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DRAM makers announced lower capex for next year

Written by IT News on 8:12 PM

Weak demand in the market combined with increased uncertainty led to DRAM makers, including Micron Technology, Hynix Semiconductor and chip Power Semiconductor Corporation (PSC), which announced the reduction of capital for the next year. At the same time, other players including Samsung Electronics, Elpida Memory, Nanya Technology, Inotera Memories and technology promotion, is also expected to take that step in 2009.

In 2007, the increase in DRAM recently expanded quite aggressive, due to the fact that many names in the industry were driven by ambitions to expand its support for Windows Vista. Last year, Hynix increased capacity during the year, 159 percent, while Inotera followed by 112 percent. Samsung and Elpida of Japan increased by 103 and 86 percent respectively. The operating system was not as successful as hoped, and DRAM makers saw supply. This situation made them to be more careful with their spending for next year.

According to the news site DigiTimes, Micron announced the capital for the fiscal year 2009 to between $ 650 million and 700 million dollars, lower than previously estimated, which was about $ 1-1.3 billion.

Hynix also announced it was reported that the decrease in investment in 2009, the court initially announced $ 491 million to approximately $ 390 million. While the PSC, which had a capital of about $ 606 million in 2008, announced an investment of 50 percent for next year.

In addition to the negative outlook news are also reports that some sources in Taiwan DRAM makers said that the capital budgets for 2009 is mainly for the development of advanced technologies. The same sources said to have said that would have limited funds allocated for the construction or expansion of capacity next year. Industry monitors have also said that during 2009 the number of DRAM makers is expected to reduce the size.

Download Networx 4.5.4 - network monitoring tools

Written by IT News on 6:13 PM

If the monitoring and evaluation of your network bandwidth is important, use NetWorx and the good news, it is a freeware. NetWorx is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you objectively your bandwidth situation.

You can use it for bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet connection or other network connection. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limitations of your ISP, or track suspicious network activity characteristic of Trojan horses and hacker attacks.

The program allows you to all your network connections or a network connection (such as Ethernet or PPP) only. The software also offers a system of highly customizable visual and audible warnings. You can use it to warn you if the network connection, or when any suspicious activity, such as unusually heavy data flow, occurs. It can also automatically each remote and turn off the computer.

The incoming and outgoing traffic on a line chart and logged to a file, so you statistics about your daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth and dialup duration. The reports can be exported to various formats such as HTML, MS Word and Excel for further analysis.

Download link: Networx 4.5.4 / freeware / 834 KB / Windows All

MSI expands notebook family with new U115 Hybrid netbook

Written by IT News on 9:52 PM

MSI has today officially launched the new hybrid-U115 Netbook case the supply of small, low-power computer systems. The new product is delivered to the customer an option Netbook system, based on new features that previously were not in any of the MSI Netbook models. With the new system, MSI is mainly offers its users a storage solution in a Netbook form factor. The "hybrid" in the name stands for Hybrid memory, a technology that allows users to take advantage of Solid State Drive (SSD) and a traditional hard disk drive (HDD).

The U115 was not specifically of the brand as part of the wind family, but given the general specifications for the system, is it safe with all the other netbooks on the market. With a design very similar to that in the first MSI Wind Netbook the new hybrid-U115 laptop PC offers some interesting new features in comparison with what most of the products in their bid bring.

First and foremost, the new U115 applies Intel Poulsbo US15W platform and is compatible with Atom X530 processor, running on a similar 1.6GHz core speed. Another important change that has been activated again MSI Netbook is its ability to provide two alternative storage facilities. The U115 can be equipped with a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive and an SSD. The user can choose between 120 GB and 160 GB hard drives and 8 GB and 16 GB SSDs.

The advantage of a hybrid storage solution Netbook is that they have a longer life, but also a faster operating experience. The technology enables users to temporarily disconnect the hard drive of the system, through a simple press of a button, the U115 in ECO-mode.“

For more information on the system, 1 GB DDR2 memory, 4-in-1 card reader, 2.0MP webcam, wireless networking and Bluetooth, and 3-cell and 6-cell battery option. Unfortunately MSI has not yet disclose the price.

New Compaq Mini 700 netbook

Written by IT News on 7:38 PM

Back in late October, when Hewlett-Packard first time its latest addition to the Netbook product company is planning the release of a further small, portable computer, the only way to compete in the European market. Said laptop was expected that from the Compaq Mini 700, with about the same technical specifications as the recently introduced Mini 1000 HP has in its time the release of the Compaq Mini 700, but Netbook is now visible in Europe and has already launched a series of tests and benchmarks for interested users with information about their abilities.

From last week, it was in Europe that a new Netbook on the market. It was about the same time; Compaq Mini 700 has been reviewed and compared with the guys over at Notebook Italia. In addition to the results of a series of tests, the Italian side had also devoted a good portion of the article specifically about the dismantling of the Netbook, so that users with a different view in a system designed for ultra-portability and Internet applications.

From the beginning, we should mention that a settlement of these can be used as a guide, as netbooks and how they can be improved in terms of various possible accidents. The article provides insight into the functions that are typically used for laptop computers in size, can be crowded in such a small form factor notebook.

Even if you buy a Netbook, the article can be useful, because it will give you information on the storage and memory of the system can be upgraded for better performance. Compaq Mini 700 is that almost every other Netbook on the market with the same Intel Atom N270 and 945GSE Express Combo, as in most of these products. The difference lies in the design and overall build quality.

Sony said don’t get any profit from PlayStation 3

Written by IT News on 6:37 PM

Few players are aware of the fact that sales of game consoles are a risky business. The console takes years and a lot of money to organize and work for the prototypes created. Since a console cannot be in the first year is for sale because of the limited hardware performance or because of limited support for video game publishers. And even if the console sells well and is fast, the players, they tend to lose money on each game device sold.

iSuppli is a research to analyze the latest PlayStation 3 from Sony and found that the company made significant progress in relation to the console. It seems that the first PS3 model, which was sold to players for $ 600 costs about $ 800, which means that Sony basically lost $ 200 on each unit sold.

With time, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to significantly reduce costs. On the one hand, the number of parts in the gaming industry unit from 4048 to 2820th On the other hand, components and production costs has been consolidated for most of them fell. This means that at present costs for PlayStation 3 console is around 448 U.S. dollars, as Sony will lose about $ 50 on a console that sells for $ 399.

Andrew Rassweiler, an analyst at iSuppli, says that in 2009, Sony even achieve equality, to sell its console at a price equal to its manufacturing costs. He believes that "Every time we have a disconnection, it's kind of backward looking. Sony is one step ahead of us, and probably has plans to re-spin of the hardware, costs again."

Microsoft is also meant to lose money on each Xbox 360 sold, although no breakdown is available at the moment.

Dell Adamo laptop to provide built-in Blu-ray optical drive

Written by IT News on 3:00 AM

About two weeks ago, Dell was the first rumors of plans to release its own MacBook Air competitor, a product currently called Adamo. Since then, a series of speculations were informed of the alleged technical specifications on Dell's leading portable computer systems. But the latest rumors suggest shown to be the most interesting because they argue that the state will Adamo its customers with a very unique feature that Apple MacBook Air now missing. More precisely, the Adamo is a built-in optical drive.

Since the first rumors emerged, in order to Adamo, the product has been replaced by a composite of representatives. Round Rock, Texas-based Company is now expected to reveal the laptop back in 2009, probably at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will take place after the long-awaited Apple's MacWorld Expo 2009.

The latest information on the Internet shows that one of the main features of the forthcoming Adamo Dell laptop is its support for an integrated optical drive. What is perhaps even more interesting is that Adamo It is expected that with a Blu-ray drive, which was developed by a Google cache of information on Dell's own site.

The apparent MacBook Air competitors may have a video display port and eSATA ports for additional storage space. Only it makes MacBook Air Adamo one option under consideration is worthwhile.

Said laptop is expected to start with a price tag close to $ 1500, it is a good USD 300 more than what you now have to pay for the Apple Mac Book Air cheapest. The system is expected to begin shipping in February next year, but it is not yet confirmed.

