspire AS5536 and AS7735Z Aspire AS5739G notebook computers are equipped with LED backlighting and a high 16:9 graphics engine in your choice of Intel, ATI or NVIDIA graphics processing unit.
"As part of our appreciation GEMSTONE Blue family, the new Aspire notebooks feature excellent price / performance and mainstream entertainment in a portable computer that delivers significant value for their investment," Ray Sawall, senior director of product marketing for Acer America, said. "Consumers are increasingly choosing notebooks as their primary device. As our new Aspire laptops, we understand that the value of the computer has to offer attractive design and excellent performance and multimedia capabilities."

Each of the three new multimedia laptops from Acer is intended for the end user with a choice in terms of hardware configurations. For example, Aspire AS5536 can be equipped with an Athlon 64 X2 QL-64 dual-core processor, 3GB of DDR2 memory, a 320GB hard drive, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, 8X DVD Super Multi, multi-gesture touchpad and InviLink 802, 11 b / g / n Wi-Fi connectivity and a 15.6-inch HD LED-backlit. The Aspire AS7735Z comes with a large 17-inch screen, an Intel Pentium T4200 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB hard drive, 8x DVD Super Multi, multi-gesture touchpad and wireless 802.11 b / g / n connectivity.

Both of configurations price tags from U.S. $479.99 and U.S. $599.99, respectively. But for a starting price of € 749.99 users can take advantage of the results of the 15.6-inch Aspire AS5739G. The system is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 processor, has 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 250 GB hard drive, NVIDIA GT130M images with 1 GB memory, 8X DVD Super Multi, multi-gesture touchpad and wireless 802.11 b / g / s connection. To sweeten the offer, this model is also equipped with Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint solution, and Acer Smart Power Tech / Key.

Netgear ReadyNAS 3200 storage solution for SMBs

Written by IT News on 7:54 PM

San Jose, California-based NETGEAR has just announced to expand its ReadyNAS family of products for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), through the introduction of the new ReadyNAS 3200. This new product comes in the form of a 2U 12-Bay unified storage platform that can provide business customers with up to 24TB capacity in a single system. In addition, new ReadyNAS product is also designed for some properties that make it a solution worth to an online server or backup.

"With the ReadyNAS 3200 has increased capacity and performance in rack-mount solutions in the award-winning ReadyNAS storage line to a much broader range of SMB sizes, Drew Meyer, director of storage marketing for NETGEAR's Network Storage Business Unit said." NETGEAR's recognized leadership in SMB storage market makes us a trustworthy and reliable choice for end-users and channel partners. With ReadyNAS 3200 we are constantly expanding our range of storage solutions to the advanced features of other more expensive rack-mount products with the convenience and prices that match the resources a growing SMB. “
The new NETGEAR ReadyNAS storage solution can be made available capacity 6TB, 12TB and 24TB, allowing users RAIDiator system. This system is designed to work with Apple Mac systems, allowing support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP). Additional support includes the three major operating systems Windows, UNIX / Linux and Mac systems.

The new ReadyNAS 3200, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software for automatic backup client and ReadyNAS Remote file sharing utility models, enables customers with a fully functional storage solution. The added value is including NETGEAR ReadyNAS Vault, an optional service that can cloud-based backup and recovery at a price of U.S. $ 0.25/GB/month.

What is the pricing, the new solution is already available from the CCC, while later in July will be made available to power partner for an estimated starting U.S. street price of $4999.

HP dx2040 powered by VIA processor

Written by IT News on 9:31 AM

The cooperation between VIA Technologies, a leading supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms and Hewlett-Packard, the world's leading supplier of computer systems, has been playing some interesting patterns, particularly the Mini 2133 laptop. But now it seems that the two are on the weather, as they have just announced the availability of the new VIA-powered HP Compaq dx2040 Micro Tower PC, a desktop PC computer designed for energy efficient computers for users in the Chinese computer market.

This is an important design win for VIA, which tries to promote their latest products, despite fierce competition leading chip makers such as Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.

"HP dx2040 is an excellent example of how our unique energy efficient VIA C7-D processor offers great value for companies and businesses," says Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Our scalable processor architectures enabling companies to their business, while power costs, the total expenditure and the impact on the environment.”

HP's new dx2040 computer system is designed in a robust Micro-ITX micro tower chassis and powered by VIA C7-D processor with a core speed of 1.8GHz. The whole system is based on VIA CN896 chipset and supports up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, while the integrated VIA Chrome 9 HC graphics chip to support DirectX 9.0 graphics. A number of configuration options available, while others include 10/100 Ethernet LAN, six USB 2.0 ports, a media card reader and a VIA Vinyl Audio 5.1 surround sound.

"At the heart of our strategy for 2009 is the adoption of innovative, energy-efficient technology VIA C7-D processor, helps us to add value to companies in emerging markets. The decision to our product line with HP dx2040 continued implementation of this strategy and create more long-term value for customers, "said Tony Chou, head of Commercial Desktop PC, PSG, and China HP.

ASRock adds another X58 mainboard for enthusiasts

Written by IT News on 9:24 AM

Core i7 Platform from ASRockASROCK, one of the world's leading suppliers of motherboard and PC platforms, has recently expanded its product offering with the introduction of another X58-based motherboards, and added that the company has already begun X58 "super" and "Deluxe" models. The new solution, dubbed X58 Extreme, has shown on Computex and the expectation is that the way to the shelves of retailers worldwide. As with the Core i7 platform, the new motherboard is ready to provide users with support for the latest hardware components on the market.

