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NVIDIA said to be working on enabling CUDA on other platforms

Written by IT News on 8:11 AM

nVidia CUDANVIDIA said that work on the prestigious CUDA technology AMD's GPUs. This solution makes it possible for developers to optimize their products for use on GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD with CUDA technology. Consequently, this will enable NVIDIA, currently the world's leading supplier of graphics processing units, to take advantage of GPU sales of its main competitor, AMD.

There are a number of general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing standards that exist today, including Microsoft's DirectX and OpenCL Compute, both of which are currently supported by two leading graphics chip makers, NVIDIA and AMD. But the two competing companies which have their own solutions, NVIDIA placing a large bet on his CUDA technology and AMD is trying to lose space with its Stream solution. But according to a recent news article on the tech radar, where NVIDIA's Chief Scientist, Bill Dally, the company could be worked on further enlargement of the working environment for their CUDA solution.

"In the future, you can run CUDA C with an extension of a larger number of platforms, so I do not think it will be a fundamental limitation." Dally said. Although not directly confirming the support of AMD's platforms, he added, "I know a number of projects have been launched to CUDA on other platforms."

NVIDIA has an understanding for many applications, a statement which can be checked by taking a look at the hundreds of applications that are ported to CUDA, available at the specially designed CUDA zone site. Look at a comparison with AMD's solutions for NVIDIA's strong interest in the rapidly growing segment where AMD still lost its competitor.

"There are only a handful of things, and they are usually things that are already in CUDA. CUDA is much more get traction among the people programming parallel in many application. There is a simpler language to use," Dally stated.

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