Windows 7-Beta new ISO available for download

Written by IT News on 2:49 AM

The next iteration of Windows client has evolved from the pre-beta stage of development and has already released to testers. Windows 7 Beta is live after only three milestone releases, leaving 69xx build number and jump on Construction 7000th Moreover, as was the case with previous development milestone editions of Windows Vista's successor, Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 has been leaked and collected by different third-party sources, including the top BitTorrent sites. This, in the context in which Microsoft insists that Windows 7 Public Beta is only offered in January 2009.

At present there is only 32-bit version of Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 can grasp on the disposal of pirated copies the contents of each user with a BitTorrent client. Although 64-bit version of the first full-fledged beta of the operating system has also served on Microsoft's official and select group of testers, only the bits for the x86 variant of the platform have leaked out.

Unconfirmed speculation suggests that Windows 7 Beta code was signed by internally as early as December 12, 2008, and the Redmond company to hand over the code for testing before Christmas. Microsoft has no comment on the nature of the leaking of information in connection with Windows 7 Beta Build 7000th But building 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400, which reported that the first beta of Windows 7, are living today and for Grabs, including if the public really will have to wait until January 2009 to provide access to the pieces from a Microsoft official source.

The leaked Windows 7 Beta Build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400 release will be packed as ISO DVD, which weighs approximately 2.44 GB. The image is burned to a DVD and then installed either on a physical computer or a virtual machine. According to Microsoft, Windows operating system 7 Beta, which is release on license, with the beta bits and installation is time-consuming, shelled and ends at 1 July 2009. Users can install and run Windows 7 Beta Build 6.1.7000.0.081212-1400 without product key, and only need to extend the first period of slmgr.

New Wii DLC will arrive soon, says Harmonix

Written by IT News on 2:41 AM

Rock Band is one of the most popular music game franchises out there to win a lot of fans through its innovative gameplay and really solid members of the songs. It is in a bitter struggle with its Erzrivalen, Guitar Hero, and even if they do not have the same financial strength as Activision, Harmonix, the company behind the rock band, invested a lot in the two games in the series.

We have reported a few days ago that the Wii version of the popular rock band 2 titles will be launched shortly before Christmas, and, as a sign of appreciation received, it would cost him 20 songs, which is the number of Tracks are up to a fairly hefty 104th

But because of some problems with the test, these 20 free songs will not only how the Harmonix team remains to ensure that all of these titles are as expected in Rock Band 2nd In a statement on the official forum for Rock Band, a community manager , Announced that the group is working to free 20 songs, plus 30 new songs from the rock band DLC (chargers) platform as early as possible.

"We have found some confusion about the forum on the add-on content for Rock Band 2 on the Wii. The downloadable content in the final testing phases and Harmonix are working as quickly as possible to release the 20 bonus tracks to the Rock Volume 2, plus another 30 songs from the rock band DLC catalog for the fans, so in early 2009 as possible. As soon as we can announce a firm date, you can be sure that the Rock Band community, the first to know."

Although the game was released a few days before Christmas, she was sure to be in high demand, and it is really nice to see the team at Harmonix is working hard to provide additional content for Nintendo Wii owners.

Nintendo Again over 200,000

Written by IT News on 2:37 AM

The Japanese video game hardware and software chart by week 21 December, and the time until the holidays seem to be particularly fruitful for sale, with all the consoles increased number and with good prospects of seeing more sales in the coming week.

Nintendo DS moved 200,000 units, for the second time in a row, 204,100 consoles sold. While most of the sales of the newer JM model, two cameras and a better result. PlayStation Portable from Sony sold 146,000 units during the same period, since most of the sales will consist of the new PSP-4000 model.

In the home console segment again, Nintendo had the upper hand, selling 131,000 Wii consoles in a week, while the closest competitor was Sony with its PlayStation 3, which saw sales increase to 39,000 units moved in a week. Microsoft, Xbox 360 sold 12,900 units and only managed to outsell the aging PlayStation 2, which had a turnover of 8700th effects of the price of the Xbox 360 has received a boost in September and the PS3 is back to his dominant role in Japan.

The best-selling video game of the week was Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Square Enix by the administration to sell 489,000 copies in the first week, the strength of the franchise agreement is still in Japan. Another new release, to sell a large quantity of copies in its first week has Musou2 Mobile Suit Gundam for the PlayStation 3, published by Koei. Number three in the video chart is Nintendo's Kirby Super Star Ultra, sales 150000 sets. Animal Crossing: City People continue to sell even 145,000 units delivered, while Tales of Hearts was at number five, with 124,000 in sales.

AMD plans phasing out both 45nm and older CPUs

Written by IT News on 2:31 AM

According to the latest news on the Web, and the CPU Benchmarked result, Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming enthusiast II processors have already appeared on online retailers, although the company has not yet been officially introduced, they continue. The new phenom X4 II 920, ie at 2.8 GHz and buff X4 II 940 runs at 3 GHz to appear at prices from $ 271 to $ 317 for the former and $ 304 to $ 373 for the latter. The chips come with 8MB of cache and work with DDR2 platforms.

As previously reported, AMD plans to introduce the chip in CES 2009, Jan. 8. These are the first chips from its new fan II, members of central processing units, based on the Deneb core. The first chip in the series with the current AM2 + chip sets, but the chip manufacturer announced that henceforth parts would also have support for the upcoming AM3 platform, which would work with DDR3 memory modules.

The Sunnyvale based also reported plans to release new Athlon processors in its brand. The chips are manufactured under 45nm technology, and according to the news, we'll see how the six parts, during the first half of next year. It seems that AMD plans to release the new quad-core Athlon X4 615; 605, and the triple-core Athlon X3 420 and 410 sometime in April, in preparation, but also dual-core Athlon X2 240 and 235 for June 2009.

In addition, AMD has already begun to plan the gradual abolition of the upcoming 45nm AM2 + phenom X4 II 920 and 940 Black Edition CPU. Since the chips are only signs of a transition to AM3 parts, the company is said to issue a final notice to chip in May next year. In addition, starting this month, AMD takes orders for the phenom X4 9650-processor. The message also notes that society is the last note for the enthusiast X4 9950 (140W) and 9850 (125W) in March 2009, when they do the same for the phenom X4 9750, 9850 (95W) and 9950 (125W) in June.

AMD has already begun phasing out their triple-core phenom X3 8450 and 8550 CPU, and said that the plan to the Planning Commission to the last, buff X3 8650 and X3 phenom in 8850 and 8750 for March and June. Also in March, the low-power Athlon X2 4450e CPU will be his last appointment notice is issued.

AMD's Phenom II chips got benchmarked

Written by IT News on 2:24 AM

Without a doubt, Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation II buff processors are expected. The new chips, based on the company's core processes Deneb, said in a position to chip manufacturers back in a competitive position in relation to its rival Intel. The chips have made it to the headlines on Recently, quite often, and now we learn that an enthusiast has succeeded, the hands of one of the processors and run some benchmarks on them.

The next fan II 940 CPU, which comes with a core frequency of 3 GHz and 8 MB cache, is at the helm have a 4091 on the 3DMark06 results. In addition, the player also managed to over clock the chip at 3.85GHz, a speed with which a score of the 5086th The buff-II-940 CPU is currently compatible with AMD AM2 + chipsets and work with DDR2, the effect on the valuation managed to deliver.

The Sunnyvale company announced that the first AM2 + chips it would release the new members is only to mark the transition to the next to come AM3 platform, which comes with DDR3 support. In addition, AMD also plans for relief at a certain point parts compatible with AM2 + and AM3 platforms. Since DDR3 platforms is expected that they will provide higher performance than the existing ones, the chip is a better 3DMark06 values.

The buff-II processors were reported to be quite large OverClockers, so that their frequency to leverage up to 4GHz on air and 6.3GHz for liquid nitrogen. Despite this, 5086 results do not look too impressive in comparison with 6608 points i7 Intel Core Extreme managed up to a similar speed. The difference between the chips is large enough, but AMD may be able to surprise us if the fan II is launched.

Next-generation AMD processors are expected to be presented at CES 2009 in January. The Sunnyvale company will release two processors at this time, the phenom X4 II 920 and phenom X4-II-940 processors.

Apple's currently-available Gift Cards

Written by IT News on 2:14 AM

Apple's website has been constantly changing over the past two months, with holiday artwork, new ads, and new offerings. One of these offerings include a 3G iPhone Gift. The company is now in detail how visitors can redeem the tickets, not only for the popular phone, but also for iTunes gift for one and a training and much more.