The ASROCK X58 Extreme is clearly designed for advanced users and computer enthusiasts, as it is built to support the fastest Intel processors until now, as well as several GPU technologies from both NVIDIA and AMD. The Board has an advanced V8 Phase Power Design, Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) memory, CrossFireX and SLI technologies and smart ASROCK BIOS OC Tuner and Intelligent Energy Saver functions.

As with other X58 platforms, the system is ready for the latest Intel Core i7 CPU, including to recently released Core i7 975. There are six triple-channel DDR3 memory DIMMs support up to 24GB memory, three PCI-Express x16 graphics slots for advanced graphics and 6 SATA II connectors. Among some of the unique features ASROCK in its latest platform, we must Hybrid Booster, which are a CPU Frequency Stepless Control, the ASROCK U-COP and Boot Failure Guard (BFG).

Unfortunately there are no data available on the Board of prices and availability, but her manner on the shelves of local shops very quickly, with the company's growing range of Core i7-supporting platforms. With the launch of the latest model, ASROCK look at their customers a complete range of Intel-based platforms.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Written by IT News on 9:19 AM

Microsoft has recently launched a new wireless mouse that is designed to take advantage of his own Blue Track tracking technology. The new series, called the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is specially designed to meet the requirements of this notebook and netbook users constantly on the move. Available in a variety of colors, the new wireless optical mouse is ready to provide users with an alternative to other optical and laser wireless mouse for laptops.

Already in September 2008, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has officially wrapped from the next generation Blue Track technology; argue that the world's most advanced tracking technology. According to the company, this new solution, already integrated in some of their new products, can support more surfaces than both optical and laser mice. The technology itself is designed as a combination of optical and laser mice, such as Microsoft's latest mouse to power in the old with the precision of the latter.

BlueTrack Wireless MouseThe latest edition of wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 series is measures about 2.39in of 4.04in., taking full advantage of these tracking technologies. He has a plug-and-go Nano transceiver unit which can easily be packed in mice, which has a performance of 2.4 GHz wireless, which ensures a reliable connection to the wide range. Additional features include a 4-way scroll design and four customizable buttons. With Windows 7 just months away from official debut, the new mouse also willing to support the much hyped OS. In this perspective has a button for Windows Flip in Windows 7.

Due to later in August, the new Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 series provides users with 5 different color options, namely white, black, yellow, blue and Fuchsia. The new wireless mouse from Microsoft is expected to be available at a price of U.S. $39.95.

The Jammie Thomas-Rasset trial ended with the defendant found guilty of copyright infringement

Written by IT News on 9:17 AM

Another process of the RIAA against a single mother Jammie Thomas Rasset has concluded today with the jury award record statutory damages of $ 1.92 million for 24 songs she did on a file sharing network Kazaa. This amount represents $ 80,000 per song and the woman said she has no intention of paying.

The case began in 2007 when the Recording Industry Association of America in a lawsuit against Thomas Rasset claims she illegally shared 1700 songs. RIAA first contact with the woman, but she refused to ask the organization file suit. The first test has been made in October 2007 with the jury award of $220,000 to the RIAA damages. A MISTRIAL later declared in the case of U.S. District Judge Michael David decides that the jury was just the instructions.

The results of the second test also against the accused, but this time the damage was significantly higher and punishment came as a great shock to both the woman as a result of the case. American law, damages for copyright infringement from $750 up to $150,000 and the jury was particularly hard award of $80,000 in this case.

"We appreciate the jury service and that the issue as seriously as we do," said Cara Duckworth Worth, an RIAA spokeswoman. "We are pleased that the jury agrees with the evidence and found the accused guilty. Since day 1, we are prepared for the case and are prepared to do that. “

A new system offered by the RIAA, a prudent step given to try to cash of $ 1.92 environment would probably attract much public protest and negative publicity that the RIAA campaign has seen enough. Thomas-Rasset, but said she was not prepared for the Agency, even now.

Dell set to unveil new Vostro laptop

Written by IT News on 8:57 AM

Dell is expected to expand its range of portable vostro computer systems with the introduction of a new 12-inch model recently leaked via the Internet. Next ultra-portable system will not much hype or Culver Intel Atom platform, as it focuses on giving benefits to companies. Although information is scarce, it seems that Dell is close to present the new system, which its customers with a choice of a vostro laptop.

According to a new post on Engadget, Dell's forthcoming 12-inch vostro notebook is designed with an Intel platform and will be equipped with a Core 2 Duo T6750 processor, running at 2.1GHz. The system also provides 4 GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, SD card slot, Express Card slot and a fingerprint reader. Although it can be released in a series of color options leaked model has a Crimson red design.

Unfortunately, the fellows at Engadget could score a few details about the system prices and availability, but its clear Dell is planning to vostro family in the near future. As some of you already know, Dell vostro layout is designed to meet the requirements of companies looking for a portable computing solution that can support applications. Although Dell has built up an Atom-based vostro laptop, the next system appears to be compatible with the specifications for a full laptop.

Dell can further customize its range of laptops, after the launch of the highly anticipated Intel Calpella platform. This leads, next generation laptop processors based on Intel's Nehalem architecture and is designed to provide users with increased performance and energy efficiency, which mainly leads to better battery life.

