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The Jammie Thomas-Rasset trial ended with the defendant found guilty of copyright infringement

Written by IT News on 9:17 AM

Another process of the RIAA against a single mother Jammie Thomas Rasset has concluded today with the jury award record statutory damages of $ 1.92 million for 24 songs she did on a file sharing network Kazaa. This amount represents $ 80,000 per song and the woman said she has no intention of paying.

The case began in 2007 when the Recording Industry Association of America in a lawsuit against Thomas Rasset claims she illegally shared 1700 songs. RIAA first contact with the woman, but she refused to ask the organization file suit. The first test has been made in October 2007 with the jury award of $220,000 to the RIAA damages. A MISTRIAL later declared in the case of U.S. District Judge Michael David decides that the jury was just the instructions.

The results of the second test also against the accused, but this time the damage was significantly higher and punishment came as a great shock to both the woman as a result of the case. American law, damages for copyright infringement from $750 up to $150,000 and the jury was particularly hard award of $80,000 in this case.

"We appreciate the jury service and that the issue as seriously as we do," said Cara Duckworth Worth, an RIAA spokeswoman. "We are pleased that the jury agrees with the evidence and found the accused guilty. Since day 1, we are prepared for the case and are prepared to do that. “

A new system offered by the RIAA, a prudent step given to try to cash of $ 1.92 environment would probably attract much public protest and negative publicity that the RIAA campaign has seen enough. Thomas-Rasset, but said she was not prepared for the Agency, even now.

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