Overall, customers can tomb four types of such articles, namely Apple Gift, iTunes Gift Cards; Gift 3G iPhone, and a Gift. The company headquartered in Cupertino, California, points out that users can adapt.

"The pressure is off. Now your friends and family can get almost everything that Apple offers in its huge collection of Mac and iPod products at an Apple Store in the U.S. - online, by phone, and in an Apple Store in your proximity. Only one Apple Gift and the recipient can choose between qualified products, "says Apple.

Customers can select one or more such elements, they can buy online in a denomination of $ 25 to $ 2500th parties are interested in buying larger quantities of cards (more than 10 bits) are invited to contact the manufacturer for Mac 1-800-MY -APPLE. The same people who buy should note that the following Apple products can not be eradicated from the iTunes Music Store. You have to buy an iTunes card instead.

What was the end of November; Apple updated its site with a special holiday gift, which will be required for the acquisition of an iPhone 3G mobile phone. The product is aimed at those who want to make the iPhone 3G a Christmas gift that enables customers to load a value between $ 25 and $ 2500, and lets them add a personal message. Apple employees, for their part, offer a free introduction and adaptation of the product.

Following Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 3G Gift, and Black Friday deals, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, a forecast that the iPhone 3G would Giftcard 1M units. It remains unclear how successful Apple was in motion. But the companies that Mr Wu Watchers are sure to shed some light on the issue as soon as they can their hands on some figures.

Rumor confirmed, Nokia 7510 will be T-mobile soon

Written by IT News on 10:35 AM

According to Danish,, the Nokia 7510 will be available on January 21st at T-mobile US. Techpedia also confirmed that recent rumored about the Nokia 7510 were correct it’s going to be T-mobile.

Nokia 7510 is clamshell phone, the technology already support for Quadphone. When the phone is available, you can get the phone at $250, but some features may be reduce if buy via T-mobile.

The interesting features are that the Nokia 7510 support Push-to-open button, that feature makes the phone look like hi-tech and exclusive. The 7510 equipped with 2-megapixels camera, Transflash/microSD slot and more, read the full specification of Nokia 7510 supernova at

AMD's Phenom II chips to gain more performance with DDR3

Written by IT News on 7:16 PM

It appears that Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming enthusiast II processors, which come with DDR3 support and AM3 socket, can increase the overall performance of your computer by almost 5 percent. This is obviously something that was expected, since most DDR3 platforms can run a little faster. Nevertheless, there are some who might consider the extremely cheap DDR2 memory modules are a better acquisition, as the performance gain is not so great overall.

On the other hand, the upcoming AM3 chipset is reported not to be too much of an over clocker. It is rumored to be able to offer the same overclocking capacity for DDR2, while the memory controller will be contained in the CPU. The problem is that they are ready to get buff II Deneb-based chips include both DDR3 and DDR2 memory controllers, which would basically mean that the processor will work with DDR3 on an AM3 chip, while stuck with DDR2 on AM2 + platform.

The buff II AM3 chips are the only ones expected to experience this issue, as the first AM2 + processors will be launched will only support DDR2. As already reported, the next generation phenom II DDR3 chips and support platforms are planned to February launch.

In related news, we learn that AMD may launch its new dual-core chips for higher-than-expected speeds. As I said earlier, the next phenom X4 II chip will contain a 3 GHz core frequency, while the future Kuma c10 65nm CPU will only beginning 2.7GHz.

According to recent news, the dual-core Regor chip, manufactured in 45nm technology, will actually sport 3 GHz or higher core speed. The higher speed may be just a rumor at the moment, but we have already seen that AMD has in store a nice range of competitive products, and the company could surprise us again.

ECS A790GXM-AD3 Black Series motherboard

Written by IT News on 7:10 PM

The reports are in, and claimed that the ECS, a leading manufacturer of computer motherboards, has just announced its first AM3 phenom II X4 DDR3 motherboard. In this context, is the first company to introduce a new motherboard that will give its full support AMD's next-generation phenom processors, called buff II. The new motherboard will also support the new DDR3 memory modules, which provides for one of the highest-performance desktop platforms in the market, based on AMD's past and future technologies.

The A790GXM-AD3 based on AMD's 790GX chipset and is part of the company's Black Series motherboards, support for it has not been released 45nm phenom II processors. Thanks to the built-in DDR3 support of the chip, System and users are provided with support for up to an impressive 32GB of dual-channel DDR3 1333MHz memory. Designed as a product of technology and computer enthusiasts, the last ECS mobo boasts the BIOS utility, MIB II, which will offer a series of detailed tweaking options. Among some of the key factors for the Board in a real overclocking tool, we should mention the 5-phase power design with unique cooling system.

With ATI Radeon HD 3300 integrated graphics core, the Board provides native support for Microsoft DirectX 10 and also for ATI Hybrid Graphics technology. The latter allows the game users to improve the performance of their systems by adding an ATI Radeon graphics cards on one of the two x16 PCI Express 2.0 expansion slots on the motherboard.

The back of the card is designed to provide a range of functional connectivity options, such as on-board HDMI connector, with the support of HD3300 graphics core. Although users will be able to take advantage of the integrated Easy CLEAR button, an accessible way to clear the CMOS functions of the Board.

Not a word on pricing yet, but to fully benefit from all the overclocking capabilities of the Board, you must wait until AMD finally presents his new fan II processors, which will be released in early 2009.

[source softpedia]

Free download Trojan Remover 6.7.5 Build 2557

Written by IT News on 6:32 PM

Trojan Remover was written to support the removal of Trojan Horses and Internet Worms when standard anti-virus software has either failed to detect problems or is unable to effectively eliminate it.

Most viruses and Trojan Scanners are well able to detect malicious Trojan Horses and Internet Worms but are not always very effective in removing them once they have occurred.

Trojan Remover was written specifically to carry out such a removal user to manually change the system, including the Registry.

The program also removes the additional system modifications some Trojans carry out which are ignored by other viruses and Trojan Scanners.

Trojan Remover examines the system files, including the Windows Registry and will determine which programs and files that are loaded at boot. The vast majority of Trojans are loaded this way.

Trojan Remover will scan all the files loaded at boot time for Remote Access Trojans ( 'backdoors', as NetBus, SubSeven, Optix Pro, Back Orifice etc.), Internet worms and other malware.

For each identified Trojan Horse, Worm, or other malware, Trojan Remover will pop up a warning screen that shows the file location and name, it will offer to remove the program reference from the system files and allows you to rename the file to stop its activation.

Note: Trojan Remover will not work on 64-bit operating system.

Developer / software creator : Simply Super Software
License / Price: Trial / USD 34.00 | BUY the full version
Size / OS: 7.9 MB / Windows All
Download: Trojan Remover 6.7.5 Build 2557

Lucid Hydra chip to enable hybrid graphics on upcoming Intel motherboard

Written by IT News on 8:31 PM

As Intel first released its new X58 consumer desktop platform, not only provide support for next-generation Core i7 processors, but also presented a significant new element. The Nehalem-supporting X58 "Smackover" The Board has been designed so that system builders and PC enthusiasts to take advantage of both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU graphics solution. But according to some of the latest details in the industry, the next "Smackover" motherboard, released by Intel, which will take several GPU feature to the next level, which the company plans to provide support to a "mix and match" GPU setup.

Earlier this year, reports on a new technology developed by visionary, that PC users may soon have the opportunity to improve the graphics performance of their systems by combining non-like graphics.

To put it more simply, a user would be able to use an old GeForce 8800GT graphics card and add a system already operated by a newer GTX 280 one. The same can be done for the video card that is developed by AMD's subsidiary ATI. Moreover, technology is said to work smoothly, so that a GeForce graphics card to be connected to a system that is already equipped with a Radeon card.

According to a recent news article on the Inquirer, Intel's next Smackover motherboard could adopt that technology, which gives users a real choice for graphics upgrade. The perceptive Hydra chip would be integrated into the next platform, which would result in support for mixed multi-GPU graphics setup.

It is unclear if Smackover II and perceptive chip currently 100% work, but the fact that Intel is rumored to work on such a product is quite understandable, given the chip maker's intentions in the graphics market. In addition, you should take into account that Intel has been investing in visionary Technologies, as collaboration between the two is not very farfetched.