ASRock adds another X58 mainboard for enthusiasts

Written by IT News on 3:09 AM

ASROCK, one of the world's leading suppliers of motherboard and PC platforms, has recently expanded its product offering with the introduction of another X58-based motherboards, and added that the company has already begun X58 "super" and "Deluxe" models. The new solution, dubbed X58 Extreme, has shown on Computex and the expectation is that the way to the shelves of retailers worldwide. As with the Core i7 platform, the new motherboard is ready to provide users with support for the latest hardware components on the market.

The ASROCK X58 Extreme is clearly designed for advanced users and computer enthusiasts, as it is built to support the fastest Intel processors until now, as well as several GPU technologies from both NVIDIA and AMD. The Board has an advanced V8 Phase Power Design, Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) memory, CrossFireX and SLI technologies and smart ASROCK BIOS OC Tuner and Intelligent Energy Saver functions.

As with other X58 platforms, the system is ready for the latest Intel Core i7 CPU, including the recent released Core i7 975. There are six triple-channel DDR3 memory DIMMs support up to 24GB memory, three PCI-Express x16 graphics slots for advanced graphics and 6 SATA II connectors. Among some of the unique features ASROCK in its latest platform, we must Hybrid Booster, which are a CPU Frequency Stepless Control, the ASROCK U-COP and Boot Failure Guard (BFG).

Unfortunately there are no data available on the Board of prices and availability, but her manner on the shelves of local shops very quickly, with the company's growing range of Core i7-supporting platforms. With the launch of the latest model, ASROCK look at their customers a complete range of Intel-based platforms.

Patriot Memory doubles the storage of its Magnum series

Written by IT News on 11:07 PM

After quickly footprint Kingston, Patriot Memory and Rand Corp. have both announced that their latest USB flash drives, sporting an impressive 128GB of storage space. The new stations is suite for users who need an ultra-portable storage solution with the highest available for USB devices. Moreover, since the supply of Kingston, the new Patriot Memory USB Flash Drive offers user support for Windows ReadyBoost, while the Rand Corp., they have a built-in security application to enable better protection of their digital content.

"Patriot is happy to give the consumer a product that is unparalleled in the market," says Meng Jay, Patriot Product Manager. "The Magnum provides consumers with unparalleled storage flexibility video library. Even in this era of Blu-Ray movies, you have at least 14 titles and incredible speed to read and write capabilities for the storage and collection of information indefinitely. “

With the launch of two new high capacities USB Flash drives the market for USB thumb drives profit higher capacity solution that will give users more storage space for digital content. In addition, read at speeds up to 31MB / s, claimed by Patriot Memory for their new Magnum series, users can quickly access their files. Moreover, thanks to its slim, ultra portable form factor, these units can easily fit any pocket and allows the user to them on the road.

Unfortunately, Patriot Memory has not revealed any details about prices and availability, but the fellows over at the Rand Corporation is so kind enough to give us such information. According to them, their latest 128GB DiskGo Flash Drive is available for pre-order today with a price tag of U.S. $389.95, which is significantly less than Kingston offer.

Samsung unveils new commercial displays

Written by IT News on 10:56 PM

Samsung Electronics has just announced that it is now shipping its latest arrangement of Professional FullHD LCD displays for commercial applications. Available in 40-inch and 46-inch form factors and FullHD resolution, the new FP-2-series provides customers with total connectivity and commercial quality panel rated for use 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to Samsung, the new screens are designed to provide customers with features that the company barely DX series.

"Samsung is known for shows that feature the best in class image and reliability. We are proud to present our latest commercial offering that is intended for customers who are not able to use digital signage in the past because the cost of entry," said Mr. JH Kim, President, Information Technology Division Samsung Electronics America Inc. "But we realized that a commercial establishment is a commercial-quality display built against environmental factors that consumer quality TV programs are not designed to handle.

The new Samsung 400FP-2, 400FPn-2, 460FP-2 and 460FPn-2 is designed for customers with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with 4000:1 contrast ratio of static and dynamic contrast at 40,000:1. The new series also has a 8ms response and integrated stereo speakers and an anti-image retention technology. As far as connections go the new FP-2-Series offers full support, including VGA, DVI, CVBS, HDMI, BNC, and component inputs. The 400FPn and 460FPn including built-in computers that can be handled through Samsung Magic Info Pro or new Magic i-Info software.

"The FP-2-series is ideal for people seeking a balance between cost, quality, performance and reliability," says Kevin Schroll, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Information Technology Division Samsung Electronics America Inc. "We recognized a need for more affordable commercial-grade screens that most companies that install digital signage without the reliability and image quality. "

In terms of pricing, Samsung has announced that the new commercial screens are available for starting price of U.S. $1175 for 400FP-2 and U.S. $1646 for 460FP-2.

Firefox 3.5 icon concept

Written by IT News on 10:23 PM

Waiting for the first release candidate for Firefox 3.5 is almost over. Mozilla, the first candidates for Firefox 3.5 RC development stage and have them available for download via FTP servers. Yet it is important to note that the emissions of the company actually not the full Release Candidate of Firefox 3.5. But the candidate is to manage the signal Firefox 3.5 RC is in fact, around the corner, although some availability period must be set in stone.

