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Gartner forecasts better PC shipments by the end of the year

Written by IT News on 5:34 AM

PC industry is suffering from a permanent decline in market demand, a trend that has affected all segments. It now appears that, after more than twelve months gloomy forecasts, the PC market is expected to improve results at the end of this year, according to a recent report from market research firm Gartner. The company estimates that the fourth quarter of this year, the PC industry recording better than expected transmission, despite a slight decline compared to last year's results.

"PC unit growth was stronger than expected in all markets, but Eastern Europe in the first quarter of 2009. In particular, the consumer items were much stronger than we expected," George Shiffler, research director at Gartner, said. But professional travel continued struggle, and we believe that much of the growth of consumer devices due to the suppliers and the channel from stock rather than increase demand. We expect unit’s contracts of 10 percent for each year in both the second and third quarter of 2009 before they post a positive growth in the fourth quarter. “

According to Gartner, the global PC market, shipments of 274 million units in 2009, six percent decline from the 2008 supply of 292 million pieces. This is something of a positive report Gartner previous forecast, the market registering a decline of 9.2 percent. Despite the less gloomy prognosis, it is too early to say if the PC market would stabilize.

Gartner also added that the release of Microsoft's Windows 7 in October, a modest effect on the PC market, although the next-generation operating system was welcomed with enthusiasm.

"While the buzz surrounding Windows 7 has generally been very positive, that we do not expect that the market is different from the normal seasonal trends in response to the release," Mr. Shiffler added. "If Microsoft does not mount a major campaign in support of Windows 7, we believe that consumers will adopt the new operating system (OS) that would normally buy new computers and / or replacement of old. In the case of professionals, we are still waiting to postpone adoption of the new operating system for at least a year before they have fully tested their applications against."

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