The DHCP network hint for windows 7

Written by IT News on 7:17 PM

The next iterations of Windows client and server operating systems will deliver the development of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. According to the Redmond Company, Windows 7 DHCP enhancements are designed to make the operating system include the network with an SSID. The fact is that the DHCP network clue is limited exclusively to wireless networks and is only supported on Internet Protocol v4. In the main feature is set to take Windows 7 level of the network connection in the WLAN and mobile / roaming scenarios. According to the Redmond Company, the DHCP accessories are for both Windows 7 and Windows 7 Server (Windows Server 2008 R2).

"With the increasing popularity of portable computers, it is very common that users frequently connect to a previously visited network. In order to improve the user experience in the roaming scenarios, where the user connects to a previously visited network where the user has a valid DHCP lease, DHCP network clue has been implemented in Windows 7 OS. DHCP networking tips helps to identify the right DHCP configuration to a previously visited network and then use the configuration opportunistically. Network clue used to identify different networks is SSID (Service Set Identifier) in a network, “shown by a member of the Windows DHCP Team.

The feature is set up to streamline the transition to Windows 7 client and server platforms from a WLAN to another. In this context, the connectivity process automatically means to search for a network tips (SSID). If the new network does not return expected clue, Windows 7 will go ahead with the default connection information. But if the SSID is actually support, the platform will control the network tips and try to match it with DHCP items cached.

"When the DHCP client matches received network tips against cached data to the interface, if it finds a match, and leasing represents the item is authentic, when the customer uses the match in the configuration as DHCP configuration for the interface.

The PS3 cluster

Written by IT News on 5:57 PM

Understanding how black holes vibrates is not the easiest of tasks, and to calculate all possible outcomes of different scenarios, variables and surprising element is a very demanding process, in the form of computer resources required. That is why some of the smaller laboratories perform calculations in the field cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to supercomputer grids, too little time to run their simulations.

That is why researchers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, decided to invest in a more unconventional computer, Sony's PlayStation 3. Researchers connected about 16 consoles together, at an estimated total price of a bit over $ 6000. With this rig, they could run tens of simulations on the vibration of black holes and put so many variables that they wanted in the process.

What makes this so cost-effectively possible for the two universities is the fact that if such a solution had not thought of that, they would have paid $ 5000 per simulation at various supercomputer labs. And it goes without saying that a couple dozen simulations would have required significant investment.

"You can build a cluster like this for maybe $ 6000, and then you can run the simulation as many times as you want at no extra cost. Science budgets have been sharply declining over the past decade. Here is one way that people can do science projects cheaper ", says the manufacturer of the PS3 cluster, Gaurav Khanna, a physics professor at the University of Massachusetts.

"Think of a clock. Bell rings, but in the end it will be quiet. The energy that goes out with sound waves is energy clock loses. A black hole does exactly that in the gravitational constant waves instead of sound waves. The black hole that WOBBLING emitting gravitational constant waves. When these vibrations OUT you get a quiet black hole "concluded University of Alabama assistant physics professor, Dr. Lior Burko.

Yahoo make a lot improvement

Written by IT News on 2:51 AM

Not long after redesigning its website, Yahoo! has announced several improvements will be made to Yahoo! Mail. The "smarter inbox" concept is based on Yahoo! Open Strategy, which means that it will assure social functions and interaction with services and content from other suppliers. The changes include a new Welcome, enhanced inbox and folders, view and quick access to third parties.

At present, the social functions are available only to the U.S. and Australian users, while only a limited number of U.S. beta testers have access to the open functions. Yahoo! estimates that the smarter inbox will go public in the first half of 2009.

The new Welcome will include a preview of accession-related news, a list of related proposals from Yahoo! and the ability to connect to others by sending or receiving calls. When Yahoo! mentioned update feeds would include not only the connections and the services provided by this company, but also information from around the Web.

One of the key innovations of the new inbox is represented by connections. Yahoo! S universal profile enables users to connect to others and to define the importance of the messages and activities updates, depending on these connections. Besides this, priority updates are possible by the new folder and the inbox view.

To begin with the Updates section of smarter inbox will include connections, Yahoo! Buzz, Yahoo! TV, music and travel. Yahoo! Social Platform and developer API allows other websites to integrate their services in the inbox.

The open program as evidence that the smarter inbox currently the largest Open Strategy project was initiated by Yahoo! Family Journal, Flixster, Flickr, WordPress, Xoopit and Yahoo! Greetings are a number of programs that will run directly from the inbox, but there is no doubt that this number will increase when the service goes public.

"Yahoo! Mail users have said they want to be more productive when they come to their inbox, and they want to help break through the clutter and get to the main communication for them," John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo! Mail, declared. "We have created a smarter inbox experience to solve the problem of inbox overload test. We are also embedding really useful applications directly in your inbox, which should help people to become even more effective when they come to Yahoo! Mail."

The smarter inbox also means good opportunities for developers to share their applications with the world. Spreading them will be an easy task, because the developers have Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and several other services at their disposal.

Regardless of online communication, which is elected by the people, Yahoo! seems willing to include them all in the smarter inbox. From blogs, e-mail and live status messages, and ending with applications that can be started in the inbox, the services promise to improve communication like never before

Microsoft extend the ability of Windows XP

Written by IT News on 2:36 AM

Although cooking it's Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft has also managed to further expand the availability of Windows XP. With 32-bit version of Vista was the precursor to Service Pack 3 and SP2 64-bit version, Windows XP will now live up to June 2009. The latest postponement means that the XP operating system originally released in late 2001 will survive the recent launch of Vista until SP2 and Windows 7 will be in the final stages of development.

Microsoft has decided to extend XP's availability to the end of May 2009, according to CRN in a move that aims to support the system builder. At that time, the builders can still get Windows XP licenses for new machines, and will continue to do so until January 31, 2009. But the software giant has relaxed System Builder License availability end date for Windows XP. The fact is that system builders will be able to obtain a license of Windows XP even after January 31, 2009 officially end date.

In this regard, Microsoft informed that, while January 31, 2009 remains the deadline for placing the new XP OEM licenses, deliveries will be spread out to the end of May. Microsoft's tactics, the system builders have elbow room with their financial resources, no longer having to get as many XP licenses that they can afford January 31, 2009 and frequency hopping technology that supplies will run in accordance with demand.

Windows XP is no longer available through OEM and retail channels since June 30, 2008, although the original date was January 31, 2008. But even with Vista SP1 available and Vista SP2 on the immediate horizon, Microsoft's latest delay for Windows XP is a clear indication of the Windows client is still favored by consumers. This is of course still an extension of XP's availability remains in force, and which will last even after Windows 7 hits the shelves. "As of April 2008, Microsoft extend the availability of Windows XP Home Edition OEM install on the Ultra-cheap computers. The new OEM end date is the later of either June 30, 2010, or one year after the general availability of the next version of Windows," reads a fragment from the Microsoft Windows Life-Cycle Policy.

The Xbox 360 will be host to a lot of things in the future

Written by IT News on 12:01 AM

Xbox 360 is a very good place right now, both in terms of sales and popularity. It has outsold its arch rival, PlayStation 3, in many areas and countries, which were previously loyal to Sony's console. Now with a big price cut and a lot of packages available, the Xbox 360 out to be one of the best selling products in this season.

But even if a lot of changes have been made in the North American console, the development team "only just begun to scratch the surface" in terms of the experience it can provide to the user according to Shane Kim, the man responsible for strategy and business development for Xbox 360. Kim went on to say that even if the new interface dubbed New Xbox Experience was a major step forward, Microsoft would not stay there and continue to bring new things to their console.

Kim said that his role was to monitor and determine how the Xbox 360 went largely determine what the console "want to be when they grow up." Executive agencies went on to say that the partnership made with Netflix would not be the last, and that more is between Microsoft and other providers, such as YouTube or Hulu, can be done in order to deliver a higher quality entertainment experience.

"The work we are doing now is to try to understand what is of interest to a broader set of customers beyond the traditional game audience that would benefit from an interactive platform we have," Kim stated. He said that any browser for the Xbox 360 was ruled out because "we are on track to deliver higher-quality experience, not having the most varied experiences."