At the time of this article no less than two builds of Firefox 3.5 pre-RC was offered, the last living on the road June 16 The candidate milestones delivered, not only for Windows, but Mac OS X and Linux. The latest major development test release of Firefox was Beta 4, which was made available for download at the end of April 2009. Mozilla is more than one time to plan for a Release Candidate of Firefox 3.5, and then the final version of the open-source web browser for users.

Since the Beta 4 release in April, Mozilla offers a preview release of Firefox 3.5. Last week, Firefox 3.5 Preview, also known as the beta version of 99, was offered for download. Mozilla also pushed the preview window as an update to build more than 800,000 users are running Beta 4 of Firefox 3.5. Even last week, Firefox 3.0.11 download hit the tubes with Firefox 3.5 is scheduled to follow. At the launch of Firefox 3.5 Preview, Mozilla has indicated that it would take a couple of weeks at most to complete the RC.

The company is currently planning to start running Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 1 is an update for users of Firefox 3.5 Beta as soon as June 16 at the end of this week, Firefox 3.1 RC is available to all users of the Mozilla open source web browser.

Download link: Firefox 3.5 Preview Beta 99

The effects of ethanol (an alcohol) on the human body

Written by IT News on 4:09 AM

In an attempt to exactly how fast the alcohol on the human brain, researchers at the University Hospital Heidelberg, led by researcher Armin Biller in eight men and seven women in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, and gave them alcohol. The participants drank from straws three beers, which have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 to 0.06 percent, to do the driving. The researchers noted that changes were seen in the brain is less than six minutes after the alcohol has been ingested.

The change was most evident in the brain cells, which almost immediately began to run on alcohol produced from sugar, instead of its normal fuel, glucose. "Our study provides evidence for the use of alternative energy alcohol intake. Brain uses a breakdown product of alcohol instead of glucose for energy needs" Bill explained, quoted by Live Science. The researchers were surprised by the speed with which the drink began to affect brain cells, and said that the outcome was unexpected.

In addition, there is a reduction of creatine, a substance that plays an important role in protecting nerve cells outside interference. With a lower concentration of the stuff, brain cells are exposed to danger, the study concluded. The researchers also noted a significant reduction of the levels of substance choline, which is an important factor that makes cell brains. "It may suggest that alcohol leads to changes in the composition of the cell membrane," Bill explained.

"Our follow-up the next day showed that the changes in brain metabolites after excessive consumption of alcohol of healthy individuals are completely reversible. But we assume that the brain able to recover from the effects of alcohol reduce or stop the consumption of alcohol increases. The acute effects are demonstrated in our study may provide a basis for the permanent brain damage, it is known that alcoholics. This should be clarified in future studies, "wrote the expert in the latest issue of the Official Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism.

Previous studies have shown that the damage in the brain of alcohol is completely reversible, but that the brain's ability to heal may be hindered by smoking or drinking continuously. More long-term studies are needed to verify the effects of alcohol on human brains.

Kingston unveils world's first 128GB USB Flash drive

Written by IT News on 4:05 AM

Kingston has just announced that the introduction of the new Data Traveler 200 (DT200) line of USB flash drive, including the world's first 128GB USB flash drive. With the introduction of this high-capacity USB flash drive, users can benefit from increased storage capacity in a small, ultra portable form factor that easily fits any pocket. In addition, Kingston designed its new Data Traveler products with password protection system, where data is stored securely on this ultra-portable storage solution.

"The new DT200 robust storage capacity, consumers can save the entire library of music, photos and videos. It is also a fantastic tool for business users around the large databases or files," says Andrew Ewing, USB manager, Kingston. "The password protection helps to protect data and requires no admin rights DT200 a great solution for home or office.”

According to Kingston, the new Data Traveler 200 USB flash drive with a Capless design and is optimized for Windows ReadyBoost. The new series of high-capacity USB memory sticks are in the storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Measuring only 2.77 "x 0.49" x 0.89 ", the new DT200 Kingston is so easy to use as any other USB flash drive, but with the added value of the larger storage space. In addition, the new flash drives come with bundled Password Traveler Safety for Windows operating systems, offering more security for your digital content.

Unfortunately, increased storage capacity USB sticks are a commodity for those who can afford it, as these new units is anything but cheap. The DT2200 comes at a MSRP U.S. $ 120 and is available in the colors blue and black, while the high capacity model, DT 200 Black 128GB Flash Drive, is expected to be available for MSRP U.S. $546.

Green energy for your portables with the Solar Charger USB Hub

Written by IT News on 11:33 PM

If green energy is one of the topics that the newspapers more and more today, we thought you would be happy that we decided to use the Solar Charger USB Hub, a rather nifty bit "to recharge your laptop with less impact in nature. This gadget charger doubles as a handy 4-port USB hub, which can be used with your laptop or desktop computer is connected to a computer, the "green" seems to disappear a bit in the use of energy, but power in this small surface when you are.

How many times have you asked the phone lasted a couple of minutes to see Beep off? Well, with Solar Charger USB Hub, you will always reserve that power is what you live for your portable gadgets, and not only useful for mobile phones, this small solar charger will give the necessary power fairly portable, whether you think of PDAs, MP3 players, portable game consoles and will of these.

The four USB ports are fully compatible with USB 2.0 specifications, and it works well with the older and slower 1.1 units, while the "plug and play" operation will eliminate the need for drivers, says the award your true freedom with Solar Charger USB hub. This gadget supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OSX and Linux, and this contributes to the overall benefits, while small and lightweight design will certainly add valuable comments on the portability scale. With a 64mm square and 16mm thick profile Solar Charger USB Hub scores only 54grams and netbook fits in your pocket quite easily.

