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Twitter settles suit with Tony La Russa

Written by IT News on 10:37 PM

Twitter has apparently settled out of court with Tony La Russa, manager of St. Louis Cardinal Major League Baseball team, after a match earlier this week in connection with the infringement of trademark.

A Twitter user a false account of La Russa's name and used it to write tweeter that later found very offensive. The administrator contacted the social networking site to remove the account, but he maintains it never responded, even after several weeks. This leads him to file a suit accusing Twitter infringement of the mark as this page had the name of the user, in this case, Tony La Russa in its URL. He also claimed that the tweeter him "significant emotional distress" when she comment on two Cardinal pitchers who died.

The settlement was reached very quickly and apparently Twitter will only La Russa to cover legal costs and perhaps a donation to the Animal Rescue Foundation, director of charity or animal shelter. La Russa insisted that the suits on trademark infringement, despite earlier comments of its representatives. "... The biggest misconception was that it was someone using Twitter to be critical of me," La Russa told Post Dispatch centers. "I'm tired of the critics. You cannot sue someone who criticizes you. It was the view which I or we were angry at the criticism. No, it was an improper use of the name."

It is good to know that the suit was so short that the reasons were unclear at best. Twitter user conditions require that parody accounts are allowed, and the U.S. legislation does not keep websites responsible for the content of their users offer. But Twitter has decided to cheaper alternatives and perhaps gains some positive publicity after donating to animal charities.

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