So it definitely looks like the Xbox 360 will have a lot of aces up its sleeve in the coming year. Kim is very confident about the future of the console and, together with the statement made by Chris Lewis, VP of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, who said that this generation would be the longest, can we expect Xbox 360 to be in the spotlight for quite a long time.

The Adamo could be Dell's answer to Apple's MacBook Air

Written by IT News on 3:31 AM

Already in January this year, Apple released what it described as the "world's thinnest laptop", officially called the MacBook Air. Since its release, the MacBook Air has experienced some changes, with the official unveiling of the company's updated line of portable computer systems, which have also switched from Intel's integrated graphics to a solution provided by Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA.

On January 15, 2009, MacBook Air is celebrating one years since it was released, but the celebrations could shaded by a possible release of a new notebook from Dell, said to be dubbed Adamo, and is expected to be the next largest competitor for Apple's thin MacBook Air.

There are not many specifications that go on at the moment, but according to available data, the Adamo is expected to be marketed as "the world's thinnest notebook." That statement alone makes Dell's mysterious laptop computer system a direct competitor to Apple's MacBook Air. But Dell is not the first PC maker to try to provide their customers with a computer alternative to the MacBook Air.

According to additional information on that laptop, Dell is expected to debut in the system sometime in early 2009, but according to previous reports have Adamo was scheduled to be released this month. The Adamo is expected to boast a black and silver color scheme.

Despite some solid specifications available at this time, Dell could release a product that will be intended for a niche market segment. Given that it will compete with Apple's MacBook Air, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell may have a better chance to record a success in the market on Adamo is priced significantly lower than its competitor. An alternative would be to release a notebook that can also provide better specifications compared to Apple's product.

NVIDIA updated CUDA to 2.1 beta

Written by IT News on 3:14 AM

NVIDIA has been reported recently released a new version of its CUDA platform, a technology that is known to take advantage of GPGPU capacity graphic solutions company. Release does not come with new features, but the SDK has been added support for Windows Vista, Red Hat Linux, and Visual Studio 2008 in Windows XP.

The newly announced OpenCL standard set to make changes in GPGPU faster computers landscape, but the green it does not seem willing to let its CUDA platform to the side, even if it is based on a proprietary method to unlock the power of the graphics card maker's chips.

Version 2.1 beta of CUDA is offered as a free download, and it is that comes with Windows Vista support for Tesla products and 32-bit debugger support for CUDA on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.x, as a separate download. This released also support Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP and Vista, and Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation of applications, which dynamically generate CUDA kernels.

NVIDIA also said to have taken new interoperability API for Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10 meant to speed up communication with DirectX applications. The OpenGL interoperability benefits of a series of improvements. Moreover, support for newer versions of Linux, including Fedora 9, OpenSuse 11 and Ubuntu 8.04, have been highlighted in the new version.

Santa Clara graphics card maker has recently announced its SDK can be used by developers to create platform-independent OpenCL-based GPGPU applications. For ordinary GPGPU software, proprietary developer’s solutions CUDA left some form of a roadblock. As many of you already know, NVIDIA announced earlier this year its plans to release an x86 multi-core processor version of CUDA. The release has been delayed for the fourth quarter of this year, but there are some voices suggesting that the x 86 platforms cannot be started at all.

Currently, the only convincing solution development in the area seems to be OpenCL an application with the support not only on NVIDIA and AMD graphic solutions, but Intel's upcoming Larrabee graphics accelerator also.

The CUDA SDK 2.1 beta is available for download. The new CUDA toolkit is available on NVIDIA's website.

[source softpedia]

Free download Reliable Task Timer 1.5

Written by IT News on 2:46 AM

Reliable Task Timer is a useful tool that simplifies precise calculation of time on a particular task.

The application allows users to quickly start and stop time calculation at any given time. In addition to this, reliable Task Timer logs the following information to a CSV spreadsheet: task start date and time, task end date and time, job name, job description, data length in hours, minutes and seconds.

Here are some important elements of "Reliable Task Timer":

• Calculate the task time
• Calculate the task duration
• Sign task time to CSV spreadsheet
• Sign task time to CSV spreadsheet
• Record time task
• Record task duration
• Create timesheet in CSV
• Task software
• Task Timer software
• Task calculator
• Time recording software
• Timesheet Software

System Requirements:
• Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0

Developer: Advanced Reliable Software
License / Price: Shareware
Size / OS: 381 KB / Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista
Last Updated: December 16th, 2008, 02:03 GMT
Download link: Reliable Task Timer 1.5

VGPS-900 - card slot

Written by IT News on 10:10 PM

While most manufacturers of GPS tracking solutions to market their products as ideal solutions for geo tagging, traffic, etc., the fact is that most people actually buy these products do this in order to spy on anyone, neither their spouses nor their family. And Visiontac VGPS-900 GPS tracker gives a very interesting extra feature (compared with other similar devices), since it also sports a built-in voice recorder.

GPS tracker from Visiontac can play almost all the available GPS parameters, such as date, time, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, course, fix mode, PDOP, HDOP, and VDOP. In addition, the Voice Tag function with built-in microphone allows you to add live voice to all waypoints and the device also sports a spy mode that allows continuous standby log up to 30 days.

We have seen what the main features / functions of the VGPS-900 can offer is, now is the time to take a look at the technology that makes them all possible. The device is equipped with a 51-channel MTK chipset with better Positioning System technology, which gives an accuracy of up to 1.5 meters (with DGPS Support), because of its high sensitivity (-159 dBm).

In addition, the device also equipped with a Bluetooth module, which is completely compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). In addition, VGPS-900 is powered by a built-in high-capacity battery, which works for up to 24 hours in a row.

The equipment cannot provide any internal storage, but instead relies on a microSD card slot with support for memory cards with up to 2 GB capacity for this function. And even if 2GB does not seem much, it is more than enough for VGPS-900, because this amount of memory that can store approximately 25000000 waypoints, including longitude, latitude, elevation, date, time, speed, distance, course, fix mode, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP and voice, more than 2 years).

The Visiontac VGPS-900 sells for an estimated 110 U.S. dollars, which is not just the high price, especially if we would take into account all the features it offers.


The Jamo A 804, a great LCR loudspeaker

Written by IT News on 3:18 AM

A-804 is one of the latest releases from the Danish manufacturer of global fame JämO. And to mark JämO's 40th birthday, this new member of the Arts series has modern design and with longer, emphasizes both traditional and high-class heritage and modern twist that inspires engineers JämO's headquarters to create new and spectacular audio solutions. JämO A 804 is an excellent audio technology, which will not only make your music and movies sound great, but will also enrich your home furnishings.

The first thing you will notice about JämO A 804 is its elegant design, with slightly rounded edges and slim profile, easy to integrate into pretty much any setting, while the sober black cloth grilles can be matched with all types of TV sets and interiors.

On the inside, A 804 sports the same first-class uncompromisable craft that has made JämO familiar over the years. The fact is that the product is fully loaded with advanced technology, and can compete with larger speakers from the higher ranges. The 3-way driver array will provide a stark Sonic response over the entire frequency range, sporting almost the same definition and sound mounting you would normally expect to come from speakers that are more expensive and certainly more demanding.

The slim profile and special design makes JämO A 804 a loudspeaker perfect for almost anything, when it comes to getting a good sound to your room. You can easily have it installed in a vertical or horizontal position on your walls, and it can be used as a front or center unit, and a surround or rear audio source. Moreover, it will also be a renowned complement to your high-tech flat screen TV, add up to the global technology-Aware look in your home.

JämO A 804 is made of steel and high density polymers, and comes with a hard and low resonance cabinet, with carefully designed bass to deliver a deep rolling LF, even at high volumes. The driver complement to JämO A 804 consists of a 3 / 4''tweeter with Wave Guide technology and loaded into a coaxial array with 4.5''mid-range unit, it will go as high as 20 kHz. On the base page, you'll probably enjoy the thundering sound of a double set of 4,5''woofers extension of the LF response down to 70 Hz. JämO A 804 will deliver 80W RMS continuous power, in 6 ohms impedance and with 87 dB sensitivity. The speakers will start shipping in early January, was for a price of $ 449.