This charger comes with a built-in lithium battery can be charged by the unit exposed to sunlight or use non-to-green power supply. Solar Charger USB Hub also comes with no less than six adapters; most likely, you can connect the charger to almost all portable NDS Lite included. Connections and plugs for large PDA / phone brands (Nokia II (2mm), Nokia I (3.5 mm), Mini USB for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson) are present, which makes The sun hub is reliable.

Finally the price is only $20, Solar Charger USB Hub a tempting gadget, whether you plan for yourself or a valuable gift for your friend.

New P55-based motherboard from ASUS to be part of ROG family

Written by IT News on 12:44 AM

ASUS motherboards are expected to expand its range of advanced ROG motherboards with the introduction of a new Maximus Formula III Board of Directors, which will be based on Intel's upcoming P55 Lynnfield support platform. The new generation of games hardware from ASUS offers users a new level of performance, take advantage of improved performance as Intel's latest technology.

Photos of the Board are of the fellows of the German pcgameshardware, apparently also scored a compatible Intel Lynnfield CPU, running at a core speed of 2.66. The Board is built on a black PCB and features red and white parts, including a ROG-marked cooling computer enthusiasts to take full advantage of the overclocking capabilities of this new Intel platform.

In addition to the above LGA 1156 CPU socket, the new platform is also shown with four DIMM memory, which supports dual-channel DDR3-memory configurations. There are also three PCI-Express x16 slots, six SATA and eSATA connectors, Gigabit Ethernet, Power, Reset and Clear CMOS buttons, and a variety of connectivity options in the back of the board. All this and much more switched on ASUS 'upcoming P55 motherboards, designed for computer enthusiasts with support for overclocking settings.

Intel's processors Lynnfield P55 chipset and is compatible for users with a cheaper alternative to the company's line of high-end Core i7 processors. In contrast to the advanced platform X58, P55 only able to support dual-channel DDR3 memory while the X58 is to support three channels of DDR3. Combine Intel P55 with the features usually found on the ROG motherboard has a solid product, ready for Intel's future technologies.

Intel plans more dual-core Celerons for Q3 launch

Written by IT News on 2:43 AM

Intel it seems to be quite fond of its Celeron line of processors, despite the forthcoming launch of next-generation Nehalem-based Field and Lynn Haven Dale processors. Recent messages on the Internet, the world's largest chip maker prepares for more Celeron models in the third quarter
this year, with the new Dual-Core CPU. The new E3000 series will be based on Intel's 45nm production technology and a TDP of 65 W.

Although no specific launch date; each processor is expected to provide computer users with a cheaper alternative for low-power computing, thanks to 2.5 GHz core speed. Chip Zilla originally expected launch of two new parts of the E3000 series, E3200 and E3300, which has a 800 MHz processor bus and 1MB of L2 cache. When the clock speeds go, the two models will be available at 2.4 GHz and 2.5 GHz, respectively.

One of the most interesting things about the new processors is that the chip maker has dropped support for the XD Bit EIST and Intel VT technology. With the support of Intel's virtualization technology of computer users will benefit from Windows XP-Mode feature enabled by Microsoft in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. This is a remarkable feature, since not all Intel processors are equipped with this technology.

Although there is no data on prices, these new processors should cost somewhere in line with the $60 to $80, because they are designed this for low-end mainstream market segment. In terms of performance, they are capable of some low-power computers, good for the Internet, Office applications and also for a decent media and gaming software, they will be linked to a discrete graphics solution.

Western Digital announces new 4TB My Book Studio Edition II external drive

Written by IT News on 4:09 AM

Western Digital, one of the world's leading suppliers of storage solutions, recently announced the introduction of the new My Book Studio Edition II, a Mac-compatible dual-drive external storage systems that users are very 4TB of storage. The new solution of the ante-ups in the form of storage that combines high performance and energy-saving is features in a compact package that can be easily integrated into any home desktop environment. The Lake Forest, California-based storage vendor, the new storage product is available through select retailers and their online store.

"The new My Book Studio Edition II is the best choice for creative professionals with a huge extra capacity and fast results," said Dale Pistilli, Vice President Marketing of WD's branded products group. "4-terabyte capacity, photographers, visual artists, filmmakers and home-video enthusiasts, both the space they need to save hours of high definition video and performance they need for demanding video editing applications."

According to Western Digital, the new My Book Studio Edition II is formatted for Mac computers, as fans with up to 4TB Apple external memory. Additional features four connection interfaces, including eSATA, FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0, automatic and continuous backup software and a capacity gauge, designed for rapid information on how much space is available on the device. Connected in a RAID 0 configuration, the disks in the My Book Studio Edition II can be easily changed by the user, with rapid access to space and content.

With the launch, Western Digital also announced that prices and availability of the new My Book Studio Edition II, which is now available at select retailers and WD's online store for an MSRP of $649.99.

Details about Geolocation in Firefox 3.5

Written by IT News on 4:03 AM

FirefoxGeolocation is a highly touted feature of the upcoming Firefox 3.5. But it is not talked about without reason, since geographically is important today and mobile Internet connections faster and faster, and there are plenty of tools to take advantage of these speeds. As part of Firefox 3.5 in 35 days in office, Mozilla engineers have explained the importance of geographical and how they are implemented in Firefox 3.5.

