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The effects of ethanol (an alcohol) on the human body

Written by IT News on 4:09 AM

In an attempt to exactly how fast the alcohol on the human brain, researchers at the University Hospital Heidelberg, led by researcher Armin Biller in eight men and seven women in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, and gave them alcohol. The participants drank from straws three beers, which have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 to 0.06 percent, to do the driving. The researchers noted that changes were seen in the brain is less than six minutes after the alcohol has been ingested.

The change was most evident in the brain cells, which almost immediately began to run on alcohol produced from sugar, instead of its normal fuel, glucose. "Our study provides evidence for the use of alternative energy alcohol intake. Brain uses a breakdown product of alcohol instead of glucose for energy needs" Bill explained, quoted by Live Science. The researchers were surprised by the speed with which the drink began to affect brain cells, and said that the outcome was unexpected.

In addition, there is a reduction of creatine, a substance that plays an important role in protecting nerve cells outside interference. With a lower concentration of the stuff, brain cells are exposed to danger, the study concluded. The researchers also noted a significant reduction of the levels of substance choline, which is an important factor that makes cell brains. "It may suggest that alcohol leads to changes in the composition of the cell membrane," Bill explained.

"Our follow-up the next day showed that the changes in brain metabolites after excessive consumption of alcohol of healthy individuals are completely reversible. But we assume that the brain able to recover from the effects of alcohol reduce or stop the consumption of alcohol increases. The acute effects are demonstrated in our study may provide a basis for the permanent brain damage, it is known that alcoholics. This should be clarified in future studies, "wrote the expert in the latest issue of the Official Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism.

Previous studies have shown that the damage in the brain of alcohol is completely reversible, but that the brain's ability to heal may be hindered by smoking or drinking continuously. More long-term studies are needed to verify the effects of alcohol on human brains.

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