Intel says IGPs can't substitute GPUs

Written by IT News on 3:05 AM

The graphics card market led by Intel Corp., which accounted for about 49.4 percent of the total shipments of graphics cards in the third quarter of this year.
"Graphics are being integrated into the processor in an upcoming Nehalem processor - but I cannot see the need for discrete graphics card that goes away in the near future for those who demand the best 3D performance," Nick Knupffer, a spokesman for Intel all graphics technologies, is reported to have said in an interview with X-bit Labs.

According to Knupffer, Intel would have little chance to see the demand for an IGP that could be developed for software and equipment for professional use, though NVIDIA's Quadro FX 470 IGP in the area. Demand for IGPs that market segment would grow only if the integrated solutions became more powerful and Intel does not intend to do something in the area until this happens.

"CAD users tend to need great 3D features in their hardware - they will likely use the discrete card. [The creation of IGPs targeting professional market segment] is not our primary design goal, but we are always assessing opportunities in new market segments, "Intel representative stated to have said.

Integrated circuits, with a range of benefits such as low prices and lower power consumption compared with a traditional combination of core-logic and a GPU. On the other hand, a standalone solution that offers higher performance in terms of graphics-intensive applications. Given the facts, many users choose to invest in both directions, and are also dependent on an external graphics solution for increasing the capacity of their computers when they are needed.

"Risk, [external graphics card] is an excellent idea. Imagine being on the go with integrated graphics, which are covered by excellent battery life and small format - then come home and relax your high-performance laptop for an external card and receive their full hardcore 3D Game benefits. I think that quite a number of mobile users would like to have this case - particularly when combined with a mobile Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, "said Knupffer in the interview.

New display technology could boost laptop battery life

Written by IT News on 2:57 AM

One of the main issues with the laptop computer or devices is that they cannot keep the battery life required of most PC users. Over the years, various techniques have been developed to reduce electricity consumption for the hardware components, but battery improvements have not been significant. But laptop batteries could soon give as much as 40 hours of life between charges. It could be possible through a new technology developed by Mary Lou Jepsen, the former head of Intel's display division, and Chief Technology Officer at One Laptop per Child.

According to a news article published on PC Advisor, Jepsen plans to start shipping ultra-low power displays designed for portable computers and e-books as soon as the second half of 2009. These screens can be used in devices that would allow users to read in direct sunlight and have a completely saturated HDTV-quality color mode. This basically means that, apart from better picture quality upcoming laptop computer can also increase battery life.

"At Pixel Qi, we have a new series of inventions that go far beyond the OLPC screen that we are developing now," said Mary Lou Jepsen. Pixel Qi is said to be planning the development of an entire laptop and PC designed to take advantage of the company's new screen technology, which allows for some of the most power-efficient models on the market.

One such product, currently in a phase of development at Pixel Qi, is a new e-paper is paper-white and can provide both color and video. It is said that it has significantly lower power consumption compared with conventional LCDs, and can enable companies to design new types of portable computers, boasting long-lasting batteries.

"We are working with a number of laptop and e-book makers in a number of different form factors," Jepsen showed. "We can make it possible for an increase of 5-10X the battery life between charges, compared with a regular notebook. This means that instead of having to recharge their batteries after a few hours, you can run 20-40 hours of use on a charge."


The USB Battery Charger is a truly handy gadget

Written by IT News on 2:40 AM

It looks more and more as we are on the way to the situation where rechargeable something can be energized by virtually everything else, and USB Battery is a perfect example to support such a claim. There is no reason to once again say how useful the AA cells and how many gadgets and devices we use them for. But all batteries are plagued by the same question, namely the fact that they run out of power sooner or later, and either prosecute or replacing them, there are only two solutions that use.

Naturally, the easiest way to solve your problems by buying some new, but that will not help our environment. So, rechargeable batteries are a greener way to get the job done.

Despite this, carrying a bulky charger during a business trip may not be an idea that everyone is comfortable with. You may still need a bit of AA cells in the state, so what is the best option to consider? USB Battery is a small and very handy device, which can connect to absolutely all live USB port, whether you are considering a laptop or a desktop system. It will accommodate 2 AA batteries, and will get them out as you tend to your joint ventures

USB Battery comes with two rechargeable Ni-MH AA cells, and ready to use right out of the box. Of course, you can still have an extra pair with you, if you are part gadget-a-natural, cannot or will not accept to be separated from their gadgets. The overall cool and functional idea, small errors, which you can see, namely the two AA cells is quite heavy for the small dimensions of the USB port.

Now, if you have a USB hub, it is just OK, because the charger will lie flat on something, but it is uncertain how much time USB Battery will run simultaneously set in mid-air on the back of the computer. But for the price of $ 22, one cannot have but good words for USB Battery

The new JavaFX from Sun Microsystems

Written by IT News on 2:26 AM

With the launch of JavaFX 1.0, Sun Microsystems is trying to bridge the functionality required to build rich Internet applications (Rias) with immersive media and content designed to play nice with both browser and desktop computers. Claiming that Java already accounts for an installed base of over 800 million computers in the world, Sun Microsystems is applauding JavaFX 1.0 as one of the most important aspects of the Java platform development.

"The Internet market has evolved within and far beyond the traditional browser, fueled by an explosion of Java-powered smart phones and consumer electronics products, from RIM's Blackberry to the Amazon ignite," showed Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President and CEO of Sun Microsystems. "Sun's newest JavaFX platform combines Java technology throughout billion devices, with an easy to use open source platform now made it possible with high quality and sound, focusing on consumers and content owners around the world - and over the Internet."

According to Sun Microsystems, JavaFX 1.0 ultimately aims to simplify building content beyond interactive Rich Internet Applications, also streamline the integration of High Fidelity audio and video, but also rich text, vector graphics, animations and cloud services. Already there are over 90% of the world's computers, Java technology is now ready to move to the next level with JavaFX 1.0.

Runtime provides three major components: JavaFX development environment, the JavaFX Production Suite and JavaFX Desktop. Via the new implementation of Java Plug-in, as well as functions for the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 Update 10, JavaFX 1.0 to allows users to install applets from the browser to the desktop using a simple drag and drop to move.

The collection of tools and plug-ins that can be combined to deliver JavaFX Production Suite set up to make it easy for developers to build content. But when it comes to development, runtime tools, graphics, media, Web Services and rich text libraries are increasingly being offered via JavaFX development environment.

Walton Chaintech APOGEE Triple-Channel DDR3

Written by IT News on 1:51 AM

Walton Chain Tech Corporation, the leading of overclocking memory module specialist, has announced the introduction of the new APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module Kits, specifically designed to allow users to pair them with Intel Core i7 processor and the Intel X58 Express Chipset; Mounting in recent high-end systems to date.

It is a common fact that next-generation Intel Core i7 platform can deliver a lot of performance when combined with DDR3 memory. Intel X58 chip memory controller can to increase performance and to offer greater bandwidth for the tri-channel DDR3 modules, which drove Chain Tech in the development of DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1866 triple-channel kit. According to the company, the new memory modules will be available in 3GB Kit and high capacity 6GB Kit.

Chain Tech have announced the fresh APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module kits are developed using 8-layer PCB and memory chips by famous manufacturers, which are intended to serve as the parts with outstanding overclocking capabilities. Each of the chips have been handpicked to meet strict quality requirements, while all those manufactured using Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package is to provide better heat dissipation capability, and increased power efficiency. The memory modules can ensure the optimal performance, which combines the lower voltage requirements, higher speed, and instantaneous overclocking ability.

Walton Chain Tech has always focused on the game and overclicking market and the new APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module kit is designed to show the long-term commitment and continuous efforts to offer the best solutions for gaming enthusiasts. The products can satisfy the needs of all users, regardless of whether the player or enthusiast, because they offer high performance and stability, which is complemented by the best possible cost.


Simple operation for the Yorozu

Written by IT News on 12:50 AM

Yorozu is a clever gadget that shows that there may be more to portable audio than you can think of in the first place. Being able to enjoy audio in pretty much every place you can find yourself every day is one thing that really does not need a real speaker, as most of you might think. And if you still think it is baloney, you can take a closer look at the Yorozu, a surprising toy for people who like good alternative solutions.

We still do not know what Yorozu means in Japanese (if it actually means something), but the gadget is pretty cool, it uses vibrations to make things resonator and audio production.