"If I type in the google URL bar, it takes me to the Canadian version of Google, based on my IP address. And when I'm looking for the nearest cinema where I am established, I usually type in my zip code ", said Doug Turner, one of the engineers who work with geographic support in Firefox 3.5.”In these two situations, using a web application automatically know if I am much more comfortable. I really have no idea what the postal code for Toronto. I know how to find, but there is much work just to tell a web application where I am.

Geographical be implemented in Firefox 3.5 in a simple JavaScript API. This feature enables users to easily place with a site that is necessary. Sites using this function create a simple JavaScript call getCurrentPosition, which gives the user the current location and then notify him with a warning dialog if the process is not automatically obvious privacy. Additional technical information can be found at blog.

Firefox uses a number of ways to get your location, depending on the situation. The best option would be via a connected GPS device to correct coordinates. But it is not always possible to Firefox, you can also use the local WiFi network, or in the worst case, the IP address information. For the location of WiFi networking, as many have been identified and their location is stored in online databases. One of the key issues is privacy, with geographical and Firefox has taken steps to ensure that information is only with the approval of the user, and also has potential to easily "forgets" the sites that the user has its place.

Toshiba's new 16-inch Satellite A500

Written by IT News on 3:57 AM

Satellite A500Toshiba is not as generous with the new portable models short, but most of its competitors already have a few new products since the beginning of the New Year. But the company seems to have learned their lesson and now has a couple new products in Europe, part of the line of Satellite laptops, which are copied and A500 and u500 will be available in two different form factors, namely 16 - inch and 13 ,3-inch. Designed for users with a high degree of portability and performance of these two new laptops are built to provide users with a range hardware configuration options.

First, we have the 16-inch Satellite A500, which comes with a HD Toshiba TruBrite 16:9 format at a resolution of 1366 768 pixels. Designed with new Toshiba Fusion finish and IMR (In-Mold Rolling) technology, the new laptop can be equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core (Satellite A500D) processors, up to 8 GB remember a 500GB hard drive ( a 64GB SSD option is also available) and a Mobility Radeon HD GPU with up to 1GB DDR3 VRAM.

On the other hand, we have more portable 13.3-inch Satellite u500, which also comes with a new and streamlined design, making it possible for end users, with support for Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8GB DDR memory, a 500 GB hard drive and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 GPU with 512 MB DDR3 VRAM. The weighs is only 2 kg, the new laptop from Toshiba is filled with some of the company's unique tools, including touch-pad with Multi-Touch Control, and Toshiba Config Free Toshiba's Face Recognition software.

Both laptops are expected to be available next month, with prices starting at only 699 euro, including VAT.

Upgrade your Yahoo Messenger before August 2009

Written by IT News on 3:33 AM

Yahoo MessengerYahoo Messenger is one of the most popular Instant Messaging Clients in the world, but with a large installation, a host of problems, one of them is that many users do not update to the latest version as soon as available, so backward compatibility and interoperability is an important issue. But at any time, users must be "convinced" to upgrade and that is what Yahoo does, when he announced the withdrawal of the old Yahoo Messenger version 6.0 and 7.5.

"If Yahoo! Messenger gets older, so have some of the" old "versions are still used by some users. In an attempt to get the best experience for our users and high level of security, we will officially retire Yahoo! Messenger version 6.0 and 7.5" Yahoo announced.

The official retirement date is set for the month of August 2009 and only Yahoo Messenger 8.0 and later supported. People who still use the old version will be informed of the retirement of the application and the date of the limits will not be able to log in and use the service for these customers.

Yahoo offers several options for those affected. The most obvious is to upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo Messenger at the time of writing is available to download. The latest version of IM client offers improved security as well as some advanced features such as call and the opportunity to chat with friends using Windows Live Messenger.

If the upgrade to Yahoo Messenger 9 is not an option, you can always use the Web client on, which has the advantage of platform-neutral agnostic, with just a browser. Web Client offers a number of useful benefits are the ability to access your message history from all over the place. And if you are not satisfied, you can also use the built-in chat client Yahoo! Mail also available for users of Yahoo! Mail Classic.

ATMs compromised with malware in Eastern Europe

Written by IT News on 10:46 PM

After the March report from Sophos about a Trojan that infects Diebold ATMs and steal credit card data, a similar type of malware analysis (PDF) by researchers from the Wave Trust. The malicious program can infect Windows XP machines from multiple vendors and features complex functions.

The file is analyzed by the Wave Trust, a creation date of July 25, 2007, suggesting that this type of malware is very complicated for a while now. "It is [...] think this is a relatively early version of malware and later versions have seen significant additional functionality," the researchers advise.

Like the Trojan reported by Sophos, this threat was discovered in Eastern Europe and seems to focus on accounts with balances in the U.S. dollar, Russian ruble and Ukrainian Hryvnia. The analysis suggests that the malware has been developed by a person with a clear knowledge of the ATM software and professional coding skills and must be installed by bank insiders, such as those responsible with ATM maintenance.

The malware is installed in the folder C: \ Windows Lsass.exe and hijack "Protected Storage" service on the system reboots. It hooks into processes that handle transactions and messages to leave the track 2 data and the PIN number of credit cards for ATM. This information is stored in two separate text files and are encrypted using DES algorithm.

Several operations can be performed by introducing controller card in jeopardy ATM. There are two types of display cards, one that gives access to all functions and the other only for a function that allows printing of the recorded data via ATM receipt printer. The first is probably used by cybercriminals, while the limited controller card is the most likely hired for money mules.

Using the interface on the ATM screen as a full-access card is the analyzed version allows attackers to reset or delete the logs, to remove the malware, view statistics on business start-ATM system, the printing of a test message or Print all information collected.

A secondary menu is available for answers to a challenge question posed. From this menu cyber Crooksville can try to access information generally available only for ATM managers, such as how much money is currently in the machine. This can be useful, since the malware is able to output ATM cash dispensing unit’s cassette.

Scientists are still unable to determine the exact application of another function identified. The only comment that it "seems to be associated with memory card reader / writer functionality that can be used for harvested data directly to a map injected into a compromised ATM."

"Trust Wave collected several versions of this malware and that over time will develop. It will also be launched to encourage wider population of ATMs, as a proactive strategy for prevention and identification may be necessary to prevent future attacks," warns the company.

Twitter settles suit with Tony La Russa

Written by IT News on 10:37 PM

Twitter has apparently settled out of court with Tony La Russa, manager of St. Louis Cardinal Major League Baseball team, after a match earlier this week in connection with the infringement of trademark.

A Twitter user a false account of La Russa's name and used it to write tweeter that later found very offensive. The administrator contacted the social networking site to remove the account, but he maintains it never responded, even after several weeks. This leads him to file a suit accusing Twitter infringement of the mark as this page had the name of the user, in this case, Tony La Russa in its URL. He also claimed that the tweeter him "significant emotional distress" when she comment on two Cardinal pitchers who died.

The settlement was reached very quickly and apparently Twitter will only La Russa to cover legal costs and perhaps a donation to the Animal Rescue Foundation, director of charity or animal shelter. La Russa insisted that the suits on trademark infringement, despite earlier comments of its representatives. "... The biggest misconception was that it was someone using Twitter to be critical of me," La Russa told Post Dispatch centers. "I'm tired of the critics. You cannot sue someone who criticizes you. It was the view which I or we were angry at the criticism. No, it was an improper use of the name."

It is good to know that the suit was so short that the reasons were unclear at best. Twitter user conditions require that parody accounts are allowed, and the U.S. legislation does not keep websites responsible for the content of their users offer. But Twitter has decided to cheaper alternatives and perhaps gains some positive publicity after donating to animal charities.

Intel to phase out most Core i7 CPUs

Written by IT News on 10:52 PM

According to recent reports, Santa Clara, California-based Intel plans to phase out most of the Core i7 processors, including the recently launched 950-model. The first wave of Nehalem-based chips will soon be replaced by Intel's much anticipated Lynnfield models, which will be introduced in parallel with a new platform, with the new LGA1156 socket. The only high-end CPU that seems to have a longer life
Intel's product line is the new 3.33GHz Core i7 975 part.

In a recent news article, bit-tech claims to have had access to documents submitted by the Intel processor roadmap, as well as several confirmations that the Intel Core i7 920, 940, 950 and 965 processors will be end of life (EOL) at the end of next year. These are part of the chip maker in the first round of Nehalem-based processors, as users increased performance and new advanced platform.

Intel Core i7 975 and upcoming LGA1366-state 6-core processors will be available for the Chip Zilla flagship desktop platform, including a coming wave of Lynnfield processors and new platforms, the user with the support of the usual market segments. Unfortunately, there are no specific details about when Intel plans to phase out of the above products. But according to Bit-tech, users interested in buying a new desktop computer must be up to September 1 when the first set Lynnfield processors due to arrive.

Intel's current Core i7 processors are available in quad-core configurations and achieve clock speeds of 3.33GHz, with the recently introduced Core i7 975. As a result of these processors has no direct competitor to AMD, which has tried to better compete with Intel with its recent phenomena II series. What is the pricing, Core i7 is one of the most expensive CPU on the market, only available for PC enthusiasts.

Avoiding a bloated tummy is a question of knowing which foods and drinks to eliminate from our diet

Written by IT News on 9:48 PM

Summer is here and the beach season is just around the corner - at least for most of us. We have worked hard all year to a weakened stomach, so that we can be proud to break new swimwear (at least in theory), FitSugar notes that one thing we have in mind before heading to the beach: how to prevent things ourselves.

Flab effectively eliminated with diet and exercise, as we have said trainers and nutritionists because we can remember. Bloating, on the other hand, is quite another matter, but it is not to say that there is nothing we can do to prevent it, such as more careful what we eat and drink. The first step in this direction would avoid food and snacks that too much salt, since most of us already know, the salt leads to water retention, which in turn leads to bloating.

Drink plenty of water is also another way to ensure that we as impressive as possible on the beach in summer. Dehydration can often lead to water retention and bloating, which means to drink as much water as we need, will ensure our abdomen remains flat that belongs to everyone who works at the gym, FitSugar says. Reduce intake of Mines food and beverages is, again, we should bear in mind when we are out to avoid bloated see this summer. Beans, vegetables, certain fruits, eggs, carbonated drinks, beer and red wine, fried and fatty food, sweet treats and milk and other dairy products should be included in the no-no list, or consumed in limited quantities.