First of all, the Yorozu can be used with any kind of portable music source, as long as it sports a 3.5 mm jack. All you need to do is plug your MP3 player, CD / DVD player, iPod or similar to Yorozu with the help of a Jack-Jack Cable, stick to the vibrating end of this toy to something you want to convert a temporary speaker, and press "Play". The Yorozu will convert the audio signal received from your player, and will convert it into impulses transmitted through the cable to the vibrating bit.

To enjoy the sound comes from a bottle, your cabinets, doors and other objects, you must attach the vibrating part of Yorozu to them, using pillows provided in the box. The Yorozu can deliver a power of 1 W, with a 2 V peak, and can be used with almost anything. The fact is that the package contains an empty milk carton, so you experiment with Yorozu as soon as you get your hands on it.
It works with three AAA batteries and weighs about 26 grams, while its small dimensions will not burden you. From now on you will just keep the vibrating end to what you think would be better resonator and enjoy your music. AC resistance is 8 ohms, and the reproduced frequency range between 425 Hz to 9 kHz. Not a good base and no audiophile-class peaks from Yorozu, but we assume that nobody really expected otherwise.

Now, if you cannot find a better use for $ 89 and feels like being in an experimental mood, the Yorozu is your best business. Moreover, think of pranks you can set by Yorozu - how cool would a kitchen table or chair that when a strange voice coming from nowhere would say that it is the Archangel Michael to speak?


The NVIDIA ION nettop platform

Written by IT News on 10:53 PM

The end of 2008 is in front, it looks like NVIDIA is really having a busy end of the year. The chip maker is getting ready to launch some much anticipated products, GTX 285 and GTX 295 to be more specific, which is to become the company's highest-performance desktop PC graphics cards available. But the aforementioned card is still weeks away from their official launch, but that has not stopped NVIDIA from announcing a product that will probably take the market by storm. Trapped in a 0.6L cases NVIDIA ION is the first nettop which will provide users with moderate performance in order to use it for things such as video encoding, games, or things you do not normally think about core Intel-based nettop.

NVIDIA has been to introduce the new system in various parts of the world, and we had the good fortune to be, as they say, at the right time in the right place. It was quite difficult to notice the ION, mainly because of its small form factor and comes from the place where it was done was full of systems that boasted high-performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. Still, when you see a small device that the ION, next to a Full HD Sony Bravia LCD, run 'The Dark Knight "as a true high-performance desktop, you immediately shift your attention to the little" thing ".
What NVIDIA has done with ION is to create a platform that combines a GeForce 9400M chipset with an Intel Atom processor, all located on a Pico-ITX PCBs. Sure, if you are not familiar with the form factor, which does not say much, but remember that you can actually fit inside a computer of your pockets.

And this is all the more impressive when you will read the technical specifications for this thing. The small ION is just large enough to provide you with six USB 2.0 ports, two eSATA ports, an Optical SPDIF and a 7.1-channel LPCM audio. Thanks to the integration of the GeForce 9400M, the Pico-ITX platform can provide a 5x faster transcoding than Atom processor alone (according to NVIDIA). The chip maker has also mentioned that ION is not so high on energy consumption, since it has proven power of 22W when in full load, according to internal benchmarks that have already been implemented.

You must already be wondering about the price - so guess we thought that the moment we got up close and personal with ION. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has not put a price on it yet, but it would be a $ 50 premium over the price tag of most Netbook out. Given the capacity of this small computer, pay $ 50 more can be considered a real bargain.

MSI to showcase Wind NetBOX at CES 2009

Written by IT News on 2:40 AM

Micro Star International reported to plan a demonstration of its upcoming Wind NetBOX at CES in January 2009. According to the news on the Web, the machine will come as a choice for the well-known ASUS Eee Box series, and although it was initially reported to be named Windbox, we learn that the wind NetBOX is the official name of the series.

The upcoming MSI Wind NetBOX is, as expected, quite small. It measures only 180 x 255 x 19 mm (0.87L), but the company seems to have packed a lot of features. The machine is powered by an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor and comes with GMA950 integrated graphics solution, can give a maximum resolution up to 2048x1536.

Motherboard on the Wind NetBOX can support 2GB of DDR2 memory, because it comes packed with 1GB on board DDR2 and an extra SO-DIMM slot for 1GB more. For storage, the machine sports a 2.5-inch 5400rpm hard disk, which offers a capacity of 160 GB. A mini-PCIe sockets, Realtek Audio sound diet and 3-in-1 card reader can also be spotted. Connections are available via 10/100M Ethernet support. Power consumption of fresh MSI Wind NetBOX is only 40W.

According to the news on the Web, the machine allows users to mount it on the back of the LCD screen through a VESA mount. The supported operating systems are said to be Windows XP and Suse Linux. The news also says that the wind NetBOX will be available in a variety of colors, but it seems that the company does not unveil any price information on the machine.

The fresh MSI Wind NetBOX looks pretty fancy, while also come with attractive features and capabilities. Until the machine is displayed at CES, you can take a look at the images the guys from the news site VR-Zone managed to lay their hands on.

Nifty craftsmanship for the Hacoa Monaca Wood USB

Written by IT News on 9:27 PM

Christmas is coming and closer and, unfortunately, our time to determine which ideas are the best gift that follows are also running out. Instead of giving in to panic and to all the negative thoughts, we must remember that online stores are full of cool gadgets specially designed to offer as gifts, and USB Haco Monaca Wood is one of them.

These USB devices are designed more for the feel and look than the pure functionality, 1 GB of storage space is more than a common thing these days, and it is only the size of one of your nails.
However, it is all in the way you show up this 1GB, as a traditional USB device does not have anything to offer, on the way side, and it may simply not attractive. Now, this device has been charged in a fine crafts part of polished wood, with carefully carved details and accents, and you will be surprised by the change. Small wooden gadgets have always looked much because of their natural sense and rarity.

Now, the Haco Monaca Wood USB is certainly not unusual but it will still give you a better gift assessment "because it looks cute and can be a very stylish accessory. Even more, it is most likely that the person who receives such a gift from those that have many times more in GB USB sticks and a 1GB thumb drive is one of the last things he needs. Yet you will see how they are surprised when they tear up the gift and move Haco Monaca Wood USB for the first time.

Finally, wood-USB also has a small hole for a lanyard to be connected to it for better security, and it comes in three shades of brown: the standard brown, dark brown and light brown. Remember what we told you about the changes induced in wood techno gear? Good! For about a single 1GB drive sells for around $ 15 or so, the Haco Monaca Wood USB is $ 89.

OCZ Vertex SSD

Written by IT News on 8:55 PM

OCZ Technology has recently announced the introduction of the slate Series Express Card storage expansion unit, an advanced storage solution, designed to provide support for the latest generation of high performance portable computer systems. The product will come in handy to the users who need a backup solution for their laptop computers, eliminating the need for a peripheral device. In addition, the high-performance memory maker has also introduced the new Vertex SATA II 2.5-inch Solid State Drive series, as an alternative to the current SSD products on the market.

The Slate Series Express Card has been specifically built for on-the-go notebook users who need an alternative to backup storage devices that usually appear with a USB interface. OCZ's Slate series of Express Card-based storage solutions will be available for notebook users in the capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. Thanks to the integration of a mini-USB port, on Slate series can also be connected to a desktop computer, which allows users to transfer data to their primary desktop, or any other desktop computer.

In addition to the Slate Series Express Card, the company also introduced the 2.5-inch SATA II Vertex Solid State Drive (SSD), as an alternative to current storage products on the market. Here is an impressive read speed of 200 MB / s and write speed said to achieve 160MB / s, while 64MB onboard cache should further strengthen the unit's performance. If storage is concerned, the Vertex series, which will build on the company's core processes and Solid "series, will be available with capacities ranging from 30 GB to 250 GB, at prices ranging from $ 249 to $ 869, respectively.

"The new Vertex Series of SSD drives is a premium MLC-based SSD solution designed for consumers who require fast, rugged and reliable solid-state storage," commented the Director of Product Management for OCZ Technology Group, Eugene Chang. "Vertex use of our newest architecture and controller design complete with 64 MB cache to provide faster transmission and better overall system response times in a wide range of applications and games."

Sony offering pocket camera that has a lot of features

Written by IT News on 4:34 PM

According to, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 has lots of features. The pictures quality is not good enough and it only average quality, but the design is beautiful, pretty cool for pocket camera.