Eat fiber. Fiber helps everything go through the intestines more quickly, thus preventing constipation and bloating. If you are not accustomed to eating enough fiber and then slowly more and more fiber to your diet, go too fast, and you feel more bloated than before. Also make sure to drink plenty of water with all the fibers. FitSugar recommended.

Last but not least, another thing we can do to prevent bloating is to eat slowly. Chowing food, because it is our last meal and not even keep your mouth closed is the surest path to a bloated stomach in almost no time. To prevent swallowing too much air when we eat - because this is what happens in the above scenario - We must always remember to chew your food slowly to enjoy every last bit and not scarfing down like no tomorrow Health experts also point out.

ASUS P7P55 Pro motherboard

Written by IT News on 2:14 AM

Although no official word from the Santa Clara, California-based Intel, ASUS, one of the world's leading motherboard manufacturers, is to promote a number of its leading models in this year's Computex show in Taipei. This is the case with one of the new P55-based chipsets, enabling users with support for Intel's next generation of mainstream processors, code-named Lynnfield. Dubbed P7P55 Pro, the upcoming motherboard from ASUS will be based on a full ATX PCB and provide all necessary functions for the next generation of Intel-based computer systems.

Photos of the new Board have just been made available in a recent news article on hothardware, presentation of the board layout and overall design. As you can see pictures below ASUS went to a black PCB with blue contacts for the next P7P55 Pro platform. Aims to support a new wave of mainstream Intel desktop platforms, motherboard has four, dual-channel DDR3 memory DIMMs, two PCI Express x16 graphics slots and Intel's next-generation LGA 1156 socket, designed specifically for all future Lynnfield processors.

Because of the specific features of Intel's next-generation P55 chipset motherboard manufacturers will not be required to provide an additional Southbridge chipset, which is also the case with ASUS P7P55 Pro. With this design, ASUS P55 PCH in the same area as you would have traditionally been the South Bridge.

Intel's next generation 5-series chipset is designed for computer users with support for the next wave of Nehalem-based, next generation processors. These new processors can deliver an impressive performance, packaging rules some of the energy efficient features of a desktop PC.

Unfortunately, specific details on the motherboard of the release date and price have not yet been revealed, but these new platforms have later this year.

VIA Nano processor powers new thin and light laptop from Tongfong

Written by IT News on 11:35 PM

The success of the netbook devices and netbook form factor of a number of companies to their solutions to support these segments. This is the case with VIA Technologies, which actively contributes to the low specifications and features of the Nano-Platform as a possible solution for easy and small form factor PCs. With the opportunities offered by the Computex 2009 exhibition, chip maker
highlighted the launch of a Nano-powered PC from one of China's leading mobile providers, Tonfong. System Builder is one of the first companies to allow VIA's Nano platform on a 13.3-inch unit.

"VIA is pleased to Tongfong chose VIA Nano processor for its new Tongfong S30A, says Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc." With their advanced processing performance, support DX10.1 graphics and stylish 13 3 - inch model has Tongfong S30A set a new standard for the rapidly growing thin and light notebook segment in the Chinese market. "

The 13.3-inch laptop is built around VIA's 64-bit + 1.3GHz Nano U2250 processor, which is linked to the VIA VX800 unified chipset with discrete S3 Chrome 435 ULP graphics device, and 2 GB of DDR2 memory. This makes Tonfong's S30A ultra thin notebook for users with support for HD video and DirectX 10.1 graphics. The platform also allows the netbook with a built-in HDMI port for true HD experience.

Additional features in Tongfong 13.3-inch laptop S30A with a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, a DVD Super Multi Drive, 10/100Mbps Ethernet and wireless 802.11 b / g connectivity. There is also a 4-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard slot, two USB 2.0 ports and a six-cell battery. All these are packaged in a system that weighs only 1.4kg and provides support for both Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista Home operating system. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing.

Kingston launches new HyperX fan for overclocking memory

Written by IT News on 11:16 PM

Following the introduction of the new series of "value" mainstream SSDs, Kingston Technology also introduced a new accessory for high-end range of HyperX memory modules. This new product HyperX Fan specially built for the company's latest HyperX, high-speed memory module, an advanced cooling solution to improve the life and overall performance. In addition, the new HyperX
Fans can overclocking enthusiasts to further enhance the overall performance of their system by adjusting the frequency of the memory modules.

"At LAN parties, and benchmarking events in the world HyperX enthusiasts said they wanted to have something nice to look cool mind," says Dara Sunday, HyperX product manager, Kingston. "We have listened and developed this fan as the perfect complement for both standard and higher T1 HyperX series modules. Hip the blue lights give it a Bling factor is the difference between first and second place in a system build.

Like many other memory suppliers, Kingston has its own line of high performance memory modules, catering to the needs of PC enthusiasts and high-end PC users. This is the case with Kingston HyperX range, including a series of modules designed for overclocking of high-performance desktop platforms. The latest product to join the high-end family's new HyperX fan, as shown by two 60mm fans working at a low noise level of 25 dBA.

Available both as a standalone product and as part of a package that also 6GB Kingston in 2000 - and 1800MHz triple channel memory kit with T1 heatspreaders for Intel Core i7 systems. These new cooling solutions are designed with eight small blue LEDs as impressive lighting effect when the fan is switched HyperX.

As a standalone product, the new Kingston HyperX Fan will be available for an MSRP of U.S. $ 23.

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