Available is different colors, and allows to set up to 8.1 megapixels camera resolution. Its look like will be no big issue for storage as is support wide-range of memory cards such as Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, and also built-in Internal memory.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 specification and details info:

  • Available Color options: Black, Gold, Red, Silver
  • Camera Dimensions: 93.7 x 58 x 24 mm
  • Optical sensor use: CCD
  • Supported Sensor Resolution (max): 8.3 megapixels
  • Maximum Resolution: 8.1 megapixels
  • Photodetectors (max): 8.3 million
  • Photodetectors (effective): 8.1 million
  • Maximum Zoom range: 5
  • Light sensitivity supported: Auto, ISO 100/200/400/800/1600/3200
  • Support White balance (new): Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Flash
  • Lens aperture: F3.3 to F5.2
  • LCD display size (new): 2.7 inch
  • Optional supported Storage type(s): Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Internal memory

Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition netbook on HP webpage

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In late of October 2008, after much waiting and a series of rumors on the Internet, HP, the current number-one PC manufacturer, published its first nuclear-powered, ultra-portable computer systems, Mini 1000
Will expand the company's series of mini Netbook, the new system was originally announced in three different configurations, at least one of which was specifically designed to draw attention to the ladies, thanks to the adoption of a modified external design, made available world-designed by the world famous designer Vivienne Tam. Synchronized after her name, the small portable system was not available for purchase up to this point, it seems, the company has its promise and has Netbook listed on its website.

At first prize today from nearly $ 700, the Vivienne Tam edition of HP's small, ultra-portable computer systems, and fall within the price range for most high-end Netbook on the market. Despite the higher price, the Netbook is essentially the same Intel Atom platform, which at this time is an almost any other 10-inch Netbook on the market. Boasting about 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and 1 GB of RAM, HP 1000 Mini Edition Vivien Tam can Netbook its users choose either a 16 GB SSD or a 60GB hard drive, a solution to the Netbook storage department.

Additional features include a built-in webcam, a wireless-G card, Bluetooth, 3-cell battery and Windows XP operating system. With a weight of only 2.45lbs, Mini in 1000 from HP can be easily performed by users with on-the-go access to the Internet.

Given its price point and overall specifications, Vivienne Tam Mini Edition Netbook HP can compete from ASUS the stylish and lean S101 Netbook, which is also built to develop a different perspective in Netbook market.

AMD's Phenom II chips expected to come in December

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According to the recent news that spreads on the net, Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation Deneb-based Phenom-II microprocessors is scheduled launched in December 2008. To be more precise, the chip is said to be delivered starting on December 20 in the U.S., while arriving two days earlier in Europe , 18. When the news shows, we will see both OEM and retail versions of fan II 920 and buff II 940 CPU.

The information on the upcoming AMD chips will have seen the light of day with an AMD processor distributor for only a few days ago. In addition, the pricing for the CPU and has also been disclosed, and the word is that the new buff II X4 920 (2.8GHz) is expected to feature price tag of around $ 235, while the X4 940 (3 GHz) should be sold for about $ 275.

Price range on the next-to-the-buff II processors will be somewhat different in Europe, where land is estimated to cost € 220 for the X4 920 and € 250 to € 260 for X4 940-series. Those who are considering whether to make such an acquisition should also add tax to the figures. As mentioned above, the distributor confirmed the chips should hit the European market on December 18.

If AMD does not plan to make any change to the announced price, then the fan II X4 940 chip would cost a little less than Intel Core 2 Quad 9550 processor. At the same time, X4 920 should be priced slightly below Core 2 Quad Q9400.

As many of you already know, AMD announced plans to launch its enthusiast II processor cores based on the company's new architecture Deneb in January 2009. Given that AMD is now reported to launch its CPU before Christmas, we may witness some price cuts by Intel during the holiday period.


Web Hosting Reviews as guidance

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Today, IT is becoming important part especially in business. All of business task always related to IT, when send email, or just browsing a product through a website or even talk with friends or customer over voip, all are using It resources. Users usually don’t pay attention to IT, what they know is only use it, don’t care the power behind the service they use.

And the other thing that also important in IT is a good web hosting, we need a real performance, good security and minimum down time when we plan to host our critical data. Beside performance, security is also can be put number one when we choosing a web hosting plan for important thing like hosting email, web server that host our critical data for our customer and many more.

Those, we need to be careful on selecting good web hosting, the cheap price alone are not enough, make a check list start from the important thing like security, performance and bandwidth offered. And make comparison among several hosting plans, my suggestion is better to learn it at web hosting reviews before you decide to choose any web hosting company.

There is one good web hosting reviews on the internet that I can recommend you to check, it has a lot of web hosting provider listed on their site, a lot of good bonus and good features offered. This is really good idea for customer to decide which hosting to buy, since there is a comparison and each web hosting ranked well. I recommend it because they do Independent reviews of the best web hosting providers.

Mini-ITX board from Zotac, boasts NVIDIA GeForce 8200 mGPU

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If you are looking to build you a new computer system that combines a small format and the performance of some of the latest hardware on the market, you may be interested in one of Zotac latest motherboard, which has been designed on NVIDIA GeForce 8200 mGPU. One of the key elements of the recently introduced mobo is the mini-ITX form factor, which enables users and system builders equal to the support needed to build a performance-compatible, small PC.

"Generally computers are the future of graphics processors. The performance indicators gains with NVIDIA CUDA receiving applications is surprising GeForce series graphics processors. Our new ZOTAC GeForce 8200-ITX Wi-Fi enables users to take advantage of CUDA technology, while a small system Foot Print, "said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International.

As far as specifications go, the motherboard's chipset can provide their users with support for Socket AM2 processors, which means that they can benefit from some of the latest AMD processors on the market, and even by some of the upcoming 45nm-based phenom II models. With only two memory DIMMs, the Board can handle up to an impressive 8GB of DDR2 memory 800/1066, while only PCI-Express x16 slot will provide support for improved graphics, which will strengthen the Board's integrated.

Thanks to the built-in NVIDIA mGPU, the Zotac GeForce 8200-ITX board Wi-Fi may make it possible for out-of-the-box video support. Boasts an GPU core speed of 500 MHz, 16 Stream Processor clocked at 1200MHz, the integrated graphics processor will give users support Microsoft's DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1 APIs, and with NVIDIA's own technology, such as CUDA, Pure Video HD , Or PhysX.

"Although high-definition is the future of multimedia, we cannot help users with existing DVD collections. NVIDIA Pure Video HD technology enables us to deliver video processing which is useful for users who have standard and high definition content with our ZOTAC GeForce 8200-ITX Wi-Fi, "Mr. Berger added.

Additional features include an integrated 802.11 b / g Wi-Fi wireless module, which helps reduce the wiring needed for desktop systems.

Intel adds two dual-core Celeron CPU models

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Intel has recently updated its processor offering with the introduction of two new models, part of the company's Celeron family. The new processor models have been designed using a 65nm technology, and promise that the performance of a dual-core CPU architecture.

According to a recent news article on the site hexus channel, the release of the two new Dual-Core mobile Celeron processors also marks the debut of the first such units delivered from the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker. In accordance with the available technical specifications, these products should be used with upcoming low-power and low cost, portable computer systems.

Both the T1600 and T1700 benefit from a 65nm manufacturing, and boasts 1 MB L2 cache, a 667MHz FSB and a TDP level of just 35W. There is a slight difference between the two models in terms of performance. While the T1600 is depicted a core temperature of only 1.66 GHz (in the vicinity of Intel's highly successful Atom processor), the T1700 is expected to provide a basic speed of 1.83GHz. The Price is wise, these new chips, which are scheduled to be available for $ 80 and $ 85.

The T1600 and T1700 have been listed on the company's plan for some time now, but, despite the recent introduction, they are not expected to be available until Q1 of next year. Given their less powerful specifications and relatively low price point, it is very possible that users will soon be able to buy some low-power and ultra-portable PC that will be operated by any of the above processors. It would be interesting to see a performance test between one of these new models and one of Intel's Atom processor products.

In related news, Intel's Netbook roadmap has recently been reported to get an update, adding a new 32nm successor to the Atom, is scheduled to be released in 2010.


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